May 26, 2014 Orchard Friends

I love traditions – and fortunately my good friends Cherie, and Carolynn do too! Every year we wait for “the call” from Cherie. She lives on the edge of a beautiful orchard and the first message comes early Spring. “The trees are about two weeks away from being in bloom”. And then regular reports until it’s finally “time” – and we hectically try to organize our schedules to make an evening work. We get all of our kids out to the orchard – we all enjoy a visit and running through the trees. Some years we’ve done props and a bit of a “set”. This year, we didn’t get as many photos – the kids just played, hung out and goofed off. It was a gorgeous evening and we’re so thankful our kids enjoy this annual tradition as much as us!

IMG 9465 zpsba2aee5a Orchard Friends

IMG 9486 2 zpsab4526e4 Orchard Friends

IMG 9287 zps5c05e5df Orchard Friends

IMG 9292 zps5b109752 Orchard Friends

IMG 9396 zpsb28232e0 Orchard Friends

IMG 9353 zps641b2a2e Orchard Friends

IMG 9359 zps368af2be Orchard Friends

IMG 9377 zps209578db Orchard Friends

IMG 9440 zpsd0036bea Orchard Friends

IMG 9436 zpsbe4f37f3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9489 zps9515cda1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9585 zpsc5e836ca Orchard Friends

IMG 9645 zps01a2f6ac Orchard Friends

After this photo session, I feel like I need to write my older siblings a formal apology. Eden is exactly like I Was. I’m so sorry, Marcie and David.

Untitled 1 zps25248e95 Orchard Friends

IMG 9374 zpsb05a8c1d Orchard Friends

Untitled 1 zpsf2d87380 Orchard Friends

10292166 10152430595797629 2413050032130096806 n zps1edb0355 Orchard Friends

IMG 9299 zps5e384117 Orchard Friends

IMG 9343 zps4f7da2a5 Orchard Friends

We then piled in the cars – and headed to another orchard. Got to love Ontario in the SPring! And this time we added Cherie’s stepdaughter Jodey who was home from university. We love Jodey and were so glad we could get her in on the craziness – unfortunately kids cooperation was done by this point. ha ha.

IMG 9581 zps48784ef1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9852 zps768b7375 Orchard Friends

IMG 9849 zps4ee70e0d Orchard Friends

IMG 9859 zpsf7a2b1cb Orchard Friends

IMG 9871 zps2aa2a8a3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9878 zpsfa0b01f9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9881 zps08e08527 Orchard Friends

And this time we did something crazy – got a photo of us three moms. Cherie and Carolynn have been friends since grade one, and I’ve been friends with them since I moved to the area in grade nine. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m so thankful for these two!

10173655 10152431838712629 9032152241265652312 n zpse634a323 Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,


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May 24, 2014 Wielink Family

Being a photographer has many perks – but one of the best benefits is the people I meet. A few years back through photographer meetings I had the benefit of meeting Nataschia. We quickly became friends. In some ways we are so alike that our husbands have asked if we are related, and we sometimes get asked if we are sisters. I always answer “yes”. We have gone on photography adventures near and far and have so many fun memories together.

To say I love this girl is an understatement.

JustOne selects2 0025 zps6795a041 Wielink Family

Today – I want to introduce you to Nataschia’s family. It’s hard to believe these are her children and not siblings. My kids just saw this photo and asked “which one is the parents?”

IMG 9411 2 zps5b4190df Wielink Family

IMG 9241 2 zps4afbf8cd Wielink Family

Mike and Nataschia are high school sweethearts. Married young and are a great example to many.

IMG 9267 2 zps7695d792 Wielink Family

But you know in those marriage vows is a line “for better or for worse, through sickness and in health.” And those words are being put to the test right now in this family.

