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August 21, 2013 Featured Photographer

It was such an honour to be August’s featured photographer for Smiling Eyes!

Read my interview here and see a few of my favourite images….


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Celebrating life and love,


3582 10151582235626558 795692536 n 300x300 Chases Smiling Eyes  As I mentioned recently and you may know, I am a member of Smiling Eyes This is a group of photographers that donate photo sessions to people journeying through cancer. This past week I was honoured to photograph not just one amazing family – but two! I recently blogged about Caydance… not meet 7 year old Chase!

When I met Chase the first thing I noticed was his awesome freckles! I’ve always been envious of freckles. But within seconds the freckles are long forgotten because this high energy, fast talking little man has your full attention as he talks about dogs, boats, or about anything that pops into his head. I loved hearing all that was going through his mind! Such a sweet guy!

Chase’s journey with cancer may have claimed his kidney – but not his love of life and spunk!






IMG 6639 zps39c983a5 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6635 zpsd2b01eec Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6684 zpsc338202b Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6672 2 zps744709e7 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6666 zps1538cac9 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6710 zps320144fa Chases Smiling Eyes

I’ve mentioned bravery beads before and how much I love them! SUch a great visual reminder of each child’s unique health journey. Chase showed me some of his favourites before dancing with them! icon smile Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6733 zpsd533f91d Chases Smiling Eyes

Untitled 1 1 zpsdb548882 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6843 zps207e4ab6 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6876 zps4caefe28 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6861 zpsa7c65800 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6811 zpsdcda86a7 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6884 zps4473cccb Chases Smiling Eyes


Celebrating life and love,



3582 10151582235626558 795692536 n 300x300 Caydances Smiling Eyes  As you may know, I am a member of Smiling Eyes – a group of photographers that donate photo sessions to people journeying through cancer. Over the years, this has fast become one of my favourite things to photograph. It is always a good reminder how precious life is – and the ones we love. 


This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet little Caydance and her family. Today is a special day in their family’s life… Caydance is having her last chemo today! Hooray! What a day to celebrate! You will also be seeing a lot more of Caydance if you are in the Hamilton area as she is the new face of McMaster Children’s hospitals ads. Exciting! Caydance’s family decided they couldn’t control their circumstances – her sickness, treatment, etc. are all out of their hands – so doing something like fundraising was one way to keep their minds focused and concentrate on something they can control. Their family has raised around $80,000 so far for Mac – wow!! So amazing!


But let’s meet this little one….




This is Caydance – and her big sister Raya and little sister Quinn. All three are just adorable!


cay001 zpscdefbeb1 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay002 zpsc5195bb7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

And here’s the whole gang! Such a great family!

cay003 zps412c16c9 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay004 zps53e871ad Caydances Smiling Eyes

Families sometimes need to stop… and pinky promise to behave for a photo shoot. icon smile Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay005 zpsdcf0619a Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay006 zpsd0751214 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay007 zps682fcedd Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay008 zps986f794d Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay009 zps13e71b02 Caydances Smiling Eyes

Bravery beads are about the best things ever… every time a child has something done – a needle, surgery, hospital admission, etc. – they are given a bead. This is a visual of the child’s story – unique to just them. It also costs the hospital about $10,000 a year – and Caydance’s family is now fundraising for this great program! Here are the girls inspecting the beads….

cay011 zps0e9bf4b7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

I love that Caydance put her sister’s names into her beads. They too are part of this journey!

cay013 zpsa6dd248b Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay012 zps24d5c06d Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay014 zpsd6e8610c Caydances Smiling Eyes

And here’s her wish trip she’s waiting on! Soon Caydance!!

cay015 zps0aa5654c Caydances Smiling Eyes

Such a beautiful family!

cay016 zps34d3cbcb Caydances Smiling Eyes

The photo on the right is so sweet… tehy do this cheer where they all put their hands in and yell their family’s last name. Just like you would in a sporting game. So fun!

cay017 zps8bbce657 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay019 zpsf24a9cd7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay018 zps335b2ca7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay020 zpsd29e8e91 Caydances Smiling Eyes

A little Abbey Road happening….

cay024 zps0fb682eb Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay025 zpsa7edf71b Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay026 zps68dc09f2 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay027 zps06efdd41 Caydances Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love… and the end of chemo!


