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February 17, 2016 Air Bnb in New York City

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we stayed at our first Air BnB on this trip to New York City. I have spent hours looking through AirBnB for our last few trips – but it never worked out for us as either they were all booked (darn my procrastination habit!) or they had a minimum night stay that was more than what we needed. [When we were in Maui last month, we stayed at a VRBO which is "Vacation Rentals by Owner" - similar... but not quite as cool. icon smile Air Bnb in New York City ] I was so excited the stars finally aligned and we could try out an Air BnB on this trip! If you aren’t familiar with Air BnB – you should look around on the site! Their definition is “Rent unique accommodations from local hosts in 190+ countries. Feel at home anywhere you go in the world with Airbnb.” You can find the coolest places to stay from treehouses to castles, yurts to luxury homes! And often for less than a traditional hotel would cost! If you want to get sucked in to losing hours to scrolling through “some day” vacation spots – check out this link HERE.

We were fortunate as it’s not the most popular time of year to go to New York – and when we finally remembered to actually book something a week before we left, we found somewhere with availability still!

We have found that on Staten Island you can get more space for your dollar – and it’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The (free!) ferry ride between Staten Island and Manhattan is fun for the kids (ok – and us too) with great views of the skyline and the Statue of Liberty too. And did I mention it’s free?! Staten Island isn’t the ideal place to stay if you like to come back to your room during the day – but if you’re like us and want to spend the day in the city and then relax at your accommodations for the evening, it’s great! If you’ve never stayed in NYC before – you pay a lot for hotels – and they’re small! I remember one time Mark and I had a room where we had to be pressed right up against the bed to walk around it to get to the washroom or door. But it was walking distance to Central Park. So you need to weigh out your pros and cons. I just find when travelling with kids – we like a little more space. (Space = sanity).

Okay – so we found his great house. The reviews were great too! ALWAYS read reviews is my biggest piece of advice! You learn to weed out the good and the dumb – if someone rates it 2 stars because they didn’t like the paint colour or the towels were crooked – that goes straight into the dumb category and is not taken into consideration on the basis of being purely stupid. Anyhow, I digress… the reviews for this place were great. There were a few quirks people mentioned – but Mark and I have lived in old homes and know choosing character and age means having to let somethings go. Creaky floors. I’ll take a gorgeous original wood floor that creaks – over a boring new flooring option any day.

Before we went, Eden and I looked it up on Google Maps. It was hard to tell from the Google Maps photo what it really looked like. And even when we pulled up – it could be cool… or it could be a dud. Was really hard to tell. There were some other beautiful character homes in the neighbourhood so we hoped it landed in the cool category. It did. Oh – and did you catch when I said we “pulled up” – another beautiful part of Staten Island. Actual parking without paying through the nose! We found a parking spot on the street immediately in front of the house. This makes me happy – especially when it feels like -100 outside.

nyc052 zpszfpdswoj Air Bnb in New York City

We walked in and a huge sigh of relief. The details – bannisters, light fixtures, and more – had me at hello.

nyc054 zpsqm42awyg Air Bnb in New York City

As soon as you walk in you see this gorgeous staircase – and on your right this incredible living room that went through to the dining room. The Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen are shared with the other guests – and we shared a washroom with one other room/guest. But – except for a quick “hello” in passing in the hall, never saw anyone else. What a treat to stay in this gorgeous home!

nyc020 zpsowznno3l Air Bnb in New York City

nyc056 zpsnaxuuj1y Air Bnb in New York City

nyc059 zpsnuiye2d2 Air Bnb in New York City

nyc055 zpsmygjz1dh Air Bnb in New York City

nyc057 zpsybmsnrw3 Air Bnb in New York City

nyc058 zpsf8jmnl3f Air Bnb in New York City

nyc066 zpsxmca1bak Air Bnb in New York City

We stayed on the third floor in the “Famous Artist Loft”. Our only complaint about this whole place was the heat. Now – we’ve lived in big old houses and completely get it that you can’t really regulate heat like you can in a new (boring) home. The difficulty was, because there were others in the house – it felt awkward to leave our door open to help balance heat. Our room was like a sauna – the hall was quite cool. So we left the door open as much as we could to help balance it. A fan could have made a world of difference. But at least it was warm – we were concerned it’d be freezing – it’s hard to heat these old places!

