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November 10, 2012 Darcy and Cassie

Darcy and Cassie had a gorgeous Fall wedding - it called for rain but it held off long enough to get some amazing skies and beautiful images. I love Fall weddings so much! Cassie had planned out every detail so thoroughly - wait until you see all these great touches! Katie was assisting me that day and started with the guys - when she pulled up she could hear "banging". Turns out the guys were relaxing shooting out back at Darcy's parents farm. Fortunately they clean up well! Darcy and Cassie's son Carson had so much fun getting muddy! Loved it! Watch his reaction to getting dolled up though. Meanwhile I was back with the girls - loving all the red! Darcy and Cassie's daughter Callie was so sweet! And here she is with her cousin - only two weeks apart! Time for Cassie to get ready! So beautiful! So glad the weather held out -

November 10, 2012 I Am Just One

When I went to Uganda in June, it was a dream come true. I have always wanted to go to Africa - to see first hand all that I have read about for years. I saw and learned so much. When I came home I kept wondering what I could do to help on an ongoing basis. The thought that I had packed up and came home - but that the people I had met who were struggling in disease, poverty and hard times were still there struggling... it just didn't sit well. What could I do to help? If you've been following my blog you may know some of this story... but I'll share anyhow. Back in 2011 I started to pray that God would use my camera to offer hope and do more. To make a difference. In December 2011, while photographing at the Ronald McDonald House I

October 2, 2012 Miss Ameena

If you have been following my Meera posts, you'll recognize this cutie. Little Miss Ameena. Ameena turned one recently - sadly the same week they found that her big sister Meera's cancer was back. Ameena is such a doll. You could not ask for a more relaxed, cuddly little girl - and adorable as well! She has spent much of her first year in and out of hospitals - as Meera was diagnosed with cancer just weeks before Ameena was born. These two girls are so close and have such a special bond. I think these girls will both grow up with an incredible sense of compassion and empathy - can't wait to see where life leads them. My friend Jocelyn from Sugarbelle Cakes sent two cakes for Meera with me on my last visit. A gorgeous one for the family to enjoy, and one for a cake smash. I

July 30, 2012 Beautiful Girls

Saturday was a big day - it was Meera's "Chemo is done" party! I'll share more soon - but wanted to share one image for now. This photo is very special to me... I met Rebekah and Meera back in December. They both became good friends during their time at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto. Since then Rebekah has received a new heart and Meera has completed chemo. A teenager and a toddler, one from Ontario and the other from the East Coast... on first glance they have nothing in common. But these two warriors have more in common and a tighter bond than many. They know what it means to fight for your life. Love their friendship. Two beautiful, strong girls I'm honoured to know. Celebrating life and love, Krista

July 4, 2012 Steve and Alicia

I've been sharing so much from Uganda and Meera... but I also have some beautiful wedding images from Steve and Alicia's wedding in Fergus recently. You may remember their baseball themed engagement shoot HERE... they sure clean up good! Celebrating life and love, Krista

February 20, 2012 Happy Family Day!

You often hear people saying about Valentine's - that we should celebrate love every day. And about Family Day that we should be celebrating family every day. But you know, if you're anything like me, you can use reminders in life. I know it's just a date on the calendar - but it is also a reminder to stop. And think about those we love. Those we have been given to love. This Family Day weekend - I actually got to see a lot of family. And loved it! Friday nights in our house is Family night. We cuddle on the couch - all 4 of us and the dog, eat pizza and watch a movie. It's such a simple tradition but I love it. Saturday I started my day by watching my girls do what they love. I love seeing their personalities develop and their interests defined. Eden has been

December 29, 2011 Ronald McDonald House

As I mentioned in my last post, I love going to the Ronald McDonald House to photograph. Being a part of the Smiling Eyes team means we have the fortune of going to photograph at the RMH - a different photographer each month. I always try to request December. December is such a busy month and it is so easy to get caught up in shopping, eating and socializing... it's good to sit back and really count our blessings and realize how good we have it with health, family and sleeping in our own home. For those without those luxuries, I am so grateful their is such an amazing place like the Ronald McDonald House. This time I Got to photograph at the brand new location that had only been open about 3 weeks. What a gorgeous place! So nice for families to have an apartment, room to be on