What to Expect

IMG 8728 200x300 What to Expect  The unknown can be scary… I just wanted to take a minute and ease any stress over your upcoming engagement session!

I have often been told that a session feels more like a hang out time. For engagement photos – I’ve been told feels like a date! And that’s what my aim is. I want you to feel comfortable, at ease and happy! This will not be like a school portrait session where it’s “turn your head… a little more… a little more… and back a little more….” and so on. This is LIFE and LOVE being captured and remembered!

We will laugh. And talk. And share stories. And play. It will be fun!

And then on your wedding day… you will feel comfortable with me. Like an old friend. My assistant and myself are there to document the day – so you can remember what you have planned, even though the day might whiz by too quickly for you to notice the details! Our goal is to be unobtrusive and behind the scenes – it’s your day to celebrate! People come to see you – not me!

My goal is simple – to celebrate life and love. Capturing yours for generations to remember.