nyc060 zpsxf4hnbdd Air Bnb in New York City

nyc061 zpscpgkaad0 Air Bnb in New York City

Two big super duper comfy beds – and it was nice to have Netflix installed on the TV in the room! As Canadians – American Netflix is an extra special treat as there’s shows on there we don’t get. Nice to relax at the end of the day!

nyc062 zpsnpgr4es3 Air Bnb in New York City

nyc063 zpstzq2sgjj Air Bnb in New York City

nyc064 zpsyzkzctdp Air Bnb in New York City

All in all a great place to stay! If you’re a light sleeper I’d suggest the third floor rooms as the floors are creaky (as to be expected) so would be noisy if you had neighbours above you. We drove to the ferry terminal – about 5 minutes away – and it was Sunday and parking was free! Normally parking is $8 for the day. We were going to take the bus to the terminal – which you can catch super close to the house – but realized for four of us was cheaper to pay for parking than four bus tickets! Really convenient location though.

I’ll end the post with a few of the fun details from around the house!

nyc067 zpsepwudsmw Air Bnb in New York City

Totally recommend it – and did I mention it was way cheaper than a hotel? We had a winter rate – I’d expect it to be higher in summer – but it came to roughly $100Canadian a night! Although ALissa, the owner, isn’t on site – I texted her with a question and she responded with a couple minutes! If you’re interested here’s the link!

October 31, 2015 Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Now, I don’t celebrate any of the “dark” side of the holiday… as I say to my kids all the time “we celebrate life not death” in this house. But I love the idea of entire communities coming out and socializing, people staying home to hand out candy to kids who’ve done nothing to deserve it, and just the fun of the night! It’s always such an amazing night of community! Hope you all had a great Halloween also!

I thought I’d share our costumes this year. We love bring creative and making our costumes as the girls get older. We have so much fun coming up with their costumes each year! We try to spend as little as possible (Madi’s costume we spent nothing on – all things we had on hand. Eden’s was very minimal). We go high on creativity. Low on budget. icon smile Happy Halloween!

Eden asks every year to go as something scary but (see above) I say “no”. This year we came to a happy agreement – she could go as a werewolf. Nothing dead or bloody please. ha ha. She was so happy to go as something semi-scary – but in this mama’s eyes, that little face could never be scary.

IMG 9326 zpsjtq1wtyb Happy Halloween!

IMG 9322 zps396s5xnq Happy Halloween!

And my Madi is an avid book lover – so we came up with the idea of a “Book Fairy” – we used old book pages and newspapers to create her skirt, wings, floral headband and wand. She said that the Book Fairy gives books to all the good girls and boys. (I’ve been good! I’ve been good!)

Untitled 1 zpsaffwhiee Happy Halloween!

IMG 9286 zps7hmnn6z9 Happy Halloween!

Love these two!

IMG 9302 zpsqprtbbwv Happy Halloween!

And since I’m nostalgic.. here’s a look back over the years!


Madi as Elliott from ET
10171667 10152834776612629 3480590358310528690 n zps2jpprwn2 Happy Halloween!

Eden as a jellyfish
10472144 10152834776662629 7686233286257511749 o zps6cj4xjva Happy Halloween!


Madi as a unicorn

10438582 10152830809842629 3400401825055850170 n zpsnzihbkxn Happy Halloween!

Eden as Medusa

10494519 10152830809877629 5428407676897953364 n zps6limj3p3 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Mad Hatter

67298 10152830792812629 252162483713942262 n zpstzzseaz8 Happy Halloween!

