October 18, 2013 Martin Family

Another one of my close friends on the blog tonight – what a treat to photograph some of my favourite people lately! Kerri-Anne and I have become good friends although we could not be more different on the outside – she helps keep my scatter-brained ways on track and I keep her laughing. It was fun to photograph Kerri-Anne’s extended family this time – I had met her sister before (and love her too – she’s so much fun!) but hadn’t met her parents yet. Always fun to see the whole family together!

martin001 zps20d30653 Martin Family

martin002 zps1b5352c3 Martin Family

martin003 zps152c04f1 Martin Family

martin004 zpsc9e19942 Martin Family


martin007 zps09b15d27 Martin Family


martin009 zps9c26e083 Martin Family

martin010 zpsec42bc22 Martin Family

martin011 zps59cca502 Martin Family

martin012 zpse5df2418 Martin Family

martin013 zps019fd7ef Martin Family

martin014 zps7b4d8492 Martin Family

martin015 zps8fe0ef22 Martin Family

martin016 zps429d2f04 Martin Family

martin017 zps06f85fa7 Martin Family

martin018 zps7083f866 Martin Family

martin019 zpsd1fcaafb Martin Family

martin020 zpsb47467a9 Martin Family

This picture cracks me up… some things never change. icon smile Martin Family

martin021 zps6feee236 Martin Family

martin022 zps1f1787ae Martin Family

martin006 zpsc927f64b Martin Family

Because the kids know me so well – there was lots of goofing off as well. Love that! I’ll end with a couple goofy pictures!

martin023 zps01d6a9ab Martin Family

martin024 zpsa1984a3b Martin Family

Celebrating life and love,


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October 18, 2013 Bucek Family

I have known this family for a long time – Carolynn is one of my closest friends. I was happy when they asked for photos again this year and agreed to drive out to have their session. Even though we don’t live close – it makes the time we do have together extra special! Love these guys!

bucek001 zpseef2a5f7 Bucek Family

bucek004 zps49a5a0c2 Bucek Family

bucek003 zps5cfa3ddc Bucek Family

bucek005 zps44259e69 Bucek Family

bucek006 zps47e55b36 Bucek Family

bucek010 zpsd408ae4a Bucek Family

bucek009 zps2eb5d022 Bucek Family

bucek007 zps78437d96 Bucek Family

bucek008 zpsdb21e622 Bucek Family

bucek012 zpsd0fd4131 Bucek Family

bucek013 zps1c07d8cf Bucek Family

bucek014 zps98714205 Bucek Family

bucek015 zps51cd4be3 Bucek Family

Celebrating life and love,


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October 16, 2013 Abigail

Last time I saw Abigail she was a little baby – she’s grown into such a gorgeous toddler now! Almost two and so beautiful with that fiery red hair and big blue eyes. So fun to see her personality coming through and to see Kirk and Lyndsay as parents.

abigail022 zpsa572ef50 Abigail

abigail023 zps9575b9d1 Abigail

abigail025 zps4bb92000 Abigail

abigail026 zpsca834d8e Abigail

abigail027 zpsf5b5029f Abigail

abigail028 zpsd3e05301 Abigail

abigail029 zpsf721d23e Abigail

abigail030 zpsaa0aeb09 Abigail

abigail031 zps360f6fd6 Abigail

abigail032 zps3c197bc0 Abigail

abigail033 zpse1160e80 Abigail

abigail034 zps0bdb5ae1 Abigail

abigail035 zps931f6f1d Abigail

abigail036 zpsc9f4ec3b Abigail

abigail037 zpsc4d06dfb Abigail

abigail038 zpsc393ed27 Abigail

abigail039 zps225b43c9 Abigail

abigail040 zps8fc41f06 Abigail

abigail041 zps0f1caebf Abigail

Celebrating life and love,


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October 16, 2013 McNeice Family

It was fun to document this family again – the kids have grown so much since the last time I photographed them two years ago (LINK)! It was a perfect Fall day to enjoy the outdoors and have some laughs!

mcneice001 zps8d013775 McNeice Family

mcneice002 zps18f02620 McNeice Family

mcneice003 zps76821e25 McNeice Family

mcneice004 zps48b23cb7 McNeice Family

mcneice005 zps7b22c49e McNeice Family

mcneice006 zps36fa5ac2 McNeice Family

Keira requested we do this image again after we had last time! So fun.

