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October 31, 2015 Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Now, I don’t celebrate any of the “dark” side of the holiday… as I say to my kids all the time “we celebrate life not death” in this house. But I love the idea of entire communities coming out and socializing, people staying home to hand out candy to kids who’ve done nothing to deserve it, and just the fun of the night! It’s always such an amazing night of community! Hope you all had a great Halloween also!

I thought I’d share our costumes this year. We love bring creative and making our costumes as the girls get older. We have so much fun coming up with their costumes each year! We try to spend as little as possible (Madi’s costume we spent nothing on – all things we had on hand. Eden’s was very minimal). We go high on creativity. Low on budget. icon smile Happy Halloween!

Eden asks every year to go as something scary but (see above) I say “no”. This year we came to a happy agreement – she could go as a werewolf. Nothing dead or bloody please. ha ha. She was so happy to go as something semi-scary – but in this mama’s eyes, that little face could never be scary.

IMG 9326 zpsjtq1wtyb Happy Halloween!

IMG 9322 zps396s5xnq Happy Halloween!

And my Madi is an avid book lover – so we came up with the idea of a “Book Fairy” – we used old book pages and newspapers to create her skirt, wings, floral headband and wand. She said that the Book Fairy gives books to all the good girls and boys. (I’ve been good! I’ve been good!)

Untitled 1 zpsaffwhiee Happy Halloween!

IMG 9286 zps7hmnn6z9 Happy Halloween!

Love these two!

IMG 9302 zpsqprtbbwv Happy Halloween!

And since I’m nostalgic.. here’s a look back over the years!


Madi as Elliott from ET
10171667 10152834776612629 3480590358310528690 n zps2jpprwn2 Happy Halloween!

Eden as a jellyfish
10472144 10152834776662629 7686233286257511749 o zps6cj4xjva Happy Halloween!


Madi as a unicorn

10438582 10152830809842629 3400401825055850170 n zpsnzihbkxn Happy Halloween!

Eden as Medusa

10494519 10152830809877629 5428407676897953364 n zps6limj3p3 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Mad Hatter

67298 10152830792812629 252162483713942262 n zpstzzseaz8 Happy Halloween!

Eden as “Little Red Robin Hood” (combining LIttle Red Riding Hood with Robin Hood)

10469898 10152830784677629 5221869986600452129 n zpsaxfkvcz3 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Rapunzel

10301302 10152830784667629 5922094351126753080 n zpsgv5xm4gk Happy Halloween!

Eden as Cheetah

10425360 10152830792837629 8986981461906322339 n zpsvtmdgch9 Happy Halloween!


Madi as Pirate

10616142 10152830794837629 3451919219109127156 n zpsuob75htm Happy Halloween!

Eden as Queen

10672431 10152830794842629 6358319628741576583 n zpsgtyotfba Happy Halloween!


Madi as Veternarian

10712919 10152830796892629 4382983180254098509 n zps6c0nl6et Happy Halloween!

Eden as Angel

10606550 10152830796872629 4356836776510036452 n zpsvf3p8hua Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as cats

10636215 10152830784937629 6192686536994882509 n zpsweo91zvt Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as a lion and skunk

10449525 10152830784777629 5077053835587996189 n zpsmlrtu5ui Happy Halloween!


Madi and Eden as a zebra and elephant

10710569 10152830809717629 1849803414401150323 n zpstuychpyo Happy Halloween!


Eden as a chicken

1476598 10152834742687629 1604871244833262860 n zpstpmcxfes Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


I have photographed Chris & Arlene for eight years now – starting with their wedding, and then their growing family over the years when it was just Evelyn, and as she started to grow into a fun toddler, when they added baby Rowena, when they moved into their current home, and then last year as the girls excitedly showed me their new doll house and trampoline. Evelyn and Rowena are the same age difference as my two girls – so it’s always a bit of a trip down memory lane for me as a mother remembering when my own girls were their ages.

