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September 7, 2010 Here we go….

The last few days have been bittersweet… looking forward to the girls going back to school and routines again, but so sad about the end of summer and their time at home. It has been a great summer – with our trip across Canada as well as countless days of just letting the kids be kids. Running free, playing in the treefort, making crafts, reading books, picking flowers, catching frogs and snakes… and just being.

I’m reminded how we all need to take time to rejuvenate. As the girls ended school, they were tired and done with the early mornings and homework. This morning they couldn’t have been more excited waking an hour before the alarm and waiting for the bus 25minutes before it was due. The break was good for them.

And now, I head into a new phase of life. Both my girls are in school full time for the first time as Eden is in grade one now, and Madison in grade three. All day every day without kids. I think this may be my time to rejuvenate.

A few pics from this morning.

The walk down our driveway to the bus…

IMG 1341a Here we go....

Madi somehow is entering grade three. I think I missed a year somewhere.

ContactSheet 002 24 Here we go....

And my baby is “all day every day” as Eden was chanting today. Grade one won’t know what hit it.

ContactSheet 001 36 Here we go....

I love my girls.

IMG 1367a Here we go....

IMG 1364a Here we go....

I have jokingly “banned” Madi for saying she’s going into grade three as it’s just too grown up too fast. Here’s Eden trying to help enforce the ban.

IMG 1391a Here we go....

My beautiful third grader….

IMG 1380a Here we go....

Eden cracking up…

IMG 1395a Here we go....

Lots of cuddles.

IMG 1377a Here we go....

IMG 1379a Here we go....

IMG 1372a Here we go....

And away they go!!

IMG 1406a Here we go....

Celebrating life and love,


August 31, 2010 A hasty word

I’m a wee bit obsessed with Jane Austen and in particular Pride and Prejudice. After reading and re-reading and re-reading Pride and Prejudice, I decided I should re-read one of her other books for a change of pace. Persuasion is my next favourite of her writings, and I found this passage in it that at some point I had highlighted. It’s been playing in my mind all week now.

My hope is that my words and life may be sincere, that I may even sometimes say a careless or hasty thing….

(to set up this passage… Mr. Elliot is who everyone presumes Anne is interested in and should consider as a suitor).

“Mr. Elliot was rational, discreet, polished, – but he was not open. There was never any burst of feeling, any warmth of indignation or delight, at the evil or good of others. This, to Anne, was a decided imperfection. Her early impressions were incurable. She prized the frank, the open-hearted, the eager character beyond all others. Warmth and enthusiasm did captivate her still. She felt that she could so much more depend upon the sincerity of those who sometimes looked or said a careless or a hasty thing, than of those whose presence of mind never varied, whose tongue never slipped.”

And because you always need an image… here’s one Mark snapped of me. Speaking of looking careless… ha ha!

IMG 1121 A hasty word

Celebrating life and love,


August 30, 2010 The reason

Photography is something I adore. But I also love pizza…. People Magazine….. Jane Austen….. Alf….. (yes, I said Alf)…. and I have not made any of these loves into a career.

For me it’s the reason why something is done that matters.

I think back to our wedding (almost 14 years ago) and as we planned, we looked at the flow of the ceremony and asked “why?” for each step. Why do the best man and maid of honour sign the registry? Is there a reason? No. Okay – scrap that and we’ll have our dads sign it instead. (Come to think of it – we never had a best man and maid of honour). Why does there have to be the same number of attendants on each side? Why do we have to say “I do” (we changed it to “with joy I do promise”)… and on and on.

I’m a bit like a two year old. I ask “why” a lot.

In case you are also like me… let me tell you one big answer to “why” there is an Edison Photography.

My goal is to capture that person, that relationship, that story…. to capture it today so that when the baby has grown and changed completely we can remember the moment when their whole being fit into our arms. When that loved one has passed away we can remember that love we shared.

I’ve gone to two funerals this past week, and was reminded I love taking photos for people to cherish after a loved one has passed away.

In the past I’ve had couples email me to tell me of the importance of a photo I took of their grandparent and them at their wedding since their grandparent has now passed on. I’ve had families where a loved one has passed away, and they’re extra grateful for an image to remind them of better days.

As I dug through the images of Poppy, I had to share these few with you from Mark’s sister Aidan’s wedding a few years ago. This is why I create images…..


