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May 2, 2016 Orchard Friends

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile – you’ll know every year we do a photo session in our friend’s orchard with my girls “soul sisters” and one lone “soul brother”. Today was the day! But before I post the photos from today… here’s a look back!

2008… (LINK)

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Caden was too little to keep up with the girls running that year! SO here’s one of the poor guy sitting with them

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2010… (LINK)

IMG 5813 zpsudmehvzx Orchard Friends

2012… (LINK)

IMG 1115 zpswsspbclq Orchard Friends

2013… (LINK)

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2014…. (LINK)

IMG 9465 zps7aho2ibu Orchard Friends

2015… (LINK)

orchard001 zpsui5qd0r9 Orchard Friends

And finally… 2016…

IMG 9403 zpsv8qavcys Orchard Friends

IMG 9421 zps71rqigk3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9432 zpsa2mdgpym Orchard Friends

IMG 9454 zpsh6nqc5t9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9481 zps8wlb0suy Orchard Friends

IMG 9515 zps1cbuqmah Orchard Friends

IMG 9538 zpsdwwl0hmu Orchard Friends

IMG 9542 zpsseg4vmqa Orchard Friends

Caden really, really wanted a “Serious face” photo. He puts up with a lot with all girls – so we humour him!

IMG 9559 2 zpsoslfn8ir Orchard Friends

IMG 9565 zpsy1ndef2x Orchard Friends

IMG 9568 zpsomuku7uy Orchard Friends

IMG 9574 zpsgs1cdehe Orchard Friends

IMG 9581 zps4erqux9i Orchard Friends

IMG 9587 zpspocm3nb1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9593 zps7zppiexh Orchard Friends

IMG 9616 zpshnuvvekp Orchard Friends

IMG 9663 zpsfblpd0xc Orchard Friends

IMG 9649 zps80klmp81 Orchard Friends

IMG 9648 zpsjb52yviw Orchard Friends

IMG 9656 zpspfoxw57b Orchard Friends

IMG 9626 zpsnz540slu Orchard Friends

IMG 9602 zpstwddcwqb Orchard Friends

IMG 9390 zpsqgcphxvv Orchard Friends

And a little of what goes on behind the scenes. It definitely does NOT get easier the older they get. These kids are ridiculous when they’re together. Here’s the “Bloopers”.

IMG 9467 zpsgmhvzwer Orchard Friends

IMG 9396 zpso1kj3vnu Orchard Friends

IMG 9468 zpsrbtcmdi9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9470 zpsvyxrt9va Orchard Friends

IMG 9473 zpsocijgv21 Orchard Friends

IMG 9475 zpsdt8tu8bf Orchard Friends

IMG 9495 zpstspo5nuo Orchard Friends

IMG 9558 zps1ziqcmeo Orchard Friends

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February 16, 2016 Freezing in New York City

For Christmas over the last few years, we try to give the kids a gift of a memory rather than “stuff”. For this year’s Christmas, we said we’d do a weekend in New York City. The girls hadn’t been in a number of years and were eager to visit again. We went this past weekend – you know, the coldest weekend in the history of humanity. I’m still thawing out! The cold changed some plans – there was no way we’d be walking over the Brooklyn Bridge for example – which had been a favourite spot on the last family trip there. The cold did not stop us from having fun and enjoying NYC though!

We love car trips – audio books, reading, good music, dumb games and the likes! NYC is a short drive from our house – 8 hours – but we decided to split it up and drive halfway after work/school on Friday and get there at a decent time on Saturday then.

Our black car after driving down. Yikes!

nyc001 zps29nijmox Freezing in New York City

As we were getting into Manhattan – we realized we had no plan! So we went to Central Park – we always love it there and see something different each time. There was suppose to be an ice sculpture festival there – but it was cancelled because it was too cold! Too cold for ice!

nyc002 zpskbdpyaqy Freezing in New York City

nyc003 zpsxsp1tr3e Freezing in New York City

nyc004 zpsb06zcyxr Freezing in New York City

nyc005 zpsrdnly12a Freezing in New York City

nyc006 zps5wmbaili Freezing in New York City

nyc007 zps0niamhyi Freezing in New York City

I had read about a granite slide at one of the playgrounds in Central Park – and although busy in summer – we were the only ones crazy enough to be there this time of year! We all enjoyed the slide over and over and the small, quaint playground with it’s stone bridge and little oasis in the heart of the city. It also was pretty protected from the bitter wind – another bonus!

