What happens next?

You’ve booked edison for your wedding photography, the big question is… now what?

First – let me say again how excited I am to be a part of your wedding! Thank you. I’d love for us to get to know each other between now and your wedding… so please keep in touch by following us on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog. And if you have any questions – please call (905-923-8623) or email (info@edisonphotography.com) at any time! We also love hearing about your wedding planning… I love weddings!! Feel free to pop us an email when you find the perfect shoe and have to tell someone who “gets” it!

Now, we should start by planning a date for your engagement session. As to the question of “when” to do your engagement photos – these can be done anytime before your wedding. Some people have a specific season in mind and others are just so excited they want them done now! The best thing to do is for us to chat about ideas, what you would like the photos to look like… and book a date and place!

Shortly after your engagement session, I will do a blog post of some of my favourite images from your session! These can be seen here on the blog – or on our Facebook page. Feel free to use these as your Facebook profile image – I simply ask you keep the edison logo on the image. Thanks!

Next, you will be sent a link to your online gallery of images within 2 weeks where you can view, share, and order your images! The easiest thing to do when you look through them, is to add images to your favourites in the gallery. Then when you go back – only look at your favourites or you’ll be overwhelmed!

Now comes the fun part… deciding what to order! I am happy to go over images with you and help you decide and make suggestions. We offer prints, canvas wraps, art books and more of your images! One popular item is guest book albums – an album of your engagement images, with room for your guests to sign. A great keepsake!

Within a month before your wedding, we will get together again to talk through your wedding day. Where we need to be when, and who is included in family photos, and so on. We want your wedding to flow as smooth as possible!

Following your wedding, the timeline is similar to your engagement session. A blog post will be up right away, with your online gallery to follow (within 4-6 weeks). Following this, we will begin the design of your wedding album. We will send you a draft of your album to approve shortly after your wedding – and then we will order your beautiful album once approved!