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February 28, 2011 Vacation!!!

Just a quick note to let you know the family and I are on vacation this week – enjoying sunshine and making memories! I will be checking email very periodically… but next week I’m baaaaaaaackkkkkk……..

A couple pictures from our first day or two of sunshine. After such a cold, bitter winter with ridiculous amounts of snow… the sun is a welcome sight!

ContactSheet 002 14 Vacation!!!

IMG 9891 1 Vacation!!!

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February 24, 2011 Just Because

Last week on Valentine’s I blogged about “Where are all the Pictures?” I talked about how Mark and I have had professional family photos done – but none of the two of us. We’ve been married for 14 years and don’t have any professional photos??

People responded that they too were in the same boat. Either they haven’t been photographed together since their wedding, or they’re still dating but would love couple photos or…. there were a lot of reasons but the fact was people seem to be lacking in the photo department of themselves as a couple.

When I have photographed couples “just because” – I hear the comment “this is good for our marriage!” Or “can we do this more often?” I don’t know about you – but it is rare that we take time out as a couple. As a mom, a friend, a volunteer, a career person.. but it’s easy to forget to take time for the one closest to me. When I think about life with Mark now compared to when I was 20 years old and walking down the aisle, we have grown and changed. We have faced heartbreak and joy. We have become completely different people than who we were all those years ago. And it’s this stage I want to document.

So… all this to say… I’m going to offer two days of “just because” shoots for couples. Normally a session might take an hour and half or two hours… these will be limited to 45minutes and all will be shot at my home property. This will be for couples only – hire a babysitter, come spend some time together – and why not make a day of it. Get your hair and makeup done. Go for lunch. I can recommend great little spots in my neck of the woods to visit and explore. Spend a day with the person you’ve committed to spend your life with.

Each day is limited to 8 couples only – so book early! Drop me a line at with the subject line “just because”.

webjustbecause 1 Just Because

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Being Valentine’s Facebook is flooded with profile pictures of people with their loved ones today. So… I went hunting for a photo of Mark and myself. Which brings me to teh question…

Where are all the pictures?

We have family photos done each year… but where are the photos of Mark and myself alone? I can’t function without this man – yet somehow I have managed to not have my photo taken with just him. We have snapshots here and there… but no professional photos that capture “us”. What I feel when I see him. How he makes my heart race. How we like to laugh and tease each other. How much I adore him.

So… this year I’m doing it. This coming December is our 15th wedding anniversary. After 15 years of marriage it’s about time I hire a professional to document this crazy boy I adventure through life with. You can all hold me accountable. I’m thinking in the warmer months… so let’s say by September if I haven’t posted images of a photo shoot of us two you can all call me out on it. Deal?

Likewise… I got thinking I can’t be alone. There has to be others asking “Where are all the pictures?” Maybe you’re dating, married for a year, married for 50 years, or newly in love…. I want to encourage you all to take time to document your love. How you feel. Not only is it great to have the images to cherish – but the experience alone…. Well, when I have photographed couples “just because: they often say “this is so good for our marriage!”. Because we all fall into that routine where the mundane of life eats away at the magic of love… so I’m encouraging you to join in the challenge and find the pictures of you and your loved one this year! If you let me know – I’ll hold you accountable also. icon smile Where are all the pictures? Deal?

*Note – there are no photos with this post because there are none. Boo *

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January 14, 2011 Overlooked

One thing I love about traveling is meeting people. Hearing their stories.

What really struck me was how each and every person is important. The guy who stands at the fruit stand outside for twelve hours a day. The musician in the subway station who is bearing their heart through song as everyone walks on by. The street vendor who is trying to make a living selling to all the people who just whiz on by.

Awhile ago I read a great article by Jon Acuff who reminded me we are all famous. We are all loved.

This visit to New York I may not have photographed any celebrities – but I did photograph some “famous” people. I hope that they realize they are special, unique and important. I hope I remember that each person I meet is famous and deserves a smile, eye contact, a hand shake…

Meet my famous friends.

This is Raman and he stands at his produce stand outside from 7am to 7pm. That’s not including set up and take down.

ContactSheet 002 5 Overlooked

IMG 0120 Overlooked

IMG 0125 Overlooked

This is Ron. He has the biggest smile ever!

ContactSheet 001 10 Overlooked

AContactSheet 001 1 Overlooked</a

Our good friend Lo… he was so camera shy but did manage to get his cold hands as he worked at his hat stand.

IMG 0273 Overlooked

IMG 0270 Overlooked

I had such a hard time pronouncing this friend’s name… he looked so chilly as he stood on the street corner.

IMG 0181 2 1 Overlooked

And so many others!