mcneice007 zps3c1b32ab McNeice Family

mcneice008 zps689106a1 McNeice Family

mcneice009 zpsa57ec220 McNeice Family

mcneice010 zpsea404ec9 McNeice Family

mcneice011 zpsfee36e2c McNeice Family

mcneice012 zpse206c547 McNeice Family

mcneice013 zps37666a16 McNeice Family

mcneice014 zpsba451fb7 McNeice Family

mcneice015 zpsd1296ec1 McNeice Family

mcneice016 zps07545519 McNeice Family

mcneice017 zpsfd3a170a McNeice Family

Keira teaching her dad how to smile.

mcneice018 zps95d19a27 McNeice Family

mcneice019 zpsb272107b McNeice Family

mcneice020 zpsc430c2d6 McNeice Family

mcneice021 zps5ee0d579 McNeice Family

mcneice022 zps732246bc McNeice Family

mcneice023 zps6875a6b0 McNeice Family

Celebrating life and love,


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October 16, 2013 Bob

This summer I had the joy of photographing John and Bridget’s wedding – they are so fun! They mentioned they just had a new addition to their family – and like parents everywhere, wanted to have their new little one documented.

So, last week I had the fun of meeting their new addition – Bob. This bulldog had us laughing and grinning from ear to ear. I was smitten.

bob001 zpsd7508c66 Bob

bob002 zpscfe69318 Bob

bob003 zps18b4640d Bob

bob005 zps6fb1864f Bob

bob006 zps172dbd54 Bob

bob007 zps13698260 Bob

bob008 zpsde1d53f4 Bob

bob009 zps38f0533f Bob

bob010 zpsa9c97062 Bob

bob011 zps948a4e75 Bob

bob013 zpsea62cfda Bob

bob014 zps09789ce7 Bob

bob015 zps80ef1510 Bob

bob017 zps2feb40e8 Bob

bob018 zps550324fa Bob

bob023 zps9d2fe96a Bob

bob024 zps288970b1 Bob

Celebrating life and love,


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October 16, 2013 Meera Update

I have had so many emails and questions about Meera and how she is doing. I am blown away by the support and love shown to her and her family. Thank you!

Just before Meera’s last chemo treatment of this round, they noticed a small lump in her mouth above a tooth (her mouth area is where the cancer has been). They had her come in for surgery immediately and removed the lump. I joined the family on the day of her surgery. And then came the waiting. They had expected the prognosis to take about a week – but yesterday they received the news early. It wasn’t cancerous! Hurray!!!

IMG 5606 zpsda11df79 Meera Update

IMG 5608 zps71432d89 Meera Update

Love Sick Kids and all the things they do to make these tough journeys easier… like iPad’s for the kids while waiting for the meds to kick in before surgery!

IMG 5612 zpse3511617 Meera Update

IMG 5626 zps3b7d5ad3 Meera Update

And out of surgery and recovering with mom, dad and new baby sister Kembree. It was sweet – Meera’s other little sister Ameena wasn’t there (a bit much for a toddler!) and Meera said “I want both sisters.” She is such a good big sister.

IMG 5688 zpsd88832a0 Meera Update

IMG 5694 2 zpsb22277fb Meera Update

IMG 5640 zps9d1a45dd Meera Update

IMG 5678 zps63fa2c95 Meera Update

IMG 5683 zps61adb7b4 Meera Update

IMG 5667 zps3288655e Meera Update

IMG 5664 zps8692cf0a Meera Update

IMG 5642 zps26eb04a7 Meera Update

Don’t know if you can see Laura’s tattoo – it says “Hair grows back, Kids don’t”. icon smile Meera Update

