September 16, 2013 Jon and Michelle

Any wedding day is a mix of emotions – there are tears of joy, and of sadness when a loved one can’t be at the celebration and is missed. Michelle’s mom had not been well, and on the Wednesday (3 days before the wedding) the family was given the tough news from the doctors that she could not leave the hospital for the wedding. I expected to walk into a house in sadness – but Michelle and her support group of gals had decided to embrace the love they were celebrating that day and went forth with huge smiles on their faces. Once we were ready, we went to the hospital with Jon, Michelle, their parents and her sister and had a ceremony at the small chapel there. Even though they were legally married already – we went ahead with the planned ceremony afterwards and mom was able to be a part of it via skype!

JM 001 zpsa776e0bb Jon and Michelle

JM 002 zpsb5a4866a Jon and Michelle

JM 005 zps8efa2319 Jon and Michelle

Love the pink Michelle added to her crinolin!

JM 006 zps0b31e7d3 Jon and Michelle

JM 007 zps38e3b8d8 Jon and Michelle

And then it was on to the hospital! Michelle’s mom couldn’t get over how beautiful her baby looked as a bride!

JM 008 zpsf4c23acd Jon and Michelle

JM 009 zpsd7294232 Jon and Michelle

JM 010 zps5a331fcb Jon and Michelle

JM 011 zps16ddfbfd Jon and Michelle

JM 012 zps46aff1ec Jon and Michelle

JM 013 zps75e3454d Jon and Michelle

JM 015 zpseaabfbfb Jon and Michelle

JM 016 zps923a5fa7 Jon and Michelle

JM 017 zps71953476 Jon and Michelle

JM 018 zps766ee688 Jon and Michelle

It was hard to leave – but another ceremony and guests were waiting!

JM 020 zps8277bb9e Jon and Michelle

JM 021 zps455aba65 Jon and Michelle

JM 024 zps43724569 Jon and Michelle

The ceremony was a bit late starting – which was great as it gave guests a chance to skype with mom!

JM 025 zpsea2fb1b5 Jon and Michelle

The sweetest ringbearers I’ve ever seen!

JM 026 zpsce9e9e6c Jon and Michelle

JM 032 zps6bca12d3 Jon and Michelle

JM 027 zps82d2d506 Jon and Michelle

JM 028 zps18e46a91 Jon and Michelle

JM 030 zps436b34cd Jon and Michelle

JM 033 zps7ed17c68 Jon and Michelle

JM 035 zps9abe61ac Jon and Michelle

JM 037 zps3c999ce1 Jon and Michelle

JM 038 zps34cdbbc3 Jon and Michelle

JM 040 zps6c0b7e61 Jon and Michelle

JM 041 zpsc2e70285 Jon and Michelle

JM 043 zps8272045a Jon and Michelle

Sharing the moment with mom…

JM 046 zpsda53240b Jon and Michelle

JM 047 zps18c2790d Jon and Michelle

Jon and Michelle had their wedding party surround them and pray for them at the end of the ceremony – really beautiful moment.

JM 044 zps9be69c2a Jon and Michelle

JM 049 zps25ed0057 Jon and Michelle

The happy couple!

JM 051 zps5ffae747 Jon and Michelle

JM 052 zpsad51c23e Jon and Michelle

JM 054 zps30fbc8ac Jon and Michelle

JM 055 zpsd67373ec Jon and Michelle

JM 056 zps1e9933a7 Jon and Michelle

Jon and his identical twin brother!

JM 057 zps429ab49c Jon and Michelle

JM 058 zps6053d677 Jon and Michelle

JM 059 zps77a6aa43 Jon and Michelle

JM 060 zps60c9eb04 Jon and Michelle

JM 061 zps060529e5 Jon and Michelle

JM 062 zps92ac452d Jon and Michelle

JM 063 zpsd30dd1f8 Jon and Michelle

JM 064 zpsb00506d1 Jon and Michelle

JM 065 zps23e741b3 Jon and Michelle

JM 067 zps714fcca2 Jon and Michelle

JM 068 zps533218a0 Jon and Michelle

JM 069 zpsf7cc20c6 Jon and Michelle

JM 070 zpscb73fe2c Jon and Michelle

JM 071 zpsfbd6ba56 Jon and Michelle

Hope Jon and Michelle had fun getting away in their wedding car!

