April 26, 2016 Meera Update

Throughout 2012, I followed then two year old Meera through her journey with cancer. You can view the year we documented in review HERE.

It’s been a few years, and I’m constantly asked how Meera is doing. It wasn’t just me who fell in love with her – it was so many people who followed along her incredible journey of ups and downs through an aggressive form of cancer in her face. So, it was time to catch up with Meera and her family and see how she’s doing now!

You may remember, Meera had to have a portion of her face removed due to the cancer. This has not slowed this beauty down – and I find her eyes look all the bigger and more beautiful! Last I saw Meera, her hair was just starting to grow back from chemo – now she has incredible thick hair anyone would envy! She is 6 years old now and in grade one. She has lots of friends and loves school. She still sometimes gets questions and looks – but the family addresses them. Happy to answer questions – but not willing to put up with rudeness. When Meera is in her teens they will explore reconsructive surgery. Meera had her routine MRI – every 4 months – and was getting the results today. Roy and Laure were so relieved when they came back clear! YAY! Speaking of Roy and Laura – they’re doing great too. They’ve gotten fit and are working, and seem more in love than ever! And Ameena – who was just a baby when I met her – is four years old and is in kindergarten now! Ans speaking of babies, there is a new sister – two year old Kembree. All three girls are so sweet and I loved catching up (although far too briefly) with this family I love!

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IMG 6990 zpsfrxhkyx3 Meera Update

IMG 7089 zpsewbzmwdh Meera Update

IMG 7099 zpsjjusyf4t Meera Update

Celebrating life and love,


3 Responses to “Meera Update”

  1. Marlene (Nan) Cresswell says:

    Krista, you have a way of capturing so much of the spirit in a photograph. Thank you.

  2. Emma Stuart says:

    You’re family is beautiful. Meera is amazing and such a strong person. Having also had a child who had cancer I understand how proud you guys are. I also understand how all of you have been strength and played a big part in this journey. You are all amazing people. Sending you all love. Xxxx

  3. Lisa Westerman says:

    What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!! Thank you for the update! Praying huge blessings on this family…

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