A few years ago Mark started to be ill. It has been a roller coaster of pain – emotionally and physically – as they have tried to get him healthy. You can read the heart-wrenching story from Nataschia’s perspective HERE. The short version is – Mike has Lyme disease. In Canada this is not recognized or covered, and they have had to go to the States for treatment. Which of course is not covered – and the costs are piling up. Mike is unable to work. They’re selling their home.

For better or worse.

This is true love at it’s finest. You can take away health, you take away financial security through job, and your beautiful home – but still love remains.

IMG 9420 zps47c81a47 Wielink Family

IMG 9422 zps2ae4efbb Wielink Family

Nataschia’s photography tag line is “for people madly in love.” And I have to say – they’re setting a solid example for her wedding clients. And their children. And me.

IMG 9476 zps5a41a04a Wielink Family

Again – please take a moment to read their story HERE and consider helping – any help is so appreciated.

Celebrating life and love,


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May 24, 2014 Greg and Libby

It is always so exciting to see parents-to-be anticipating their new arrival. Especially first time parents. The moment the little one arrives everything changes. Suddenly you become mom and dad. A person exists that you have the honour of shaping and guiding – and watching who they become. And the days leading up to the miracle are also exciting as we wonder who this child will be, who they’ll look like, what personality traits they’ll have and who they will become. I remember them as days full of dreams – dreaming who my child would be, who they would become and what life would be like. So when it came time to do Greg and Libby’s maternity photos… this dreamy orchard location was the perfect choice for this time of dreaming as they anticipate their little one’s arrival.

GL001 zps0c350543 Greg and Libby

GL002 zps3bc78874 Greg and Libby

GL003 zps1f909285 Greg and Libby

GL004 zps1752b4b3 Greg and Libby

GL005 zps3e8950bb Greg and Libby

GL006 zps21513f69 Greg and Libby

GL007 zpsea08d41d Greg and Libby

GL008 zpse09f4170 Greg and Libby

GL009 zps3f523f7f Greg and Libby

GL010 zpsc0c740d8 Greg and Libby

GL011 zps044e8524 Greg and Libby

GL012 zpsea41201b Greg and Libby

GL013 zpsd796fe1b Greg and Libby

And we visited not one – but two orchards. The above orchard with the pink blossoms, and then the white blossoms (and dandelions!) below! I love Spring in southern Ontario!

GL014 zpsd59c6ea2 Greg and Libby

GL015 zps3dd1d934 Greg and Libby

GL016 zps41ba85f9 Greg and Libby

GL017 zpsebf3c9a3 Greg and Libby

GL018 zpsdd262fa1 Greg and Libby

GL019 zps2868e750 Greg and Libby

GL020 zps555efc38 Greg and Libby

GL021 zps83be0ec5 Greg and Libby

GL023 zps73553c8f Greg and Libby

GL022 zps97a31ea2 Greg and Libby

GL024 zps4257a06a Greg and Libby

GL026 zps25612993 Greg and Libby

GL025 zpseec71ea4 Greg and Libby

GL027 zps3deefdca Greg and Libby

GL028 zps521a58d2 Greg and Libby

GL029 zpsd94b2086 Greg and Libby

GL030 zps4362fcc9 Greg and Libby

GL031 zps0c1780ae Greg and Libby

GL032 zpsfed4eac1 Greg and Libby

Celebrating life and love,


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Today is Mother’s Day – a day of celebrating for many, but also a day that is hard for so many. Memories of moms that had to say goodbye too early. Moms who weren’t the Hallmark idea of a mother and now there is hurt and pain mingled in with the memories. Women who long to be a mother and yet their bodies and circumstances won’t allow it. Women who have yet to find love, and are reminded of that fact again today. Women who are now single mothers – learning to parent alone.

Today is Mother’s Day – and I like to think of it as a day to celebrate the women who have been an inspiration or influence in our lives.

