Q. I want to book a session with Krista – how do I proceed?
A. Yay! I am so honoured to document your story! From here, you can call (905.923.7623) or email (info@edisonphotography.com) to begin arranging the date and place of your session.

Q. Where does our portrait session take place?
A. Easy answer – anywhere! But to clarify… sometimes people come to me with a specific location in mind – their home, a favourite restaurant, or a family farm for example. Other times people just have the idea of what they want but don’t know where… they might request “nature” or “urban” settings and then I can offer suggestions. Also, my home is in the country and I love to use my country yard as my outdoor studio with fields and rustic barns. Let’s chat about the look you would like for your images and dream up something special!

Q. I only want the disc of images – is it posisble to only buy the disc?
A. I want to see you with your family’s artwork in your hands – not simply a disc. A portrait session is an investment, and I want you to leave with something to hang on your wall or on your coffee table. I want you to have prints that are professionally printed and will last for generations. I understand that you will want to have your digital negatives stored, and may want to print off small prints for multiple people and for this reason we are happy to offer the disc once professional prints are purchased.

Q. I’m not very photogenic and my kids aren’t very cooperative. What if Krista can’t get a good photo of us?
A. My style of photography is about your story. I’m not sure about you – but my story does not include me smiling perfectly hair all in place gazing in a mirror, or my children sitting pristine on couch, hands neatly folded, smiling. My story includes laughter, giggles, hugs, playing…..and this is what I want to capture for you. Your story. It also makes for one fun photo session!! Yes – even for the kids and your husband!

Q. Can I use the images on Facebook?
A. Yes please! The only thing we ask is that you leave the logo on the image if you are taking it from our blog to use. If you have purchased the disc and are sharing images, we would appreciate just a mention of our website in the description. Thanks!

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