September 3, 2015 Serge and Irena

When Serge, Irena and I discussed their engagement session they said they’d like a “vintage feel”. When they got out of the car in full 1950′s attire I realized they were serious! Loved their retro look and we had so much fun wandering around Dundas!

SIengage005 zps6txkffho Serge and Irena

SIengage011 zpskacgytyw Serge and Irena

SIengage006 zpszwublsfi Serge and Irena

SIengage003 zpsbrmqhrkd Serge and Irena

SIengage012 zpsuaeepezt Serge and Irena

SIengage018 zpsomp9xuns Serge and Irena

SIengage020 zpszj1b89vr Serge and Irena

SIengage023 zpsiahpghgd Serge and Irena

SIengage029 zps9rg7lad6 Serge and Irena

SIengage030 zpstdgkvs5m Serge and Irena

SIengage035 zpszjt86sct Serge and Irena

SIengage039 zpsir6xamjq Serge and Irena

SIengage041 zpsi2eaaxuf Serge and Irena

SIengage044 zpsitgmhebd Serge and Irena

SIengage045 zpszncoju5j Serge and Irena

SIengage049 zps0xkjq59p Serge and Irena

SIengage051 zpshbas9qg6 Serge and Irena

SIengage054 zpsqbbu6k1t Serge and Irena

SIengage061 zps4yoordqk Serge and Irena

SIengage065 zps1b33qzda Serge and Irena

SIengage073 zpstsnjo3oc Serge and Irena

SIengage079 zpsww4z7tkk Serge and Irena

SIengage094 zpsdjplg7bg Serge and Irena

SIengage114 zpsleqczzfk Serge and Irena

SIengage116 zpsdlr7bd0t Serge and Irena

SIengage129 zpsyrm71szs Serge and Irena

SIengage138 zps6uhewyc7 Serge and Irena

SIengage139 zpsazofyxow Serge and Irena

Celebrating life and love,


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September 2, 2015 Ryan & Jackie’s Family

I’ve been getting to know Jackie over the last year – and she is so much fun! Love her sense of humour – and her love for her three boys (her husband Ryan and their sons Owen and Luke). It was great to go out to their beautiful home and property to document this sweet family… and my first time taking “hunting” photos! icon smile Ryan & Jackies Family

I was ready to move into this beautiful workshop/garage that Ryan designed and built. Wow!

Jackie001 zpswlwnj3kp Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie002 zpst4sjnzqy Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie003 zpsidcrkjd7 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie004 zpsils8uf65 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie005 zpsqzhqt3tz Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie006 zpspuq8fz8p Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie007 zpsyrvzqz7k Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie008 zpswsnqdrpk Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie009 zps2naiyqta Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie010 zpsqxr7xgoo Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie012 zpsnhxzq8fa Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie013 zps9kdaheiw Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie014 zpsxztzk9vn Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie015 zpsyn9qqeah Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie016 zpszx0bdhtm Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie018 zpswrb7ivnr Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie020 zpsb68xe6wc Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie021 zpso6b2k6wc Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie022 zpspr7yu70g Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie023 zpsklccg2le Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie024 zpsjkmrmsig Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie025 zpsuqpotdyn Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie026 zpsexi8yynx Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie027 zpsows7n4mv Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie028 zpsftyc5mzj Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie029 zpsffjbbtyh Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie030 zpsaidzcoln Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie032 zpsom85c6c0 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie031 zpsyez656lh Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie033 zpswnec3h6t Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie034 zpsqegu6jvs Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie035 zpsydguyhh8 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie036 zpss6enf7s6 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie037 zpsvnundclu Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie038 zpsaidjandk Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie039 zpsafdp2uag Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie040 zps0ny6ecip Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie041 zps4tmbz3w1 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie042 zpsoyksytfr Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie043 zps7wjlyikm Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie044 zpsl3rfkfhw Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie045 zpsjdqkf4lt Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie046 zpsu4zc02nv Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie047 zpswrueflv1 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie048 zpsskrn5bwv Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie049 zpsk095gzax Ryan & Jackies Family

And we have to end with some time for just mom and dad!

