July 11, 2014 Baby Sloane

It is always so fun to follow clients through their milestones of life… A few years ago I was able to document Richard and Patricia’s engagement and wedding.. and now it was time to meet their first family member! Their 11 day old daughter Sloane was so sweet and was just perfect for our time together at their home.

Sloane163 zpsf625c449 Baby Sloane

Sloane164 zps0422d1d4 Baby Sloane

Sloane165 zpsa0f0de93 Baby Sloane

Sloane166 zpsa24b371b Baby Sloane

Sloane167 zps48fe96c8 Baby Sloane

Sloane168 zpsf2c0091d Baby Sloane

Sloane169 zps190c1a5c Baby Sloane

Sloane170 zps5fe1b95e Baby Sloane

Sloane171 zpsd7cecf4e Baby Sloane

Sloane172 zps8bc91000 Baby Sloane

Sloane173 zpsa9d63225 Baby Sloane

Sloane174 zps14a74dad Baby Sloane

Sloane175 zps280c3260 Baby Sloane

Sloane176 zps2bd1d775 Baby Sloane

Sloane177 zps24c3d21a Baby Sloane

Sloane178 zpsc0293147 Baby Sloane

Sloane179 zps01af94a0 Baby Sloane

Sloane180 zps0043f877 Baby Sloane

Sloane181 zpsd90d3c21 Baby Sloane

Sloane182 zpsf0f235f2 Baby Sloane

Sloane183 zps8000338d Baby Sloane

Sloane184 zpse1907025 Baby Sloane

Sloane185 zpsdbd759f1 Baby Sloane

Sloane186 zps389e1dd2 Baby Sloane

Sloane187 zps11d961f1 Baby Sloane

Celebrating life and love,


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July 6, 2014 Nick & Alyssa

Nick and Alyssa are both new to Hamilton. They didn’t have a family church they wanted to be married in. Didn’t want the risk of bad weather with planning an outdoor ceremony in September. And so they were stumped as to where to get married.

Then they realized they shared a love for movies – their first date was at the movies even! They approached SilverCity – the idea was new to them, but they were willing to give it a go! This September this real life love story will be happening at the theatre! But for now – we enjoyed their engagement session as well! We played in the empty theatre – before following the setting sun for a few outdoor images as well.

This couple is so fun – can’t wait for their September wedding!

edison Movies075 zps501f8c6c Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies076 zps8ede18c6 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies025 zps43703803 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies037 zpsbf7c78a6 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies028 zps1342e2fe Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies031 zpscab4c0cd Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies032 zps9c8968da Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies033 zps4af3135e Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies035 zps7b7a7252 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies011 zps2d0886d9 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies001 zps7c53c116 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies004 zpse82c5e17 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies005 zps328c5c2d Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies006 zps5a593eff Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies007 zpsfa794828 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies009 zpsfd553b32 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies012 zps80eda58a Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies016 zpsf0f2e331 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies018 zps6105b300 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies024 zps389a5df0 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies019 zpsc0eaabb3 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies038 zpsb131d585 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies040 zpsc47acc05 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies044 zps4aeb0442 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies046 zps819feb29 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies048 zpsaf4958f3 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies047 zps1d924d18 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies049 zpse7019247 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies050 zps9edb2b4d Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies055 zps6125df48 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies052 zps8ce1ea96 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies053 zpsd090d450 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies057 zps53b045e9 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies060 zps056c6ed9 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies058 zps6e62d999 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies062 zps18cbeb19 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies064 zps12a3c559 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies063 zps331ae2bb Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies065 zps1fb841e2 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies066 zps72c3e501 Nick & Alyssa

edison Movies070 zps24deac46 Nick & Alyssa

Celebrating life and love,



July 3, 2014 Baby Nathan

Always such an honour to document families through all the stages of life – I had photographed Spencer and Caitlin’s engagement, wedding, first maternity and firstborn as a newborn… and now baby Nathan’s arrival! Unfortunately he came early so we missed his maternity session – but no worries! He made up on cuteness…

