July 8, 2013 Jon and Michelle

Jon and Michelle and I met on a beautiful summer evening exploring down a country laneway. They are such a fun couple – our time together was full of laughs and I can’t wait for their September wedding!

IMG 9914 zps0a558362 Jon and Michelle

IMG 9935 zpsd4f8a1e2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 9955 zpsad8b67bb Jon and Michelle

IMG 9960 zpsae8801a2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0111 zps076ee7a3 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0124 zps3cb00a14 Jon and Michelle

IMG 9989 zps780f183a Jon and Michelle

IMG 0104 zps46355bfb Jon and Michelle

IMG 0011 zps055e0871 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0019 zpsc2900bb6 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0068 zps885d849c Jon and Michelle

IMG 0092 zpsb5faede8 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0213 zps0be5a2b4 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0233 zps4ec260fe Jon and Michelle


IMG 0170 zpsf4166bc2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0250 zps8dd8a07f Jon and Michelle

IMG 0286 zps8040b610 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0267 zps6b738db1 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0322 zps25938a98 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0350 zps5f6e41c2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0356 zpsa88b71d5 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0414 zpsa9405075 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0368 zps0bc3c1f0 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0433 zpsd622bd7d Jon and Michelle

IMG 0452 zpsbb85c11e Jon and Michelle

I loved the pink in Michelle’s ring!

Untitled 1 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0511 zpsc1b96018 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0529 zpsc7f487ea Jon and Michelle

Celebrating life and love,



July 6, 2013 Before and After

It has been so fun to get to know this great family over the last few years. Five years ago in 2008, Greg and Kim were in a wedding party I photographed. In 2009, I photographed them as they waited for their first baby. Later that year I photographed baby Fox and then as a one year old.

I met up with Greg, Kim and Fox again recently to celebrate the anticipation of baby number two! Kim looked so good at full term – I kept commenting over and over how healthy and amazing she looks. Turns out she should… she is a nutritionist that specializes in maternal health! (Check out her website HERE). Fox now is no longer a baby, but a young boy full of personality and spunk!

Niblett2013 000 zps943b62a1 Before and After

Niblett2013 001 zps00883bc0 Before and After

Niblett2013 002 zps1acef59d Before and After

Niblett2013 003 zps9ca9e0e6 Before and After

Niblett2013 004 zps51f7deec Before and After

Niblett2013 005 zps1eec9c89 Before and After

Niblett2013 011 zpsea93b216 Before and After

Niblett2013 010 zpsc838bb17 Before and After

Niblett2013 014 zpse7cc5e85 Before and After

Niblett2013 013 zps5e368c0a Before and After

Niblett2013 015 zpsfb0eacd0 Before and After

Niblett2013 006 zpsd9d0fc3b Before and After

Niblett2013 012 zps71a1abe7 Before and After

Niblett2013 008 zps24e57a68 Before and After

Niblett2013 007 zps698f181d Before and After

Niblett2013 016 zpsb0869a61 Before and After

Niblett2013 017 zps21ed9917 Before and After

Niblett2013 018 zps6a6f95f0 Before and After

Niblett2013 019 zpse5034c56 Before and After

Niblett2013 020 zpsb3d5dde9 Before and After

So… those photos above were taken on June 22. A few days later on June 28, baby Rowan arrived! Five days after he arrived, I got to go meet him and connect with the family again.

It’s always amazing how big the sibling seems once a new baby sibling arrives.

Niblett2013 021 zps26ac9ae1 Before and After

Niblett2013 024 zpsd622a898 Before and After

And always an adjustment for the furry siblings too!

Niblett2013 022 zps1b24e339 Before and After

And here he is! I love how he’s looking at Kim as if to say “so, you’re my mom?”

Niblett2013 023 zps92236d32 Before and After

Niblett2013 031 zpse43d650f Before and After

It’s pretty tiring being a baby.

Niblett2013 026 zps624f49ed Before and After


Niblett2013 030 zps3fbf97a8 Before and After

Niblett2013 032 zps1fd243a1 Before and After

Niblett2013 033 zps6fc5ccf2 Before and After

Niblett2013 034 zpsc970d4e2 Before and After

Niblett2013 027 zps6ff0a3a6 Before and After

I love these two pictures – they were taken one second apart (literally! I looked at the time on the image files)… love how it looks like ROwan is shocked by the kiss.

