What happens next?

After your portrait session, the big question is… now what?

First – shortly after your photo session, I will do a blog post of some of my favourite images from your session! These can be seen here on the blog – or on our Facebook page. Feel free to use these as your Facebook profile image – I simply ask you keep the edison logo on the image. Thanks!

Next, you will be sent a link to your online gallery of images within 2 weeks where you can view, share, and order your images! The easiest thing to do when you look through them, is to add images to your favourites in the gallery. Then when you go back – only look at your favourites or you’ll be overwhelmed!

Now comes the fun part… deciding what to order! I am happy to go over images with you and help you decide and make suggestions. We offer prints, canvas wraps, art books and more of your images!

IMG 73781 1024x682 What happens next?

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