October 11, 2014 Thanksgiving

I love the season of Thanksgiving – we have so much to be grateful for. To take time to stop and intentionally give thanks – love it. And this year the weather has been perfect for celebrating amongst the Fall colours. So when my girls had a PD day on the Friday of the long weekend – it was time to get out and explore! We are fortunate to live near Hamilton “Waterfall capital of the world” and within a short drive we enjoyed not one – but four amazing waterfalls! We had planned to visit a couple more too but our energy was spent and we were ready to curl up at home with books by the end. We’ll save those falls for another day!

Here’s some of my munckins on our day of exploring….

IMG 8965 zpsdac58ebf Thanksgiving

IMG 8961 zps7903ea71 Thanksgiving

IMG 8956 zps57e2573a Thanksgiving

IMG 8985 zpsf5897fdf Thanksgiving

IMG 9013 zps307127b6 Thanksgiving

IMG 8989 zps2c954b8e Thanksgiving

IMG 9045 zps05904fd3 Thanksgiving

IMG 9014 zps79983236 Thanksgiving

IMG 9128 zpsd3a28d9e Thanksgiving

IMG 9094 zps3ae7c5ac Thanksgiving

IMG 9106 zps649b7a7a Thanksgiving

IMG 9076 zpsfb2ef472 Thanksgiving

IMG 9202 zpsb741a727 Thanksgiving

IMG 8996 zps13e462a5 Thanksgiving

IMG 9132 zps6962b807 Thanksgiving

IMG 8990 zps25710209 Thanksgiving

IMG 9092 zps0a03dd5d Thanksgiving

IMG 9159 zps96f8dc97 Thanksgiving

IMG 9143 zpsc2fea609 Thanksgiving

IMG 9173 zpscb5bd3f8 Thanksgiving

IMG 9181 zpsabcb30c0 Thanksgiving

Celebrating life and love,


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October 9, 2014 Billy & Becca

It was so fun to photograph Billy and Becca’s engagement session. Over the years I’ve been able to document a number of family events for Becca’s family – and so it was great now to see Becca as the bride to be! They were so relaxed and fun together – made for great photos!

becca001 zps418beb17 Billy & Becca

becca002 zps3723c547 Billy & Becca

becca003 zpsaf16e6e7 Billy & Becca

becca004 zps872e68e9 Billy & Becca

becca005 zps441b112d Billy & Becca

becca006 zps94f73bf3 Billy & Becca

becca007 zps00392cc5 Billy & Becca

becca008 zps5203c3e9 Billy & Becca

becca009 zps497662b6 Billy & Becca

becca010 zpsb170b851 Billy & Becca

Loved watching these two interact as they told me about how they met and got engaged.

becca011 zps89b103fb Billy & Becca

becca012 zps5851383f Billy & Becca

becca013 zpse0073761 Billy & Becca

becca014 zps9db224b9 Billy & Becca

becca015 zpsdcc863db Billy & Becca

becca016 zps757eadc4 Billy & Becca

becca017 zpsb8a56980 Billy & Becca

becca019 zps7c6fe743 Billy & Becca

becca018 zps2f264d36 Billy & Becca

becca020 zps39c322e0 Billy & Becca

becca021 zpscaa38b65 Billy & Becca

becca022 zps0e80f39a Billy & Becca

becca023 zps1701a27d Billy & Becca


becca025 zps4deeab0a Billy & Becca

becca026 zps8e187b59 Billy & Becca

becca027 zpsd18d3e79 Billy & Becca

becca028 zps358bedea Billy & Becca

Celebrating life and love,


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October 5, 2014 Stone Family

I love this family so much – it has been so much fun documenting their pregnancies, births, newborns and family over the years. With three kids three and under they are busy – but they know how to live life well. With Sarah always laughing and Kris always on his guitar… their home is filled with the best sounds. We got up early – which was a bit painful for Kris and I who are night owls! – and did their photos on their farm as the sun came up. So much fun!