Nathan01 zps4468e991 Baby Nathan

Nathan03 zps35f4c0cd Baby Nathan

Nathan02 zpsacf2d169 Baby Nathan

Nathan04 zps56e4a3c3 Baby Nathan

Nathan05 zpsde000e1f Baby Nathan

Nathan06 zps7d8d8cd1 Baby Nathan

Nathan07 zps9a3e87a7 Baby Nathan

Nathan09 zpsaa6bea9f Baby Nathan

Nathan08 zps0b4718eb Baby Nathan

Nathan10 zpsac5e8c87 Baby Nathan

Nathan11 zps0186d267 Baby Nathan

Nathan12 zps98a819bd Baby Nathan

Nathan13 zpsb0f059ca Baby Nathan

Nathan14 zps0f0ea1cd Baby Nathan

Nathan15 zps63051503 Baby Nathan

Nathan16 zps17424499 Baby Nathan

Nathan17 zps98005382 Baby Nathan

Nathan18 zps45b08bde Baby Nathan

Nathan19 zps999cad59 Baby Nathan

Nathan20 zps9d9c8d36 Baby Nathan

Nathan21 zpsbfd555da Baby Nathan

Nathan22 zps1490052d Baby Nathan

Nathan23 zps9800b6de Baby Nathan

Nathan24 zpsa742c686 Baby Nathan

Nathan25 zps00a29599 Baby Nathan

Nathan26 zps8489fc3f Baby Nathan

Nathan27 zps153a9481 Baby Nathan

Nathan28 zps3c3cec07 Baby Nathan

Nathan29 zps23861e31 Baby Nathan

Nathan30 zps2ecbfff6 Baby Nathan

Nathan31 zpsf7d0c692 Baby Nathan

Nathan32 zpsdd0ed20f Baby Nathan

Nathan33 zps39addbc4 Baby Nathan

Nathan34 zps3f1e8060 Baby Nathan

Nathan35 zps2eec7a90 Baby Nathan

Nathan37 zps8aef66b6 Baby Nathan

Celebrating life and love,


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June 26, 2014 Shaun and Allison

I was really looking forward to Shaun and Allison’s wedding – having photographed Allison in two previous weddings (and having these brides in her wedding party) – it felt more like a reunion! Always so fun to catch up with past clients!

Shaun and Allison had a beautiful day at the Waterfront Centre in Hamilton! Couldn’t ask for better weather – even a perfect sunset we had to slip out and enjoy! A great celebration!

ASwed 001 zps414e89c7 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 002 zpse42a685a Shaun and Allison

ASwed 003 zps6920aed8 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 004 zps40c78e69 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 005 zps275a6fe9 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 006 zps00351cf1 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 007 zpse4b255af Shaun and Allison

ASwed 008 zpsefe1e6e7 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 009 zps51132c67 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 010 zps240ab9ca Shaun and Allison

ASwed 011 zpsbed49f8c Shaun and Allison

ASwed 012 zps047b3a37 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 013 zpsfa0bc5f8 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 014 zps0cd5faf3 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 017 zps7213e336 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 018 zps3503581c Shaun and Allison

ASwed 019 zpsf501ee74 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 020 zps78de5867 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 021 zpsd17b4855 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 022 zpsd7f02cdb Shaun and Allison

ASwed 023 zps53395f87 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 024 zpsd534baa2 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 025 zps2e44ff6d Shaun and Allison

ASwed 026 zpse278f410 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 027 zps3f592091 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 028 zpsd568fbbd Shaun and Allison

ASwed 033 zps025c5f3d Shaun and Allison

ASwed 034 zps8af9e61b Shaun and Allison

ASwed 035 zps221ba7f8 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 036 zpsa1843ed4 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 037 zpsc78a2388 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 039 zpsb60eae06 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 040 zps244303ea Shaun and Allison

ASwed 041 zps4f9975a1 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 042 zpsc21c0195 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 043 zps23ce73a2 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 044 zps9aee76ff Shaun and Allison

ASwed 045 zps7bc0497c Shaun and Allison

ASwed 047 zps4f964260 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 050 zpsb2716179 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 051 zpsc89fc988 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 052 zpsa7833de7 Shaun and Allison

Celebrating life and love,


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Jen has been a dear friend of mine for a long time. We have travelled together to Iceland, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. I’ve lost her in the Nevada desert (and had a park ranger close down the park until we found her), and I’ve helped piggyback her out of an Icelandic park when she broke her ankle and had so many memories in between. So it is exciting now to be documenting her wedding and engagement! I loved this engagement session because everything had such meaning in it.

