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August 14, 2012 Meera: July

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June and her story in her mom’s words.)

July 28.

What a special day. It was the day of Meera’s “Chemo’s done” party. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, it was that this tiny warrior princess had finished her aggressive chemo treatments. Her hair is starting to grow back in. Her appetite is returning. She’s running and playing with friends instead of dancing with IV poles.

As soon as I heard of the party – I knew I had to go and celebrate too! When I got there I found Meera with a new friend. Cinderella. icon smile Meera: July

There have been a few online auctions to help Meera’s family with the costs they’ve had to face due to this journey thru cancer… at one online auction someone had donated a princess who comes to your party. The recipient of this prize, turned around and donated it back to Meera. So generous – and the perfect gift for this princess.

meeral002 Meera: July

meeral001 Meera: July

meeral003 Meera: July

meeral004 Meera: July

meeral005 Meera: July

Meera’s family did such a great job with the party – so much for the kids to do. Everyone had so much fun!

meeral006 Meera: July

meeral008 Meera: July

meeral009 Meera: July

meeral010 Meera: July

meeral007 Meera: July

meeral011 Meera: July

meeral012 Meera: July

meeral013 Meera: July

It was really fun for me to meet in person so many people who I have “met” online who are such a part of Meera’s life. Always nice to meet face to face!

meeral014 Meera: July

meeral015 Meera: July

meeral020 Meera: July

IMG 0348 Meera: July

IMG 0226 Meera: July

meeral021 Meera: July

IMG 0274 Meera: July

I had posted this image on my Facebook page (link) earlier as it’s such a special image for me. I met these two girls back in December at the Ronald McDonald House. Meera was in the midst of her chemo treatments, and Rebekah was waiting for a new heart. These two – a teenager from the east coast and a toddler from the GTA – would normally have nothing in common. But they both knew what it meant to fight for their lives. Literally. I’m so happy that now Meera has finished her chemo, and Rebekah has received her new heart and after almost a year she is heading back home. I love this two girls strength. I may just print this for my desk for when I need inspiration.

IMG 0206 2 Meera: July

And a few more of the girls together.

meeral019 Meera: July

meeral018 Meera: July

meeral017 Meera: July

meeral016 Meera: July

And of course – what is a party without CAKE?!

IMG 0419 Meera: July

meeral022 Meera: July

meeral023 Meera: July

IMG 0488 Meera: July

And I’ll sign off with these two images – one of Meera’s Grandpa’s new tattoo, and one of her Grandma’s vehicle. “I believe in MEERAcles!”

IMG 0131 Meera: July

Celebrating life and love,


July 30, 2012 Beautiful Girls

Saturday was a big day – it was Meera’s “Chemo is done” party! I’ll share more soon – but wanted to share one image for now.

This photo is very special to me… I met Rebekah and Meera back in December. They both became good friends during their time at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto. Since then Rebekah has received a new heart and Meera has completed chemo. A teenager and a toddler, one from Ontario and the other from the East Coast… on first glance they have nothing in common. But these two warriors have more in common and a tighter bond than many. They know what it means to fight for your life. Love their friendship.

Two beautiful, strong girls I’m honoured to know.

IMG 0206 Beautiful Girls

Celebrating life and love,


June 2, 2012 Meera – May

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April and her story in her mom’s words.)

It was so fun to catch up with Meera and her family this month at their home on a beautiful Spring day! Meera’s dad, Roy, has worked really hard at making their backyard into a bit of an oasis for his girls. There are berries growing, fruit trees, a swing, a greta new deck… he’s done an awesome job! And you can tell the girls love to be back there. It’s always fun to see Meera outside the hospital, simply enjoying life as a two year old little girl.

IMG 8341 Meera   May

IMG 8355 Meera   May

Notice MEera’s nails are painted – not just in this post, but in every single visit. She could not understand why my nails weren’t painted and kept asking me why. Think I better paint them before my next visit!

IMG 9226 Meera   May

IMG 9102 Meera   May

IMG 9117 Meera   May

IMG 8441 Meera   May

IMG 8460 Meera   May

IMG 9155 Meera   May

IMG 9153 Meera   May

IMG 9133 Meera   May

Isn’t this toy castle phenomenal? Yes, I did climb in.