April 12, 2013 Shawn and Lucille

One of my favourite things to photograph is Smiling Eyes sessions. Smiling Eyes sessions are free gifts of photography to families and individuals journeying through cancer. I have met such fantastic people over the last several years volunteering through Smiling Eyes. Last weekend was another instance of some amazing people and examples of strength. Lucille married her long time love, Shawn surrounded by their children and loved ones. Lucille was a stunning bride – you would never know by looking at her she is battling cancer. Again. It really is beautiful to watch the love and support of family and friends. Lucille is one loved lady!

IMG 4252 zps61da7c09 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4634 zps9759539e Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4519 zps0f92f140 Shawn and Lucille

This cutie caught my eye!

IMG 4272 zps4ee66a7d Shawn and Lucille

Ceremony time!

IMG 4291 zps5ee0bf39 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4298 zpsb9f877d4 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4302 zpsbac31b5a Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4306 zps96d8fe9f Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4327 zpsde913269 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4358 zps978180ed Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4380 zps3b4637e0 Shawn and Lucille

After the ceremony was over Lucille said “I want to hug everyone!” So sweet.

IMG 4385 zps088bee6a Shawn and Lucille

Lucille said she wanted this particular restaurant for the wedding because of this large amethyst – so beautiful!

IMG 4607 zps2702127b Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4450 zps8d70b83f Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4427 zps5a012ffc Shawn and Lucille

fun group shot – IMG 4594 zps747ca444 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4578 zps2978f724 Shawn and Lucille

December 29, 2011 Ronald McDonald House

As I mentioned in my last post, I love going to the Ronald McDonald House to photograph. Being a part of the Smiling Eyes team means we have the fortune of going to photograph at the RMH – a different photographer each month. I always try to request December. December is such a busy month and it is so easy to get caught up in shopping, eating and socializing… it’s good to sit back and really count our blessings and realize how good we have it with health, family and sleeping in our own home. For those without those luxuries, I am so grateful their is such an amazing place like the Ronald McDonald House. This time I Got to photograph at the brand new location that had only been open about 3 weeks. What a gorgeous place! So nice for families to have an apartment, room to be on their own, and an amazing support network!

HEre are a few of the amazing people I got to meet this year….

MEERA2011 015 Ronald McDonald House

MEERA2011 023 Ronald McDonald House

0003 IMG 6717 Ronald McDonald House

0020 IMG 6820 Ronald McDonald House

0018 IMG 6816 Ronald McDonald House

0002 IMG 6536 Ronald McDonald House

0010 IMG 6555 Ronald McDonald House

JORIAN2011 014 Ronald McDonald House

JORIAN2011 018 Ronald McDonald House

JORIAN2011 025 Ronald McDonald House

NOAH2011 008 Ronald McDonald House

NOAH2011 016 Ronald McDonald House

0004 IMG 6836 Ronald McDonald House

REBECCA2011 033 Ronald McDonald House

REBECCA2011 021 Ronald McDonald House

REBECCA2011 002 Ronald McDonald House

MEERA2011 024 Ronald McDonald House

Celebrating life and love,


October 19, 2011 Baby Pierce

I have known Julie since she was a teenager working after school at the store I worked in at the time. Over the last couple years it has been so fun to reconnect with her and see her transform to fiancee to wife and now to mom!

Pierce is 6 months old and is not only unbelievable cute – but such a well behaved little guy! He just sat there with his eyebrows raised and huge blue eyes sparkling, laughing along with everything. Love this kid!

We photographed at their home – I love baby photo sessions at home. When I think back to when my girls were babies my fondest memories are simple moments at home. Coming in after they wake from a nap to find them smiling and laughing in their crib and SO excited to see me! They both always loved bath time – party in the water! And lots of cuddles. So I was thrilled when this is what Julie had envisioned also for her photo session – documenting their family moments.