IMG 0182 Overlooked

IMG 0174 Overlooked

IMG 0302 Overlooked

IMG 0140 Overlooked

ContactSheet 003 6 Overlooked

IMG 0198 Overlooked

IMG 0184 1 Overlooked

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January 12, 2011 Five Guys

I recently posted that on my trip we learned so much not only through the courses we took at the conference but through the people we met and places we visited….. here’s one more instance.

When we went out for supper the last day of the conference, we were just going to go anywhere… but people kept telling us we HAD to try “Five Guys“. We were game… and wow! Not only was it the best burgers ever (with massive, huge, ginormous portions) but I fell in love with their look.

I love, love, love when a company knows who they are – what their colour and look is and carries it consistently through everything. I have often said I wish McDonald’s had kept their restaurants all the yellow and red interiors with the hard plastic chairs. It was consistent and you could go into any McDonald’s and know what to expect. Now you could be met with a classy McDonald’s with leather chairs and fireplace – or one with brown swivel chairs and booths… or I’ve been to one with turquoise interior… So wrong.

As soon as you enter Five Guys you see two things.

White. Red.

Everywhere. I mean – even the toilet paper dispenser and paper towel dispenser in the bathroom! Every detail was red and white and their theme was so consistent. I just loved it! Made me think about how people always joke about my obsessive love of yellow for edison. icon smile Five Guys

IMG 9997 Five Guys

ContactSheet 001a 4 Five Guys

ContactSheet 001d Five Guys

ContactSheet 001b 1 Five Guys

IMG 9995 Five Guys

And a happy story… we were chatting with the staff there (who were so friendly and great!). Found out our server had bought his daughter an SLR camera and we got talking about photography. When we left (giddy and ridiculous and distracted as usual) I had left my camera bag behind! EEKS! As we got in the van he came running out with it for me. I was so happy with his honesty and quick response. Actually, happy doesn’t go far enough. Thank you!!!

IMG 0031 1 Five Guys

Celebrating life and love,


January 11, 2011 Pennywise

I have been away in Mystic, CT at a great photography conference… while there I learned so much about photography and the business… but not just from the speakers. There is so much to learn from life all around – let me introduce Donna and her store Pennywise.

We first stumbled across Pennywise when we went into the town of Mystic to explore. You should have heard the squeals from us girls when we saw the store with great name brand clothes at this consignment store at phenomenal prices. We had so much fun finding clothes for each other, trying stuff on and got some great finds!

But really… what makes a store is the owner. Enter Donna.

Not only does she have a great eye (you should see the stuff in this store!) and built a beautiful store – but she engages with each of her clients. Over my three (yes THREE) visits – you would hear her greeting customers by name. Chatting with each one. We met her cat, Steve and she showed us photos of her horse and dogs. All of her pets are rescue animals. When we left the first time we exchanges twitter info… soon we were chatting on Twitter. So the next day when we had a break we HAD to go back. Why? Yes, the store is great… but Donna felt more like a friend…. and you can’t stand a friend up.

Awesome business lesson. I adore that might clients are not just clients but people I love to connect with. I love, love hearing each of your stories. Learning about you. Donna reminded us that a successful business is not just about business but relationships.

Donna, it was great to get to know you, your staff and Steve!

IMG 9981 3 Pennywise

IMG 9975 Pennywise

IMG 9956 Pennywise

IMG 9955 Pennywise

IMG 9958 Pennywise

IMG 9976 Pennywise

IMG 9952 1 Pennywise

IMG 9950 Pennywise

ContactSheet 001 7 Pennywise

IMG 9943 Pennywise

IMG 9940 Pennywise

IMG 9936 1 Pennywise

IMG 9932 Pennywise

IMG 9926 Pennywise

IMG 9933 Pennywise

IMG 9972 1 Pennywise

Celebrating life and love,


January 3, 2011 Captain

It’s January. The first week of a new year. A time to dream, evaluate and make changes.

I love this time of year. I come into December each year feeling a little drained and enter January with a passion renewed. It’s as if I’m given a chance to start again. And you know what – January 1st is just another day. But New Year’s reminds me to stop and evaluate where I am, who I am, and what changes need to be made. And because January 1st is in fact just another day… and tomorrow is another day… and then there’s another day… I’m reminded that there is nothing magical about New Year’s. Each day is a chance for a fresh start.

As Anne said to Marilla in Anne of Green Gables… “Marilla, isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?

Like so many others, I have thought about “resolutions” for 2011. I know I will break many, make new ones as I go along and forget others…. but I love the pursuit of a life well lived. At church on Sunday the story was told about three frogs on a lily pad. One decided to jump off the lily pad. How many are now on the lily pad?

The obvious answer would appear to be two… but it’s three. The one frog decided to jump off – but until his decision is put into action, nothing has changed.

