May 11, 2015 Orchard Friends

Every year, our kids and their “soul sisters and brother” get together to play in the orchard and do photos. This year as they get older, we found we didn’t take as many photos – but man! do those kids love hanging out together! So much fun!

orchard001 zpswhmu56dh Orchard Friends

orchard002 zpskym07rby Orchard Friends

orchard003 zps2ftowyoo Orchard Friends

orchard004 zpsgeaklmuk Orchard Friends

orchard005 zpsntx3h4xq Orchard Friends

This year – Madi and Aliah were happy to “perform”, and much of our time was spent asking “Where’s Eden? Where’s Caden?” and so on. So you will see more photos of some kids than others! ha ha.

orchard006 zps0trsjuye Orchard Friends

orchard007 zpsbazx2srb Orchard Friends

orchard008 zps5vgxqamg Orchard Friends

orchard009 zps2vavmpfi Orchard Friends

orchard012 zpsdezt5oys Orchard Friends

orchard010 zps00pffl7a Orchard Friends

orchard011 zpsvmrircww Orchard Friends

orchard013 zpshjcvxvhc Orchard Friends

orchard014 zpsrmox7jnt Orchard Friends

orchard015 zpshlorjlb7 Orchard Friends

And where it all started from – my high school friends who are my “soul sisters”. This year was extra special too as it was the first year that coordinated with our husband’s schedules and we were able to do family photos too!

orchard016 zps7vml7kdy Orchard Friends

orchard018 zpscdfne14m Orchard Friends


orchard019 zpsjsmdrf21 Orchard Friends



IMG 7221 zpsqifrp1ve Orchard Friends

orchard020 zpsqsu47byb Orchard Friends

orchard021 zpsk5wfhlqq Orchard Friends

orchard022 zpsubsfjdbw Orchard Friends

And what better way to end then with a picnic of treats? Cotton candy – yes please!

orchard023 zpsxox2tfs5 Orchard Friends

orchard024 zpsjp2pg98f Orchard Friends

orchard025 zpsok4a37jw Orchard Friends

orchard026 zpsy5puf1wr Orchard Friends

orchard027 zpsb9rd8pwb Orchard Friends

orchard028 zpsm4bjrz1i Orchard Friends

And I’ll end with this fairy sighting…. icon wink Orchard Friends

orchard029 zpsgvzqfrpy Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,


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April 16, 2015 Baby Gray

Almost 7 years ago, I photographed baby Violet. Two years later it was time to document her little brother Desmond’s arrival. And so I was so excited to be asked back last week to document the newest addition – a beautiful little girl, Gray. To say she is well loved is an understatement. I think there are more photos of Gray being kissed by her siblings and parents, than not. She is absolutely adored – and it’s easy to see why with her blonde hair and blue eyes and sweet disposition.

This was also fun for me to document as these are the same ages and genders as me and my siblings – fun to imagine what it was like all those years ago as I was the baby being smothered in kisses! icon smile Baby Gray

Marnie and Andrew are so relaxed and in love with Gray, Violet and Desmond – such a fun afternoon with them documenting their family! Loved that when I got there it was the boys getting the little princess ready…

gray022 zpscmg44uta Baby Gray

gray023 zpstnamnzlm Baby Gray

gray024 zpsrtdtyqlr Baby Gray

gray025 zpsvwkg6uhn Baby Gray

gray026 zpscg2xnvfw Baby Gray

gray027 zpsyvjdclbl Baby Gray

gray028 zpsmirglsbn Baby Gray

gray029 zpsadpmzbr8 Baby Gray

gray030 zpsdnvrweye Baby Gray

gray031 zpsfdwymc24 Baby Gray

gray032 zpsrrvidkpy Baby Gray

gray033 zpsh5ene197 Baby Gray

gray034 zpslb6hqxbs Baby Gray

You know, I could have done an entire album just of Violet and her living doll, Gray. These two are so sweet together.

gray035 zpsnagzukki Baby Gray

Violet read to Desmond and Gray the book “I’m a Big Sister” – and did such a great job reading!

gray036 zpsfrbdse97 Baby Gray

gray037 zpszh4lvhlz Baby Gray

gray039 zps0tx9pfoh Baby Gray

gray040 zpssflsvd21 Baby Gray

gray041 zps5uodfnu6 Baby Gray

Then it was time for some mommy and daddy cuddles! I love how these two adore their kids. Marnie is sentimental like me, and at one point just as she sat there admiring her little Gray she started to cry. Out of love. So sweet.