It is great to catch up – and when I pulled in the girls were sitting right at the door watching for me. They had practiced posing (as you can tell) and are always so full of personality! Love photographing this family!

rJ089 zpsmebr0it3 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ088 zps5upjav50 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ087 zpshbtdhvoo Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ090 zpssfghek0e Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ091 zpse8ui826w Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ092 zpsv5zqlepj Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ093 zps3cllm0yr Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ094 zpsnfiwc4gk Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ095 zpsyluti14p Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ096 zpshaonh1a9 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ097 zps3ohidvwn Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ098 zpsyen6ob8w Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ099 zpsf5wkmcqc Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ100 zpsiw4ygaf0 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ101 zps2m0zd5qf Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ102 zpsdguzonbo Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ103 zpskz4ln1po Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ104 zpstdiaqzmn Chris and Arlenes Family

CAfam2015 106 zpslduaiue2 Chris and Arlenes Family

CAfam2015 112 zpsucz7xflq Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ105 zpslhcea3t7 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ106 zps4f1onkjn Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ107 zps8jioqpxc Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ108 zpsur04qpyk Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ109 zpsn3rnv333 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ110 zpsfku7actx Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ111 zpshb4kcb2l Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ112 zpszwnmykh0 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ113 zpsmpltzufd Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ114 zpswkogoabf Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ115 zpsfnbrgfhg Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ116 zpsk0tjvj2i Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ117 zps4wk7vb8q Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ118 zpswmwo39w6 Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ119 zpsiupj8ysk Chris and Arlenes Family

rJ120 zpsopysmlkm Chris and Arlenes Family

Celebrating life and love,


October 27, 2015 Reuben & Jacquie

It has been so exciting to see this relationship develop from friendship to dating and now as they plan their upcoming wedding! Jacquie is my daughter’s guitar teacher and we just love her. She pours her heart into her students and gives so generously of her talents and time. Reuben is also a photographer, and we love to chat about gear and photography. We have loved watching these two together and are so excited for next year’s wedding! What an honour to document their story!

rJ001 zpsijnvl1eb Reuben & Jacquie

rJ002 zpsp6el2uvq Reuben & Jacquie

rJ003 zpsnnj40ggv Reuben & Jacquie

rJ004 zpseaxrmzy6 Reuben & Jacquie

rJ005 zpsn4p9k5yw Reuben & Jacquie

rJ006 zps2kmxfj7u Reuben & Jacquie

rJ007 zpszbab1lki Reuben & Jacquie

rJ010 zpsuirinjwz Reuben & Jacquie

rJ011 zpsxebysywr Reuben & Jacquie

rJ012 zpsjvbxujgf Reuben & Jacquie

rJ013 zpswgqk1lw9 Reuben & Jacquie

rJ014 zpsgk6ojp29 Reuben & Jacquie

rJ015 zpsppwqrf3q Reuben & Jacquie

rJ016 zpsorqqtzft Reuben & Jacquie

rJ017 zpsobflzbzf Reuben & Jacquie

rJ018 zpszb9kmjfd Reuben & Jacquie

rJ019 zpsfuklec0r Reuben & Jacquie

rJ020 zps31brhvcd Reuben & Jacquie

rJ021 zpsicdapqoh Reuben & Jacquie

rJ022 zpsvomtwfzn Reuben & Jacquie

rJ023 zpseoqkkm1n Reuben & Jacquie

rJ024 zpsd6givl3g Reuben & Jacquie

rJ025 zpsaauqtreh Reuben & Jacquie

rJ026 zps3nlfoihu Reuben & Jacquie

rJ028 zpsj2kho8lw Reuben & Jacquie

Celebrating life and love,


I met with John and Kate-Lyn recently to discuss their wedding next year – and they were eager to capture the beautiful Fall we’re having for their engagement session. A few days later we met at a gorgeous apple orchard on the most perfect Autumn day to celebrate their engagement!

JJ001 zpsmvgx2kuj John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ002 zps7hcoyh7k John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ005 zpsdfmppzro John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ003 zpsfibv6ltg John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ004 zpslprn5d72 John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ006 zpswfqtjni9 John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ007 zpspo6hhgid John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ008 zpsshyjjsen John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ009 zpsnvikaaxq John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ010 zpsmtlr0nfe John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ011 zpsbobbl9m8 John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ012 zpsjr3l93f1 John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ013 zpsulkfnxkg John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ014 zpsjchc6frx John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ015 zpshgxpefir John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ016 zpsxkaevgpu John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ017 zpsoqc40xvx John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ018 zps8yik3h8p John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ019 zpscqgp8xj1 John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ020 zpsz2end8bx John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ021 zps2xqvnqfh John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ022 zpsjrczyxgu John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ023 zpsxo3ttubj John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ024 zps06tuimvg John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ025 zpszj5yxlhw John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ026 zpstm78ojca John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ027 zpsdjbsdfbu John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ029 zpsh4muwlwy John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ028 zpskurl1xwx John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ030 zpsnsgt1rsj John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ031 zpsos0gaouc John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ032 zpstevhuavg John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ033 zpslybraunz John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ034 zpswzgfd2ni John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ035 zpstxixgubm John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ036 zpsg7ytza2w John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ037 zpsrlivkbbt John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ038 zpspvg7fvaz John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ039 zpsezbhiduu John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ040 zpsues9txeu John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ041 zpsybzo0bfn John and Kate Lyns Engagement