Eden as “Little Red Robin Hood” (combining LIttle Red Riding Hood with Robin Hood)

10469898 10152830784677629 5221869986600452129 n zpsaxfkvcz3 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Rapunzel

10301302 10152830784667629 5922094351126753080 n zpsgv5xm4gk Happy Halloween!

Eden as Cheetah

10425360 10152830792837629 8986981461906322339 n zpsvtmdgch9 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Pirate

10616142 10152830794837629 3451919219109127156 n zpsuob75htm Happy Halloween!

Eden as Queen

10672431 10152830794842629 6358319628741576583 n zpsgtyotfba Happy Halloween!


Madi as Veternarian

10712919 10152830796892629 4382983180254098509 n zps6c0nl6et Happy Halloween!

Eden as Angel

10606550 10152830796872629 4356836776510036452 n zpsvf3p8hua Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as cats

10636215 10152830784937629 6192686536994882509 n zpsweo91zvt Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as a lion and skunk

10449525 10152830784777629 5077053835587996189 n zpsmlrtu5ui Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as a zebra and elephant

10710569 10152830809717629 1849803414401150323 n zpstuychpyo Happy Halloween!


Eden as a chicken

1476598 10152834742687629 1604871244833262860 n zpstpmcxfes Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


October 27, 2015 Reuben & Jacquie

It has been so exciting to see this relationship develop from friendship to dating and now as they plan their upcoming wedding! Jacquie is my daughter’s guitar teacher and we just love her. She pours her heart into her students and gives so generously of her talents and time. Reuben is also a photographer, and we love to chat about gear and photography. We have loved watching these two together and are so excited for next year’s wedding! What an honour to document their story!

rJ001 zpsijnvl1eb Reuben & Jacquie

rJ002 zpsp6el2uvq Reuben & Jacquie

rJ003 zpsnnj40ggv Reuben & Jacquie

rJ004 zpseaxrmzy6 Reuben & Jacquie

rJ005 zpsn4p9k5yw Reuben & Jacquie

rJ006 zps2kmxfj7u Reuben & Jacquie

rJ007 zpszbab1lki Reuben & Jacquie

rJ010 zpsuirinjwz Reuben & Jacquie

rJ011 zpsxebysywr Reuben & Jacquie

rJ012 zpsjvbxujgf Reuben & Jacquie

rJ013 zpswgqk1lw9 Reuben & Jacquie

rJ014 zpsgk6ojp29 Reuben & Jacquie

rJ015 zpsppwqrf3q Reuben & Jacquie

rJ016 zpsorqqtzft Reuben & Jacquie

rJ017 zpsobflzbzf Reuben & Jacquie

rJ018 zpszb9kmjfd Reuben & Jacquie

rJ019 zpsfuklec0r Reuben & Jacquie

rJ020 zps31brhvcd Reuben & Jacquie

rJ021 zpsicdapqoh Reuben & Jacquie

rJ022 zpsvomtwfzn Reuben & Jacquie

rJ023 zpseoqkkm1n Reuben & Jacquie

rJ024 zpsd6givl3g Reuben & Jacquie

rJ025 zpsaauqtreh Reuben & Jacquie

rJ026 zps3nlfoihu Reuben & Jacquie

rJ028 zpsj2kho8lw Reuben & Jacquie

Celebrating life and love,


November 17, 2014 Julie’s family

Abby was in my daughter’s class and through that I got to know her mom, Julie. It was great to photograph their family this Fall! You can definitely see the similarity between mom and daughter – and their great bond!