gray042 zps3x8jaqtp Baby Gray

gray043 zpsbcenveqi Baby Gray

gray044 zpsa3yxiyjw Baby Gray

gray045 zpsvx3njtby Baby Gray

gray046 zpsxattbzib Baby Gray

gray038 zpsewwfsv7k Baby Gray

gray047 zpsjwxn71zl Baby Gray

gray048 zpsxdcvsapf Baby Gray

gray055 zpsawsntfty Baby Gray

gray056 zpsbllialpg Baby Gray

gray057 zpsvymuijub Baby Gray

gray058 zpsaucdrppl Baby Gray

gray059 zpsz8gkshpe Baby Gray

gray049 zpsfq0tpz97 Baby Gray

gray050 zpsbfwqwbs2 Baby Gray

gray051 zpshdch6dpm Baby Gray

gray053 zpsehzvvfu9 Baby Gray

gray054 zpsagw0o9fa Baby Gray

gray052 zpsiglfkjax Baby Gray

Celebrating life and love,


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April 14, 2015 Baby Delilah

It is always so exciting to walk into a home you’ve been in before, to visit those you’ve known for years – who have now made the transition to parents. Everything suddenly changes. To see a little life that did not exist mere days before – incredible.

I was excited to meet Delilah after getting to know her parents through their engagement, wedding and maternity photos. She is such a doll and could not have been better behaved!

del002 zpsieght5fv Baby Delilah

del001 zpsev98bvwf Baby Delilah

del003 zpsp6lhrdfs Baby Delilah

del004 zps5mgdtsx4 Baby Delilah

del006 zps7l3j0hqq Baby Delilah

del005 zpsklrdx5bk Baby Delilah

del007 zps3nkviyj8 Baby Delilah

del008 zpsciefvkbt Baby Delilah

del009 zps1p65rqk0 Baby Delilah

del010 zpsgovcfiiu Baby Delilah

del011 zpszsk6p19v Baby Delilah

del012 zps7natcnwe Baby Delilah

del013 zpscs6hrggm Baby Delilah

del016 zpsepckeyex Baby Delilah

del017 zpshpvieek1 Baby Delilah

del015 zps0pyxc5oz Baby Delilah

del014 zpso7oljrma Baby Delilah

del018 zps8xjsslxq Baby Delilah

del020 zpsrcnqihjh Baby Delilah

del021 zpsbmrovlxb Baby Delilah

Celebrating life and love,


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March 28, 2015 Karen’s Headshots

I met Karen last Fall when we were both speaking at a conference. We clicked right away as we had both spent time in Kibera slums, Kenya and had a heart for social justice issues and travel. Karen is one of the 100 finalists for the MarsOne Mission. You can read one of Karen’s interviews about going to Mars HERE. Karen is a lot of fun – and wanted some fun photos as well as more serious ones for her headshots. I brought my girls along as they love Space and science – and they enjoyed interviewing Karen about space, and about her years as a journalist – some of her fun expressions are from interacting with the girls while I snapped away. A fun morning!

IMG 5178 zpsx49q38ys Karens Headshots

IMG 7868 zpsnz88guzl Karens Headshots

IMG 7495 zpsitxrbmrd Karens Headshots

IMG 5155 zpsiquixwkr Karens Headshots

IMG 5139 zpspwkfs9py Karens Headshots

IMG 7426 zpsivw9ktdq Karens Headshots

IMG 7563 zpsbd1ea7kh Karens Headshots

IMG 7555 zpsrli5al4g Karens Headshots

karen103 zpst458ebza Karens Headshots

Celebrating life and love,


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March 19, 2015 Baby Avery

I’ve known Deb & Oliver for a number of years – and loved documenting their rain filled engagement session and amazing outdoor wedding celebration (complete with swing dance lessons!) over the years. So when I got the call that they were now parents and wanted to document their new son Avery – I was so excited! I knew these two would be naturals as parents – as well as a lot of fun! It was fun to catch up with them and their dog Theo in their home and document this new family addition. When I photograph a newborn – I want it to be natural. I typically did not put my babies in big hats and baskets as a new mom – so this isn’t how I want to remember those days. I did though spend hours rocking them, singing to them, admiring their little fingers and counting their toes. Spending days just in awe of this miracle in my care. These are the moments I love to capture – as these are the moments I want to remember as a mom, and want to share with parents as a photographer.