IMG 5648 zps8aeed052 Meera Update

IMG 5700 zpsfa2463f1 Meera Update

IMG 5703 zps2b85028e Meera Update

IMG 5706 zps34291069 Meera Update

Celebrating life and love,


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October 3, 2013 Baby Rayne

As you may remember, we sold our country home earlier this year. We were to meet the new owners one time before we left – I was prepared not to like them – ha ha. But, when you meet Mike and Jen they are so friendly and likeable that I had no choice but to like them! As we were talking and getting to know each other, Jen told me her big secret… she was expecting their first child. We were so excited to know there would be kids in the home again! And what an honour it was to go back this Fall to document their new family as they had welcomed baby Rayne into the world exactly one week prior to my visit. It was great to see all they had done to the home – and to see the new little life that would be roaming the fields there! Congratulations again Mike and Jen – Rayne is just perfect!

rayne2013 001 zpsd3e01849 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 002 zpsde76b9ce Baby Rayne

rayne2013 003 zps13aab1fd Baby Rayne

rayne2013 004 zps8ecb4e87 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 005 zpse858d02f Baby Rayne

rayne2013 006 zps85ee33f3 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 008 zps2f4336f0 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 009 zps5e98d0eb Baby Rayne

rayne2013 010 zps1621fb9f Baby Rayne

rayne2013 011 zpsd79ed9c6 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 012 zpsaf7e43de Baby Rayne

rayne2013 013 zps32565047 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 014 zps95017d22 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 015 zps6bd5d96f Baby Rayne

rayne2013 016 zps5a367c25 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 017 zpsa4978e6a Baby Rayne

rayne2013 018 zpsaf811a6a Baby Rayne

rayne2013 019 zps700853c3 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 020 zpsc50be052 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 021 zps7fdb51e6 Baby Rayne

rayne2013 022 zps1754f4aa Baby Rayne

rayne2013 025 zps0c2f97d6 Baby Rayne

Celebrating life and love,


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October 3, 2013 Thankful Sessions

Lately I have been so in love with people – even more so than normally. I have been thinking about the lost art of friend making that kids so naturally possess. A child can see someone at a park that think looks interesting. Walk up to this stranger and ask “Want to be my friend? Want to be my BEST friend? Want to come to my birthday party?”

When do we lose that?

I think there are so many people who are lonely – surrounded by people they’d like to be friends with, but scared to ask “Want to be my friend?”

So recently I’ve tried a little experiment and started asking. Yesterday I had an amazing few hours with a woman I’ve barely known but always knew I really liked. Tomorrow I am connecting with another new friend who I met last week and knew I liked and may have creeped her out by telling her so.

So my heart is feeling a little lighter. Happier. I’m feeling thankful for friends in my life. Old friends. New friends. The people in my life are rich and make life sweet.

Who are you thankful for? This Thanksgiving I’m offering mini sessions – these could be with your family, your spouse – or maybe your friend who you’re so thankful for and couldn’t live without.

This Thanksgiving take time out to do just that… give thanks!

WEBthankfulsessions2 788x1024 Thankful Sessions

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September 27, 2013 Sandra’s Smiling Eyes

Sandra contacted me recently – I had documented her sister Darlene’s Smiling Eyes five years ago. Now, Sandra was beginning her own journey and had just started chemo therapy. It was great to see Sandra and the support of her family. The men in her life – her sons and husband – just adore her and they are such a tight group! So, on this beautiful Fall day we celebrated Sandra’s smiling eyes and the love of her family!

sandra001 zps6f555524 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra002 zps34f7bd88 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra008 zpsac389e52 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra009 zps356776f2 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra003 zpsfda2ea5c Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra004 zps278d76b0 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra005 zps2fd1fff1 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra006 zps778b4da2 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra007 zps563817f9 Sandras Smiling Eyes


sandra010 zps5d96f484 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra011 zpsba1ffa22 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra012 zps0c0ed465 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra013 zps76a84e7f Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra015 zps658bc575 Sandras Smiling Eyes


And the boys reaction to mom and dad cuddling. Some things don’t change. icon smile Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra018 zpscd85cdf9 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra020 zps103b2855 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra022 zps97bfff5f Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra023 zpsb24b5a66 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra024 zps34917083 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra025 zps4c4214b2 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra026 zpsfd93fcd3 Sandras Smiling Eyes

sandra027 zpsea388649 Sandras Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


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September 16, 2013 Jon and Michelle

Any wedding day is a mix of emotions – there are tears of joy, and of sadness when a loved one can’t be at the celebration and is missed. Michelle’s mom had not been well, and on the Wednesday (3 days before the wedding) the family was given the tough news from the doctors that she could not leave the hospital for the wedding. I expected to walk into a house in sadness – but Michelle and her support group of gals had decided to embrace the love they were celebrating that day and went forth with huge smiles on their faces. Once we were ready, we went to the hospital with Jon, Michelle, their parents and her sister and had a ceremony at the small chapel there. Even though they were legally married already – we went ahead with the planned ceremony afterwards and mom was able to be a part of it via skype!