IMG 9188 Meera   May

IMG 9201 Meera   May

Laura’s hair looks so fun after she shaved it for Meera a couple months ago. Love the red!

IMG 9208 Meera   May

IMG 9213 Meera   May

IMG 8468 Meera   May

IMG 9328 Meera   May

IMG 9183 Meera   May

Daddy’s helper.

IMG 8377 Meera   May

IMG 8378 Meera   May

IMG 9286 Meera   May

Somehow, I think this is all the reward Roy needs for all his hard work. Meera cuddles.

IMG 9144 Meera   May

And let’s not forget little Ameena.

IMG 8401 2 Meera   May

IMG 8413 Meera   May

Ameena is the most laid back, easy going kid.

IMG 9095 Meera   May

IMG 9128 Meera   May

IMG 8500 2 Meera   May

IMG 9305 Meera   May

And I’ll sign off with my favourite image. I just think Meera looks so happy in her daddy’s arms with her baby sister.

IMG 8396 Meera   May

May’s visit was also fun because my girls got to meet Meera for the first time! They just kept saying afterwards “She’s so cute…. like really, really cute… I just love her….” Here’s an iphone picture of them with her (LINK).

Stay tuned for more of Meera as Monday is her last chemo treatment! Can’t wait!

Celebrating life and love,


May 2, 2012 Meera – April

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, and her story in her mom’s words.)

There are times I can forget Meera has the big “c” word. I know that seems silly as I visit her monthly in the hospitals and see her unwell. But, I also see her laugh and play and be a typical two year old. For some reason this week it hit me how this wee little munchkin is fighting this battle for her life. Meera’s last MRI came back great, her chemo finishes in just over a month – and things are looking great… but the fact that this little Miss has had to fight this war can make my heart ache. Yesterday her mom shared how a 16year old friend with the same cancer as Meera passed away this week. 16years old. I hope and pray that in my lifetime we see a cure to cancer. Today I’m wearing my “cancer sucks” shirt we had made up when my dad went through his cancer scare. I am also stepping out to enjoy and savour this day – and every day – because I can. I’m sure that 16 year old, and countless others, would have given anything to enjoy one more day. May I not take this day, this breath, this moment for granted.

Sigh. Big breath.

Okay – so on Monday I went to join Meera for her last small chemo treatment. In June Meera has her last big chemo treatment. In July we party. icon smile Meera   April

When I got there Meera didn’t look overly thrilled to be there.

IMG 3290 Meera   April

I have loved getting to know Meera – I love kids so much. She is getting more and more comfortable with me, and I was able to take her down to the Teddy Bear Sanctuary on her ward and spend some time one on one hanging out with her.

IMG 3293 Meera   April

IMG 3321 Meera   April

IMG 3296 Meera   April

IMG 3299 Meera   April

There are so many great volunteers – one elderly lady volunteer, brought Meera in a stuffed bear and some colouring. She told me that they buy the bears, and then make the little sweaters and outfits for them. So sweet! I LOVE seeing how people use whatever gifts they have to bring cheer and hope.

IMG 3317 Meera   April

IMG 3314 Meera   April

IMG 3312 1 Meera   April

We headed back to the oncology room – such a fun place for kids! – to wait. So much to do and play with!

IMG 3368 Meera   April

IMG 3349 Meera   April

IMG 3338 Meera   April

IMG 3375 Meera   April

IMG 3577 Meera   April

IMG 3356 Meera   April

And let’s not forget sleeping beauty… Meera’s wee sister slept most of the time. But I did manage to get some snuggles in first. icon smile Meera   April

IMG 3557 Meera   April

IMG 3439 Meera   April

And then it was show time. First they had to access her port, take some bood samples, etc. Poor Meera. What kid wants to lay down and let people poke and prod at them? I can’t even get my kids to let me brush their hair! She looked so sad… and when she started to reach for me and yell “hold hand” for me to hold her hand, I wished I could have. I am always amazed at how strong and loving Roy and Laura are with her.