IMG 5106 zpsdpdxfn2i Baby Avery

IMG 6921 zpsaofvgudj Baby Avery

IMG 6911 zpsqmxmxd93 Baby Avery

IMG 6939 zpsm5kknqay Baby Avery

IMG 6945 zpsynhy4t6q Baby Avery

IMG 6958 zpsvchenpdu Baby Avery

IMG 6952 zpsxvvoyzod Baby Avery

IMG 7258 zpster8vrzc Baby Avery

IMG 7289 zpsyqwh804i Baby Avery

IMG 7305 zpsrgjys5cc Baby Avery

IMG 7312 zpsgqfnmnue Baby Avery

IMG 6986 zpslw4bb9qv Baby Avery

IMG 7096 zpsmuzz8xmd Baby Avery

IMG 7112 zpsziq5bn85 Baby Avery

IMG 7059 zps4jnwo2aq Baby Avery

IMG 7118 zpsmqgaivrg Baby Avery

IMG 7120 zpsccgvbcue Baby Avery

IMG 7139 zpsjkcu8y2i Baby Avery

IMG 7147 zpsd6wylswm Baby Avery

IMG 7172 zpshhvxzmpf Baby Avery

IMG 7225 zpsyfrrakss Baby Avery

IMG 7229 zpsacbzcnko Baby Avery

IMG 7235 zpszmzke1eo Baby Avery

IMG 7240 zpstlnchdxr Baby Avery

IMG 7368 zpsgkxcuare Baby Avery

IMG 7375 zps2hedjuy3 Baby Avery

IMG 7396 zpsfq1vp8px Baby Avery

IMG 7399 zpsk8mylgur Baby Avery

IMG 5113 2 zpseuskkkm0 Baby Avery

IMG 5127 2 zpshat74rqn Baby Avery

IMG 5134 2 zps58o5g7on Baby Avery

IMG 7319 zpsqgkiphrn Baby Avery

Celebrating life and love,


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February 3, 2015 Les and Heather Waiting

Yet another couple that I have the joy of documenting from engaged couple – through to new parents! Love this honour!

About a year and a half ago, I documented Les and Heather’s Toronto wedding. Now, I met up with them in their new home as they eagerly await their new arrival!

LHmaternity 002 zps7581a727 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 007 zps79d627c5 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 014 zpscad0be8a Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 015 zps9a2a2b57 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 020 zps41347f10 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 025 zpsbba24907 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 029 zpsc8b51e29 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 034 zps66431db3 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 038 zps9b632e7f Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 044 zpsc403fb6a Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 040 zps8e3504b2 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 051 zps91ee08bb Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 045 zps821151e5 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 046 zps6f15cec1 Les and Heather WaitingLHmaternity 056 zps1a23c8ae Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 064 zpsf07083d8 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 071 zps64d2dabc Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 067 zps10e89bb8 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 076 zps53a15718 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 089 zps7c58d8e6 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 092 zpsbb123178 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 097 zpsd2f37261 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 106 zpsdcfafa88 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 112 zps449f09ce Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 117 zps8d32f647 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 128 zps78cc5b1a Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 130 zpsef3af61e Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 137 zpseba21fb8 Les and Heather Waiting

LHmaternity 146 zps21c0d623 Les and Heather Waiting

Celebrating life and love,


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December 16, 2014 Penelope

Almost 5 years ago, I had photographed Bryan and Andrea’s wedding in Hamilton just a week after he returned home from Afghanistan! And then a week later, I went to Ottawa to photograph a cocktail party reception for their friends at the Army Mess Hall which was stunning. I hadn’t seen them since… then on Facebook Andrea noticed that I Was going to Edmonton. SHe messaged me that they are living there now and had a new addition recently – Penelope! She asked if I could come and document their family in their new home – was thrilled to. Always fun to reconnect with past clients!

pen 001 zps4dacc395 Penelope

pen 002 zps1eeeb221 Penelope

pen 003 zps483b9fa7 Penelope

Penelope was so excited to have Bryan come home from the army base that morning – a daddy’s girl already! I asked Bryan if he could keep his army attire on until we had a few photos – love the contrast against Penelope’s perfect skin!

