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August 31, 2015 Shaun and Kristin

It’s always fun when a couple has a hobby they want to work into their photo session. Shaun and Kristin both love rock climbing – and so we met at Rattlesnake where (after we did some “pretty” photos) they played on the rocks… and then we went to their rock climbing gym, Climbers Gym. Such a fun morning – with a great couple!

SKengage001 zpsbquh1pzm Shaun and Kristin

SKengage002 zpsztpwwzhd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage003 zpsgeuxdx5z Shaun and Kristin

SKengage004 zpslxrcxvn6 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage005 zpscrlwefxj Shaun and Kristin

SKengage006 zpssyrvnoyd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage007 zps2cyogwsi Shaun and Kristin

SKengage008 zpsv9kbaucv Shaun and Kristin

SKengage009 zpsq0klwjp3 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage010 zpsx5r59ztm Shaun and Kristin

SKengage011 zpslclreq7l Shaun and Kristin

SKengage012 zpshfb1p1v8 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage013 zpsrroe7id9 Shaun and Kristin

SKengage014 zpssdworbhn Shaun and Kristin

SKengage015 zpsvirpionu Shaun and Kristin

SKengage016 zps87fzsdeq Shaun and Kristin

SKengage017 zps8fs3zdnb Shaun and Kristin

SKengage019 zpsp7zzmusd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage020 zpsxmf4smzi Shaun and Kristin

SKengage021 zpswdx6jjki Shaun and Kristin

SKengage022 zpsavwxt1au Shaun and Kristin

SKengage023 zpsgekbobfk Shaun and Kristin

SKengage024 zpsphcbzuiz Shaun and Kristin

SKengage025 zpssmv9yk5s Shaun and Kristin

SKengage026 zps8iekcwvb Shaun and Kristin

SKengage027 zpsbmf9dmfp Shaun and Kristin

SKengage028 zpsslbzempd Shaun and Kristin

SKengage029 zpssqq5dkwy Shaun and Kristin

SKengage030 zps1dysd9is Shaun and Kristin

SKengage031 zpsjekmpgtx Shaun and Kristin

SKengage032 zpsgxlhb5ux Shaun and Kristin

SKengage033 zpsrskde2jr Shaun and Kristin

Celebrating life and love,


August 25, 2015 Bella’s Smiling Eyes

It is always such an honour to document for Smiling Eyes – offering back to people journeying through cancer. It was great to meet with Bella and her family to celebrate her journey back to health! Here is Bella and her sweet smiling eyes…

IMG 7252 2 zps62tpmd4b Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7223 zpsxv9tomkl Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6813 zpsmlqq4gui Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6907 zpstbbk0mz9 Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6875 zpszyb0cw0y Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6880 zpswglsogcw Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6818 zpsd12u81ov Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6843 zpscstbc2qu Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6852 zpszwnna4bc Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7149 zpsarytrial Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7161 zpswqjoqn9h Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7172 zpsndfevupu Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7145 2 zpstgtk9s6u Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7111 2 zps9yqpdkcd Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7296 zpshpjumrqk Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6771 zpsrh0iaeub Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6991 zpstepcqey0 Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7311 zps6qf4kgrn Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 7015 zpsfn3h9iah Bellas Smiling Eyes

IMG 6790 zpspvc3inzb Bellas Smiling Eyes

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August 13, 2015 David & Michelle

Right before I left for PEI, and then our big road trip – I had the opportunity to meet David & Michelle for their engagement photos. It’s always fun when I get to meet the whole gang – their sweet daughter and dog also! Looking forward to their Fall wedding!

DMengage002 zpshvbnou5x David & Michelle

DMengage026 zpsbapnmzul David & Michelle

DMengage024 zpsutprifdp David & Michelle

DMengage004 zpsltug7pcy David & Michelle

DMengage033 zpsv0qdkpo3 David & Michelle

DMengage029 zpsyfelfzqv David & Michelle

DMengage039 zps9nwqmxvw David & Michelle

DMengage009 zpsjomqgx0s David & Michelle

DMengage014 zpsoq0u4qev David & Michelle

DMengage022 zpsylz5b60m David & Michelle

DMengage036 zpsw697toi6 David & Michelle

DMengage038 zpsm1shjzoj David & Michelle

DMengage043 zpswwiojab0 David & Michelle

DMengage054 zps1u2dfr40 David & Michelle

DMengage047 zps9vctrtry David & Michelle

DMengage066 zpshgdugjxc David & Michelle

DMengage071 zpsqdlp5d4c David & Michelle

DMengage082 zpskf0exl7j David & Michelle

DMengage083 zps2esozyp3 David & Michelle

DMengage089 zpsz0eqwpjm David & Michelle

DMengage099 zps15rj75qe David & Michelle

DMengage101 zpsbwqv1txt David & Michelle

Celebrating life and love,