JM 073 zpsd80a6bf5 Jon and Michelle

Celebrating life and love,


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September 11, 2013 Les and Heather

Les and Heather had such a beautiful day for their wedding at One King West in downtown Toronto. Everything was within walking distance – and the energy of the city core added to the excitement of the day. It was a day full of laughs, singing, joking around and love. A day of celebrating!

LH 000 zpsd2cdaffd Les and Heather

LH 001 zpsc7f4435a Les and Heather

Loved all the guys cufflinks! So fun!

LH 002 zpsde315d8d Les and Heather

LH 003 zpsae76dcbf Les and Heather

LH 004 zps47eff52e Les and Heather

LH 005 zpsbdccb438 Les and Heather

And while my assistant, Eva was with Les and the boys – I was with Heather and the girls at One King West.

LH 006 zpsb1f4d350 Les and Heather

Heather had glued every. single. bead. on these shoes. Took her months – the finished product was great!

LH 007 zpsc10dc820 Les and Heather

LH 010 zpsf8ada593 Les and Heather

LH 011 zps9195b4b5 Les and Heather

LH 012 zpsd80fbe81 Les and Heather

LH 017 zpsbca8cdd2 Les and Heather

LH 015 zpsc1175ee4 Les and Heather

LH 018 zpsee00cbac Les and Heather

LH 019 zpsad9315d9 Les and Heather

LH 022 zps1970699e Les and Heather

LH 021 zps6317b548 Les and Heather

LH 023 zps93153869 Les and Heather

Now these ringbearers and flowergirls were beyond adorable!

LH 026 zpsec5d818b Les and Heather

LH 027 zpsbc6374ba Les and Heather

LH 030 zps2d9b1a89 Les and Heather

LH 028 zpsf4dfc1ab Les and Heather

LH 031 zps8576819b Les and Heather

LH 035 zps9cb68ca3 Les and Heather

LH 033 zps5cecc832 Les and Heather

LH 037 zpsf95fe6bd Les and Heather

LH 038 zps3aef6a24 Les and Heather

LH 039 zpsc2a53d9f Les and Heather

The busker outside the church seemed to want to remain anonymous. icon smile Les and Heather

LH 040 zpsdc3989e2 Les and Heather

LH 041 zpseb093e57 Les and Heather

LH 042 zpsa93174fa Les and Heather

LH 045 zps737e332b Les and Heather

LH 046 zps3839bffc Les and Heather

LH 047 zpsa2ec5077 Les and Heather

LH 049 zpsb16b9acf Les and Heather

LH 050 zpsb09331ae Les and Heather

LH 051 zps8377d037 Les and Heather

LH 054 zps03ac9f8d Les and Heather

LH 052 zps46d1f481 Les and Heather

LH 056 zps03d4a05f Les and Heather

LH 057 zpsc7a4a6d6 Les and Heather

LH 058 zps2980b130 Les and Heather

The wedding party rode the streetcar – everyone else on board was so excited! The driver announced a “congratulations” over the intercom and everyone cheered… and they got given random marriage advice too from some interesting Toronto folks!

LH 061 zpse4ce6691 Les and Heather

LH 063 zpsfa6c8e2e Les and Heather

LH 064 zps484d9938 Les and Heather

LH 065 zps2c50d8b4 Les and Heather

LH 066 zps2dc443dd Les and Heather

LH 068 zps7d9edf19 Les and Heather

LH 069 zps3c6dbdf5 Les and Heather

LH 070 zpseb2be070 Les and Heather

LH 071 zpsa3ef78e9 Les and Heather

LH 074 zps5b92ec37 Les and Heather

LH 075 zps8155196c Les and Heather

LH 077 zpscc4f0d84 Les and Heather

The party doesn’t start officially until Darth Vader hits the dance floor. Obviously.

LH 073 zps821adb0e Les and Heather

Congratulations Les and Heather – hope you had a great Mexican vacation!

