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I love catching up with past clients to watch their family evolve – after photographing Chris and Christa’s engagement and wedding 6 years ago – it was great to reconnect for their maternity session! We went back to McMaster University’s campus where they had their wedding!

CCmat198 zpsd1ri6yf8 Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat199 zps1zli0pdw Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat200 zpswffrnnyk Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat201 zpsor9l0dyc Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat202 zpsluesotza Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat203 zpsiuxhb7if Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat204 zpsi6rl6ljd Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat205 zpsnz2icvm6 Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat206 zpsuwsv63hx Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat207 zpsrbtiyisa Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat208 zpsmh2yb2mv Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat209 zpsn10xob3h Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat210 zpshqrxekkq Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat211 zpsvwfk0fuw Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat212 zpsfx3gqg1v Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat213 zpswos9tfyy Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat214 zpsglod44vj Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat215 zps3idk8ovh Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat216 zps9foyyrut Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat217 zps8lkq6vgf Chris and Christas Maternity

CCmat218 zpsz1et7gry Chris and Christas Maternity

Celebrating life and love,


May 20, 2016 Baby Ward

I’m so excited for this new addition to Greg and Libby’s family! Seems like we were just photographing their maternity session for their daughter, Millie – and now Millie is about to be a big sister! When I got to their house, Millie was practicing being a big sister with her doll and stroller. And then it was on to a tea party and playing with mom and dad and looking through old photo albums. I love these everyday moments – the moments we love that pass by in a blink! Love capturing these candid shots at home so much!

IMG 1271 zps5pznb8o4 Baby Ward

IMG 1293 zpsc08ngto1 Baby Ward

IMG 1316 zpsbrzralui Baby Ward

IMG 1324 zpspzkyh1ts Baby Ward

IMG 1339 zpsiynudp13 Baby Ward

IMG 1369 zpsbqbmf1cx Baby Ward

IMG 1396 zpsobcfdacd Baby Ward

IMG 1425 zpsljzxtvtq Baby Ward

IMG 1438 zpskh0evwov Baby Ward

IMG 1451 zpsa4zxq46l Baby Ward

IMG 1459 zpsweuc71hj Baby Ward

IMG 1469 zps113wu6ot Baby Ward

IMG 1479 zpsqntbxpmx Baby Ward

IMG 1488 zps7sppjok4 Baby Ward

IMG 1492 zpstrg8aidy Baby Ward

IMG 1499 zpsvtmfzef3 Baby Ward

IMG 1505 zpsw0tvjagf Baby Ward

IMG 1520 zps8ermbnor Baby Ward

IMG 1535 2 zps6fschfwv Baby Ward

IMG 1552 zpsm0yepkhw Baby Ward

IMG 1577 zpssnsq296a Baby Ward

IMG 1580 zps6nhrvchg Baby Ward

IMG 1593 zpsg8skyvgf Baby Ward

IMG 1600 zpskuptqoe8 Baby Ward

And then it was off to a beautiful orchard on a perfect Spring day!

IMG 1631 zpsuep7gzow Baby Ward

IMG 1659 zpsxsrjh4eg Baby Ward

IMG 1668 zpstslas4i0 Baby Ward

IMG 1694 zpskzt8deyg Baby Ward

IMG 1703 zps2ykqcal7 Baby Ward

IMG 1707 zpsoz4m4iym Baby Ward

IMG 1735 zpsemenpvym Baby Ward

IMG 1764 zpssnpoklf8 Baby Ward

IMG 1738 zpsjrc9vest Baby Ward

IMG 1788 zps5at94qqp Baby Ward

IMG 1820 zps6ubgo0di Baby Ward

IMG 1854 zpswrzrbzr1 Baby Ward

IMG 1847 zpsqisuennx Baby Ward

IMG 1889 zpsey2r2adb Baby Ward

IMG 1882 zps098wuegv Baby Ward

IMG 1859 zpsbqrwpvfd Baby Ward

IMG 1926 zpswdf4tpdt Baby Ward

IMG 1962 zpszrhvejzq Baby Ward

IMG 1971 zpss4ksqjnq Baby Ward

IMG 2046 zpsloei9rro Baby Ward

IMG 2006 zpsqkqtsggu Baby Ward

IMG 2025 zpsmsug5hs1 Baby Ward

Celebrating life and love,


May 19, 2016 Reuben & Jacquie

Was so glad to celebrate with Jacquie and Reuben at their wedding! These two are so smitten with each other – and everyone who is around them just adores them! A great day of celebration!