The aunts who spoil their nieces and nephews with memories while gifting the parents with a much needed break.
The birth mom, who selflessly carried her child and gave them the gift of life and love in a new adoptive family.
The girlfriends who have supported and loved as they watch their friend go through divorce, disease or other such challenges.
The moms who have intentionally loved their children and their families through big and small acts of love daily.
The sisters, friends, aunts, grandmothers, teachers, cousins, and other women in our lives who have carried us emotionally and supported us practically and inspired us to be our best….

This day is for you.

And we say thank you! We celebrate you!

Celebrating life and love,


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May 6, 2014 Laura’s kids

Leading up to Mother’s Day is a great time to think about the amazing women who we call mom. Here is one such woman – meet Laura. Laura is mom to four little ones – the oldest is only four and they are all just a year apart. To say her hands is full is an understatement! She may be busy but she is full of laughter and cuddles for those little ones! It’s so much fun to watch this family of five interact together!

Meet the beautiful Laura…

IMG 8391 zps65303438 Lauras kids

And her incredible munchkins. First is Jack and his beloved stuffed rabbit Ping.

laura002 zps5e3c9f8c Lauras kids

Then there is Beth who was so proud to so me her Spiderman stickers when we met!

laura003 zpsbba2960f Lauras kids

Then there is little Jolene with those little pigtails and her kitty cat.

laura004 zpsebca440a Lauras kids

And last is Andy who is so in love with his mom and loves nothing better than her cuddles.

laura005 zps19041acd Lauras kids

laura006 zpsd44a83c7 Lauras kids

laura007 zpsd1e3c4fc Lauras kids

laura008 zpsea94f492 Lauras kids

laura009 zps7749e624 Lauras kids

laura010 zps1bd34512 Lauras kids

laura011 zps5dcbfd4e Lauras kids

kids2 zpsde56d419 Lauras kids

laura013 zps12652aae Lauras kids

laura014 zpsccedabb6 Lauras kids

laura015 zps31d94ccd Lauras kids

laura016 zps1db66e23 Lauras kids

laura017 zpse51034da Lauras kids

laura018 zps2166823a Lauras kids

laura020 zps06bdff4c Lauras kids

laura021 zps501f630a Lauras kids

laura022 zpsaa22559c Lauras kids

laura023 zpsd5364d5e Lauras kids

laura024 zps69767989 Lauras kids

laura025 zps0e357ee3 Lauras kids

laura026 zpsfee4269e Lauras kids

laura027 zpsb66a9ea0 Lauras kids

laura028 zpseb898707 Lauras kids

laura029 zps9c413b6a Lauras kids

The kids were SO good but when the meltdowns start… it’s time to go!

laura031 zps920c66f9 Lauras kids

laura012 zpsbb362da6 Lauras kids

Celebrating life and love,


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cover zpsc3ac1b13 GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

[The GOLDEN project can be read about HERE. I will be photographing couples married 50+ years, hearing their stories and sharing their wisdom. Have someone you think I should document for this? Drop me a line at: with the subject "GOLDEN"]

I didn’t plan to document Leonard and Helen, but while photographing their grandson’s wedding I met them and just fell in love with them! During the reception, I asked if I could sit down with them just for a couple of minutes and chat about their love story over the last 58 years. So this one is a bit different than the other GOLDEN posts as it is not at their home – but at a wedding.

CMWedding 814 zpsaf036abc GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

Leonard moved to Canada from Ireland when he was 17 when his dad was hired to work on the Avro Arrow. When he had been in Canada only 3 days, he met Helen’s father at church. Having also been Irish immigrants, the families had a bond. Her dad invited Leonard’s family over after church. Leonard said he went downstairs to watch television – he didn’t have a TV so this was exciting. When he went down Helen and her three sisters were sitting on a couch. I asked why he singled out Helen. He said very matter-of-factly “she was a redhead.”

CMWedding 819 zps4404e353 GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

Since we were at a beautiful wedding while chatting, I asked them if their wedding was similar. They laughed. They said they think it cost $1.25/plate at that time for their Toronto wedding.