Celebrating life and love,


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I loved meeting up with Sophie and her parents recently to celebrate being done her treatments for her leukemia after 25months! Over two years of treatments… what a cause to celebrate! This session was done through SMiling Eyes – if you’re not familiar with them read more HERE!

IMG 2274 zps75a4e3ca Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 2311 zps3853dc5d Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 8003 zps106c14f9 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 8008 zpsb2e5b3a7 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 7929 zpsfdc24eb6 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 7937 zps0fe5e4f5 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 2340 zps51de422d Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 2332 zpsb4c30f27 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 7971 zps5e49e3f8 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 8005 zps697d5c7f Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 2371 2 zpsb8a4448e Sophies Smiling Eyes

I always love seeing the bravery beads – so incredible! Each bead shows something that the child has experienced – a treatment, hospital stay, needle… and the length of the beads can wrap around the child’s small body several times. What a great visual to show how incredible these little warriors have fought on their journey with cancer!

IMG 8073 zps44a12cd6 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 8076 zps90fe6d62 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 8036 zps5dabc034 Sophies Smiling Eyes

IMG 2388 zps13e862a7 Sophies Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


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August 22, 2013 Graham and Jen

Graham and Jen’s wedding was so beautiful – from the people, details and outfits to the sun shining and especially the gorgeous venue at Cranberry Creek Gardens! (definitely a favourite venue now!) I completely enjoyed our day celebrating along with the gorgeous Jen and her handsome hubby Graham!

GJwed 001 zps18ec9dcd Graham and Jen

GJwed 002 zps0574d0e5 Graham and Jen

GJwed 003 zps1b5c8d15 Graham and Jen

GJwed 004 zps20185f5c Graham and Jen

GJwed 005 zps9ad560ac Graham and Jen

GJwed 006 zps8112f849 Graham and Jen

GJwed 007 zps3e006c06 Graham and Jen

GJwed 008 zpse59dfdb4 Graham and Jen

GJwed 009 zps76d1255a Graham and Jen

GJwed 010 zps138df200 Graham and Jen

GJwed 011 zps79510c8f Graham and Jen

GJwed 012 zps3ec2cad6 Graham and Jen

GJwed 013 zps08ac857e Graham and Jen

GJwed 015 zpsa2ed645b Graham and Jen

GJwed 016 zps5cac1a08 Graham and Jen

GJwed 018 zpse36f6dd9 Graham and Jen

GJwed 019 zps7509ddd4 Graham and Jen

GJwed 020 zps716181d5 Graham and Jen

GJwed 021 zps862a3b82 Graham and Jen

GJwed 022 zpsc5486dc6 Graham and Jen

GJwed 023 zps776cefa1 Graham and Jen

GJwed 024 zpsda8efd88 Graham and Jen

GJwed 026 zps25b41cc4 Graham and Jen

GJwed 027 zps09ed73ee Graham and Jen

GJwed 028 zpsc40bab20 Graham and Jen

GJwed 029 zpsbc5b7df4 Graham and Jen

GJwed 030 zpse40f407b Graham and Jen

GJwed 031 zps8c2f0731 Graham and Jen

GJwed 032 zps637117c3 Graham and Jen

GJwed 033 zps3f8a27a9 Graham and Jen

GJwed 036 zpsd2e732b8 Graham and Jen

GJwed 037 zps7276c3de Graham and Jen

GJwed 038 zps5b1b85a4 Graham and Jen

GJwed 040 zps23f138cf Graham and Jen

GJwed 041 zpscb147418 Graham and Jen

GJwed 039 zps73376409 Graham and Jen

Celebrating life and love,


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August 21, 2013 Featured Photographer

It was such an honour to be August’s featured photographer for Smiling Eyes!

Read my interview here and see a few of my favourite images….


1157658 10151797420786558 705984407 n zpsdf985594 Featured Photographer

Celebrating life and love,


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August 9, 2013 Ton of fun!

I met up with the Ton family at a beautiful vintage inn that is owned by a family member. The family was gathered from PEI to BC at this great Lake Erie location. It was so fun to document their families!

IMG 6623 zps2e26db7f Ton of fun!

You know the saying… all because two people fell in love!

IMG 6669 zps402840ca Ton of fun!