This coming week I am going to a photography conference in Connecticut with some fellow photographers and friends and then we’re taking time to debrief and to dream for a couple days in New York City on the way home. This is a time for me to set goals. Resolutions. And to dream what 2011 and beyond can look like for me personally and for edison photography. This excites me.

I’ll sign off with a favourite poem… Invictus by William Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Celebrating life and love!


December 23, 2010 Merry Christmas!!

It’s that time. I will be “off” until the New Year now… but wanted to leave you with a Christmas wish!

Each Christmas our family has a little fun coming up with a Christmas card. The real goofiness started in 2007. I was so frustrated trying to get a nice family picture – that I scrapped it and worked with what I did get instead.

This was 2007….

frontcard2 Merry Christmas!!

The next year the kids were no more cooperative for a pretty picture. So we brainstormed as a family. They decided they wanted us all to be Barbies. Okay… we’ll go with it. So we all had our own Barbie box… on the back of each Barbie box was a description of us and what we had done that year.

n612767628 2198436 2721 Merry Christmas!!

Last year we had left the city and moved to the country. So we wanted to play up on our new status as country bumpkins.

FRONT Merry Christmas!!

This year…. well… we had fun.

As I age I realize “masks” we hide behind are pretty useless.. Don’t benefit anyone. So instead we wanted to show our true selves. The front of the card shows us as the perfect Norman Rockwell type family. (aka… the mask is on…) This is the card showing front and the back cover.

front2010 Merry Christmas!!

Then you open it up and you see the real us… bye bye mask!

back2010 Merry Christmas!!

(Huge thank you to Nataschia for putting up with my very specific vision I wanted for these photos!. She did such an awesome job we now have these enlarged and hanging in our kitchen!)

Wishing you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas!


December 6, 2010 True Love

As I mentioned already – today is our anniversary. And I got a really special gift.

I got to photograph true love.

Esther and Jack have been married 40+ years and are the best cuddlers I’ve ever met. The way he cuddles in to Esther, tells her she’s beautiful and sings to her…. beats any Hollywood attempt at romance. It is always such an honour to do a photo shoot like this one where I can go and capture memories while they’re still being created. Esther’s family is hoping and praying she’ll be with them for one more Christmas. Her family – wow. I have never seen anything like them. Everyone holding hands, arms wrapped around each other, loving…. and then when we were leaving I said it looked like they really enjoyed each other. They answered they sure do – and love to sing together to. “Sing??” I asked… that’s all it took. Spontaneously they burst into song, holding hands, harmonies… Esther beaming in the middle of it all. It was an amazing moment.

Jack and Esther – thank you for the gift on my anniversary of an example of true love.

IMG 9128 2 True Love

IMG 9114 True Love

Celebrating life and love,


December 6, 2010 7 year itchy rug

Today’s blog post comes to you in a burst of vulnerable honesty. Debated posting it but… if someone can learn from our errors – why not be a bit vulnerable? Just putting that disclaimer out there to start with.

Seven years ago I was joking with people about the “seven year itch” coming up as Mark and I drew close to our seventh anniversary. I laughed about it, whenever we were apart and someone would say “Where’s Mark?” I’d make some wisecrack about the fact he got the seven year itch…

Sometimes I’m an idiot.

You see… I hadn’t noticed we had a rug problem. Nothing major – no big crazy fights. Just small things, swept under the rug for another day. Another couple of crumbs swept under the rug, oh and then a few more crumbs and then…

One day the rug got pulled out from under me and all those things we had collectively swept there, came flying out and knocked the wind out of me. You see – it’s often not the big crisis that rips a marriage apart. It’s the little things we ignore.

We split. I was suddenly alone with a baby. Darkest few days of my life. Oh – and right during that time came Madi’s first birthday party we had planned and had to both attend with fake smiles on as only a very, very few people knew the story of the rug.

So decisions had to be made. Do we walk away, and let the rug win? Or do we sweep out under the rug, clean house and move on?

Well… I’m guessing you know the answer. Because today we celebrate our second round of seven years. Yep… today we have been married 14 years! We spent some of our savings on counseling, we made changes, and we talked. Most importantly we made a decision to love.

Why do I share this? I go to a lot of weddings obviously… but that is just the beginning of these couple’s journeys. Each day is a choice to love, to forgive, to change, and then love some more. Marriage isn’t always easy – but it is so worth the fight! I just want to encourage you to take time to clean out under your rugs. To make sure the small things don’t grow to become big things. To make a choice to love – even when you don’t want to.

Today I am so thankful for my boy. That cute guy I met at the bus stop 17 years ago. I’m so thankful he chose to ask me to marry him. I’m so thankful he didn’t give up. I’m so thankful he puts up with me daily. I love this guy more today than ever!

Celebrating life, love and my Mark,