October 31, 2015 Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Now, I don’t celebrate any of the “dark” side of the holiday… as I say to my kids all the time “we celebrate life not death” in this house. But I love the idea of entire communities coming out and socializing, people staying home to hand out candy to kids who’ve done nothing to deserve it, and just the fun of the night! It’s always such an amazing night of community! Hope you all had a great Halloween also!

I thought I’d share our costumes this year. We love bring creative and making our costumes as the girls get older. We have so much fun coming up with their costumes each year! We try to spend as little as possible (Madi’s costume we spent nothing on – all things we had on hand. Eden’s was very minimal). We go high on creativity. Low on budget. icon smile Happy Halloween!

Eden asks every year to go as something scary but (see above) I say “no”. This year we came to a happy agreement – she could go as a werewolf. Nothing dead or bloody please. ha ha. She was so happy to go as something semi-scary – but in this mama’s eyes, that little face could never be scary.

IMG 9326 zpsjtq1wtyb Happy Halloween!

IMG 9322 zps396s5xnq Happy Halloween!

And my Madi is an avid book lover – so we came up with the idea of a “Book Fairy” – we used old book pages and newspapers to create her skirt, wings, floral headband and wand. She said that the Book Fairy gives books to all the good girls and boys. (I’ve been good! I’ve been good!)

Untitled 1 zpsaffwhiee Happy Halloween!

IMG 9286 zps7hmnn6z9 Happy Halloween!

Love these two!

IMG 9302 zpsqprtbbwv Happy Halloween!

And since I’m nostalgic.. here’s a look back over the years!


Madi as Elliott from ET
10171667 10152834776612629 3480590358310528690 n zps2jpprwn2 Happy Halloween!

Eden as a jellyfish
10472144 10152834776662629 7686233286257511749 o zps6cj4xjva Happy Halloween!


Madi as a unicorn

10438582 10152830809842629 3400401825055850170 n zpsnzihbkxn Happy Halloween!

Eden as Medusa

10494519 10152830809877629 5428407676897953364 n zps6limj3p3 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Mad Hatter

67298 10152830792812629 252162483713942262 n zpstzzseaz8 Happy Halloween!

Eden as “Little Red Robin Hood” (combining LIttle Red Riding Hood with Robin Hood)

10469898 10152830784677629 5221869986600452129 n zpsaxfkvcz3 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Rapunzel

10301302 10152830784667629 5922094351126753080 n zpsgv5xm4gk Happy Halloween!

Eden as Cheetah

10425360 10152830792837629 8986981461906322339 n zpsvtmdgch9 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Pirate

10616142 10152830794837629 3451919219109127156 n zpsuob75htm Happy Halloween!

Eden as Queen

10672431 10152830794842629 6358319628741576583 n zpsgtyotfba Happy Halloween!


Madi as Veternarian

10712919 10152830796892629 4382983180254098509 n zps6c0nl6et Happy Halloween!

Eden as Angel

10606550 10152830796872629 4356836776510036452 n zpsvf3p8hua Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as cats

10636215 10152830784937629 6192686536994882509 n zpsweo91zvt Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as a lion and skunk

10449525 10152830784777629 5077053835587996189 n zpsmlrtu5ui Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as a zebra and elephant

10710569 10152830809717629 1849803414401150323 n zpstuychpyo Happy Halloween!


Eden as a chicken

1476598 10152834742687629 1604871244833262860 n zpstpmcxfes Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


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