IMG 6662 zpsb465f45e Ton of fun!

All the grandkids!

IMG 0361 zpsc81107cb Ton of fun!

And then some time with each family – they had all scoped out a location they wanted for their photos. Such diversity – loved it!

IMG 6754 zps2f70e217 Ton of fun!

IMG 6782 zps0f2f3c7c Ton of fun!

IMG 0365 zps1b3d098f Ton of fun!

IMG 0402 zps148bd845 Ton of fun!

IMG 0411 zpsb9d342f2 Ton of fun!

IMG 0457 zpsba6662ff Ton of fun!

IMG 6911 zps49eb5001 Ton of fun!

IMG 6984 zpsd2951583 Ton of fun!

IMG 6922 zps61f0c3c3 Ton of fun!

IMG 0574 zps650c33f5 Ton of fun!

IMG 7065 zpsede1db52 Ton of fun!

IMG 0590 zps65ee247e Ton of fun!

IMG 0598 zps5a934ea3 Ton of fun!

IMG 6994 zpsfbfa7e6c Ton of fun!

Untitled 1 zps079fabf2 Ton of fun!

IMG 6854 zps0dfa0350 Ton of fun!

Untitled 1 zps1ea43e9b Ton of fun!

Celebrating life and love,


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August 8, 2013 Visser Family

Last year I met up with the Visser family for a super fun family session. So I was excited to get back together with them this year as it was the parents 50th anniversary! They had rented a cottage in Collingwood where I met them for another fun session!

The happy couple! 50 years looks good on them!

Vissers2013 001 zpsd9fec9ae Visser Family

Vissers2013 008 zpsa3555693 Visser Family

Last year all the grandkids weren’t able to be there – so it was extra special to have everyone together for the first time in years! Paige – the youngest – is the only girl in the grandkid mix!

Vissers2013 011 zpsf28770e1 Visser Family

Vissers2013 014 zps5c65c6dd Visser Family

Vissers2013 010 zps5298fc95 Visser Family

Vissers2013 018 zps615527b1 Visser Family

Vissers2013 025 zps6f039a4d Visser Family

Vissers2013 026 zps78ea69d2 Visser Family

Vissers2013 030 zps4a5061ca Visser Family

Vissers2013 035 zpsadff6dc0 Visser Family

Vissers2013 040 zps84e91205 Visser Family

Vissers2013 044 zps182278ad Visser Family

Vissers2013 048 zps7a1c2f9b Visser Family

Vissers2013 049 zps995e3c06 Visser Family

Vissers2013 055 zps01f418f1 Visser Family

Vissers2013 056 zps59e5a044 Visser Family

Vissers2013 057 zps44ecb6ac Visser Family

The adults decided they needed to do the same shot….

Vissers2013 058 zps6c4744c4 Visser Family

And why not a great big group photo to end with!

Vissers2013 061 zps767f79cb Visser Family

Celebrating life and love,


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August 3, 2013 Jim and Trisha

A few weeks ago I had an email from Jim asking about my availability. I asked him for a few more details – was it a portrait session or a wedding or??? He replied with, “Well if you can swear to secrecy…” Talk about getting my curiosity going! Guests thought they were coming to a Garden Party. Trisha’s mom had celebrated her 90th birthday the day before so family had all come down to visit. Instead, they were actually to be coming to Jim and Trisha’s wedding! Jim and Trisha said it wasn’t about the shock that they were concerned, these low key people just wanted a celebration without all the hoopla. Without the gifts, and people booking time off work, and so on. They just wanted to get married after many years together. So, at their home surrounded by friends and family – they said “I do”.

JTwed 001 zps02abab70 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 002 zpsaf9d5943 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 003 zps8d412b72 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 004 zps7716e666 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 005 zpsc63025a6 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 006 zps1025e729 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 007 zpsb2316f8d Jim and Trisha

JTwed 008 zps553a925c Jim and Trisha

JTwed 009 zps763a7877 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 010 zps8597ad76 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 011 zps0f8517ae Jim and Trisha

JTwed 012 zps79e75caa Jim and Trisha

JTwed 013 zps67063648 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 014 zpsdd5174e8 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 015 zps44d90758 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 016 zps0e98ee50 Jim and Trisha

A quick change of clothes while the guests continued to enjoy the backyard….