Niblett2013 028 zps141be647 Before and After

Niblett2013 029 zps91a135a1 Before and After

Niblett2013 035 zps65b6ac6d Before and After

Rowan started crying and getting fussy. It was so sweet, Fox quietly went over and looked at him with concern. Fox grabbed Rowan’s hand with his finger. And suddenly Rowan was quiet by the touch and presence of his big brother Fox.

Niblett2013 036 zps9b3c199c Before and After

Niblett2013 037 zpsb7c95232 Before and After

Niblett2013 039 zpsfa19be28 Before and After

Niblett2013 038 zps30dc8a4f Before and After

Niblett2013 040 zps0ac1aeaf Before and After

I think these two will get along just fine. icon smile Before and After

Niblett2013 043 zps7ddb9046 Before and After

Niblett2013 044 zpscb40beb8 Before and After

Untitled 1 zps59d23c74 Before and After

Celebrating life and love,


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July 5, 2013 James and Kezia

James and Kezia had such a fun wedding – the day was filled with laughing and crazy antics. I love how their families and friends are all so fun-loving and free spirits! James and Kezia also both put so much thought into every detail – it made for a beautiful wedding in every aspect!

IMG 4325 2 zpsd52ae5a6 James and Kezia

IMG 3987 zps80f2569c James and Kezia

IMG 3999 zpsa1b7614e James and Kezia

Love this painting that James did – he’s so talented!

IMG 3998 zpse94037e6 James and Kezia

IMG 4006 zpsf6e8c600 James and Kezia

IMG 4012 2 zpsa89b5682 James and Kezia

IMG 4023 2 zpsf89c702d James and Kezia

IMG 4036 zps4413d4b1 James and Kezia

IMG 4069 2 zpse0cb22b8 James and Kezia

IMG 4278 zps73ab3396 James and Kezia

IMG 4046 2 zpsfe06af9c James and Kezia

IMG 4049 2 zps638df2d4 James and Kezia

IMG 4085 2 zpsf21b7512 James and Kezia

IMG 4030 zpsf5d20d7c James and Kezia

IMG 4051 2 zps267f81c6 James and Kezia

IMG 4057 2 zps1114e4a5 James and Kezia

Our entertainment as we wait for the ceremony to start

IMG 4041 zps90c3db60 James and Kezia

IMG 4392 zps47497878 James and Kezia

IMG 4115 zpsa7a783bc James and Kezia

IMG 4188 zpsbb19f186 James and Kezia

IMG 4433 zps61d97cb2 James and Kezia

IMG 4472 zps4145a8ce James and Kezia

IMG 4224 zps0be65dab James and Kezia

IMG 4510 zps234bbfa0 James and Kezia

IMG 4551 zps33c8d231 James and Kezia

IMG 4685 zps4febb993 James and Kezia

IMG 4677 zpsdcbc9023 James and Kezia

IMG 4382 2 zps8f236e68 James and Kezia

IMG 4916 zps10c09e32 James and Kezia

IMG 4657 2 zpsa0575bd8 James and Kezia

IMG 4968 zpsfc1be6bf James and Kezia

IMG 4872 zpsd8d1d372 James and Kezia

IMG 5018 zps74a2d4e5 James and Kezia

IMG 4882 zps07d5f640 James and Kezia

IMG 4692 zps7659b24d James and Kezia

IMG 4706 2 zps27aa25cc James and Kezia

IMG 4079 zps9196ea95 James and Kezia

IMG 4275 2 zps0f1db071 James and Kezia

IMG 4351 zpsbfe805de James and Kezia

IMG 4350 zps7931145c James and Kezia

IMG 4331 2 zpsfe7f5035 James and Kezia

IMG 4859 3 zps5f0fc0b2 James and Kezia

IMG 4846 zpsa7d09e5b James and Kezia

IMG 4318 2 zpsb8c0eefd James and Kezia

IMG 4856 3 zps6b622ea4 James and Kezia

IMG 4950 zpsad659d33 James and Kezia

IMG 4421 2 zps7602f55c James and Kezia

The dance was hilarious – it was as if everyone tried to out-dance the other with hilarious moves. So fun!