Jackie050 zpsh1yh4qra Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie051 zpsyfxv13y8 Ryan & Jackies Family

Jackie053 zpssctgr3o2 Ryan & Jackies Family

Celebrating life and love,


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August 31, 2015 Shaun and Kristin

It’s always fun when a couple has a hobby they want to work into their photo session. Shaun and Kristin both love rock climbing – and so we met at Rattlesnake where (after we did some “pretty” photos) they played on the rocks… and then we went to their rock climbing gym, Climbers Gym. Such a fun morning – with a great couple!

SKengage001 zpsbquh1pzm Shaun and Kristin

SKengage002 zpsztpwwzhd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage003 zpsgeuxdx5z Shaun and Kristin

SKengage004 zpslxrcxvn6 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage005 zpscrlwefxj Shaun and Kristin

SKengage006 zpssyrvnoyd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage007 zps2cyogwsi Shaun and Kristin

SKengage008 zpsv9kbaucv Shaun and Kristin

SKengage009 zpsq0klwjp3 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage010 zpsx5r59ztm Shaun and Kristin

SKengage011 zpslclreq7l Shaun and Kristin

SKengage012 zpshfb1p1v8 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage013 zpsrroe7id9 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage014 zpssdworbhn Shaun and Kristin

SKengage015 zpsvirpionu Shaun and Kristin

SKengage016 zps87fzsdeq Shaun and Kristin

SKengage017 zps8fs3zdnb Shaun and Kristin

SKengage019 zpsp7zzmusd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage020 zpsxmf4smzi Shaun and Kristin

SKengage021 zpswdx6jjki Shaun and Kristin

SKengage022 zpsavwxt1au Shaun and Kristin

SKengage023 zpsgekbobfk Shaun and Kristin

SKengage024 zpsphcbzuiz Shaun and Kristin

SKengage025 zpssmv9yk5s Shaun and Kristin

SKengage026 zps8iekcwvb Shaun and Kristin

SKengage027 zpsbmf9dmfp Shaun and Kristin

SKengage028 zpsslbzempd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage029 zpssqq5dkwy Shaun and Kristin

SKengage030 zps1dysd9is Shaun and Kristin

SKengage031 zpsjekmpgtx Shaun and Kristin

SKengage032 zpsgxlhb5ux Shaun and Kristin

SKengage033 zpsrskde2jr Shaun and Kristin

Celebrating life and love,


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August 25, 2015 Bella’s Smiling Eyes

It is always such an honour to document for Smiling Eyes – offering back to people journeying through cancer. It was great to meet with Bella and her family to celebrate her journey back to health! Here is Bella and her sweet smiling eyes…

IMG 7252 2 zps62tpmd4b Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7223 zpsxv9tomkl Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6813 zpsmlqq4gui Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6907 zpstbbk0mz9 Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6875 zpszyb0cw0y Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6880 zpswglsogcw Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6818 zpsd12u81ov Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6843 zpscstbc2qu Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6852 zpszwnna4bc Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7149 zpsarytrial Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7161 zpswqjoqn9h Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7172 zpsndfevupu Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7145 2 zpstgtk9s6u Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7111 2 zps9yqpdkcd Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7296 zpshpjumrqk Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6771 zpsrh0iaeub Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6991 zpstepcqey0 Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7311 zps6qf4kgrn Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7015 zpsfn3h9iah Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6790 zpspvc3inzb Bellas Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


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August 13, 2015 David & Michelle

Right before I left for PEI, and then our big road trip – I had the opportunity to meet David & Michelle for their engagement photos. It’s always fun when I get to meet the whole gang – their sweet daughter and dog also! Looking forward to their Fall wedding!

DMengage002 zpshvbnou5x David & Michelle

DMengage026 zpsbapnmzul David & Michelle

DMengage024 zpsutprifdp David & Michelle

DMengage004 zpsltug7pcy David & Michelle

DMengage033 zpsv0qdkpo3 David & Michelle

DMengage029 zpsyfelfzqv David & Michelle

DMengage039 zps9nwqmxvw David & Michelle

DMengage009 zpsjomqgx0s David & Michelle

DMengage014 zpsoq0u4qev David & Michelle

DMengage022 zpsylz5b60m David & Michelle

DMengage036 zpsw697toi6 David & Michelle

DMengage038 zpsm1shjzoj David & Michelle

DMengage043 zpswwiojab0 David & Michelle

DMengage054 zps1u2dfr40 David & Michelle

DMengage047 zps9vctrtry David & Michelle

DMengage066 zpshgdugjxc David & Michelle

DMengage071 zpsqdlp5d4c David & Michelle

DMengage082 zpskf0exl7j David & Michelle

DMengage083 zps2esozyp3 David & Michelle

DMengage089 zpsz0eqwpjm David & Michelle

DMengage099 zps15rj75qe David & Michelle

DMengage101 zpsbwqv1txt David & Michelle

Celebrating life and love,


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July 26, 2015 Here we go!