Grady 019 zps3dcc5d2e Julies family

Grady 030 zpsfc980401 Julies family

Grady 009 zpsdd6466b8 Julies family

Grady 010 zps4f4bc39f Julies family

Grady 002 zpsa3f83794 Julies family

Grady 020 zps7fd383f2 Julies family

Grady 021 zps21e455c2 Julies family

Grady 036 zpsfbc9b33c Julies family

Grady 043 zps9620d564 Julies family

Celebrating life and love,


May 26, 2014 Orchard Friends

I love traditions – and fortunately my good friends Cherie, and Carolynn do too! Every year we wait for “the call” from Cherie. She lives on the edge of a beautiful orchard and the first message comes early Spring. “The trees are about two weeks away from being in bloom”. And then regular reports until it’s finally “time” – and we hectically try to organize our schedules to make an evening work. We get all of our kids out to the orchard – we all enjoy a visit and running through the trees. Some years we’ve done props and a bit of a “set”. This year, we didn’t get as many photos – the kids just played, hung out and goofed off. It was a gorgeous evening and we’re so thankful our kids enjoy this annual tradition as much as us!

IMG 9465 zpsba2aee5a Orchard Friends

IMG 9486 2 zpsab4526e4 Orchard Friends

IMG 9287 zps5c05e5df Orchard Friends

IMG 9292 zps5b109752 Orchard Friends

IMG 9396 zpsb28232e0 Orchard Friends

IMG 9353 zps641b2a2e Orchard Friends

IMG 9359 zps368af2be Orchard Friends

IMG 9377 zps209578db Orchard Friends

IMG 9440 zpsd0036bea Orchard Friends

IMG 9436 zpsbe4f37f3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9489 zps9515cda1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9585 zpsc5e836ca Orchard Friends

IMG 9645 zps01a2f6ac Orchard Friends

After this photo session, I feel like I need to write my older siblings a formal apology. Eden is exactly like I Was. I’m so sorry, Marcie and David.

Untitled 1 zps25248e95 Orchard Friends

IMG 9374 zpsb05a8c1d Orchard Friends

Untitled 1 zpsf2d87380 Orchard Friends

10292166 10152430595797629 2413050032130096806 n zps1edb0355 Orchard Friends

IMG 9299 zps5e384117 Orchard Friends

IMG 9343 zps4f7da2a5 Orchard Friends

We then piled in the cars – and headed to another orchard. Got to love Ontario in the SPring! And this time we added Cherie’s stepdaughter Jodey who was home from university. We love Jodey and were so glad we could get her in on the craziness – unfortunately kids cooperation was done by this point. ha ha.

IMG 9581 zps48784ef1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9852 zps768b7375 Orchard Friends

IMG 9849 zps4ee70e0d Orchard Friends

IMG 9859 zpsf7a2b1cb Orchard Friends

IMG 9871 zps2aa2a8a3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9878 zpsfa0b01f9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9881 zps08e08527 Orchard Friends

And this time we did something crazy – got a photo of us three moms. Cherie and Carolynn have been friends since grade one, and I’ve been friends with them since I moved to the area in grade nine. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m so thankful for these two!

10173655 10152431838712629 9032152241265652312 n zpse634a323 Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,


Today is Mother’s Day – a day of celebrating for many, but also a day that is hard for so many. Memories of moms that had to say goodbye too early. Moms who weren’t the Hallmark idea of a mother and now there is hurt and pain mingled in with the memories. Women who long to be a mother and yet their bodies and circumstances won’t allow it. Women who have yet to find love, and are reminded of that fact again today. Women who are now single mothers – learning to parent alone.

Today is Mother’s Day – and I like to think of it as a day to celebrate the women who have been an inspiration or influence in our lives.

The aunts who spoil their nieces and nephews with memories while gifting the parents with a much needed break.
The birth mom, who selflessly carried her child and gave them the gift of life and love in a new adoptive family.
The girlfriends who have supported and loved as they watch their friend go through divorce, disease or other such challenges.
The moms who have intentionally loved their children and their families through big and small acts of love daily.
The sisters, friends, aunts, grandmothers, teachers, cousins, and other women in our lives who have carried us emotionally and supported us practically and inspired us to be our best….

This day is for you.

And we say thank you! We celebrate you!