During the signing of the registry Aidan had a clear view of Poppy. As soon as they got up from the registry table instead of going back to the front of the church as they were suppose to, she snuck over to the other side of the room and stole this moment with Poppy. Then she went back to the front for the announcement of man and wife. Loved this moment.

IMG 0152 2 The reason

And after the ceremony in the receiving line, Poppy and Aidan had another moment.

IMG 1654 The reason

IMG 1642 The reason

IMG 1641 The reason

And I’d love to know what Eden is telling Poppy here…

IMG 1747 The reason

Look at the chaos happening all around. But at this moment there’s only Eden and Poppy.

IMG 1750 1 The reason

IMG 1779 The reason

And after the photos of Chris and Aidan, on the way to the reception we swung by Poppy’s nursing home so Aidan could have a dance with him as he couldn’t attend the reception.

IMG 2115 The reason

This is the “why”. Why there’s an Edison Photography.

And I just have to sign off by sharing one personal story from today.

My girls knew three of their great grandparents – Poppy, GG and Great Grandpa. Tonight after the funeral while Mark was making supper Madi wanted to surprise him. She set the dining room table with her best sense of kid style. Paper napkins opened up as placemats. Wine glasses. For the centrepiece she used flowers from the funeral today and placed photos of her three great grandparents she knew and loved. One each of our plates she put a Bible opened to Psalm 23 which she later read to us. As we sat down to eat, Eden raised her glass and yelled “Cheers for Poppy! And GG! And Great Grandpa!” My girls memories of their great grandparents may fade – and I’m so glad they have images with each one of them to cherish. And I’m so glad I have images of this special gift of a supper setting madison gave us tonight.

ContactSheet 001a 12 The reason

Celebrating life and love,


July 21, 2010 And so it begins…

A few months ago after booking weddings in BC and Cape Breton two weeks apart, I asked the question – which of these locations should our family vacation in? And someone suggested both. We liked the idea. And here we are embarking on the journey…..

The trip in a nutshell is we are flying to Kelowna, BC and after photographing the wedding there we are heading in the opposite direction first so we can dip our feet in the ocean. We want to dip our feet in both oceans. Then we will begin our venture east to Sydney, Nova Scotia. Friends of ours drove the car to Kelowna for us as they had family there to visit. So, we’ll pick up our car tomorrow form them and the adventure begins!

I’ll be away until August 11th – but watch for blog posts as we find internet to share our adventures and the weddings and portrait sessions I’ll be photographing throughout Canada.

Because every post needs a photo – here’s one of my munchkins how I found them last night… (note the dog is also at the end of the bed!)

IMG 3195 And so it begins...

Celebrating life and love,


July 5, 2010 Learning to see

This past weekend while chatting with the girls I mentioned something was beautiful. To be honest – I can’t remember now what it was. Perhaps a sunset, a beam of light, a cloud, a perfectly shaped apple, a frog in the garden, grain on a piece of wood, a favourite worn book…. some random beauty. Madi said to me one of the best compliments I have enjoyed… “Mom, you think everything is beautiful.”

I think I startled Madi with my excited response. “Yes! Yes I do!”

I went on to explain to her… being a photographer is about seeing. It’s about finding beauty in the mundane. It’s about discovering the magic everywhere. I took her and walked her around pointing out the beauty in all that surrounded us.

I had another compliment this week I will store away in my heart. Someone said “Your photos are always so great. All the people are beautiful – even though I know not everyone could possibly be gorgeous… you find the beauty in them to photograph.” (Sorry for the rough paraphrase Karen… I’m not as eloquent.)

This is my goal exactly! We all have days we get out of bed and don’t feel beautiful. And then we all have moments where we laugh and talk and breathe without a thought about appearances because we feel beautiful inside. That look into your loved one’s eyes… laughing with a friend until you cry… watching your child accomplish something new… there is no time to worry how you look because the beauty is too busy shining outward from within.

This is what I strive to capture. For you to remember those moments when you are the most beautiful person you were created to be.

Every post needs a photo… and while over at my parents recently I found this old one of my dad in Ecuador in 1967 I had to steal (I mean borrow) it when I saw it. My dad, my Grandpas, my uncles, cousins, and many good friends have had a passion to see past the mundane to the beauty when they picked up the camera. For this I am so grateful – for being taught early on to see. A passion I strive to share with my family and all who come into contact with my camera.

web photographer Learning to see

Celebrating life, love and beauty,


July 1, 2010 Happy Canada Day!

