What to wear

Here are my Top 10 tips to help ease the stress of the closet dilemma.

1)    Wear something you feel amazing in. Something that when you wear it, you stand a little taller, walk a little bolder and collect compliments with. Feeling amazing inside – will help you look amazing outside! Pull out your favourite outfits or pieces… and let’s start there!

2)    Start with one person. It’s overwhelming to try to coordinate the family’s outfits wardrobe at once. Instead – start with one person’s clothes – and build from there.

3)    Don’t be too “matchy matchy”. You are individuals after all! Instead think of the group as a wardrobe ensemble – rather than just one identical outfit for 2, 3 or 5 people! You want colours that go together – but they do not need to be the same outfit!

4)    Although we don’t want to match perfectly – we also don’t want to clash! Patterns can look great – but not on every person in the photo! Make sure to look at each other before you leave to make sure you blend well!

5)    Dress for the same occasion. You do not want one person dressed for a casual summer BBQ and the other person dressed for a formal winter dance. Make sure you are dressing for the same season and the same party. Often people will come with both a formal and a casual outfit – this is great!

6)    Accessorize! Bring along things that are special to you and those in your photo with you. Love to travel? Why not bring globes along as a prop? Love books? Bring a few with you! Your child’s favourite toy can help tell their story – as well as keep them happy!

7)    Don’t force someone to wear something. If your groom or your child absolutely does not want to wear that outfit you picked out – don’t make them. If they’re unhappy – you’ll both be unhappy and it’ll show in photos. Instead – help them choose something that is very “them”! Even if it means your daughter wears her tutu and crown, your son wants his favourite PJ’s and your husband wants his old jeans. This is the person you love after all – let’s document THEM!

8)    Consider getting your hair and makeup done! You are investing in images that you will be sharing with your family and friends and passing down for generations… you want to look your best! Why not splurge, get your hair and makeup done… and then after the shoot go out on the town to celebrate!

9)    When choosing colours to wear consider what you are doing with these photos. If you are hanging them on your wall in your living room… look at the colours of your clothes and the colours of your living room. Will they look good together?

10)  I have been asked – should we practice smiling in the mirror? No! The  best preparation you can do for your session is to practice loving each other. What makes the other person(s) laugh? What do you adore about them? Let’s capture that rather than a rehearsed smile!

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