IMG 3380 Meera   April

IMG 3397 Meera   April

IMG 3400 Meera   April

IMG 3415 Meera   April

IMG 3408 Meera   April

And then within seconds of having it done, she sits up, wipes her tears and in her cheery little voice starts playing again. Love. This. Kid.

IMG 3394 Meera   April

I love how hospitals and nurses make things fun for kids. Meera walked with the nurse to send her blood “to the moon” (aka – the vacuum system that sends it to the lab!).

IMG 3432 Meera   April

IMG 3435 Meera   April

Then once the blood report came back, we could proceed with the chemo.

IMG 3507 Meera   April

And more waiting….

IMG 3498 Meera   April

The nurse brought in a whoopee cushion – hilarious! Meera’s face whenever someone sat on it was priceless!

IMG 3526 Meera   April

Meera has all the staff charmed as she wanders the halls and explores.

IMG 3427 Meera   April

IMG 3532 Meera   April

IMG 3544 Meera   April

Laura has an ability to make everything fun for Meera.

IMG 3464 Meera   April

IMG 3556 Meera   April

IMG 3482 Meera   April

IMG 3483 Meera   April

When I left Meera was doing okay…

IMG 3569 Meera   April

Shortly afterwards though her fever spiked, her hemoglobin dropped and she needed red blood, her nose started ripping blood again, her blood platelets dropped too… and so back to the hospital goes the family. Such an exhausting, emotional roller coaster.

Please keep this family of four in your thoughts and prayers. And above all remember to….

celebrate life and love!


I am loving my time with Miss Meera each month and her family. They are such an amazing team! If you’ve been following the blog you will have met Meera back in December (, in January we visited her at her local hospital (link) and in February at her home (link). You can read her story through her mom’s words HERE.

This month, I met up with them at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto as she was to have her “big chemo” that day. She has chemo treatments regularly and then a “big” one about once a month. Now – I have to stop for a minute and talk about Sick Kids. Every time I go, I am amazed by this place, the staff, volunteers, kindness, love… and so thankful we live so close! I have met kids from China, England, the Caribbean, Nunuvat, Nova Scotia, and more as they come from all over the world to this top notch hospital. I too often take it for granted. Melissa – an awesome child life specialist – shared with me this story about Sick Kids (I apologize if I get some facts a bit off… going from memory!). They had a special board of directors at the hospital made up of kids, and asked them what they wanted the hospital to look like. They answered “a shopping mall!”. So, the man who designed the Eaton’s Centre designed Sick Kids. And it is beautiful! But it’s not just the beauty of the building – it’s the people. As you will see below – you bump into awesome people around every corner. Volunteers there just to play with kids. Nurses who are beyond amazing (and I’m fortunate to know a few and they are incredible people). It’s really amazing.

But back to Miss Meera.

When I met up with them we first had some good news! They just had the results from the previous week’s MRI that everything is looking good! Yay!

Then we began the wait for her to get hooked up for hydration and her chemo. As we waited, Meera spotted a new friend…. a clown! I believe the woman is a child life specialist, but what I know for certain – is she was amazing with the kids. She entertained them with bubbles, danced with them, gave them stickers, and had them laughing and forgetting – even for a few minutes – where they were and why.

IMG 0373 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0427 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0419 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0410 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0396 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0413 Miss Meera   March

Okay – I have to stop and mention the shoes! They were those sweet ones that have squeakers in them and make a noise when you walk. Let’s just say Meera was bringing a smile to everyone’s face as she squeaked along.

IMG 0394 Miss Meera   March

We then wandered over to one of the play room’s to wait. So much fun for her!

IMG 0428 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0439 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0437 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0464 Miss Meera   March

And let’s not forget little Ameena. This girl gets cuter each month. And seriously could not ask for a better baby to spend hours and days up at the hospital, and simply smile and coo and charm everyone within a mile radius.

IMG 0466 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0462 Miss Meera   March

Finally it’s time! They have a room for Meera!

IMG 0481 1 Miss Meera   March

First, more tests. You know… I can not even imagine being poked and prodded so much. I think I’d react the same. Meera was just sick of it all.