I had suggested a couple of beautiful nature locations to them – but they came back with downtown Hamilton. “This is us” they replied.

The bike – not just a pretty prop, but part of their engagement story. And not just part of their engagement story – part an analogy of their relationship and how they make it run smoothly.

Pete and Jen are about intentional living – and this shows in every choice they made. Even Jen’s choice of outfits – a dress that was a second hand find because they choose to live simply to have more to invest in others. Her colourful necklace and then her green bracelet is from my fair trade organization empowering women in Africa (www.IAmJustOne.ca). And those pink converse. They are her traveling shoes. They have traveled the world with Jen and are part of her story. Pete suggested she clean them up at least – to which she answered “these have dirt from Iceland and the Nevada desert and New Orleans and Ireland and….”

I also had her share her story in her own words….

“Peter and I both love Hamilton. We love the gritty beauty of its alley ways. We love the serenity of the harbour front trails and Cootes Paradise. We love biking up (and down!) the ‘mountain’. Hamilton is home and where we first met. We love the people of Hamilton. The dancing guy. The friendly, approachable people who you meet downtown. The quirky folk who band together to try to make things better and the artists who share their hearts every month on James St N. (at the art crawl). We fit right in. We join right in. Often we walk the streets of our city with full hearts as we wander and explore seeing what changes have happened. It’s fitting that the most perfect engagement surprise ever to be orchestrated (I may be biased) happened right at the park where we spent so many afternoons.

It was a “goodbye to winter” bike ride organized by a group of friends on April 1. Even though it was a bit brisk outside still, all of us were all revelling in the freedom of being on our bikes again on Canon St. after such a harsh winter. We made our way down to Bayfront Park and had a little rest at the gazebo. It turns out it was more than just a great ride with perfect weather and a bunch of great company! While the sun set over the Hamilton harbour, Pete pulled a guitar from nowhere and began to sing a surprise serenade of “bicycle built for two.” I was a bit confused. What’s going on? Is this a joke? Is this a music video shoot? As I turned around, I saw that his dad was there playing Viola, and my folks were there too! He had arranged the whole thing! As he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him, he presented an enormous box – with a huge bicycle bell in it. He asked, I answered – YES! Then, my dad wheeled out a two-seater bicycle that Pete and I had seen at an antique shop months before – all fixed up for us to ride! The bicycle bells rang out in celebration and with the cry of “we’re getting married!” in the air we travelled off down the path. It was so, so beautiful. In reality though, it was a bit bumpy. It took a while to figure out the stops and starts and for us to sync up. As in many things, communication is key. But we figured it out. Together. Now we are setting off on our journey and are so happy! We can’t wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family!!

AND! as if that wasn’t enough ~ Pete knows how important photography and capturing moments is to me…so he asked our friend Kaz from Verity Creative to film the whole thing! He stepped into a whirlwind and created a poem that captures the beauty of the day.” LINK

PeteJen 001 zpsee07385c Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 002 zps371ab07c Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 003 zps6cbc7251 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 004 zps380e55ec Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 005 zps991ac9d3 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 006 zps2e19fd52 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 007 zpsb8553581 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 008 zpsd6de4e34 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 009 zps0a35cea5 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 010 zps86d5ee40 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 012 zpsee5635dc Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 014 zps47999bdc Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 015 zps9fb2e3c5 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 016 zpsd3157a97 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 017 zpscb090cc3 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 019 zps881bf045 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 018 zps03791a24 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 020 zpsb2a76578 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 021 zps9fc6e39e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 022 zpsb2d9f2c4 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 023 zpsc2e82536 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 024 zps03e8e089 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 025 zpsa4d68736 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 026 zpsf9e804eb Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 027 zpsb9238d7e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 028 zps6412ce9b Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 029 zps55b2f65e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 030 zpsc25f1c1a Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 031 zpsbadf1110 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 032 zps9979106b Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 033 zps803aab1e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 034 zps18f74645 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 035 zpsb389bbe0 Pete and Jens Engagement