Celebrating life and love,


December 13, 2013 Nathan and Kim

I love winter weddings – maybe because that’s when I got married! But partly because they’re so magical as everyone snuggles in to stay warm. Nathan and Kim got married on a cold, winter day – and it was so beautiful! They were so happy and joyful – no one noticed the cold!

KNwed 001 zps314aeaed Nathan and Kim

KNwed 002 zps65790ef2 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 003 zps92710414 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 005 zps9970f04b Nathan and Kim

KNwed 006 zps0d1a28b2 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 008 zps0f5a1ac4 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 009 zps7c81b0f7 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 011 zpsd1ec9866 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 013 zps43fa6c90 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 012 zps50f5236f Nathan and Kim

KNwed 015 zpse5b02e61 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 016 zps3507f8e2 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 019 zps9a88737a Nathan and Kim

Mom and dad’s first look at their daughter as a bride…

KNwed 014 zps2f512032 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 021 zps0f8edd69 Nathan and Kim

Meanwhile, my lovely assistant Katie was over with Nathan and the guys getting ready.

KNwed 023 zps986e69dc Nathan and Kim

KNwed 024 zpsfa3b89af Nathan and Kim

KNwed 026 zpse5a53e13 Nathan and Kim

Nathan waiting for his bride….

KNwed 027 zps9bf013f8 Nathan and Kim

I love when we get to do “first looks” – the couple sees each other before the ceremony. A chance to connect, relax, chat… before being on stage for all the guests!

KNwed 028 zpsa113775c Nathan and Kim

KNwed 029 zpscfd32f22 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 030 zpsf828f27e Nathan and Kim

KNwed 031 zps35623480 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 033 zpsadb57eb0 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 034 zpsd1110981 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 035 zps4c80568f Nathan and Kim

KNwed 037 zps503bd470 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 038 zps963a945b Nathan and Kim

KNwed 040 zpsba0811d9 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 041 zpsc5af348b Nathan and Kim


KNwed 042 zpsfec41f0c Nathan and Kim

KNwed 043 zpsaec57a9a Nathan and Kim

KNwed 045 zps2ddc7f05 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 047 zpsf97060df Nathan and Kim

KNwed 050 zps5e2fab95 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 055 zpsf440c213 Nathan and Kim

ANd then we all met at the Old Mill in Ancaster – almost time for the ceremony!

KNwed 056 zps1f96bdac Nathan and Kim

KNwed 057 zps7def8bd2 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 058 zps19af2375 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 059 zpsea2b27fc Nathan and Kim

KNwed 060 zps98da0ef9 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 061 zpsa7d580b3 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 063 zpsf0993cb5 Nathan and Kim

The newlyweds!

KNwed 064 zps6150ffa7 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 065 zps4cb14a71 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 067 zps544b8ece Nathan and Kim

KNwed 068 zpse63626b7 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 069 zps84979c01 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 070 zps663dc100 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 071 zps5df9c72f Nathan and Kim

KNwed 072 zps39f33fef Nathan and Kim

KNwed 074 zpse237a5f3 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 076 zps2bb91969 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 077 zps2ffc6f89 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 078 zpsced3a2bf Nathan and Kim

KNwed 081 zps22991ed7 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 083 zpsf27c2ae6 Nathan and Kim

KNwed 080 zps8cea6292 Nathan and Kim

Congratulations Nathan and Kim!

KNwed 066 zpsf4e7bf84 Nathan and Kim

Celebrating life and love,


November 4, 2013 Goodyear Family

This weekend we had the opportunity to go visit some very special friends of ours. Pernell and Margie have been some of our best friends for about twenty years. Many moons ago Margie and I were roommates and we were thrilled when our guys soon became best friends too. We have vacationed with each other, gotten to know each other’s extended families, stood in each other’s wedding parties and welcomed each other’s babies. If you have spent more than 5 minutes with Pernell you likely have laughed until you almost wet yourself. He’s hilarious and has no boundaries to his humour – but also an incredible depth and way of inspiring others. Margie is the most generous person I’ve met. She always is baking or making something for someone. She has a vegetable garden behind their home fence where there is a public path to the park with a sign for people to help themselves. That is something so Margie. She gives and gives… and then gives some more. It’s such an honour to call these amazing people friends.