When I asked them what advice they would give to their grandson or “secrets” to staying together happily so long they had some good insight. They said there is a lot of ups and downs in life and you just have to learn to weather them together. They thought that is where the breakups happen when hard times come and they don’t handle the tough times together. Helen said that things will always get better. It’s never “always” bad. These two have known their share of hard times, having lost a daughter ten years prior who had a lifetime of health concerns. They both agreed that sickness cane make or break a couple. Leonard and Helen both also thought that having Faith is important and helped get them through a lot of their tough times.

CMWedding 809 zps4181506d GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

Leonard and Helen both had parents that were married right to the end and that example of sticking together made an impact on them. Life wasn’t easy as immigrants – but their parents were committed to each other and their example was helpful for their children’s marriages also.

I love sitting and chatting with these two – but since it was their grandson’s wedding didn’t want to keep them long. Before I left for the evening I was able to capture a few images of them on the dance floor enjoying each other’s company. When I left – they were still up dancing!

CMWedding 207 zps4319b091 GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

CMWedding 210 zps1ab52f5e GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

CMWedding 222 zps273c169a GOLDEN: Leonard and Helen

Celebrating life and love,


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March 30, 2014 Baby Penelope

It has been such an honour to document this growing family – and here they grow again! Recently, I was able to document the home birth of little Penelope. It was just a year and a half before that I was able to document her brother Desmond’s home birth also. Now this family of five has three kids three and under!

Again it was an beautiful experience… through each contraction Sarah would hold on to Kris, and then as it passed she’d hug him, tell him she loves him, prayed, and was incredible. It was so beautiful to watch this miracle and an honour to be a part of it again.

Penelope001 zps12c49b23 Baby Penelope

Penelope003 zps56ab583a Baby Penelope

Penelope015 zpseef94689 Baby Penelope

Penelope021 zpsf54a8882 Baby Penelope

Penelope029 zps70ad7faa Baby Penelope

Penelope025 zpse0341e2c Baby Penelope

Penelope082 zpsdc4ae937 Baby Penelope

Penelope076 zpsd6f2e268 Baby Penelope

Sarah’s mom was a big help watching Bella and Desmond but they came in for a quick visit and Sarah was great with them even during the contractions.

Penelope050 zps5b450ee3 Baby Penelope

Penelope057 zps056b14ba Baby Penelope

Penelope055 zps31ce8c7c Baby Penelope

Penelope044 zpsa6125939 Baby Penelope

Penelope061 zps808f870d Baby Penelope

Penelope084 zpsd1b0b1d9 Baby Penelope

Penelope093 zps8f7d4bcd Baby Penelope

Penelope086 zpsa8b7591b Baby Penelope

Penelope088 zpsbe988fef Baby Penelope

Penelope056a zpsd5762fef Baby Penelope

Penelope034 zps159dc3e0 Baby Penelope

Penelope040 zpse3c2a442 Baby Penelope

Penelope039 zpsb68872c7 Baby Penelope

Penelope080 zps7d192dbc Baby Penelope

Penelope097 zps908160e2 Baby Penelope

Time to move to the tub and soon welcome little Penelope!

Penelope111 zps130bb88a Baby Penelope

Penelope108 zps45679e84 Baby Penelope

Penelope117 zpsa7e49ef6 Baby Penelope

Penelope121 zpsd4e35624 Baby Penelope

Penelope125 zps09848832 Baby Penelope

Penelope133 zps60a8ab87 Baby Penelope

Penelope138 zpsf170cc96 Baby Penelope

Penelope145 zps9774ef5d Baby Penelope

Penelope147 zpsed015d94 Baby Penelope

Penelope150 zps1178144f Baby Penelope

Penelope162 zpsc569882d Baby Penelope

Desmond woke up and was able to meet his new little sister – he was so excited!

Penelope171 zps4baac6d2 Baby Penelope

Penelope180 zpsddccc911 Baby Penelope

Grandma with her newest granddaughter….