Today is the day. The day a new adventure begins. People have told us we’re crazy. And asked us “why?” And all I can think of is “WHY NOT?”

dfc262f83e872dcb0c3939c1c38807f5 zpsqic5a1ch Here we go!

Today – the girls and I get in the car and start on a journey of about 9,000km. People keep asking us where we are driving to… and that’s difficult to answer because there’s no point on the trip where we say “now we are at our destination – let’s turn around and go home.” The entire trip – each day – is the destination. Mark will join us in a few days (work gets in the way of personal life sometimes!). But for now – us girls are heading out. A little west. A little south. A little crazy.

I’ll be trying to post as we find wifi (we are camping the whole way) and sharing – because these posts make up my travel logs. Help me to remember what I’ve seen and felt. Travel inspires me – and I feel makes me a better person and photographer. So, the car is packed to capacity, the GPS is on, cameras eager to see… and we are off!

A couple quick photos of the prep….

Some how dogs “know” when you’re leaving…

IMG 4162 zpsdk5rdaij Here we go!

And I told Madi to pack some books – she chose 23. Then I took a different approach “whatever you can fit in your bag you can take” – rookie move. It’s packed so full and weighs about 100 pounds. All books.

IMG 4161 zpsh0a9juyu Here we go!

Celebrating life and love,


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July 13, 2015 Mike and Kristina

Friday was a beautiful day to meet Mike and Kristina for their engagement session. I hadn’t met them in person before – but we clicked right away! These two are so easy going and fun… can’t wait for their country wedding this Fall!

MKengage001 zpsiaweehvl Mike and Kristina

MKengage002 zps86fzwmuv Mike and Kristina

MKengage003 zpsgbql7pog Mike and Kristina

MKengage004 zpsk4qnpfxe Mike and Kristina

MKengage005 zpsrfsvwsfd Mike and Kristina

MKengage006 zpshdhxnbze Mike and Kristina

MKengage007 zps2wztgi3z Mike and Kristina

MKengage008 zpsf65xrj2h Mike and Kristina

MKengage009 zpsw0kfr98a Mike and Kristina

MKengage010 zpsrrnfyob2 Mike and Kristina

MKengage011 zpsgxptdbht Mike and Kristina

MKengage012 zpsrkxudtxk Mike and Kristina

MKengage013 zpskltseunw Mike and Kristina

MKengage014 zpstjcyjfo6 Mike and Kristina

Celebrating life and love,


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July 6, 2015 Baby Hannah

Two years ago I photographed Nathan and Kim’s engagement and wedding… now it was so fun to go back to see them and meet their newest addition, Hannah Emerson. We photographed in and around their home – and Hannah’s “fur siblings” were on hand to keep guard of the wee princess.

Hannah001 zpsveq1bxh7 Baby Hannah

Hannah004 zps8kvifote Baby Hannah

Hannah002 zpsjcectghw Baby Hannah

Hannah003 zpspv8rnpt5 Baby Hannah

Hannah005 zpssxwfxjed Baby Hannah

Hannah006 zpsluhsscot Baby Hannah

Hannah008 zpssf4pqbv8 Baby Hannah

Hannah009 zpsqw3hdxoa Baby Hannah

Hannah010 zpsohmqvyuq Baby Hannah

Hannah011 zpsfdxurrdx Baby Hannah

IMG 0785 zpsyk9i7lzc Baby Hannah

Hannah013 zpskrlkv0xc Baby Hannah

Babies are just so kissable!