This past week, we also received news that Pernell had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Hearing the “c” word is never easy. Fortunately testicular cancer is one of the most treatable kinds of cancer – and we are so thankful for good medical care for our friend.

This month as most of you know is also known as Mo’Vember. Men around the world grow facial hair in an effort to raise awareness and funds to “change the face of men’s health”. My dad has beat prostate cancer… and I’m convinced Pernell will beat his cancer too. If you would like to donate to my husband’s Mo’Vember fundraising page you can do so here: LINK.

File023 zpsd51798a4 Goodyear Family

00011 zpsbeda0889 Goodyear Family

File706 2 zpsa60c000c Goodyear Family

File706 zps58b15a54 Goodyear Family

File746 zps97e59b42 Goodyear Family

File758 zpsac2f526d Goodyear Family

00005 zpsc9b0628f Goodyear Family

File035 zpscee2dd86 Goodyear Family

And my kids were bound and determined to be a part of the family photos!

File762 zps4646f4e6 Goodyear Family

Celebrating life and love,


November 1, 2013 Chis, Arlene & Girls

I love photographing families through their stages of life – it has been so fun to watch Chris and Arlene’s family grow from their wedding, newborn daughter Evelyn, toddler Evelyn, new daughter Rowena, and now to see them again after some time out in Halifax in their gorgeous new home in London. The girls are two and four now – quite possibly one of my favourite stages of childhood! It was a great time of seeing the girls personalities shine through and the obvious love this little family shares!

IMG 9972 zps6070ecc3 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9977 zpsf1e0e66b Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9982 zps2f7fdb68 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0002 zps0786e931 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9984 zps212c9fe9 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9996 zps60128d83 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0098 zpsbaaa2276 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0117 zps743e3782 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0085 zps58336183 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0080 zps833397d6 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0055 zpsca465e09 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9230 zps4a27b966 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0167 zps9bffddee Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0178 zpsa960c8c2 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9215 zpsba50744d Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9225 zps92a7c363 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9140 zpsf1833261 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9106 zps1ad5d5ed Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9168 zpse0c5f6aa Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9158 zpsfd5e21e2 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0187 zps05f8fff0 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9271 zpsfec23c23 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9275 zps2af46052 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0193 zps2ee1feb4 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9232 zpsef80b9df Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9242 zps9840bf1e Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0219 zps885c24fe Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 0229 2 zpsd1090ee9 Chis, Arlene & Girls

IMG 9289 zps044a60ae Chis, Arlene & Girls

Celebrating life and love,


October 16, 2013 Abigail

Last time I saw Abigail she was a little baby – she’s grown into such a gorgeous toddler now! Almost two and so beautiful with that fiery red hair and big blue eyes. So fun to see her personality coming through and to see Kirk and Lyndsay as parents.

abigail022 zpsa572ef50 Abigail

abigail023 zps9575b9d1 Abigail

abigail025 zps4bb92000 Abigail

abigail026 zpsca834d8e Abigail

abigail027 zpsf5b5029f Abigail

abigail028 zpsd3e05301 Abigail

abigail029 zpsf721d23e Abigail

abigail030 zpsaa0aeb09 Abigail

abigail031 zps360f6fd6 Abigail

abigail032 zps3c197bc0 Abigail

abigail033 zpse1160e80 Abigail

abigail034 zps0bdb5ae1 Abigail

abigail035 zps931f6f1d Abigail

abigail036 zpsc9f4ec3b Abigail

abigail037 zpsc4d06dfb Abigail

abigail038 zpsc393ed27 Abigail

abigail039 zps225b43c9 Abigail

abigail040 zps8fc41f06 Abigail

abigail041 zps0f1caebf Abigail

Celebrating life and love,