stones001 zps20c01668 Stone Family

stones002 zpsec587db5 Stone Family

stones003 zps0a618d0b Stone Family

stones005 zps1cfacaa8 Stone Family

stones006 zps716bec43 Stone Family

stones007 zpsbd3667ae Stone Family

stones008 zps25acdfed Stone Family

stones009a zpsffd841f5 Stone Family

stones011 zpsfaadae7a Stone Family

stones013 zpse35c89ba Stone Family

stones014 zpse0d845e8 Stone Family

stones015 zpsca127a57 Stone Family

stones017 zpsc5e55ec5 Stone Family

stones018 zps4d68cfda Stone Family

stones021 zpsc2745634 Stone Family

stones022 zps8b6d87d3 Stone Family

stones023 zps98e4c684 Stone Family

stones024 zps5866a144 Stone Family

stones025 zps5aef3af5 Stone Family

stones026 zps35b071e4 Stone Family

stones027 zpsb31d3779 Stone Family

stones028 zpsed1ceb21 Stone Family

stones029 zps159a979a Stone Family

stones030 zps3f6b9a96 Stone Family

stones033 zps563b2e70 Stone Family

stones032 zps3ea9cb1c Stone Family

stones034 zps7141f565 Stone Family

stones035 zpsa6a33e00 Stone Family

stones039 zps683644f4 Stone Family

Celebrating life and love,


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September 30, 2014 Katie’s Kids

When Katie and I first started talking about doing a photo session – it was for Molly’s first birthday. But unfortunately on her first birthday, Molly was in the hospital with an infection. No worries – we waited and were gifted a gorgeous summer like evening instead (and good health!). These kids are so full of personality – they each are so much fun and always have a sparkle in their eyes! We enjoyed playing around their grandparent’s farm – climbing hay bales, dancing on the trailer, swinging from the willow branches – and just being kids! I love that Katie asked not so much for posed photos – but natural and playful. A perfect fit for her kids!

Katie001 zps1196b8bd Katies Kids

Katie002 zps160333e3 Katies Kids

Katie003 zps9ae6509c Katies Kids

Katie004 zps19431531 Katies Kids

Katie005 zps97b1e7be Katies Kids

Katie006 zpsdf759cb6 Katies Kids

Katie007 zps35bb4a46 Katies Kids

Katie009 zps7a1f2060 Katies Kids

Katie008 zps47fa6a6a Katies Kids

Katie010 zps35fdd061 Katies Kids

Katie011 zps57ec391b Katies Kids

Katie012 zps7c5ce023 Katies Kids

Katie013 zps193a2db5 Katies Kids

Katie014 zpsdbfae509 Katies Kids

Katie015 zps271308b0 Katies Kids

Katie016 zps9fe6c8d8 Katies Kids

Katie017 zpsa1a3ae94 Katies Kids

Katie019 zpsaadd62b2 Katies Kids

Katie018 zpsfb441732 Katies Kids

Katie020 zpse3cd0765 Katies Kids

Katie021 zps32a56e0d Katies Kids

Katie022 zps2eee0660 Katies Kids

Katie023 zps92b9fafe Katies Kids

Katie024 zpsa109f6d3 Katies Kids

Katie025 zps0a4afa23 Katies Kids

Katie026 zps01b74cd6 Katies Kids

Katie027 zps545fc269 Katies Kids

Katie028 zps6e0722f1 Katies Kids

Katie029 zps713d02dd Katies Kids

Katie030 zps4a606a02 Katies Kids

Katie031 zpsdeda6c6f Katies Kids

Katie032 zps22fcd576 Katies Kids

Katie033 zpsff873b15 Katies Kids

Katie037 zps13b177c2 Katies Kids

Katie038 zps3bd0a177 Katies Kids

Katie039 zps1548a9d6 Katies Kids

Katie040 zpsd07022d3 Katies Kids

Katie042 zps59453503 Katies Kids

Katie041 zpsc6dc56d5 Katies Kids

Katie043 zps04e5f35a Katies Kids

Katie044 zps0c017666 Katies Kids

Katie045 zps9f54e380 Katies Kids

Katie046 zps46cfb4a1 Katies Kids

Katie047 zps762ceab4 Katies Kids

Celebrating life and love,


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September 19, 2014 Dawson Family

I have loved documenting this family over the years – from maternity to family sessions. This family is extra special too because Katie is my regular second shooter at weddings and is also a big support to my other business at JustOne. And of course – if Blake wasn’t there supporting Katie she wouldn’t be able to be such a big part of JustOne and Edison so I’m thankful for him too! It’s been great getting to know these guys over the years and love watching their kids grow up. SO much personality! We had a fun session at sunset earlier this week on a perfect Fall day!