JTwed 017 zpsce9cbb40 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 043 zps8a04d59c Jim and Trisha

JTwed 045 zpsf7e0d6fc Jim and Trisha

Their nephew drawing their attention to the garden and flowergirls. Wait…. you don’t have flower girls at a garden party! The lightbulbs started to go off!

JTwed 018 zps46a74241 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 019 zps47c79327 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 020 zpsa251b5ed Jim and Trisha

JTwed 021 zpsbff1ed62 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 022 zps0ac1dcea Jim and Trisha

JTwed 023 zps67717f26 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 024 zpsf9434ed0 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 025 zps3b6afe44 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 027 zps4d0f5cc7 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 028 zps4205ec26 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 029 zpseaabbbcc Jim and Trisha

JTwed 030 zps63dd2bda Jim and Trisha

JTwed 031 zps89ae92e2 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 032 zps66e4bb7e Jim and Trisha

JTwed 026 zps7d87c041 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 033 zps175b60ac Jim and Trisha

JTwed 034 zps49292c32 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 037 zpsa5e323ac Jim and Trisha

JTwed 038 zpsa34d693e Jim and Trisha


JTwed 039 zpsef1c568a Jim and Trisha

JTwed 040 zpsc84ece42 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 058 zps99238730 Jim and Trisha


JTwed 049 zpsd61a9097 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 050 zpse27419c0 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 051 zpsbb3cde81 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 057 zps72fa3f6a Jim and Trisha

JTwed 052 zpsf28f096b Jim and Trisha

JTwed 053 zps14458ac3 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 056 zpse0016831 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 059 zps3b520bdf Jim and Trisha

JTwed 046 zps7b2486a2 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 047 zpscdabb661 Jim and Trisha

JTwed 048 zps6c915fcb Jim and Trisha

JTwed 041 zpsba48b2e9 Jim and Trisha

Celebrating life and love,


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July 30, 2013 John and Bridget

I was really looking forward to John and Bridget’s wedding. I knew right from the first time I met them that I really enjoyed them – they are so laid back and fun! I knew they were a couple I’d love to document – and I was right! John is so goofy he has Bridget and everyone else laughing all the time. And Bridget is so sweet and fun. My second shooter, Katie, and I felt more like guests than photographers as everyone was so welcoming. I loved their day – here’s a glimpse into it!