This morning over breakfast, we discussed what we love about Canada. I love sharing with the girls about the freedom they have here in Canada. Especially as women. They are shocked to hear in some countries of the world they would not be able to wear the clothes or act as they please. As a mother of two girls, today I am thankful for a free country for my girls. Where they can grow up to be who they want to be… in a lot of countries a wish like that for young girls is unfathomable. I shared with them how many countries in Africa stricken with AIDS – many, many children are left without parents. I am thankful for a country where we have medical facilities available for free and medical education taught to all. I shared with them how there are countries where they could not go to church openly – but hide their faith.

Today I am thankful. Thankful for a beautiful country to live in and raise a family. I can not wait to start our cross-Canada family road trip in 20 days!!

Celebrating life, love and Canada,


Since moving to the country last year, we’ve been happy to make some new friends. This weekend was no different – our girls made two brand new friends.

The first friend was on Friday after school. He just showed up while we were playing on the hammock and wanted to play.

IMG 9401 New friends and Surprises

Saturday morning we made the girls let him go from the little cage they made for him.

IMG 9409 1 New friends and Surprises

IMG 9405 1 New friends and Surprises

And then Sunday afternoon Eden came into my office literally jumping up and down adn so excited she coudln’t even speak.

We have had our boy guinea pig Wilbur for a couple years. then last year our friend gave us Grace (yes – Will & Grace – ha ha). She told us Grace was “beyond childbearing years” so we agreed. Every day the girls say “I can’t wait for Grace to have babies” And everyday we tell them it ain’t happening.

Apparently God wanted to play a little joke on us.

Enter our newest Jefferson family member.

IMG 9434 New friends and Surprises

It’s name has changed numerous times – Jack, Speedy, Tiny, Nuzzles, and so on. We’ll make a decision soon. I looked up guinea pig babies online and found out they can have 1-8 babies at a time. Makes me thankful we only got one baby guinea pig!!

IMG 9455 New friends and Surprises

IMG 9437 New friends and Surprises

Celebrating life and love,


June 21, 2010 Summer

Summer makes me happy. The simple things… watermelon…. picnics… longer days… sunshine…

On this first day of summer – enjoy the simple things in life!!

IMG 9409 Summer

IMG 9415 Summer

IMG 9419 Summer

IMG 9412 Summer

Celebrating life and love,


June 9, 2010 Sister's Day

I love traditions.

Last year we started a new tradition.

With lots of hoop-la at school around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… our girls wondered “what about us?” Trying to explain to kids that everyday is about them is a lost cause. My slogan for edison is “Celebrate life and love”…  and we try to do just that. So when the girls asked “what about us?”… we introduced Sister’s Day.

My sister and I, along with my two gals get together and have fun. Last year we went to Niagara Falls overnight. This year, we went to Toronto overnight. I hadn’t realized that my girls had never been downtown Toronto. This was especially thrilling after they have gotten use to living in the country. They were happy to wander around looking at the CN Tower, the big buildings, the strange people and just explore.

Eden and Auntie Marcie walking… getting closer to the CN Tower!

ContactSheet 001 6 Sister's Day

IMG 9707 Sister's Day

The city is so exciting.

IMG 9701 Sister's Day

Followed our ears to a festival… I think it was something like “International Music Festival”… tried searching for it online and can’t find it. Live Caribbean music, people everywhere, the girls were thrilled!

IMG 9714 Sister's Day

And they even had fake grass… I may need to look into this.

IMG 9720 Sister's Day

Introduced the girls to Street Meat

IMG 9729 Sister's Day

And fresh churros…

IMG 9735 Sister's Day

They had this great section of sidewalk that turned into hills, and then a part the kids could slide on. SO ridiculously cool.

IMG 9749 Sister's Day

IMG 9723 Sister's Day

For my dog lovers, these signs made them very happy.

IMG 9761 Sister's Day

Enjoying the view of the harbour….

IMG 9770 Sister's Day

The next day was “Doors Open” in Toronto… so we took advantage and took the girls to Black Creek Pioneer Village… for free! Score! Madi has now decided she would like to do her room in Pioneer style and adores all things Pioneer. Can’t wait to introduce her to Little House on the Prairie… I have the box set of books put aside for our road trip this summer!

IMG 9820 Sister's Day

IMG 9799 Sister's Day

IMG 9787 Sister's Day

This is my favourite image of the weekend. As sisters we love each other… and we drive each other crazy.

IMG 9829 Sister's Day

Celebrating life and love and sisters,