Penelope232 zps5e0f64e5 Baby Penelope

Penelope201 zps85059647 Baby Penelope

Penelope221 zpsa0a1ef61 Baby Penelope

Penelope205 zpsb15f10b6 Baby Penelope

Penelope211 zps1ed61dcb Baby Penelope

Penelope215 zps6fdd7092 Baby Penelope

Penelope191 zpsead81f6c Baby Penelope

Penelope199 zps005ede1e Baby Penelope

Penelope196 zpsf312bfdc Baby Penelope

Penelope231 zps9f11f3a3 Baby Penelope

Celebrating life and love,


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March 18, 2014 Baby Theo

Right before I went to Kenya last week I was able to sneak in one more newborn session with baby Theo. He had arrived early much to his parents surprise – but they are all so smitten and happy with his arrival! It was fun visiting them in their Toronto condo and documenting their new life of as a family of three!

Theo003 zps1e0cfbf1 Baby Theo

Theo001 zpsd30aa6fc Baby Theo

Theo005 zps70230881 Baby Theo

Theo007 zps891e747b Baby Theo

Theo008 zps2d683a64 Baby Theo

Theo009 zps296fe768 Baby Theo

Theo011 zps61b943db Baby Theo

Theo013 zps8489ff68 Baby Theo

Theo012 zpsfa21b452 Baby Theo

Theo014 zps3fc8cf75 Baby Theo

Theo016 zps21221b6d Baby Theo

Theo017 zps7135b118 Baby Theo

Theo015 zpsbfbd4244 Baby Theo

Theo018 zps534863e5 Baby Theo

Theo020 zps14fa7a57 Baby Theo

Theo019 zps2a524fdd Baby Theo

Theo021 zpscdf9023b Baby Theo

Theo022 zps7ac35da5 Baby Theo

Theo023 zps2d746927 Baby Theo

Theo024 zpsbf05a8c8 Baby Theo

Celebrating life and love,


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March 3, 2014 Aaron and Becky

I have known Becky and her family for many years – so it was a real honour to document her wedding last weekend. To see her move from the young girl I knew years ago to a radiant bride today. It was a day of laughter and celebrating as Aaron and Becky made their “ultimate promise” (loved that wording from their invitation). After a winter of snow, snow and more snow – the day before the wedding it RAINED. But fortunately on the day of the wedding there was still some snow for images – but it had warmed up. Perfect!

ARwed 001 zps869939ad Aaron and Becky

Aaron and his gorgeous daughter – hard to believe she’s only 12!!

ARwed 002 zpsf9b0d27e Aaron and Becky

Meanwhile over at the ladies there was lots of laughs!

ARwed 004 zpsc9933285 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 005 zpsa93b6b62 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 007 zpsd4b09943 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 008 zps37e53818 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 009 zps7f24c9d0 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 010 zps70b3f443 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 012 zps7cba51ff Aaron and Becky

ARwed 013 zps16e90fc3 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 014 zpse811eec2 Aaron and Becky


ARwed 011 zps931d77a7 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 016 zps864f8ea9 Aaron and Becky

Always love when dad sees his daughter as a bride for the first time!

ARwed 018 zps441409c4 Aaron and Becky

Becky’s dad is always joking around – loved his reaction to get his boutonniere on! ha ha.

ARwed 019 zps814ca010 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 020 zpsff834ca7 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 021 zps0577b35a Aaron and Becky

ARwed 022 zpse9992339 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 023 zpsaa03c505 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 024 zpsd5a8e28b Aaron and Becky

ARwed 025 zps9a72006b Aaron and Becky

ARwed 026 zps52f9d6ba Aaron and Becky

ARwed 027 zpsd48eb9d0 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 028 zps659b52ab Aaron and Becky

ARwed 029 zpsd9e95206 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 030 zps8c9e583a Aaron and Becky