IMG 5254 zps4b992bdc James and Kezia

IMG 4474 2 zps213b39a1 James and Kezia

IMG 4683 3 zps74078eb7 James and Kezia

IMG 4591 3 zpsef7af33b James and Kezia

IMG 4690 3 zpsaa756826 James and Kezia

IMG 4486 2 zps067bc7b9 James and Kezia

IMG 4824 3 zpsac569534 James and Kezia

IMG 4835 3 zps75e02a35 James and Kezia

IMG 4557 3 zps1c67ca9f James and Kezia

IMG 4515 3 zps415fd50c James and Kezia

IMG 5069 zps541dd96a James and Kezia

IMG 4661 3 zps0bf8c7d7 James and Kezia

Celebrating life and love,


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June 27, 2013 Glen and Caryn

Like most days this summer – it called for rain. And when I looked at the hourly forecast – it showed rain and thunderstorms for every. single. hour. Not looking goof for Glen and Caryn’s wedding. But I was pleasantly surprised when the rain held off until the very last photo was taken outside and we headed to the reception. A perfect day for a great couple!

Glen and Caryn got married in Ingersoll near Glen’s family farm. It was a day of celebrating, laughter, love… and more laughs. Enjoy the memories!

GCbride 023 zpsed7829d2 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 042 zpsb01264f1 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 033 zps7e4cf036 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 030 zps6df4b157 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 065 zpsbab68d4a Glen and Caryn

GCbride 051 zps93815f99 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 074 zps92a31a19 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 086 zps431991ed Glen and Caryn

GCbride 091 zps33cbe999 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 103 zpsfc41d862 Glen and Caryn

The ring bearers – prepare to see a lot of pics of them as they were SO cute!

GCbride 120 zpsf3de7009 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 122 zps9c2c84bf Glen and Caryn

GCbride 115 zpsfc662fd3 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 128 zpsa5491dca Glen and Caryn

GCgroom 009 zps2f699d4a Glen and Caryn

GCgroom 016 zps78796ada Glen and Caryn

GCbride 138 zpsc28e6938 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 006 zps77c22e85 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 008 zps9fed3d1c Glen and Caryn

GCcere 027 zps6f2ea7f9 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 028 zpsdfc8d4ed Glen and Caryn

GCcere 031 zps24858d01 Glen and Caryn


GCcere 035 zps2240c8dc Glen and Caryn

GCcere 058 zps678dbc6f Glen and Caryn

GCcere 089 zpsed2d3189 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 092 zps64437f21 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 093 zps5435a8d7 Glen and Caryn

GCport 030 zps5e580bca Glen and Caryn

GCport 029 zpsb510d98d Glen and Caryn

GCport 040 zps0977b601 Glen and Caryn

GCport 060 zps75f8f15f Glen and Caryn

GCport 144 zps60c58bb7 Glen and Caryn

GCport 157 zps54a6f1f3 Glen and Caryn

GCport 158 zpsc16caa7c Glen and Caryn

GCport 162 zps063809d8 Glen and Caryn

GCport 172 zpsbee732d4 Glen and Caryn

GCport 179 zpsa565aabb Glen and Caryn

GCport 193 zps17977945 Glen and Caryn

GCport 195 zps23f33e69 Glen and Caryn

GCport 205 zpsb72eb649 Glen and Caryn

GCrec 030 zps6e59dd02 Glen and Caryn

GCrec 031 zps6f3339ec Glen and Caryn

Celebrating life and love,


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June 26, 2013 Graham and Jennifer

Graham and Jen were so nervous about their engagement photos… but as you can see they had no reason to be nervous! We had a great evening (after so many rained out sessions this Spring!) and some magical light as we wandered around Caledonia finding beauty from the trails along the river… to the back of a funeral home. icon smile Graham and Jennifer

Looking forward to their wedding this summer!