JM 001 zpsa776e0bb Jon and Michelle

JM 002 zpsb5a4866a Jon and Michelle

JM 005 zps8efa2319 Jon and Michelle

Love the pink Michelle added to her crinolin!

JM 006 zps0b31e7d3 Jon and Michelle

JM 007 zps38e3b8d8 Jon and Michelle

And then it was on to the hospital! Michelle’s mom couldn’t get over how beautiful her baby looked as a bride!

JM 008 zpsf4c23acd Jon and Michelle

JM 009 zpsd7294232 Jon and Michelle

JM 010 zps5a331fcb Jon and Michelle

JM 011 zps16ddfbfd Jon and Michelle

JM 012 zps46aff1ec Jon and Michelle

JM 013 zps75e3454d Jon and Michelle

JM 015 zpseaabfbfb Jon and Michelle

JM 016 zps923a5fa7 Jon and Michelle

JM 017 zps71953476 Jon and Michelle

JM 018 zps766ee688 Jon and Michelle

It was hard to leave – but another ceremony and guests were waiting!

JM 020 zps8277bb9e Jon and Michelle

JM 021 zps455aba65 Jon and Michelle

JM 024 zps43724569 Jon and Michelle

The ceremony was a bit late starting – which was great as it gave guests a chance to skype with mom!

JM 025 zpsea2fb1b5 Jon and Michelle

The sweetest ringbearers I’ve ever seen!

JM 026 zpsce9e9e6c Jon and Michelle

JM 032 zps6bca12d3 Jon and Michelle

JM 027 zps82d2d506 Jon and Michelle

JM 028 zps18e46a91 Jon and Michelle

JM 030 zps436b34cd Jon and Michelle

JM 033 zps7ed17c68 Jon and Michelle

JM 035 zps9abe61ac Jon and Michelle

JM 037 zps3c999ce1 Jon and Michelle

JM 038 zps34cdbbc3 Jon and Michelle

JM 040 zps6c0b7e61 Jon and Michelle

JM 041 zpsc2e70285 Jon and Michelle

JM 043 zps8272045a Jon and Michelle

Sharing the moment with mom…

JM 046 zpsda53240b Jon and Michelle

JM 047 zps18c2790d Jon and Michelle

Jon and Michelle had their wedding party surround them and pray for them at the end of the ceremony – really beautiful moment.

JM 044 zps9be69c2a Jon and Michelle

JM 049 zps25ed0057 Jon and Michelle

The happy couple!

JM 051 zps5ffae747 Jon and Michelle

JM 052 zpsad51c23e Jon and Michelle

JM 054 zps30fbc8ac Jon and Michelle

JM 055 zpsd67373ec Jon and Michelle

JM 056 zps1e9933a7 Jon and Michelle

Jon and his identical twin brother!

JM 057 zps429ab49c Jon and Michelle

JM 058 zps6053d677 Jon and Michelle

JM 059 zps77a6aa43 Jon and Michelle

JM 060 zps60c9eb04 Jon and Michelle

JM 061 zps060529e5 Jon and Michelle

JM 062 zps92ac452d Jon and Michelle

JM 063 zpsd30dd1f8 Jon and Michelle

JM 064 zpsb00506d1 Jon and Michelle

JM 065 zps23e741b3 Jon and Michelle

JM 067 zps714fcca2 Jon and Michelle

JM 068 zps533218a0 Jon and Michelle

JM 069 zpsf7cc20c6 Jon and Michelle

JM 070 zpscb73fe2c Jon and Michelle

JM 071 zpsfbd6ba56 Jon and Michelle

Hope Jon and Michelle had fun getting away in their wedding car!

JM 073 zpsd80a6bf5 Jon and Michelle

Celebrating life and love,


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