ARwed 031 zps0fdeb7a4 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 032 zps16628276 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 034 zpse6197a10 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 033 zps3ba3ded3 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 036 zps934ad908 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 037 zpsc02ea827 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 038 zps8c26a774 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 039 zps9a8e5461 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 040 zpsff5710c7 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 041 zpsfdb65c01 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 042 zps9ed28ae0 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 043 zps408e39ab Aaron and Becky

ARwed 044 zps75b08862 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 046 zps2993ae15 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 045 zpsdf2f6c06 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 047 zpsad49f269 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 048 zps6d5d1a96 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 049 zpsafe4374c Aaron and Becky

ARwed 050 zps7f7b5020 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 051 zps71ee0187 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 052 zps4e2bf891 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 053 zpsece74f8b Aaron and Becky

ARwed 054 zpsd8cbcca5 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 055 zps5be519ff Aaron and Becky

ARwed 056 zpseddaa45a Aaron and Becky

ARwed 057 zps3cdf8e3a Aaron and Becky

ARwed 058 zps3758f0fe Aaron and Becky

ARwed 061 zps2f45197d Aaron and Becky

ARwed 059 zps965ab123 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 060 zpscbc94444 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 062 zps968cc046 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 063 zpsd33369eb Aaron and Becky

ARwed 064 zps80ca31e3 Aaron and Becky

Love this image of Jackie (mother of the bride) and Melissa (Maid of honour) rushing in to get this party started!

ARwed 065 zpse7601300 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 066 zpsf24a2f57 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 067 zps9e441b27 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 068 zps69b87bc1 Aaron and Becky

ARwed 069 zpsb898981a Aaron and Becky

ARwed 070 zps9faac8bc Aaron and Becky

Celebrating life and love,


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February 22, 2014 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

IMG 2137 2 zps3b7b779d GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

I have been trying for several weeks to get together with Dick and Nancy – but each time we go to meet one of us are sick or the weather doesn’t cooperate. Finally Friday everything was set to meet! I arrived at their condo where I was to meet their granddaughter – and checked my messages. There was a message saying Dick wasn’t feeling well and not up to it. Oh no! But then the next message was – if you’ve already left, let’s go ahead anyways! And so we did. I didn’t expect Dick to talk much, but right from the string, firm handshake when I arrived he had this twinkle in his eye. He corrected Nancy’s story and laughed along with us. And at the end they thanked us for a fun morning down memory lane. I’m so glad we went ahead!

Dick and Nancy’s story starts during World War ll. Nancy is from the town of Irvine, Scotland. Dick was a Canadian soldier. Nancy and her girlfriends were crossing over a bridge one day in the fall of 1943, when some soldiers crossed and were making rude comments to the girls. The girls kept walking and saw another group of soldiers – Nancy was dreading passing them also. Then she noticed they were Canadian! One of them was Dick, and he said to his friends “let’s stop these girls.”

I asked Dick why he wanted to stop the girls. “Just wanted to pick up a girl” came his quick response.

IMG 2048 zpsb78daa72 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Nancy had a hat with a veil over her face that day. As they went for a drink, she asked him “How come you asked me when you couldn’t see my face?”

Dick’s honest response was, “I seen your legs.”

IMG 2075 2 zps25b9a634 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

They saw each other for 6 weeks before Dick had to go back to war.

(Here Nancy is showing me where she and Dick met for the first time)

IMG 2147 zps48a5d01f GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

They wrote back and forth for the next year until one day Nancy got the telegram no one ever wants to receive.

Dick had been wounded and was not expected to live.

Nancy’s parents would not let her go to him in the hospital. He spent 3 months in the hospital and it was 6 months before Nancy could see him again. His first leave after the hospital, Dick and Nancy got engaged. They inscribed the date of the engagement on her ring – she did not want it to be for the real date of November 13, 1944 as 13 is unlucky… so they chose two days before which was a day of celebrating around the world as it was the day the war ended. November 11, 1944!