IMG 0545 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0544 Miss Meera   March

Fortunately moms and dads are awesome comforters.

IMG 0577 2 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0498a Miss Meera   March

IMG 0486 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0508 Miss Meera   March

But then, in a blink of an eye, a nurse asks if they can take her weight and all is forgotten and she cheerfully says “yep!” and all goes honky dory from there. She’s an amazing trooper.

IMG 0590 1 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0568 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0551 Miss Meera   March

Meera has been through this so much – she likes to help out too. SHe knows just what to do – either for herself, or for checking out her favourite toy… her baby sister.

IMG 0599 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0530 Miss Meera   March

Love how Meera is checking out Ameena, and Ameena is checking out the nurse’s badge.

IMG 0581 Miss Meera   March

Oh Ameena… let’s just stop and love on her for a minute. These two sisters are awesome!

IMG 0515 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0519 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0611 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0614 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0620 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0621 1 Miss Meera   March

Such an amazing family – and such an honour to document them all. I’ll leave you with a family snapshot – can’t believe how much Roy & LAura’s hair has grown since they shaved it last month!

IMG 0645 1 Miss Meera   March

Celebrating life and love,


February 21, 2012 Meera – February

Note: If you are new to my blog, I am photographing the beautiful Miss Meera once a month this year to document her journey through cancer. You can read about her story in her mom’s words HERE, and view my first time meeting here HERE and last month’s entry HERE.

After last month’s heart wrenching images of Meera in the hospital – we decided to show her in a happier setting. At home with her family. I travelled up to their home and just hung out with Meera for a little while before pulling out my camera. Here she is sitting between my legs playing on my iPhone. Typical kid loving electronics!

0001 IMG 0439 Meera   February

Meera showed me all her treasures in her room – such a girly girl!

0014 IMG 0476 Meera   February

0006 IMG 0458 Meera   February

0008 IMG 0461 Meera   February

0002 IMG 0442 Meera   February

Love how her dad had cut all of Barbie’s hair off to match Meera. So sweet.

0058 IMG 0628 Meera   February

Meera has a doll that has wigs – and the wigs fit Meera. So fun!

0051 IMG 0600 Meera   February

0056 IMG 0618 Meera   February

And let’s not forget her little sister Ameena! She woke up in all her cuteness… and those legs! Love them!

0010 IMG 0465 Meera   February

0011 IMG 0467 Meera   February

Meera’s own personal doll!

0016 IMG 0489 Meera   February

Meera coloring with her family…

0024 IMG 0507 Meera   February

0026 IMG 0520 Meera   February

0029 IMG 0527 Meera   February

Getting Meera to eat is a constant struggle – trying lots of different food to find something she’ll eat!

0035 IMG 0548 Meera   February

0038 IMG 0556 Meera   February

0042 IMG 0571 Meera   February

Like any two year old – your little sister sometimes drives you nuts….

0033 IMG 0545 Meera   February

And Meera loves to watch movies!

0031 IMG 0541 Meera   February

0043 IMG 0573 Meera   February

0050 IMG 0595 Meera   February

But movie time is interrupted by meds time – boo.

0045 IMG 0581 Meera   February

0046 IMG 0582 Meera   February

Meera soon fell asleep while watching her movie though. So sweet.

0053 IMG 0607 Meera   February

0055 IMG 0613 Meera   February

0032 IMG 0542 Meera   February

Ameena fell asleep too!

0064 IMG 0658 Meera   February

0060 IMG 0641 Meera   February

And then my favourite part.

Meera’s mom and dad shaved each other’s heads to show their support for Meera. As Laura said to me “It’s a late Valentine’s gift for Meera. Some people give chocolates or flowers to say ‘I love you’. We’re shaving our heads to say it.”

0072 IMG 0684 Meera   February

0080 IMG 0707 Meera   February

0085 IMG 0711 Meera   February

0090 IMG 0720 Meera   February

0091 IMG 0721 Meera   February

0097 IMG 0729 Meera   February

0095 IMG 0726 Meera   February

0098 IMG 0731 Meera   February

0101 IMG 0737 Meera   February

0104 IMG 0742 Meera   February

0115 IMG 0780 Meera   February

0118 IMG 0787 Meera   February

0109 IMG 0760 Meera   February

0122 IMG 0789 Meera   February

0120 IMG 0788 Meera   February

And the best gift they can give Meera… love and support.