The family…

0003 IMG 1898 Baby Pierce

But before there was Pierce there was Molson. You may remember him from their engagement and wedding photos.

0013 IMG 1960 Baby Pierce

Molson wasn’t about to let anyone forget him and charged into the photo session. I love dogs!

0009 IMG 1928 Baby Pierce

0012 IMG 1945 Baby Pierce

0031 IMG 9719 Baby Pierce

0020 IMG 1996 Baby Pierce

0019 IMG 1989 Baby Pierce

0022 IMG 2003 Baby Pierce

0026 IMG 2014 Baby Pierce

Pierce was getting his shirt changed… but I think he kind of liked the no shirt look. icon smile Baby Pierce

0034 IMG 9725 Baby Pierce

Seriously – this kid is so cute! Look at his face – and how he’s cuddling mom’s face. Too sweet.

0047 IMG 9768 Baby Pierce

Graeme and Julie just had a gorgeous bar built in the basement – by the look on Pierce’s face I think he’s shocked he’s allowed at the bar.

0037 IMG 9735 Baby Pierce

0035 IMG 9732 Baby Pierce

0044 IMG 9763 Baby Pierce

I love his whole series in the bedroom – love the natural light here! And this kid is all personality!

0051 IMG 9778 Baby Pierce

0054 IMG 9790 Baby Pierce

0056 IMG 9799 Baby Pierce

0057 IMG 9811 Baby Pierce

0065 IMG 9834 Baby Pierce

0071 IMG 9857 Baby Pierce

0066 IMG 9840 Baby Pierce

0069 IMG 9852 Baby Pierce

0058 IMG 9816 Baby Pierce

This face!!! Love him.

0001 IMG 9966 Baby Pierce

0098 IMG 9969 1 Baby Pierce

0085 IMG 9925 Baby Pierce

0074 IMG 9862 Baby Pierce

Molson trying to see if there’s anything good to read…

0073 IMG 9860 Baby Pierce

As mentioned one of my favourite memories is coming in after the girls woke from their nap – every day it was as if they were so shocked and thrilled that I came to get them. It was fun to watch Pierce in his crib with a similar expression!

0090 IMG 2072 Baby Pierce

0089 IMG 9938 Baby Pierce

0092 IMG 9952 Baby Pierce

0086 IMG 9927 Baby Pierce

0083 IMG 9915 Baby Pierce

And bath time!!! (Surprised to see Molson had to check out what’s going on?)

0101 IMG 9976 Baby Pierce

0104 IMG 9986 Baby Pierce

0106 IMG 9996 Baby Pierce

0108 IMG 2077 Baby Pierce

Graeme and Julie it was so great to see you again – and congratulations on Pierce. You are obviously doing a great job parenting as this is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met!

Celebrating life and love,


October 11, 2011 Tamara’s Smiling Eyes

One of my favourite things to photograph are Smiling Eyes sessions. These sessions are a free gift for anyone journeying through cancer. Obviously, I wish there were no Smiling Eyes sessions at all… I hate cancer as much as the next person… but until the day we can say “good riddance” to it, I love to be able to offer these as a very small gift from me for those who fight the big “C” word.

At first, I thought about not telling you Tamara is battling cancer right now. This session could pass as an engagement session the way these two laugh and beam at each other… but at the same time we need to be aware that cancer comes in all forms. Even to healthy, young, beautiful women like Tamara. And she is so beautiful. With her twinkling eyes and easy laugh. It was so great to meet her and her husband Casey when they came out to my house last weekend for their session.

TCblog0001 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0002 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0003 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0017 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0016 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0013 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0012 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0011 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0014 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0015 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0008 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0005 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0006 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0009 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0007 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0019 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0018 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

Tamara and Casey it was so great to meet you both! And your dog – who could be a model!

Celebrating life and love,


August 27, 2011 Jacob’s Smiling Eyes

One of my favourite parts of being a photographer, is being able to offer a gift to people who’ve had a bumpy journey and need to pause… and celebrate their love and live today. I was thrilled to meet with little Jacob and his family this week. Jacob is only three but has already gone through so much. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor around a year and a half (and hearing their story I give a huge shout out to his mom for being so observant and noticing the signs and asking questions!). It turns out that my good friend Cherie (who I have mentioned as riding bike across Canada for cancer) was one of Jacob’s nurses at Sick Kids – small world!

