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July 21, 2016 Arthur

I was so excited to meet sweet “little” Arthur (who’s not so little for a newborn!). He is so loved by his mom, dad and big sister Millie! It was so fun to photograph their maternity session… and now newborn lifestyle session in their home.

art 1 zpstmcjkpso Arthur

art 5 zpscvdlmbg9 Arthur

art 20 zpsxshwhaks Arthur

art 27 zpsnnwgfls8 Arthur

art 33 zpspfe3flhp Arthur

art 40 zpsf1tyfefr Arthur

art 43 zps4vmbqwig Arthur

art 49 zpsnxjmry3g Arthur

art 79 zpsidg8ke6s Arthur

art 62 zpsgqra7rd7 Arthur

art 75 zpsd4zpe2hb Arthur

art 71 zpsbv5vp1sl Arthur

art 83 zpsuaqclakb Arthur

art 91 zpsjozxozq6 Arthur

art 94 zpsbf7ejuw3 Arthur

art 85 zps4eiu2nbi Arthur

art 102 zps5ve1bqib Arthur

art 89 zpszbjuc225 Arthur

art 132 zps6gtl7swf Arthur

art 130 zpsedynldtf Arthur

art 125 zpsgw971urb Arthur

art 118 zpsmfrlqcy6 Arthur

art 144 zpslzg95jao Arthur

Celebrating life and love,


July 6, 2016 Baby Evelyn

It was so great to catch up with Graham and Jen as it’s been a few years since I photographed their wedding – and now it was time to meet their little one, Evelyn! They decided to wait until she was 6 months old to do her photos – and what a fun age to document! This darling was so fun to photograph!

evelyn 4 zpsxcoudrw3 Baby Evelyn

evelyn 8 zps98klswbk Baby Evelyn

evelyn 17 zpsxf2bb2o7 Baby Evelyn

evelyn 23 zpsey9vpr1i Baby Evelyn

evelyn 21 zpsfwtirb68 Baby Evelyn

evelyn 24 zps2hsebtwn Baby Evelyn

evelyn 38 zps36jjyzeh Baby Evelyn

evelyn 39 zps9fc8ctrp Baby Evelyn

evelyn 40 zpsubr8nfie Baby Evelyn

evelyn 43 zpsi5v2owtm Baby Evelyn

evelyn 51 zpsnnmhvokh Baby Evelyn

evelyn 55 zps2jbckhfw Baby Evelyn

evelyn 52 zpszbie3ebh Baby Evelyn

evelyn 58 zps0efinoy1 Baby Evelyn

evelyn 59 zpsmvycseth Baby Evelyn

evelyn 61 zpstlvo0yno Baby Evelyn

evelyn 63 zps74gvouen Baby Evelyn

evelyn 69 zpskxtxifmr Baby Evelyn

evelyn 71 zps9bykrfie Baby Evelyn

Celebrating life and love,


July 4, 2016 Saying Farewell

Recently we met a great family of seven who are moving to Costa Rica. I went and photographed their family at their home – having each family member show me their favourite place in the home and what they’ll miss. I loved seeing the kids enjoying the simple, childhood pleasures – climbing trees, ziplining, swinging, playing piano, and being free.

It was also an extra fun experience for me as this is the home we have purchased and will be moving into shortly!

oz001 zpsyqa50lpa Saying Farewell

oz002 zpsdcfn8lnx Saying Farewell

oz003 zpschqh2ppr Saying Farewell

oz004 zps4nkjve9i Saying Farewell

oz005 zps28i11ptl Saying Farewell

osborn 116 zpskgurdovu Saying Farewell

osborn 161 zpspj3t2ad9 Saying Farewell

oz007 zpspwdqstzi Saying Farewell

osborn 64 zpss2mxqsx0 Saying Farewell

oz008 zpstcj84q1q Saying Farewell

oz009 zpso6up6ls8 Saying Farewell

oz010 zps9f3rq4dm Saying Farewell

oz011 zpsscl1huay Saying Farewell

oz012 zps3xmnjk1z Saying Farewell

oz013 zps0lufj2h5 Saying Farewell

oz014 zpsg2pd40ks Saying Farewell

oz015 zpshkbiefoq Saying Farewell

oz016 zpshmccaqa6 Saying Farewell

oz017 zpse5stahvo Saying Farewell

oz018 zpshkbyqmqq Saying Farewell

oz019 zpsaso7qgby Saying Farewell

oz020 zpsk8efhwd9 Saying Farewell

oz021 zpsjccnsecq Saying Farewell

oz022 zpsosjz4fps Saying Farewell

oz024 zpsj62waqm8 Saying Farewell

oz025 zpsdzpqiua6 Saying Farewell

oz026 zpsuvmpdhc4 Saying Farewell

oz027 zps48vowtvc Saying Farewell

osborn 54 zpsetrxmv65 Saying Farewell

oz028 zps23etmab8 Saying Farewell

oz029 zpsulr4dd6d Saying Farewell

oz030 zpspzaatbnj Saying Farewell

Celebrating life and love,


Six years ago I photographed Paul and Andrea’s wedding – and now, it was great to catch up with them and meet their daughter Kate. Had such a great lifestyle session in their home – photographing their favourite moments and memories in and around their home.

Kate002 zpslxixxgfp Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate006 zpseohjew1x Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate011 zpseg8lwcme Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate012 zps95njl8gt Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate014 zpshzpiqobt Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate020 zpsrc6afvbj Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate022 zpsaaapzl5o Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate030 zpsoeulv9by Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate034 zpsrifrusli Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate038 zps0gw2nykd Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate042 zpsjrgs9iqs Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate052 zpsdlctfyhw Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate048 zpsc0yam3sl Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate057 zpskwvv3r41 Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate062 zpstjhaxjcq Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate064 zpsacta9p0f Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate066 zpsyvobdkuf Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate071 zps6adup9ia Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate075 zpsh20wygqf Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate078 zpsp2cm4s38 Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate080 zpsse6xgsvj Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate081 zpsqtlc6k2l Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate084 zpsug6f5spo Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate087 zpsf8w7grt6 Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate089 zpsxdraida1 Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate092 zps3cufcx8q Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate096 zpsvhlwewpm Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate099 zps9icofvr6 Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate103 zpsz3xkxjra Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate010 zpsosnqhvc2 Kates Lifestyle Session

Kate109 zpsizkf7uow Kates Lifestyle Session

Celebrating life and love,