nyc010 zpsomobhv2f Freezing in New York City

nyc009 zpsw3nhuapi Freezing in New York City

nyc012 zpsu6ktneqk Freezing in New York City

Another favourite was reading the park bench plaques outside the zoo area. Some were funny – others inspiring. We all loved reading them and imagining what we’d have on our own park bench!

nyc013 zpsp9kthja3 Freezing in New York City

nyc014 zpsf0l0d9sz Freezing in New York City

A bench for book lovers… girls had to sit and enjoy it!!

nyc015 zpszroqxftj Freezing in New York City

We then wandered down 5th avenue and admired the crazy window displays!

One thing that was so sad – last time we were in NYC with the girls we didn’t get around to Fao Schwarz. We said “next time”. Well – it’s closed!! (and so we said we’d take them the next day to Toys R Us at Times Square as we loved it last time – also closed down! What?!?!). We went in the Apple Store to warm up – I think everyone in Manhattan also came in. It’s crowded – but so fun to ride the glass elevator down and see the latest technology!

nyc016 zps7jayrw3h Freezing in New York City

nyc017 zpsjgqvr19q Freezing in New York City

One thing I love about NYC – every corner has some hidden surprise. We turned the corner and found these trees lit up like this – so beautiful!

nyc018 zpscyiezogy Freezing in New York City

We went out to eat at a hole in the wall place recommended for their burgers (great!) and had a rousing game of x’s and o’s. One thing I love about traveling with the girls is it doesn’t take much to entertain them! We made a board out of napkins and pieces out of sugar packets – all set to play!

nyc019 zpsf4ewpcl9 Freezing in New York City

We stayed at an AirBnb on Staten Island – but I’ll write about that tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peek though! It was nice to get to our place at a decent time and have some time to relax and hang out. I’m use to when I travel I go, go, go from dawn until late as I don’t want to miss anything! Traveling with the family forces me to slow down and enjoy time “off” too – which was great!

nyc020 zpsowznno3l Freezing in New York City

The next morning we took the Staten Island ferry over to Manhattan. If you ever go to NYC – can’t recommend this enough. It’s totally free – gives you great views of the city and the statue of liberty – and is just fun! We also love the aquariums in the ferry terminal!

nyc022 zps6jvrirg8 Freezing in New York City

It was a ridiculously cold day – so the river was steaming! Crazy to see!

nyc023 zpsirr8jli6 Freezing in New York City

nyc024 zpsynk0zba0 Freezing in New York City

nyc025 zpsarzmkokr Freezing in New York City

nyc026 zps2su4yxvo Freezing in New York City

The girls have both learned about 9/11 in school since we last visited – and so we really wanted to take time out to remember those who lost their lives. Eden said it was somber while Madi said it was surreal. Agreed with both sentiments! To see all those names – putting a name to a tragedy makes it so much more real than just statistics and numbers of lives lost.

nyc027 zpsijmj50ex Freezing in New York City

nyc029 zpsfr91a9nj Freezing in New York City

ANother day of lots of walking in the frigid cold!

nyc030 zpsrs00xl4e Freezing in New York City

On a side note – it was Fashion Week in NYC while we were there. Which was ironic as it was so cold we could not even think about fashion only how to stay warm! But, one day we came across a building where there were swarms of paparazzi – a model came out and we were able to see first hand the hunt for the photo. It was disturbing and seemed so wrong on so many levels to hunt this poor girl as she exited the building and all down the street. I love People magazine as much as the next – but I think this taste of the paparazzi in real life makes me value photos that an individual has agreed to – rather than the ones they were hunted down for – all the more! Needless to say I have no photos of her even though we walked down the sidewalk with her (and the photographers).