Hannah014 zps5l5o3hdy Baby Hannah

Hannah016 zpsa3xgxzgq Baby Hannah

Hannah017 zps0s7tohpa Baby Hannah

Hannah018 zps4itdbzhh Baby Hannah

Hannah019 zpsjipmkhne Baby Hannah

Hannah020 zpsoajjzmz9 Baby Hannah

Hannah021 zps4tdyc2uc Baby Hannah

Hannah022 zpse7lpjq2w Baby Hannah

Hannah023 zpsl3qxl8ya Baby Hannah

Hannah024 zpseboxo4zq Baby Hannah

Hannah025 zpsrjrfkcbi Baby Hannah

Hannah026 zpsureawi1f Baby Hannah

Hannah028 zpsjyplet3l Baby Hannah

Hannah027 zpsp9tbjanb Baby Hannah

Hannah029 zpsusyd1kmk Baby Hannah

Hannah030 zpsrshdd3jg Baby Hannah

Hannah031 zpshpjncsfx Baby Hannah

Hannah032 zpsmheslwsm Baby Hannah

Hannah033 zps6bfxqepj Baby Hannah

Hannah034 zpsmpmmgrsv Baby Hannah

And we’ll end off with the two big babies with their favourite toys…. their expressions show they aren’t really suppose to use them as toys though. icon smile Baby Hannah

Hannah035 zpspb5lzfeo Baby Hannah

Hannah036 zps8afptqxf Baby Hannah

Celebrating life and love,


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Blake and Rachel had a beautiful day for their wedding at the Tamahaac Club in Ancaster. Beautiful weather – a fun wedding party – and their sweet daughter Eva. A great celebration!

BRweb001 zpsd7qmcc5a Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb002 zps7bxz3tad Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb003 zpszijy2h4d Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb004 zpszn3u5xov Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb005 zpspimvyejh Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb006 zpswqpdpkgg Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb007 zps3kezz1tm Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb008 zpsxg82ma2n Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb009 zpsyrspmjgs Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb010 zpsiuneawk0 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb011 zpsexsoz5se Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb012 zpsrdttg97x Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb013 zpsaec3g0nq Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb014 zpsh52jidrf Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb015 zps459fxal5 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb016 zpsizaznzsw Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb017 zpszeeaqeeu Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb018 zpsgjkmgmia Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb019 zpsjslr0h4j Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb020 zpsb1wl2b3j Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb021 zps9ddweyob Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb022 zpsqvdmxpde Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb023 zpsoexsncqw Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb024 zps7eej8y6z Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb025 zpspgdu4que Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb026 zpsf2rno0sg Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb027 zps4i42kvbx Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb028 zpsda6k67sg Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb029 zpsp8cmidx4 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb030 zpsvchm5hea Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb031 zps4fv76mi8 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb032 zps2hlmeb4j Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb033 zpstobuqlbu Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb034 zpsfmwongq2 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb036 zpsajlskxsz Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb037 zpsc8gasumw Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb038 zps9kk8tfla Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb039 zpstvf8xiw4 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb040 zps7izapcdu Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb041 zpswtrolc5s Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb042 zpsgcdrmz8p Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb043 zpsnqxj0jr5 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb044 zpslvj09etf Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb045 zpsduzzbci2 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb046 zpsldcsvzxv Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb047 zpsstscmlai Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb048 zpsiomwtyck Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb050 zpsnilqylwv Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb052 zpsgrruqvdn Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb053 zpsoyphixag Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb054 zpsw57kklzq Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb055 zpsd3uqa7xn Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb057 zpscnnoh9ik Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb058 zpsdwuxlfqm Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb059 zpsoq7gpskz Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb060 zpsgux9yngv Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb062 zpsyfkklwr6 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb063 zpsjeu3ucum Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb066 zps3trildg0 Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb067 zpsd4rblndy Blake and Rachels Wedding

BRweb068 zpskqf5ifqq Blake and Rachels Wedding

Celebrating life and love,


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Two weeks from today is Blake and Rachel’s wedding – can’t wait to celebrate this sweet couple! We met up last week with their little daughter Eva to capture some images in the beautiful Spring weather!

BR001 zpswdsbrfs9 Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR002 zpsn7ursp8e Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR003 zpszpubhuph Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR004 zps05hzcwil Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR005 zps5ldurehl Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR006 zpssypw7vsm Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR007 zpsz2jxdelu Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR008 zps29rtlh3d Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR009 zpsfoukcgqu Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR010 zpscody6jbi Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR011 zpsqv5h3vt4 Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR012 zpswzjs4izq Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR013 zps1krgrsr2 Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR015 zpsvilg3nsm Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR016 zpsowozrw9t Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR017 zpsjwoaxwzv Blake and Rachels Engagement

Celebrating life and love,


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