Dawsons2014 011 zps56f72f53 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 004 zpsa2a41920 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 007 zps02808cab Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 008 zps2701e403 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 016 zpsdc7d1541 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 015 zpsf6f9e4b4 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 027 zps0e20ef86 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 044 zpsced351fb Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 045 zpsf2544259 Dawson Family


Dawsons2014 124 zpsef90cefd Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 126 zps8e32dc9e Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 130 zps6abdef6f Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 131 zps3b999032 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 132 zps4e73f279 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 143 zps4b18e5cd Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 136 zps45a02512 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 147 zps8981f543 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 151 zps89477eff Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 164 zps69fc69bc Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 179 zps5eb74169 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 066 zps9afe181f Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 112 zps5305da6b Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 117 zpsbb2eb886 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 101 zpsf3f9b3d8 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 095 zps649b829b Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 090 zps525b857c Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 069 zps3fd459f8 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 057 zps965a6603 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 046 zpse0f47075 Dawson Family

And then we sent the kids inside and had some time with just Blake and Katie. Tomorrow is their 11th wedding anniversary – and as we snapped photos I asked them about how they met, first impressions, first dates, when they “knew”.. and loved hearing their responses! But more so, loved watching them interact.

Dawsons2014 180 zpsb5628aaa Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 182 zps544099bb Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 186 zps16be4807 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 193 zpsc0b9dc81 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 196 zps18d0983a Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 199 zpsdd9c260e Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 206 zpsaf8f12ea Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 212 zps04753811 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 215 zps1f570c7d Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 218 zps1447114f Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 220 zpsa2d8464a Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 222 zps4a5863ba Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 225 zpse2ca5034 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 228 zpscbffaec3 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 232 zpsb8271660 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 233 zps65211ed2 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 241 zps50f3b707 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 238 zps6ee97ebc Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 242 zps1e7f9486 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 248 zps6b8855ff Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 249 zps9a882e01 Dawson Family

Dawsons2014 252 zps9ff45354 Dawson Family

Celebrating life and love,


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September 15, 2014 Swim for Keira

Saturday afternoon I got an email. The next morning there was to be a 25K swim fundraiser for Keira, and the photographer was no longer available. Any chance I knew someone who could do it? I shuffled some things, and set my alarm for 3am – and just after 4am I was loading on a sailboat with a crew of people to set out on this swim for Keira.

I had photographed Keira’s family six years ago when she was just wee little. Now she’s about 8years old – and has spent the last 9months in isolation as the doctors try to get her well again. You can read some of her story here and donate to help her family also. As a mom, you always think “this could be us” and it makes you so grateful for your child’s health. So of course I would document this event.

For now – here’s some photos of the morning! Some of them are quite dark – and I left them that way to show the actual lighting of the moment. You will notice how the light changes drastically from start to finish – and depending on which side of the boat they were (shooting into the sun or sun at my back). It was some tricky light to start – I use the term “light” loosely as it was more like darkness. On a moving boat. Hard to stay steady and get the shot!

We set out on Lake Erie before the sun – by the time we got to the starting point (about an hour and a half boat ride) the sun was starting to peek out.

swim 001 zps5f18d703 Swim for Keira

The boat and kayaks that would ride along the swimmers arrived – almost show time!

swim 002 zps943c55b9 Swim for Keira

Land off in the distance.

swim 003 zps63433d65 Swim for Keira

Josh Reid was doing this swim as a fundraiser for Keira. Josh is a teacher at Keira’s school and wanted to do something for her family. Beautiful.

He had been one of the pace swimmers for Annaleise Carr when she did her lake crossings, so she generously returned the favour and swam with him on this swim of his. Here they are getting ready to jump in.

swim 004 zps12c6a319 Swim for Keira

(The photo above and the next two have flash – after that it’s back to ambient light… but wanted to make sure we could at least see Josh!)

swim 005 zps4106c03a Swim for Keira

swim 006 zps2144d1db Swim for Keira

Two little bobbing heads and a kayak – about to start off on their adventure!

swim 007 zps632d8066 Swim for Keira

swim 008 zpsa74601fc Swim for Keira

Shooting no the other side of the boat was quite dark – gives you a bit of a feel for how dark the morning was out there!

swim 010 zpsb81919b1 Swim for Keira

A little while later it’s starting to brighten up – still swimming!