Here is Jacob, big brother Tristan and his family’s smiling eyes! Enjoy!

Jacob and those big brown eyes melts your heart!

1 6542 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6593 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6572 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6584 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6656 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6627 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6675 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7363 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6680 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7338 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6724 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7299 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7307 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

Mike and Julie – you were awesome to meet! Enjoyed connecting!

1 7385 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7389 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


One of my favourite photos sessions are the Smiling Eyes ones… a chance to give back, but more often I’m the one who receives. I loved meeting Krisha and her boys for her Smiling Eyes session this past weekend. As she faces cancer for the second time, and enters chemo – I’m thankful to see she has three great guys to support and love her!

wContactSheet 003 Krishas Smiling Eyes

wContactSheet 001 Krishas Smiling Eyes

Beautiful Mama… didn’t notice this at first! But such fitting words!

ContactSheet 001w Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5282 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

I love a family that can laugh together!

rContactSheet 001 Krishas Smiling Eyes

ContactSheet 001 29 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5313 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

I love how Krisha looks like she is just soaking in all of her family’s love in this image.

IMG 5317 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5315 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5300 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5322 2 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

Joseph and Krisha told me about how they met and how they’ve been married ten years now… I never get tired of hearing couple’s stories and watching them interact as they tell it!

IMG 5291 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5328 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

(Krisha your hand on his face there… melts my heart)

IMG 5301 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5336 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

This set cracks me up… such a typical family moment. Mom and dad having this sweet, intimate moment. Two seconds later interrupted by the ragamuffins!

ContactSheet 004 8 Krishas Smiling Eyes

Xavier was so funny – everytime Joseph and Krisha kissed he would holler “no more! No more kisses!!!” It was hilarious!

ContactSheet 001t Krishas Smiling Eyes

ContactSheet 001te Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5363 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5362 Krishas Smiling Eyes

And we found this gorgeous little pocket of beauty in the midst of downtown Burlington…. a tad magical I think.

ContactSheet 003 16 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5357 2 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5317 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5313 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5326 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5327 Krishas Smiling Eyes

I love smooshed face mom kisses!

IMG 5379 Krishas Smiling Eyes

IMG 5384 Krishas Smiling Eyes

Krisha – you are gorgeous – inside and out! It was an honour to document your family!

ContactSheet 005 8 Krishas Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


As I have blogged before, I am honoured to shoot for “Smiling Eyes” – an organization where photographers donate time to families who’s lives have been touched by cancer. Another part of Smiling Eyes is having the opportunity to photograph families at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Toronto. I love, love, love doing this!

On Saturday, I went to the RMH and met up with the lovely Melissa. Melissa is amazing – she is a child life specialist (did I get the title right, Melissa?) and does an incredible job of making sure the children who come into RMH lives are made richer, happier, and to help with some of the confusion and fears they may have. You can tell how much the kids (and parents) all adore Melissa.

This time when I got home and looked through the images, what stuck out for me was the parents. These moms and dads are doing such amazing jobs with keeping their children feeling loved, safe and happy.

The first family I met with lives in Ireland currently but are from South Africa. They came to Toronto last week with their son William. William turns one this coming Wednesday – happy birthday!! On Monday, due to eye cancer, William is having one eye removed. I was so thankful for the timing of this photo shoot to give William’s family photos before his surgery. He is such a happy little guy – with mischief just waiting to come out – you can see it in his face!

IMG 3988 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 3967 Ronald McDonald House

William is so cute! And he knows he is cute too.

IMG 3980 Ronald McDonald House

This series cracks me up. He looks so innocent – until mom comes within reach.

IMG 4045 Ronald McDonald House

ContactSheet 001a 18 Ronald McDonald House

We then went outside to the parking lot. Again, I’ll say the location is not as important as you may think for a photo shoot. The love and connection is what you see in images. You can find a neutral background anywhere!