0124 IMG 0799 Meera   February

0125 IMG 0800 Meera   February

0126 IMG 0801 Meera   February

0127 IMG 0803 Meera   February

Laura’s purple heart tattoo on her neck is one Meera drew.

0128 IMG 0805 Meera   February

Checking out the new do!

0133 IMG 0820 Meera   February

0132 IMG 0819 Meera   February

And when I left this is what I saw. Love this little one.

0070 IMG 0676 Meera   February

0069 IMG 0675 Meera   February

Laura said when Meera woke up and saw their shaved heads she was so excited and just kept saying “Thank you!!!”

If you would like to support Meera and her family – check out this online auction to suport them!

Celebrating life and love,


January 21, 2012 Meera-January 2

I just had an email from Laura (Meera’s mom)… she had wanted to share Meera’s story in the comments and answer some of your questions, but it got too long so I said I would blog it instead. HEre is a bit about Meera from Laura. And if you have missed our Meera posts – you can view them here and here.

Hello, and thank you. Thank you so much Krista for choosing us to document for your personal project, I am honored that we stuck out to you, in an unfortunate amount of children and families that are sadly experiencing a very similar new and different lifestyle. And thank you to those who are sending prayers and positive energy our way. It means the world to us.

I’ll try my best to have a condensed version of Miss Meeras journey so far to bring everyone up to speed on Meera and her condition. I can simply start with, in July, life was normal. And in August everything changed forever.

We noticed a lump that grew rapidly under her nose, which made her look like little Cindy Lou who from whoville and through a slew of tests from non to very invasive (xrays, ultrasounds, MRI, CATscan, biopsies, bone marrow aspirates, Bone and PET scan, and and ECHO test) we received the devastating news she in fact had a rare aggressive malignant tumor called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. She had to have a ‘port’ inserted immediately in order to administer her Chemotherapy and sedatives for her radiations. She also had to have a gtube (an internal feeding tube) as they strongly believed she would receive mouth sores from the chemo and radiation and might not eat which means healing would be more difficult. (proper nutrition is an important factor in healing-and they were very right about the loss of appetite) Meera has already completed her 28 days of radiation, one of those days was her second birthday, on Halloween. It’s an awful feeling knowing you are doing your best to be a good parent and trying to fix something she doesnt even know is a problem and part of her fixing includes putting her through procedures that cause her such a great deal of pain and sickness.

‘Rads’ were brutal. Her face was so badly burned from it she looked more like a burn victim then a cancer patient towards the end. And the after effects lasted much longer after they were completed as that’s how they worked. So many nights, and mornings were spent cleaning up after she was sick.

The chemo protocol is a 43 week treatment plan that started Sept 7th. The Dr’s decided that it was far too invasive for surgery to remove the tumor and to see how things went with chemo and radiation. They also didn’t want to give us any percentages in terms of prognosis as there’s always that chance of something happening. But they do seem quite content with how quickly the tumor had taken to the treatment even in the first few weeks. The problem with this specific type of cancer is it has a nasty tendency to spread to other places (metastasize) and fast, but fortunately it was only where we saw it, which means we really did the set we could in terms of getting her taken care if right away.

We had to stay at the Ronald McDonald house (which we are eternally grateful for) as Meeras radiations were to be everyday, as well as the post radiation evaluations. Her chemo was also modified while undergoing ‘rads’ as one of the drugs were not compatible, which means her hair already started to grow back. Her hair began falling out exactly one week after her baby sister was born, Sat Sept 24th, and by Tuesday the 27th, she was bald. And now the ‘rads’ are over she is back on the heavy duty drugs and will be loosing her sweet peach fuzz, and I again will shave my head so she does not have to endure the looks alone. She is not in this fight alone.

