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August 14, 2012 Meera: July

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June and her story in her mom's words.) July 28. What a special day. It was the day of Meera's "Chemo's done" party. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, it was that this tiny warrior princess had finished her aggressive chemo treatments. Her hair is starting to grow back in. Her appetite is returning. She's running and playing with friends instead of dancing with IV poles. As soon as I heard of the party - I knew I had to go and celebrate too! When I got there I found Meera with a new friend. Cinderella. :-) There have been a few online auctions to help Meera's family with the costs they've had to face due to this journey

July 3, 2012 Meera: June

With being gone to Uganda, I didn't get the chance to share Meera's June session yet. (Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May and her story in her mom's words.) June's session was a really exciting visit - as it was Meera's last chemo treatment! Yay! When I got to Sick Kids I found Meera with an old friend you may remember from my March post. Rose the clown definitely makes the journey more enjoyable for Meera. Meera went willingly to her chemo - if Rose was there. And it was so great to have Rose accompany us and keep Meera smiling and happy through it all! Meera and I had some fun too putting stickers all over ourselves! And let's not forget her little sister Ameena. Always happily

June 2, 2012 Meera – May

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April and her story in her mom's words.) It was so fun to catch up with Meera and her family this month at their home on a beautiful Spring day! Meera's dad, Roy, has worked really hard at making their backyard into a bit of an oasis for his girls. There are berries growing, fruit trees, a swing, a greta new deck... he's done an awesome job! And you can tell the girls love to be back there. It's always fun to see Meera outside the hospital, simply enjoying life as a two year old little girl. Notice MEera's nails are painted - not just in this post, but in every single visit. She could not understand why my nails weren't painted

May 2, 2012 Meera – April

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, and her story in her mom's words.) There are times I can forget Meera has the big "c" word. I know that seems silly as I visit her monthly in the hospitals and see her unwell. But, I also see her laugh and play and be a typical two year old. For some reason this week it hit me how this wee little munchkin is fighting this battle for her life. Meera's last MRI came back great, her chemo finishes in just over a month - and things are looking great... but the fact that this little Miss has had to fight this war can make my heart ache. Yesterday her mom shared how a 16year old friend with the same cancer

I am loving my time with Miss Meera each month and her family. They are such an amazing team! If you've been following the blog you will have met Meera back in December (, in January we visited her at her local hospital (link) and in February at her home (link). You can read her story through her mom's words HERE. This month, I met up with them at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto as she was to have her "big chemo" that day. She has chemo treatments regularly and then a "big" one about once a month. Now - I have to stop for a minute and talk about Sick Kids. Every time I go, I am amazed by this place, the staff, volunteers, kindness, love... and so thankful we live so close! I have met kids from China, England, the Caribbean, Nunuvat, Nova Scotia, and more as they

February 21, 2012 Meera – February

Note: If you are new to my blog, I am photographing the beautiful Miss Meera once a month this year to document her journey through cancer. You can read about her story in her mom's words HERE, and view my first time meeting here HERE and last month's entry HERE. After last month's heart wrenching images of Meera in the hospital - we decided to show her in a happier setting. At home with her family. I travelled up to their home and just hung out with Meera for a little while before pulling out my camera. Here she is sitting between my legs playing on my iPhone. Typical kid loving electronics! Meera showed me all her treasures in her room - such a girly girl! Love how her dad had cut all of Barbie's hair off to match Meera. So sweet. Meera has a doll that has wigs - and

January 21, 2012 Meera-January 2

I just had an email from Laura (Meera's mom)... she had wanted to share Meera's story in the comments and answer some of your questions, but it got too long so I said I would blog it instead. HEre is a bit about Meera from Laura. And if you have missed our Meera posts - you can view them here and here. Hello, and thank you. Thank you so much Krista for choosing us to document for your personal project, I am honored that we stuck out to you, in an unfortunate amount of children and families that are sadly experiencing a very similar new and different lifestyle. And thank you to those who are sending prayers and positive energy our way. It means the world to us. I'll try my best to have a condensed version of Miss Meeras journey so far to bring everyone up to speed on

January 20, 2012 Meera – January

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I will be photographing Meera and her family each month as a personal assignment... documenting their journey through cancer. A lot of people have asked me "why?" I am doing this assignment. It is something I have wanted to do for years - so many of us are touched by cancer. Too many of us. But not all of us know what a day in the life of someone actually going through it looks like. What the reality of the big "C" word in your life can mean. When I met Meera and her mom, Laura I just knew they were a fit. Laura is so open to talk about their journey and Meera is just so stinking cute! And as I met with them this week, I was reassured this was the right choice - I love

December 31, 2011 Miss Meera

I love New Year's... a time to reflect, dream and anticipate change. I like to do personal projects with my photography to keep me snapping for the love of it. I haven't done a formal project - but I have wanted to do a personal project like this one I'm starting for awhile - but had to meet the right person. When I met Meera - I knew. You may remember me blogging recently about photographing at the Ronald McDonald House. While there, I met beautiful two year old Meera and her wonderful mom, Laura. Less than a month before Meera's little sister, Ameena, was born - Meera was diagnosed with cancer. Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma more specifically - a form of cancer that effects only a few hundred in the United States each year. I can't even imagine what Laura was going through with having to deliver a baby, and dealing with

December 20, 2012 Mike and Christa’s boys

I am fortunate to have made some very good friends through the wedding industry. This photo session and the one coming up next are of two gals (and their families) who are amazingly talented at what they do and I love working with them... and hanging out with them! Christa started as a client - but quickly turned into a friend. Christa, Jocelyn (who I'm posting next!) and I love to get together and let our creative juices flow - you can see an example of that HERE, to discuss the wedding industry, trends and being small business owners. But we also love to gab about family, books and life in general. One thing I love about both of these gals is their desire to be their best - in business as well as in their marriages, parenting, friendships and general being. Love these two. I'll blog Jocelyn soon -