JJ042 zpse9lub8yh John and Kate Lyns Engagement

Celebrating life and love,


October 20, 2015 JJ’s Family

Had so much fun documenting Chris, Lexie and JJ again! It has been so fun to watch this family grow – from when I first document Chris and Lexie’s engagement and wedding to their sweet family today! I love the age JJ is at with her sense of wonder and wanting to explore. A great afternoon!

JJ00 zpsed36wgrg JJs Family

JJ01 zpszilnijl8 JJs Family

JJ02 zpsqzutv9wh JJs Family

JJ03 zpsmfbrtzud JJs Family

JJ04 zpskfw6dvbw JJs Family

JJ05 zps8xuqolqq JJs Family

JJ07 zpsrc0yfbv3 JJs Family

JJ08 zpsp81alucc JJs Family

JJ09 zpsmm5o8ald JJs Family

JJ10 zpshldybt8m JJs Family

JJ11 zpsib7sds8w JJs Family

JJ12 zpsgrgjrpd6 JJs Family

JJ13 zps6m2pozoi JJs Family

JJ14 zpsiwg3njxv JJs Family

JJ15 zpslnqi7ccg JJs Family

JJ16 zpsopnoowvr JJs Family

JJ17 zps4hxamjnz JJs Family

JJ18 zpsdqwii24s JJs Family

JJ19 zpsrf0jwkfj JJs Family

JJ20 zps2fw0jrzx JJs Family

JJ21 zpsbu3wsbnc JJs Family

JJ22 zpspexiwxpe JJs Family

JJ23 zpsgbzu09xr JJs Family

JJ24 zpsgkdah6uk JJs Family

JJ25 zpskmb1hfcq JJs Family

JJ26 zpsljgftz9b JJs Family

JJ27 zpsubssdrrp JJs Family

JJ28 zpsyeuem4mc JJs Family

JJ29 zpsg9eyiswl JJs Family

JJ30 zpsool2xpvj JJs Family

JJ31 zpsiwwokasi JJs Family

JJ32 zpsqbaeirkh JJs Family

JJ33 zpsxt4exud2 JJs Family

JJ34 zpsqkijyknj JJs Family

JJ35 zpsk2ysfwwx JJs Family

JJ36 zpswdoknjw8 JJs Family

JJ38 zpsisympgkt JJs Family

Celebrating life and love,


Many years ago, I knew Melissa as a young, shy junior high student – today she’s an absolutely gorgeous bride-to-be. It was great to catch up with her again and to meet her fiancee Jay. They are a great couple – and I can’t wait to document their wedding next year!

JMengage002 zps8wjo0nu1 Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage001 zpsv0s1p8jl Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage013 zpsggxaow0g Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage018 zpszrumdvmd Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage019 zpsmyamwzil Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage024 zpssmmay2vb Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage031 zps6gnwtrx0 Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage032 zpsw2hczhic Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage033 zpsnqdvmako Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage040 zpsgvrroygx Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage041 zpsriegeynh Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage042 zps8ucncbmq Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage046 zpsymcrpq6y Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage050 zps7n5tcuyy Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage052 zpsayj6mqkd Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage054 zpstk6c6lxt Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage057 zpsnxfgahd9 Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage059 zpsllbtwcop Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage062 zpsrnjdm0mj Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage065 zpsozbafc0o Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage075 zpsgendgwc7 Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage079 zpss69kjtot Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage086 zpsn6ldjopy Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage088 zpsak4xvg6z Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage097 zpstyz2exjo Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage111 zpshgw9bgwo Jay and Melissas Engagement

JMengage110 zpsdvddoslj Jay and Melissas Engagement

Celebrating life and love,