My apologies if I jump all over the place, and for a lengthy post, but it certainly is quite a fair bit of information to try and squeeze in. Again I do want to thank everyone on following us on our journey through Meeras battle, and Krista for being there with her amazing photography skills and perception. As difficult as some images can look, I feel as if there are far more emotions involved such as strength and beauty. Meera has given me a gift I could never imagined I had, and cherish every single moment we have together, to be honest I always have embraced every moment, good or bad. And I always will. I look forward to sharing more each month, sometimes we do have a chance to be a normal family and have fun with the simpler things in life.

And because you always need a photo… I love this one of Meera with her pink nails, princess dolls… and IV tubes.

0001 IMG 9414 Meera January 2

Celebrating life and love,


January 20, 2012 Meera – January

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I will be photographing Meera and her family each month as a personal assignment… documenting their journey through cancer.

A lot of people have asked me “why?” I am doing this assignment. It is something I have wanted to do for years – so many of us are touched by cancer. Too many of us. But not all of us know what a day in the life of someone actually going through it looks like. What the reality of the big “C” word in your life can mean.

When I met Meera and her mom, Laura I just knew they were a fit. Laura is so open to talk about their journey and Meera is just so stinking cute! And as I met with them this week, I was reassured this was the right choice – I love this family already.

The night before I Was to photograph Meera in her home, I got a text from Laura. Meera had been admitted to the hospital – after her chemo that day her blood platelets were quite low and she needed to stay in the hospital. SHe asked if I wanted to reschedule. No way! This is life for them. One thing I really appreciate about Laura, is she explains everything to me and is so informative. And she is so positive through it all. I heard her say a few times “this is our life now.” Just a fact.

I wanted to quickly share a bit of their story as it is so unbelievable to me. I may have a couple dates wrong – going from memory – so Laura, please correct me.

August 21 – Laura is 8 months pregnant with her second child and turns 26!
August 24 – Meera is diagnosed with cancer
September 17 – Roy and Laura’s second daughter Ameena (meaning “faith”) is born (3 weeks after Meera’s diagnosis!)

Laura calmly told me how she asked to be induced, as she was needing to go around Meera’s chemo schedule as well. She had her baby, then stayed in the hospital a couple days until it was Meera’s chemo day in the same hospital so that she could be there with her.

I am a mom of two daughters almost the same age. Remembering to brush my teeth was a challenge in the early days. I am absolutely in awe of Roy and Laura’s strength and great attitude. Love their little “Meera-cle”.

Without further ado – here’s a glimpse into January with Meera.

When I got there, Meera was at an ex-ray so I caught Laura having some cuddle time with Ameena. They were in a private room, but that still meant that overnight the sleeping arrangements were less than ideal – Meera got the bed, Laura got the pull out chair and Ameena got the stroller.

0003 IMG 9409 Meera   January

0004 IMG 9410 Meera   January

Grandma was there too – and they’re doing such a great job making sure Ameena gets attention too!

0009 IMG 9418 Meera   January

Meera came back from her ex-rays and didn’t want to get out of her stroller. She sat and watched Dora with her Princess dolls!

0007 IMG 9413 Meera   January

0006 IMG 9412 Meera   January

0049 IMG 9501 Meera   January

0043 IMG 9491 Meera   January

0029 IMG 9465 Meera   January

A nurse came in to check her blood platelets. It was so sad – and I debated posting these.. but this is reality. I loved watching Laura comfort her though.

0012 IMG 9430 Edit Meera   January

0014 IMG 9432 Meera   January

0015 IMG 9439 Meera   January

0018 IMG 9445 Meera   January

I should mention – Laura buzzed her hair off when Meera started to lose hers. What an awesome act of love.

0011 IMG 9428 Meera   January

Meera doesn’t always eat – so she has a “button” she had surgically put in where she can be given medication or tube fed. This particular day they could not get her to eat or drink – so it may mean she gets “fed” later by tube.

0039 IMG 9481 Meera   January

0037 IMG 9477 Meera   January

Daddy trying to get Meera to eat…

0031 IMG 9467 Meera   January

And all the while, happy go lucky Ameena is chilling out.

0026 IMG 9458 Meera   January

0072 IMG 9548 Meera   January

0055 IMG 9507 Meera   January

Those legs!! Love her.