Celebrating life and love,


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June 16, 2014 My Girls

EVery once in awhile, I have to take my camera and point it at my own girls. They are growing so fast and moving from little girls to young women before my eyes. I wish I could freeze time – but since I can’t, I had to capture a few frames of them at this moment instead. They make me laugh, inspire me, encourage me and drive me crazy. I love these two so much!

girls 001 zpsaa6f3733 My Girls

girls 002 zpsbf2898c0 My Girls

girls 003 zps890ebe45 My Girls

girls 004 zpsf564266c My Girls

girls 005 zps11bc3957 My Girls

girls 007 zpsac2e7915 My Girls

girls 009 zps7d8439d3 My Girls

girls 010 zps8876019a My Girls

girls 011 zps9ff1a069 My Girls

girls 012 zps0c93f22a My Girls

Madi has learned guitar this year and she wanted to bring it along. Love hearing her play and write her songs.

girls 014 zps39f1d63d My Girls

girls 015 zpse73d15a4 My Girls

girls 016 zps74eba3ea My Girls

Celebrating life and love,


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May 26, 2014 Orchard Friends

I love traditions – and fortunately my good friends Cherie, and Carolynn do too! Every year we wait for “the call” from Cherie. She lives on the edge of a beautiful orchard and the first message comes early Spring. “The trees are about two weeks away from being in bloom”. And then regular reports until it’s finally “time” – and we hectically try to organize our schedules to make an evening work. We get all of our kids out to the orchard – we all enjoy a visit and running through the trees. Some years we’ve done props and a bit of a “set”. This year, we didn’t get as many photos – the kids just played, hung out and goofed off. It was a gorgeous evening and we’re so thankful our kids enjoy this annual tradition as much as us!

IMG 9465 zpsba2aee5a Orchard Friends

IMG 9486 2 zpsab4526e4 Orchard Friends

IMG 9287 zps5c05e5df Orchard Friends

IMG 9292 zps5b109752 Orchard Friends

IMG 9396 zpsb28232e0 Orchard Friends

IMG 9353 zps641b2a2e Orchard Friends

IMG 9359 zps368af2be Orchard Friends

IMG 9377 zps209578db Orchard Friends

IMG 9440 zpsd0036bea Orchard Friends

IMG 9436 zpsbe4f37f3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9489 zps9515cda1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9585 zpsc5e836ca Orchard Friends

IMG 9645 zps01a2f6ac Orchard Friends

After this photo session, I feel like I need to write my older siblings a formal apology. Eden is exactly like I Was. I’m so sorry, Marcie and David.

Untitled 1 zps25248e95 Orchard Friends

IMG 9374 zpsb05a8c1d Orchard Friends

Untitled 1 zpsf2d87380 Orchard Friends

10292166 10152430595797629 2413050032130096806 n zps1edb0355 Orchard Friends

IMG 9299 zps5e384117 Orchard Friends

IMG 9343 zps4f7da2a5 Orchard Friends

We then piled in the cars – and headed to another orchard. Got to love Ontario in the SPring! And this time we added Cherie’s stepdaughter Jodey who was home from university. We love Jodey and were so glad we could get her in on the craziness – unfortunately kids cooperation was done by this point. ha ha.

IMG 9581 zps48784ef1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9852 zps768b7375 Orchard Friends

IMG 9849 zps4ee70e0d Orchard Friends

IMG 9859 zpsf7a2b1cb Orchard Friends

IMG 9871 zps2aa2a8a3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9878 zpsfa0b01f9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9881 zps08e08527 Orchard Friends

And this time we did something crazy – got a photo of us three moms. Cherie and Carolynn have been friends since grade one, and I’ve been friends with them since I moved to the area in grade nine. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m so thankful for these two!

10173655 10152431838712629 9032152241265652312 n zpse634a323 Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,


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May 24, 2014 Wielink Family

Being a photographer has many perks – but one of the best benefits is the people I meet. A few years back through photographer meetings I had the benefit of meeting Nataschia. We quickly became friends. In some ways we are so alike that our husbands have asked if we are related, and we sometimes get asked if we are sisters. I always answer “yes”. We have gone on photography adventures near and far and have so many fun memories together.

To say I love this girl is an understatement.