JBwed blog001 zps4e549d85 John and Bridget

JBwed blog002 zps776af629 John and Bridget

JBwed blog003 zpsc99379d0 John and Bridget

JBwed blog004 zps4fb40b08 John and Bridget

JBwed blog005 zps8f1207cc John and Bridget

JBwed blog006 zps4c586b40 John and Bridget

JBwed blog007 zpsbe76385a John and Bridget

JBwed blog008 zps0b5ed130 John and Bridget

JBwed blog009 zps71825e11 John and Bridget

JBwed blog010 zps64d7bac1 John and Bridget

JBwed blog011 zps173f9c9e John and Bridget

JBwed blog012 zps718ac322 John and Bridget

JBwed blog013 zpse688feba John and Bridget

JBwed blog014 zpsa5bf2e0a John and Bridget

JBwed blog015 zpsa099b92e John and Bridget

JBwed blog016 zpsf88ef46c John and Bridget

JBwed blog017 zps58aa1603 John and Bridget

JBwed blog018 zps34543e0b John and Bridget

JBwed blog019 zpse3b05cbe John and Bridget

JBwed blog020 zpsa358221c John and Bridget

JBwed blog021 zps488b6897 John and Bridget

JBwed blog022 zpsddab9f29 John and Bridget

JBwed blog023 zps1043b63a John and Bridget

JBwed blog024 zps0b54518c John and Bridget

JBwed blog025 zps049b0a1b John and Bridget

JBwed blog026 zps60b77c77 John and Bridget

JBwed blog027 zps4e9b40c7 John and Bridget

JBwed blog028 zps94c86be6 John and Bridget

JBwed blog029 zps6b41cc47 John and Bridget

JBwed blog030 zps72e9c8c5 John and Bridget

JBwed blog031 zpsb60eca21 John and Bridget

JBwed blog032 zpsa7337085 John and Bridget

JBwed blog034 zpse7a1520f John and Bridget

JBwed blog035 zps733cf29b John and Bridget

JBwed blog036 zps3790e60b John and Bridget

JBwed blog037 zps1f53e023 John and Bridget

JBwed blog038 zps931ea2f3 John and Bridget

JBwed blog039 zps633e14f4 John and Bridget

JBwed blog041 zps1563c447 John and Bridget

JBwed blog042 zps233df490 John and Bridget

JBwed blog043 zpsbdd888ef John and Bridget

JBwed blog044 zps7b909302 John and Bridget

JBwed blog045 zpse13d3477 John and Bridget

IMG 0548 zps87f98474 John and Bridget

JBwed blog047 zps0bff6611 John and Bridget

JBwed blog048 zps3c34718e John and Bridget

JBwed blog049 zps3403dc70 John and Bridget

JBwed blog050 zps6d42f7f2 John and Bridget

JBwed blog051 zps106586a7 John and Bridget

JBwed blog052 zps9574261a John and Bridget

JBwed blog053 zps0db3168a John and Bridget

JBwed blog054 zps7f3dcf24 John and Bridget

JBwed blog055 zpsd3498b7f John and Bridget

Celebrating life and love,


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July 22, 2013 Ken and Christine

I have known Christine for almost 25 years – her younger sister, Monica, and I have been close friends since grade nine. I haven’t seen Christine in years – and was thrilled to get an email saying she was getting married and coming home to do so! I was even more thrilled when I saw her – happier and more beautiful than I have ever seen her. Ken – you obviously make CHristine happy and you two seem just perfect for each other! Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration!

Ken and Christine chose the beautiful Sarcoa restaurant at the Hamilton waterfront for their wedding. An amazing location for a small wedding!!

KCwed blog001 zpsbfca6a82 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog002 zpsc74f6f3c Ken and Christine

KCwed blog003 zps9913697a Ken and Christine

KCwed blog004 zps98596470 Ken and Christine

Ken’s beautiful daughters stood up for the happy couple, and Christine’s good friend performed the ceremony. Loved the intimate feel of the day!

KCwed blog006 zpsa32f6112 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog005 zpse31313be Ken and Christine

KCwed blog007 zps68cfe43a Ken and Christine

KCwed blog008 zpsee1dde6f Ken and Christine

KCwed blog009 zps0b2054d8 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog010 zps29ae6f02 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog011 zps20af4e75 Ken and Christine

I loved the candle lighting ceremony where everyone who attended lit a candle for the couple.

KCwed blog012 zpsc808fd0d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog013 zpsf91000de Ken and Christine

KCwed blog014 zps6cd7eb93 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog015 zps75ee8e47 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog016 zpsc4cd8d34 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog017 zpsc05def3f Ken and Christine

KCwed blog018 zps5f2a21a4 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog019 zps32a66171 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog020 zps1463d1a1 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog021 zpsb4cab38d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog022 zpsf472bb56 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog023 zps762403d4 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog024 zps6c1d0687 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog025 zps0c1540f4 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog026 zpse5bb4d75 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog027 zps3611450d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog028 zpsa82e6ecd Ken and Christine


KCwed blog029 zps203202ce Ken and Christine

KCwed blog031 zps406de56e Ken and Christine

KCwed blog032 zpse3eae758 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog034 zpsd66b4e19 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog035 zps7220888f Ken and Christine

KCwed blog036 zps4fc1a4c0 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog037 zps5bdacfde Ken and Christine

KCwed blog039 zps910d8a47 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog040 zps3ff807b3 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog041 zps8f567e98 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog042 zpsaa8a112d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog044 zpsfa20c5dc Ken and Christine

KCwed blog045 zps0378242b Ken and Christine

KCwed blog046 zpsbff3b201 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog047 zpsa0213010 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog048 zps33f47038 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog049 zpsd6c01a18 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog050 zps6709cdce Ken and Christine

KCwed blog051 zps8f1d87a8 Ken and Christine

Celebrating life and love,


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