pen 004 zpsec270382 Penelope

pen 005 zpsda490219 Penelope

pen 006 zps228b4f04 Penelope

pen 007 zps575a0a69 Penelope

Penelope had recently discovered her belly button and toes – so exciting.

pen 008 zpsbb7b1d42 Penelope

pen 009 zps4f58a513 Penelope

pen 010 zpsc668fa66 Penelope

pen 011 zps117c3707 Penelope

pen 012 zps9351b61c Penelope

pen 013 zpse1142ef1 Penelope

pen 014 zpseb3d6a8c Penelope

pen 015 zps32050b9e Penelope

pen 016 zpse1290f2c Penelope

pen 017 zpsd098f04e Penelope

pen 018 zpsbc74a560 Penelope

pen 019 zps423d7650 Penelope

pen 021 zpsa84a937c Penelope

pen 022 zps7bc9439d Penelope

pen 023 zpsa2c0a2b9 Penelope

pen 024 zpsa0a8f133 Penelope

pen 025 zpscabd0f20 Penelope

pen 026 zps4cc6e873 Penelope

Celebrating life and love,


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December 8, 2014 Christa’s Boys

Always enjoy my time with Christa and Mike and their boys. Since photographing their wedding, Christa and I have become good friends. It has been so exciting to see her develop as a wife, and mother – and artist. Christa is the talent behind Anista Designs, stunning custom paper goods, that has been featured all over the place (including Vogue!).

For this year’s session we wanted to incorporate a “day in the life” feel – some of the boys favourite activities. This included playing cars in the dishwasher (they choose to wash dishes by hand and leave this as the boys racetrack and car storage), playdough under the kitchen table (it’s going to end up there anyways), wrestling, fort building, collecting rocks… and more wrestling (they are boys after all). So much fun! We started with trying to get a family photo – and then came back home to enjoy the boys favourite activities!

Every mother does this, right? Sometimes with a face cloth – sometimes with spit and fingers.

christa 205 zpsb3fd794a Christas Boys

Sharing candies while they wait for mom and dad…

christa 206 zpsf2fdcf5f Christas Boys

christa 207 zps713b3e49 Christas Boys

christa 208 zps37e48d5b Christas Boys

christa 209 zpsf6d0f08e Christas Boys

christa 210 zps6f404bb0 Christas Boys

christa 211 zpsffdcd05c Christas Boys

christa 212 zps223f0583 Christas Boys

christa 213 zps4ce5fdf0 Christas Boys

christa 214 zps653dbf2c Christas Boys

christa 215 zpsd7c3ec30 Christas Boys

christa 216 zpsa5a9d849 Christas Boys

christa 218 zps347b1704 Christas Boys

christa 219 zps87181583 Christas Boys

christa 220 zps7adefd1a Christas Boys

christa 221 zpsff6661fc Christas Boys

christa 222 zps75843f66 Christas Boys

christa 223 zps8c93bd82 Christas Boys

christa 224 zps8f7ded56 Christas Boys

christa 225 zps2af93398 Christas Boys

christa 226 zps99a402d8 Christas Boys

christa 227 zps62196303 Christas Boys

christa 228 zps99612d46 Christas Boys

christa 229 zps627b2365 Christas Boys

christa 230 zpsd81e8c06 Christas Boys

christa 231 zps8265bc15 Christas Boys

Back home we go….

christa 232 zps66a19014 Christas Boys

christa 233 zpsa0985c49 Christas Boys

christa 234 zps7d94c966 Christas Boys

christa 236 zpsa447a793 Christas Boys

christa 237 zps29c3ab0e Christas Boys

christa 239 zpse8e27bbd Christas Boys

christa 240 zps1b3f3c3d Christas Boys

christa 242 zpsc451d7ca Christas Boys

christa 241 zps5b99c687 Christas Boys

christa 243 zps3f80424d Christas Boys

christa 244 zpsef6c315e Christas Boys

christa 245 zps671d9b49 Christas Boys

christa 246 zps4033f955 Christas Boys

christa 247 zps7215ef57 Christas Boys

christa 248 zps99879c1d Christas Boys

christa 249 zps6aa78bde Christas Boys

christa 251 zpsd1d593e0 Christas Boys

christa 252 zpsa292c4e1 Christas Boys

christa 253 zps0e38a540 Christas Boys

christa 254 zps2ce9fc81 Christas Boys

christa 255 zpse8e69002 Christas Boys

Celebrating life and love,


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December 8, 2014 Smiling Eyes