RJwed001 zps43lmxfgv Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed003 zps8xubxzf2 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed004 zpsxooujnhw Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed005 zpsvcwyqntx Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed006 zpsr5wmjd0g Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed007 zpsyq5lt785 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed008 zpsef406aya Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed010 zps0dkkjis4 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed011 zpsbuerqkth Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed012 zpswln2sggl Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed013 zpsm00y2ua5 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed014 zps3uoy2ddx Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed016 zps39iby1gf Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed017 zpshzuhuwzq Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed019 zpsoio98u5a Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed023 zpsjk0dipie Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed025 zpsiyliu791 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed026 zpsxf4b4bt3 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed028 zpsg1tfnoyr Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed027 zpsqezbskta Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed029 zpspo914sjc Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed031 zpsxkdtwhdn Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed032 zps1krmm20k Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed033 zpst1nxmfdh Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed035 zpsgtluvliq Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed037 zpsypkmfpz3 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed038 zpsu41yqrrs Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed039 zpsmizkkijx Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed040 zpsgajh7iyy Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed041 zpsts7yhjyy Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed042 zps50h26jfv Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed043 zpspmu8uxtp Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed045 zpszqytyqcg Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed044 zps4imkokyt Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed046 zpspvanf3bt Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed047 zpsh0omarvs Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed048 zpsnxg3hain Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed051 zpstzkhvbif Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed049 zpsvsohjcpz Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed052 zpstbvmczu8 Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed059 zpsnrytpvzd Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed062 zpsivbp2zau Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed065 zps7yzhwdqv Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed064 zpscvs2oxee Reuben & Jacquie

RJwed063 zpsf1fooxtv Reuben & Jacquie

Celebrating life and love,


May 2, 2016 Orchard Friends

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile – you’ll know every year we do a photo session in our friend’s orchard with my girls “soul sisters” and one lone “soul brother”. Today was the day! But before I post the photos from today… here’s a look back!

2008… (LINK)

1929744 19802817628 2934 n zpsxjlvo5gt Orchard Friends

Caden was too little to keep up with the girls running that year! SO here’s one of the poor guy sitting with them

1929744 19802867628 6584 n zpsprvuf9ej Orchard Friends

2010… (LINK)

IMG 5813 zpsudmehvzx Orchard Friends

2012… (LINK)

IMG 1115 zpswsspbclq Orchard Friends

2013… (LINK)

945254 10151609257832629 55901194 n zpsztvr1zzd Orchard Friends

2014…. (LINK)

IMG 9465 zps7aho2ibu Orchard Friends

2015… (LINK)

orchard001 zpsui5qd0r9 Orchard Friends

And finally… 2016…

IMG 9403 zpsv8qavcys Orchard Friends

IMG 9421 zps71rqigk3 Orchard Friends

IMG 9432 zpsa2mdgpym Orchard Friends

IMG 9454 zpsh6nqc5t9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9481 zps8wlb0suy Orchard Friends

IMG 9515 zps1cbuqmah Orchard Friends

IMG 9538 zpsdwwl0hmu Orchard Friends

IMG 9542 zpsseg4vmqa Orchard Friends

Caden really, really wanted a “Serious face” photo. He puts up with a lot with all girls – so we humour him!

IMG 9559 2 zpsoslfn8ir Orchard Friends

IMG 9565 zpsy1ndef2x Orchard Friends

IMG 9568 zpsomuku7uy Orchard Friends

IMG 9574 zpsgs1cdehe Orchard Friends

IMG 9581 zps4erqux9i Orchard Friends

IMG 9587 zpspocm3nb1 Orchard Friends

IMG 9593 zps7zppiexh Orchard Friends

IMG 9616 zpshnuvvekp Orchard Friends

IMG 9663 zpsfblpd0xc Orchard Friends

IMG 9649 zps80klmp81 Orchard Friends

IMG 9648 zpsjb52yviw Orchard Friends

IMG 9656 zpspfoxw57b Orchard Friends

IMG 9626 zpsnz540slu Orchard Friends

IMG 9602 zpstwddcwqb Orchard Friends

IMG 9390 zpsqgcphxvv Orchard Friends

And a little of what goes on behind the scenes. It definitely does NOT get easier the older they get. These kids are ridiculous when they’re together. Here’s the “Bloopers”.

IMG 9467 zpsgmhvzwer Orchard Friends

IMG 9396 zpso1kj3vnu Orchard Friends

IMG 9468 zpsrbtcmdi9 Orchard Friends

IMG 9470 zpsvyxrt9va Orchard Friends

IMG 9473 zpsocijgv21 Orchard Friends

IMG 9475 zpsdt8tu8bf Orchard Friends

IMG 9495 zpstspo5nuo Orchard Friends

IMG 9558 zps1ziqcmeo Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,