swim 011 zpse7624020 Swim for Keira

swim 012 zps442812a1 Swim for Keira

swim 014 zps196509cf Swim for Keira

swim 015 zps0c8379f6 Swim for Keira

swim 017 zps460d347b Swim for Keira

swim 018 zpsb4cea9c7 Swim for Keira

swim 021 zpsfa6648a5 Swim for Keira

See that one little arm out there? All alone? So crazy how small one seems in our great lakes! This was during a kayak/boat change so our sailboat was spotting Josh.

swim 022 zpsf6290f05 Swim for Keira

Sun is starting to warm things up!

swim 025 zps1952a074 Swim for Keira

swim 028 zps61c9f93d Swim for Keira

swim 030 zps5635b380 Swim for Keira

And Annaleise is always, always smiling. Such a sweet little thing – hard to believe all she has accomplished at such a young age!

swim 031 zps60714d27 Swim for Keira

swim 032 zpsb8c07824 Swim for Keira

swim 033 zpsfdb94cfe Swim for Keira

And Josh is still swimming….

swim 034 zps5522c75b Swim for Keira

Josh making sure he’s headed in the right direction.

swim 035 zps20aaac87 Swim for Keira

swim 036 zpscccfcdff Swim for Keira

Not only is Josh still swimming – he’s still smiling! I can only doggy paddle so this whole thing was amazing to me!

swim 037 zps508f184e Swim for Keira

swim 038 zpsc9685cab Swim for Keira

swim 039 zpsc2f8f36b Swim for Keira

swim 041 zps0488b868 Swim for Keira

Josh started at 6:30am. He finished at 2:45pm – long before his expected completion! Before this swim the longest he had ever done was 10K. Amazing job, Josh and team!! Thanks for letting me document this!

Keira – we hope to see you healthy and home SOON!

Celebrating life and love,


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September 4, 2014 Greg and Lindsay

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Lindsay over the time since she booked me for her wedding. I knew her day would be beautiful – full of joy and laughter, tears and memories. I love someone who is alive in the moment – and Lindsay has a gift for this. She was a stunning bride – but also took time to enjoy her day and the people who made it so special. Greg and Lindsay were amazing to photograph and I loved being a part of their day!

GLblog 001 zpsb823a6a8 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 002 zps9393acf5 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 003 zps7fef7ffa Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 004 zps73943e01 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 005 zpsb4f708cb Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 006 zps224521c0 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 007 zps5c0caab2 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 008 zps0fb0c2e8 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 009 zps7618f935 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 010 zps7e0536dc Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 011 zpsea3fadd3 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 012 zps43e73305 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 013 zps5e167985 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 014 zps67c92f42 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 015 zps31c4a4dd Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 016 zps7e6151f8 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 017 zps17c11a72 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 018 zps3b3b06b7 Greg and Lindsay


GLblog 019 zps9b080e6a Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 021 zps1de0c9fd Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 022 zps5c0fdf3f Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 023 zpsce92b88b Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 024 zps149eb180 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 025 zps97a6f18d Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 026 zps23f3df07 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 027 zps5765c735 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 028 zpsc268fc53 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 029 zpsa0e87570 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 030 zps06651600 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 031 zpsf79a7c5f Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 032 zps06804bf7 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 033 zps58b367e4 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 034 zpsb63855c3 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 035 zpsc8b62812 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 036 zpsa67c46c9 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 039 zps54a31e16 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 040 zps531e1dc2 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 041 zps537f395c Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 042 zpsd5d6017d Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 043 zps08edc5d3 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 044 zpse7f2ba4e Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 045 zps76a4e5a0 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 046 zpsa31caaa4 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 047 zpsb3029d54 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 048 zpsba8e99f1 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 049 zpsf2caac79 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 050 zps6a73cd31 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 052 zpsed9117e0 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 053 zps591fb81e Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 054 zpsdad41e74 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 055 zps2aef9e75 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 056 zps8e8d36ad Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 058 zps5e51fb56 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 059 zps141a1935 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 060 zps06841387 Greg and Lindsay

GLblog 057 zps94f7ef39 Greg and Lindsay

Celebrating life and love,


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August 25, 2014 Sam and Rikki Lee

Sam and Rikki Lee will soon be parents – and watching them interact, and laugh, and help each other… made me even more excited to see them step into this new role. They are eagerly looking forward to their new addition – and all who know them are also waiting in anticipation! These two are so much fun and so natural together – can not wait to meet the little one next month!