GJengage 009 zps2c46f7d9 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 044 zps0fcfff59 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 048 zps9efb3108 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 018 zpse1087f29 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 027 zps3751a212 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 057 zpsd5a19c9e Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 059 zps29171af8 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 073 zps273ca9a2 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 066 zpsc8e46f8a Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 093 zpsc2cd5e83 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 087 zps94fbf54f Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 095 zps6d9590df Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 096 zpsb22f7ee9 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 097 zps0077c2bb Graham and Jennifer

Celebrating life and love,


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June 6, 2013 Greg and Jiney

A couple weeks ago, I headed down to the New York City area to photograph the wedding of Greg and Jiney. They got married outside of the city at a great venue – Feast at Round Hill. The beautiful home and grounds were the perfect location – rain or shine. And it rained right up until Jiney was to walk down the aisle – and then the sun came through smiling down on these two. A gorgeous day!

GJwed 001 zpsf13ccb35 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 002 zpsb9e6b61b Greg and Jiney

GJwed 003 zpsf80cb861 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 004 zps8c8ae04d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 005 zps0eda8f02 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 007 zps84cdf844 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 008 zps4b1ba3d4 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 009 zps6961c0f7 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 010 zps7d72486f Greg and Jiney

Some of the girls had never worn a sari before – it took many “aunties” to get them dressed. As one bridesmaid sad “it’s like they’re constructing a dress on me from scratch!”

GJwed 011 zpse8852bc6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 012 zps2f2e7cd6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 013 zpsd53f273f Greg and Jiney

GJwed 014 zps109f1cff Greg and Jiney

GJwed 015 zps05365cd4 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 016 zps89a889a6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 018 zps628773dc Greg and Jiney

GJwed 019 zpsbedf513a Greg and Jiney

GJwed 020 zps5af052ca Greg and Jiney

GJwed 021 zps4ddfd5c8 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 022 zps0795adae Greg and Jiney

GJwed 023 zps2609ec8d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 024 zps1b35a487 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 025 zpsc3977492 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 026 zps46e9427e Greg and Jiney

GJwed 027 zpsa8b2e6a1 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 028 zps3458cd46 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 029 zps7259049c Greg and Jiney

GJwed 030 zpsf0d45c1c Greg and Jiney

GJwed 031 zpsdaf2ab9c Greg and Jiney

GJwed 032 zpsbccb6f7d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 037 zps08b2b5e6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 038 zps28b0df29 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 033 zps36184b0b Greg and Jiney

GJwed 034 zps86d4d462 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 035 zps5aee429d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 040 zps2c856e55 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 045 zps2b09d403 Greg and Jiney

And it’s always fun to catch up with previous clients.. I had photographed Dave and Vivian’s wedding a few years ago in New York and it was so great to finally meet their daughter now too!

IMG 8190 zps76069585 Greg and Jiney

A great day – congratulations again, Greg and Jiney!

GJwed 036 zps250eecec Greg and Jiney

Celebrating life and love,


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Years ago I spent summers babysitting this raspy voiced, freckle faced little girl and her siblings. And over the last few years this little girl has gone from a cousin I babysat, to a good friend. I’ve documented Kathryn and Aaron’s engagement, wedding, first pregnancy and baby… and so excited now for baby number 2! When they visited recently, we took a couple minutes to capture a few images of this beautiful belly and family! Love this family so much – and we were so thankful to have a visit from them as we miss them now that they’ve moved back to Northwestern ONtario!

IMG 9412 zps2c6a90a0 Aaron, Kathryn, Hudson and Baby

IMG 9434 1 zps10e7c206 Aaron, Kathryn, Hudson and Baby

IMG 9442 zps185dd0fd Aaron, Kathryn, Hudson and Baby


IMG 9492 zps305c19ce Aaron, Kathryn, Hudson and Baby

IMG 9489 1 zps607eabdb Aaron, Kathryn, Hudson and Baby

IMG 9540 zps88b317a0 Aaron, Kathryn, Hudson and Baby

Celebrating life and love,


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It is always such an honour to document a family through their major milestones. I met Paul and Becca a few years ago and documented their engagement, wedding… and now was thrilled to meet and photograph their family of three. Little Evan is so loved – it was so great to see these three interacting together. This little guy is always laughing and smiling – and it’s no wonder as this is such a happy family!

This was as soon as Paul and Evan got out of the car….. still in the parking lot. I knew I was going to have a fun session!