JustOne selects2 0025 zps6795a041 Wielink Family

Today – I want to introduce you to Nataschia’s family. It’s hard to believe these are her children and not siblings. My kids just saw this photo and asked “which one is the parents?”

IMG 9411 2 zps5b4190df Wielink Family

IMG 9241 2 zps4afbf8cd Wielink Family

Mike and Nataschia are high school sweethearts. Married young and are a great example to many.

IMG 9267 2 zps7695d792 Wielink Family

IMG 9420 zps47c81a47 Wielink Family

IMG 9422 zps2ae4efbb Wielink Family

Nataschia’s photography tag line is “for people madly in love.” And I have to say – they’re setting a solid example for her wedding clients. And their children. And me.

IMG 9476 zps5a41a04a Wielink Family

Celebrating life and love,


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May 24, 2014 Greg and Libby

It is always so exciting to see parents-to-be anticipating their new arrival. Especially first time parents. The moment the little one arrives everything changes. Suddenly you become mom and dad. A person exists that you have the honour of shaping and guiding – and watching who they become. And the days leading up to the miracle are also exciting as we wonder who this child will be, who they’ll look like, what personality traits they’ll have and who they will become. I remember them as days full of dreams – dreaming who my child would be, who they would become and what life would be like. So when it came time to do Greg and Libby’s maternity photos… this dreamy orchard location was the perfect choice for this time of dreaming as they anticipate their little one’s arrival.

GL001 zps0c350543 Greg and Libby

GL002 zps3bc78874 Greg and Libby

GL003 zps1f909285 Greg and Libby

GL004 zps1752b4b3 Greg and Libby

GL005 zps3e8950bb Greg and Libby

GL006 zps21513f69 Greg and Libby

GL007 zpsea08d41d Greg and Libby

GL008 zpse09f4170 Greg and Libby

GL009 zps3f523f7f Greg and Libby

GL010 zpsc0c740d8 Greg and Libby

GL011 zps044e8524 Greg and Libby

GL012 zpsea41201b Greg and Libby

GL013 zpsd796fe1b Greg and Libby

And we visited not one – but two orchards. The above orchard with the pink blossoms, and then the white blossoms (and dandelions!) below! I love Spring in southern Ontario!

GL014 zpsd59c6ea2 Greg and Libby

GL015 zps3dd1d934 Greg and Libby

GL016 zps41ba85f9 Greg and Libby

GL017 zpsebf3c9a3 Greg and Libby

GL018 zpsdd262fa1 Greg and Libby

GL019 zps2868e750 Greg and Libby

GL020 zps555efc38 Greg and Libby

GL021 zps83be0ec5 Greg and Libby

GL023 zps73553c8f Greg and Libby

GL022 zps97a31ea2 Greg and Libby

GL024 zps4257a06a Greg and Libby

GL026 zps25612993 Greg and Libby

GL025 zpseec71ea4 Greg and Libby

GL027 zps3deefdca Greg and Libby

GL028 zps521a58d2 Greg and Libby

GL029 zpsd94b2086 Greg and Libby

GL030 zps4362fcc9 Greg and Libby

GL031 zps0c1780ae Greg and Libby

GL032 zpsfed4eac1 Greg and Libby

Celebrating life and love,


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Today is Mother’s Day – a day of celebrating for many, but also a day that is hard for so many. Memories of moms that had to say goodbye too early. Moms who weren’t the Hallmark idea of a mother and now there is hurt and pain mingled in with the memories. Women who long to be a mother and yet their bodies and circumstances won’t allow it. Women who have yet to find love, and are reminded of that fact again today. Women who are now single mothers – learning to parent alone.

Today is Mother’s Day – and I like to think of it as a day to celebrate the women who have been an inspiration or influence in our lives.

The aunts who spoil their nieces and nephews with memories while gifting the parents with a much needed break.
The birth mom, who selflessly carried her child and gave them the gift of life and love in a new adoptive family.
The girlfriends who have supported and loved as they watch their friend go through divorce, disease or other such challenges.
The moms who have intentionally loved their children and their families through big and small acts of love daily.
The sisters, friends, aunts, grandmothers, teachers, cousins, and other women in our lives who have carried us emotionally and supported us practically and inspired us to be our best….

This day is for you.

And we say thank you! We celebrate you!

Celebrating life and love,


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