We were to do photos on a day that called for major storms. The sky was black all day. And it was a day of texting back and forth on if we should go ahead or not. We decided to go for it – and like most days this summer – the weather man was wrong. It was an amazing evening and the fields were full colour! A perfect night to celebrate this future babe!

SR 001 zps3624020f Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 002 zps52c3ec94 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 003 zpscb821e9d Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 004 zps43713738 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 005 zps26f1051a Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 006 zps3928e87c Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 007 zps1268bb00 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 008 zps9e951783 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 009 zpsaa9acc97 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 010 zpsc1e0e3c3 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 011 zps63b791de Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 013 zps5bb652da Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 014 zps72423cb7 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 015 zpsc95197cd Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 016 zps69cdce0e Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 017 zpsd45652bd Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 018 zps769c6f49 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 019 zps7ca146eb Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 020 zps77922a6e Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 021 zps5cb8aabc Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 022 zps686ef57c Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 023 zps496cf92f Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 024 zps085794b0 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 025 zps1782fe7b Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 026 zps5526826a Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 027 zps913dce40 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 028 zps0f50f153 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 029 zps965ea520 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 030 zps34c7ca9f Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 031 zpsa7fb8968 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 032 zpsd3053c71 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 037 zps235a99a5 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 034 zps0ec1c4e0 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 035 zps15e1213f Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 036 zpsc1d3d5f1 Sam and Rikki Lee

SR 038 zpsf9b32d72 Sam and Rikki Lee

Celebrating life and love,


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August 17, 2014 Smiling Eyes: Oma

Amber contacted me recently about doing her Oma’s Smiling Eyes session. Amber adores her Oma and it’s clear they have a special bond. Oma has battled cancer twice (colon, and then a few years later her liver and lungs) and then just recently they found out the cancer has grown. Oma has said “no more chemo” as her body did not handle it well and it reduced her quality of life. But what she has been able to do is live to enjoy her family, meet her new great grandchild and build memories. For her Smiling Eyes session, we met at their family home they built and have lived in for over 50 years. All but the newborn have lived in this home at some point as Oma opened her arms – and literally her doors – to welcome her family in when needed. It was great to return the favour to her now and offer her this gift. Her husband of 55 years, her daughters and their families all gathered to celebrate Oma.

IMG 5588 zpsca0048d4 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5583 zps18cedb83 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5595 zpsc93b2866 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5517 2 zpsd2aec55b Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5603 zps4aa7225a Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5615 zpsc0fa1d72 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5639 zpsd642d9c0 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5654 zps1781bf96 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5659 zps4304cb98 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5690 zpsf6d5fb36 Smiling Eyes: Oma

Celebrating life and love,


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August 11, 2014 Gabby and Sadie

It was so much fun to spend time documenting Gabby and Sadie and their parents. Their country home was the perfect setting for their photo session. I loved seeing the girls interacting with giggles and whispers, running and skipping…reminded me of my own girls! Meet Gabby and Sadie’s family…

Harbin 002 zpsb3bfbfb0 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 003 zps5f52f075 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 004 zps694921a0 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 005 zps947aed80 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 006 zpsd10ae97b Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 007 zps8f5df1e0 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 008 zps82f3b73f Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 009 zps3171de32 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 010 zps431cb90c Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 011 zpsdf1823ac Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 012 zps61863124 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 013 zpsda0d8385 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 014 zps46c2f465 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 015 zps46f9f588 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 016 zps0a184007 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 017 zpsd6ae079c Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 018 zps44186599 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 019 zps7b53ca4f Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 020 zps30a4e88a Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 021 zps2440fd94 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 022 zps675499d7 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 023 zpsa655d096 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 024 zps67540235 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 025 zpse4d49316 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 026 zpsddacc57c Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 027 zpsbc77d1b2 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 028 zps7b802825 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 029 zpsf9a27acf Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 030 zps970d09e6 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 031 zpsba3203c3 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 032 zps964c2b94 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 033 zpsdcef95a8 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 034 zps813bd59b Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 035 zpsc65da55e Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 036 zpsc1db09dd Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 037 zps67935b67 Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 038 zps8a9afbec Gabby and Sadie

Harbin 039 zpsc48d6cfb Gabby and Sadie

Celebrating life and love,


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