IMG 2122 zpsd4dd5966 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

They were married in Scotland in 1945. Dick’s family had never met Nancy – but he said his mother was “pretty pleased” because he was one of four boys and she always wanted a girl. When I asked them about their wedding they both started to laugh.

Dick says while laughing, “Never a wedding like ours in a million years.”

IMG 2062 zps3ca9b8e5 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Nancy had to continually keep changing the date of the wedding as she was trying to coordinate it with both Dick and her brother getting a leave from the war to come. Dick jokes that she was more concerned her brother got to the wedding than if he did! Finally the day was set.

Because everything was rationed during the war, it was challenging planning a wedding. Nancy had ordered some steak for the wedding – but then realized without an icebox and not certain that Dick could in fact make it – she had to cancel the order again. When he did in fact come on the wedding day – she went to town in her curlers (on her wedding day!!) to find food for the celebration. She had some coupons for candy. And when she ran into an old acquaintance and he asked her what she was doing – she said “I’m getting married today!”. He offered her candy as well. So she had nice fruit and candy at the wedding.

Nancy borrowed her wedding dress – and was actually the third bride to wear it!

They had the wedding in their hime and the neighbours offered baking. There was one taxi and they had to cram everyone into it. The photographer in town was busy so they had the photographer’s apprentice and had two photos taken. Two. As a photographer I gasped when I Heard only two photos taken. But then they showed me the most beautiful, timeless photo. Two was all they needed. icon smile GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

They have it hung in their bedroom and Nancy told me she looks at it every single night before she goes to sleep.

IMG 2118 zps11373830 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Dick had 11 day leave before he had to go back to his troop. Then he had to return to Canada without Nancy as the ships were only allowed so many war brides each trip. It was 10 months before Nancy’s turn came to come to Canada.

She talked about the week’s passage across the ocean and how excited she was to see the lights in Halifax. From there it was a train ride to Toronto and then on to Hamilton. It was midnight before she got to Hamilton. She was the last one off the train. nancy told us how she had on a black and white tartan and a white blouse. Her mom had told her to tuck the collar in on the blouse until she got there and then turn it out and it would still look fresh.

I said to Dick that she must have looked good to him after all that time. He got this slow grin across his face. “She sure did.”

IMG 2054 zps548223ca GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Nancy was quick to say they didn’t have a perfect marriage but that they were committed. You “pick each other up and keep going.” And if you stick with it, you’ll find “a stronger love than you had in the beginning. And a closeness.”

Dick piped up. “Love is something that grows.”

Nancy added “Deeper and stronger as it grows.”

IMG 2091 zps04b03ed5 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Then the wisdom just started to flow out. They had so much to offer from their 69 years of experience.

“Be open with each other and be there for each other.”

“Perservere and be committed to each other.”

“Every night we tell each other we love each other. We read our Bibles. And we pray.”

Nancy shared part of a favourite verse that has helped in their marriage… “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other”

IMG 2103 zps5baa60a6 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

IMG 2099 zps80f452c5 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

On their 50th and 60th anniversaries Dick and Nancy renewed their vows with friends and family. They had a big celebration – and what a reason to celebrate!

When I asked Nancy her wedding date – she said Ground Hogs Day. With a laugh she adds “he stuck his nose out of the ground, I hit him over the head and said ‘you’re mine!’”

IMG 2137 zps7e5ba13b GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Nancy has some favourite quotes written out she likes to share with people when writing wedding or anniversary cards – she shared them with me.

“Three kinds of love.
Love that takes
Is the love that breaks.
Love that ties
Is the love that dies.
Love that gives
Is the love that lives.”

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And when I left – I left not only with a happy heart full of stories and love, but also fresh baked banana bread! Yum!

IMG 2158 zpsd6f4d004 GOLDEN: Dick and Nancy

Throughout the whole time together Nancy kept saying, “We have been so blessed. So blessed.” Wishing them many, many more blessings – and thankful for them blessing us with this gift of their experience and knowledge.

Celebrating life and love,