ContactSheet 001 45 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4078 2 Ronald McDonald House

ContactSheet 002 29 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4205 2 Ronald McDonald House
IMG 4201 1 Ronald McDonald House
IMG 4221 Ronald McDonald House
Kids always let you know when they’re done – bye bye!

IMG 4182 Ronald McDonald House

Then I met with this sweet family from Nunavut. They are here with their sister who is in Sick Kids With two young active boys – they kept me on my toes. Definitely would need distractions!

First… play-dough!

IMG 4095 Ronald McDonald House

Then… puppet show!

IMG 4098 Ronald McDonald House

But this was the best… watch their expressions change in the next two. Can you guess what made the change?

IMG 4286 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4292 Ronald McDonald House

Silly String!!

IMG 4337 Ronald McDonald House

Melissa pulled out Silly String and they loved it!

IMG 4346 Ronald McDonald House

ContactSheet 001aa Ronald McDonald House

Then I showed them they had a “twin” in the window….

IMG 4267 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4251 Ronald McDonald House

ANd more silliness with Melissa!

IMG 4144 Ronald McDonald House

Such a sweet family!

IMG 4124 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4120 Ronald McDonald House

I can not imagine what it must be like for these boys coming from Nunavut where mom was saying there is still snow and they’re use to being outside all day long – to being downtown Toronto! The stories they’ll have for the folks back home!

IMG 4136 Ronald McDonald House

Then I went on to meet baby Harm. His mom went to the hospital at 27 weeks not feeling well… and next thing she knows, she is rushed to Mount SInai hospital and has a two pound preemie baby! Harm is doing awesome and is heading home this week hopefully! It was also funny as we talked, to discover we live in the same neck of the woods and Cassandra (Harm’s mom) knows all my neighbours (one was even her bridesmaid) and has even been over to my barn before. Small world!

When I got there, dad was just sitting admiring him. Mom is up at the ROnald McDOnald House all the time (11 weeks so far I think she said) while dad comes up on weekends. SO I’m sure he’s eager to hold his little guy as much as he can!

IMG 4377 Ronald McDonald House

I love when babies stretch and curl up like this!

IMG 4397 Ronald McDonald House

This is one loved little baby!

ContactSheet 005 4 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4475 Ronald McDonald House

ContactSheet 006 3 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4421 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4436 Ronald McDonald House

Totally smiling.

IMG 4446 Ronald McDonald House

Why do you think “Mr. Muscles” is crying?

IMG 4198 Ronald McDonald House

He wanted to flex his muscles of course!!

IMG 4202 Ronald McDonald House

This was also my first time having to wear a gown and gloves as Harm is currently in isolation. Interesting to shoot this way!

I remember spending hours doing this – heck! I still love to watch my girls lie there! Look at Harm’s face… “are they still there?”

IMG 4193 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4206 Ronald McDonald House

Such a sweetheart!

IMG 4185 Ronald McDonald House

The last visit was to SIck Kids hospital to see little Kenna. She is two years old and is such a sweetheart! SHe is from Rainy River area – where I have family as well. Nestor Falls up near Rainy River is where my grandparents lived and is still probably my favourite place anywhere. Kenna and her mom have just arrived recently and getting settled. Kenna was so proud of her necklace and bracelet she had made!

IMG 4492 Ronald McDonald House

Isn’t she so sweet!

IMG 4499 Ronald McDonald House

I just loved how mom and Kenna interacted together. You can tell Kenna loves her mommy!

IMG 4578 Ronald McDonald House
IMG 4501 Ronald McDonald House

And what kid doesn’t love being read to?

IMG 4557 Ronald McDonald House
IMG 4561 Ronald McDonald House
As I looked through the images what caught my eye was the kids just wanting to hold on to mom and dad. For these young ones to face so much is hard to imagine. But if they had to do it without mom and dad’s presence is unthinkable. I am so thankful for Ronald McDonald House being there so mom and dads can be there to hold a hand and offer a cuddle.
IMG 4542 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4150 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4116 Ronald McDonald House

IMG 4176 Ronald McDonald House

Celebrating life and love,