0060 IMG 9524 Meera   January

Laura giving Meera some of her medication – Meera thought it was water in there and squirted it in her mouth… she wasn’t too happy to find meds! Love how she pretended to give her princess dolls meds too!

0047 IMG 9500 Meera   January

0053 IMG 9505 Meera   January

The main thing I saw though was love, love and more love.

0101 IMG 9621 Meera   January

0103 IMG 9626 Meera   January

0079 IMG 9561 Meera   January

0075 IMG 9552 Meera   January

0045 IMG 9497 Meera   January

Beautiful, beautiful Meera.

0035 IMG 9473 Meera   January

Celebrating life and love,


December 31, 2011 Miss Meera

I love New Year’s… a time to reflect, dream and anticipate change. I like to do personal projects with my photography to keep me snapping for the love of it. I haven’t done a formal project – but I have wanted to do a personal project like this one I’m starting for awhile – but had to meet the right person. When I met Meera – I knew.

You may remember me blogging recently about photographing at the Ronald McDonald House. While there, I met beautiful two year old Meera and her wonderful mom, Laura. Less than a month before Meera’s little sister, Ameena, was born – Meera was diagnosed with cancer. Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma more specifically – a form of cancer that effects only a few hundred in the United States each year. I can’t even imagine what Laura was going through with having to deliver a baby, and dealing with the shocking news of her firstborn. August 29, 2011 – Meera was diagnosed. Sept. 17, 2011 – Ameena was born. As a mom of two little girls myself (and about the same age difference)… this just hit home to me.

Through social media Laura and I have been chatting… and starting in January, I will be photographing Miss Meera once a month for a year. Not the “smile-and-sit-still” portraits – but images that show her journey. What a day in the life of Meera looks like. Good and bad.

I am excited to see where this year will take Meera and her family. Their slogan has been “I believe in MEERA-cles.” Hoping you will all believe alongside us as I share each month about little Miss Meera.

Some friends of Laura’s have started fundraising through online sales of great baby products to help offset the costs of medication and travel, etc. Check them out here (and read in more detail some of Meera’s story). I love their “Spit on Cancer” bibs! Reminds me of the “Cancer Sucks” shirts we made up when my dad went through cancer!

But for now… let me introduce you to Meera. And I invite you to journey alongside us this year as we believe in Meera-cles and update you each month. Warning – you will fall in love with her. She’s so infectious with her smile and charm.

MEERA2011 015 Miss Meera

MEERA2011 023 Miss Meera

MEERA2011 024 Miss Meera

Celebrating life and love,


December 29, 2011 Ronald McDonald House

As I mentioned in my last post, I love going to the Ronald McDonald House to photograph. Being a part of the Smiling Eyes team means we have the fortune of going to photograph at the RMH – a different photographer each month. I always try to request December. December is such a busy month and it is so easy to get caught up in shopping, eating and socializing… it’s good to sit back and really count our blessings and realize how good we have it with health, family and sleeping in our own home. For those without those luxuries, I am so grateful their is such an amazing place like the Ronald McDonald House. This time I Got to photograph at the brand new location that had only been open about 3 weeks. What a gorgeous place! So nice for families to have an apartment, room to be on their own, and an amazing support network!

HEre are a few of the amazing people I got to meet this year….

MEERA2011 015 Ronald McDonald House

MEERA2011 023 Ronald McDonald House

0003 IMG 6717 Ronald McDonald House

0020 IMG 6820 Ronald McDonald House

0018 IMG 6816 Ronald McDonald House

0002 IMG 6536 Ronald McDonald House

0010 IMG 6555 Ronald McDonald House

JORIAN2011 014 Ronald McDonald House

JORIAN2011 018 Ronald McDonald House

JORIAN2011 025 Ronald McDonald House

NOAH2011 008 Ronald McDonald House

NOAH2011 016 Ronald McDonald House

0004 IMG 6836 Ronald McDonald House

REBECCA2011 033 Ronald McDonald House

REBECCA2011 021 Ronald McDonald House

REBECCA2011 002 Ronald McDonald House

MEERA2011 024 Ronald McDonald House

Celebrating life and love,


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