I was excited to hear the Chinese Lunar New Year parade was happening while we were there! So much colour and energy!

nyc031 zpskgxitfyd Freezing in New York City

nyc033 zpsef4ndk63 Freezing in New York City

nyc034 zpsujoen0pn Freezing in New York City

nyc035 zpsn1jl4vcw Freezing in New York City

nyc036 zpsh2ow0nks Freezing in New York City

And then it was down to the subway – nice break from the cold! And fun for the kids who rarely get to ride one!

nyc037 zpskfgcgbc3 Freezing in New York City

We took some time to enjoy Grand Central Station – including the Whispering Gallery I’d read about. In this noisy bustling corridor – you can speak into one corner – and it comes out clearly as a whisper across on the other side! It was so noisy around us so wasn’t sure it would work – but it did! There’s no signs – just go outside the Oyster Bar and give it a try!

nyc039 zpsdjvgdulm Freezing in New York City

nyc040 zpsgkdkrkil Freezing in New York City

Eden loves astronomy – and so loved the ceiling. Did you know it’s actually backwards? Theirs conflicting theories on if that was intentional or not!

nyc041 zpsnjfdfmy6 Freezing in New York City

We then took our book lovers to the beautiful New York Public Library. It’s gorgeous, amazing – a beautiful (FREE!) place to explore… but we did not see one book! The girls were very confused by that! Lots of places to study and a beautiful art gallery (the exhibit this time was of female print makers) but no books perhaps because the main reading room is closed for repairs.

nyc042 zps1fbngz7i Freezing in New York City

nyc043 zpsfljzu1oh Freezing in New York City

nyc044 zps3mgoyf9c Freezing in New York City

nyc045 zpstkhlq0t9 Freezing in New York City

nyc046 zpsbeha9ghz Freezing in New York City

In between all our stops, we popped into stores and quaint shops to warm up. It sure was cold! And we ended the day with freezing at Times Square!

nyc047 zpsagaudg9g Freezing in New York City

It was then back on the ferry to Staten Island!

nyc048 zpsxwpmmoul Freezing in New York City

nyc050 zpshkywgbor Freezing in New York City

Good night Lady Liberty!

nyc049 zpshejmw0kr Freezing in New York City

And into warm PJ’s, cup of hot chocolate and a good book to end the day!

nyc051 zpsztc11eji Freezing in New York City

And I’ll end with a goofy video of Eden entertaining us while we grocery shopped for supper that night. icon smile Freezing in New York City A great weekend getaway!

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January 15, 2014 Golden: Intro

I’ve been kicking around a personal photo project that I’d like to do for years now. I started photographing for it a year and a half ago – but didn’t want to share until I had everything done and had photographed enough people and… and… and….

Well, a new year means new beginnings. And one thing I’m working on this year is DOING rather than just talking about doing. So folks, let me introduce you to my GOLDEN project. I’m so excited to share it with you.

A bit of an intro…

I remember a night a few years ago so vividly. I was coming home late at night from photographing a wedding. I had witnessed the couple so in love vow their forevers to each other. They held hands. They laughed. They cried tears of joy. They looked with starry eyes as they walked out of the ceremony only seeing their happily ever after. I was still smiling as I drove home.

(Now – I need to add a disclaimer here. I’m a bit of a nerd. Instead of music, I always listen to talk radio in my car. Either 680 news or 1010 talk. Please don’t judge. Anyhow, I digress.)

On this particular summer evening, I turned on the news and listened to the horrifying statistics of divorce. Of marriages that did not end in happily ever after.

The contrast of the beauty of that day’s wedding, and the cold hard facts was like a slap across my face. I may have even gasped out loud from the sting of the hit.

I’ve been married 17 years and I’ll be the first to admit it’s not always easy. I adore my husband and am baffled he sticks with me… but sometimes it is in fact work and not roses, unicorns and rainbows.

My mind drifted to my grandparents and parents generations. All the people I know and have met who have been married 40, 50, 60+ years. I wondered what they knew that I don’t. That the couple who had just promised forever to each other might not yet know.

And so it began.

The GOLDEN project was born.

I started to document couples married fifty years or more and just hear their stories. Watch them interact. Soak in their wisdom. One thingI’ve noticed – pretty much all of them don’t think they have the answers and think they’ve still got lots to learn. Lifelong learners of love. I like that.

So, over the next while I will begin to share these stories and images with you in hopes that someday it’ll be your GOLDEN story being documented. To find these stories check back under the category “GOLDEN” on the blog… bring some tissues and an open heart too.

I’m just preparing to share my first couple later this week. Warning – you will adore them.

IMG 2257 zpsb5698c27 Golden: Intro

Celebrating life and love,