IMG 8345 zps594197cc Paul, Becca and Evan

And then we find this gorgeous spot with trees in blossom – such a gift of a location!

lysecki02 0001 zps45812bbb Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki02 0002 zpse7e93e6b Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki02 0003 zps393e2f4c Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki02 0004 zpsf8860938 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki02 0005 zpsfde8d7fd Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki02 0006 zpsf8377ad2 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki002 zps3ad8a409 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki003 zpse7fab431 Paul, Becca and Evan

Becca singing to Evan “love you in the morning and underneath the moon”

lysecki03a zps9cfb8fcd Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki03b zps33345a27 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki004 zps8987d29a Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki005 zps0e0d4029 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki006 zps0adeeccc Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki007 zps9be01a51 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki008 zps19a5fc81 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki009 zpsbe923b23 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki012 zps62a0fe52 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki013 zpsc2d09edb Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki013a zpsd141958b Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki014 zpsf2d7869e Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki014a zpsdd5525ba Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki015 zps04634324 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki017 zps0efe1263 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki016 zps3a2a3a43 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki019 zpsab03b366 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki020 zpsd8de7701 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki021 zps56233627 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki024 zps526abe2d Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki025 zps123ab736 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki026 zpscad3c656 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki027 zps51269dde Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki028 zps5f54f924 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki030 zpsba7437c1 Paul, Becca and Evan

Peekaboo with mom!

lysecki031 zpsa8a9f127 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki032 zpsd9ef0ae1 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki033 zps37d448d4 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki034 zps3e744679 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki035 zps61f99d79 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki036 zps4f772d68 Paul, Becca and Evan

lysecki037 zps31ff2a3c Paul, Becca and Evan

Celebrating life and love,


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May 14, 2013 Glen & Caryn

After weeks of cancelling due to rain, Glen and Caryn and I finally got to meet on a beautiful Spring day. We met out at their family farm near Ingersoll – excited to photograph in and around there on their upcoming wedding day too!

GCengage 053 zps7fe42f32 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 006 zps38919c38 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 045 zps0cee25da Glen & Caryn

GCengage 036 zps5b0a0065 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 063 zps654f057f Glen & Caryn

GCengage 048 zps63ef3dd4 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 047 zpsdec9805a Glen & Caryn

GCengage 031 zps359087e5 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 021 zpse851afcc Glen & Caryn

GCengage 020 zps648f5258 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 016 zps6203e8dd Glen & Caryn

GCengage 056 zps89e5cde3 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 060 zps7f088d0d Glen & Caryn

GCengage 077 zpsd3da7fe5 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 085 zpsa5b36933 Glen & Caryn

GCengage 083 zps3c63bfed Glen & Caryn

GCengage 087 zpsf7d027ca Glen & Caryn

Celebrating life and love,


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3582 10151582235626558 795692536 n 300x300 Chases Smiling Eyes  As I mentioned recently and you may know, I am a member of Smiling Eyes This is a group of photographers that donate photo sessions to people journeying through cancer. This past week I was honoured to photograph not just one amazing family – but two! I recently blogged about Caydance… not meet 7 year old Chase!

When I met Chase the first thing I noticed was his awesome freckles! I’ve always been envious of freckles. But within seconds the freckles are long forgotten because this high energy, fast talking little man has your full attention as he talks about dogs, boats, or about anything that pops into his head. I loved hearing all that was going through his mind! Such a sweet guy!

Chase’s journey with cancer may have claimed his kidney – but not his love of life and spunk!






IMG 6639 zps39c983a5 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6635 zpsd2b01eec Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6684 zpsc338202b Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6672 2 zps744709e7 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6666 zps1538cac9 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6710 zps320144fa Chases Smiling Eyes

I’ve mentioned bravery beads before and how much I love them! SUch a great visual reminder of each child’s unique health journey. Chase showed me some of his favourites before dancing with them! icon smile Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6733 zpsd533f91d Chases Smiling Eyes

Untitled 1 1 zpsdb548882 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6843 zps207e4ab6 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6876 zps4caefe28 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6861 zpsa7c65800 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6811 zpsdcda86a7 Chases Smiling Eyes

IMG 6884 zps4473cccb Chases Smiling Eyes


Celebrating life and love,



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