I have known Dick and Cheryl’s family for years – they are such a sweet, fun, loving family. I recently heard that Dick was diagnosed with cancer and so I was more than happy to offer their family a Smiling Eyes session. I loved seeing the family laugh and enjoy each other’s company. They are such a strong family and so well loved – we will continue to keep them in our prayers as they face this fight ahead.

zwart 1 zps091cdfa7 Smiling Eyes

zwart 2 zpsd4548080 Smiling Eyes

zwart 5 zps51d72671 Smiling Eyes

zwart 10 zpsdb4d14cf Smiling Eyes

zwart 19 zps0f89fdae Smiling Eyes

zwart 22 zps2006d266 Smiling Eyes

zwart 29 zpsaead2e96 Smiling Eyes

zwart 31 zpsf356e318 Smiling Eyes

zwart 34 zps2337468a Smiling Eyes

zwart 38 zps27ef54fa Smiling Eyes

zwart 42 zpsa0a6cc49 Smiling Eyes

zwart 45 zps3634d423 Smiling Eyes

zwart 48 zps0c6af525 Smiling Eyes

zwart 53 zpse92ca026 Smiling Eyes

zwart 57 zps26ab9d54 Smiling Eyes

zwart 65 zpsc9860712 Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


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December 7, 2014 Miss Anna

I loved photographing Lyndsay’s maternity session this Fall (LINK) and was so excited to come back and document their new arrival – Miss Anna. Big sister Abigail just loves her – and mom and dad are pretty smitten too! I have enjoyed our own two girls – and visiting their family brought back lots of memories of those early days! So much fun – and so much more to come!

MacAnna 1 zpsf1d9aa3b Miss Anna

MacAnna 4 zpsff59fe40 Miss Anna

MacAnna 8 zps0a41d86a Miss Anna

MacAnna 9 zps8115c5db Miss Anna

MacAnna 14 zpsbfc139e7 Miss Anna

MacAnna 22 zps1ff6665d Miss Anna

MacAnna 26 zps750acb62 Miss Anna

MacAnna 55 zpsa2c70753 Miss Anna

MacAnna 59 zps9bf81686 Miss Anna

And while Anna needed some time with mom – I slipped in to peek on Abigail and dad…

MacAnna 29 zps5a179c40 Miss Anna

MacAnna 32 zpsab65dde2 Miss Anna

MacAnna 35 zps0a3809ae Miss Anna

MacAnna 39 zps93620de6 Miss Anna

MacAnna 42 zpsd704b70b Miss Anna

MacAnna 45 zpsc4c08204 Miss Anna

MacAnna 48 zpsb7965a5c Miss Anna

MacAnna 50 zps7d30528a Miss Anna

MacAnna 52 zps53a2f9a1 Miss Anna

MacAnna 113 zps52693232 Miss Anna

MacAnna 75 zpsee39304d Miss Anna

MacAnna 77 zps6abdc1ea Miss Anna

And while this peaceful scene happened upstairs – downstairs Kirk and Abigail were playing as only dads and daughters do…

MacAnna 79 zps601d8f7e Miss Anna

MacAnna 81 zpsf8d16eeb Miss Anna

MacAnna 83 zps4d8ff3cd Miss Anna

MacAnna 88 zpsdb529a4a Miss Anna

MacAnna 92 zps93f47ad2 Miss Anna

MacAnna 97 zps4d2cf20c Miss Anna

MacAnna 106 zpsb4551e8a Miss Anna

MacAnna 118 zps053927aa Miss Anna

MacAnna 121 zpsbc5d4762 Miss Anna

MacAnna 128 zps16ad5685 Miss Anna

MacAnna 130 zps305db4db Miss Anna

MacAnna 137 zps608e93ae Miss Anna

MacAnna 142 zps470a7e22 Miss Anna

MacAnna 145 zps35032d3c Miss Anna

MacAnna 147 zpsb3ecc43e Miss Anna

MacAnna 148 zps31f13024 Miss Anna

MacAnna 139 zps401545d3 Miss Anna

MacAnna 154 zps56a1a9da Miss Anna

Celebrating life and love,


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