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Two weeks from today is Blake and Rachel’s wedding – can’t wait to celebrate this sweet couple! We met up last week with their little daughter Eva to capture some images in the beautiful Spring weather!

BR001 zpswdsbrfs9 Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR002 zpsn7ursp8e Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR003 zpszpubhuph Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR004 zps05hzcwil Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR005 zps5ldurehl Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR006 zpssypw7vsm Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR007 zpsz2jxdelu Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR008 zps29rtlh3d Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR009 zpsfoukcgqu Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR010 zpscody6jbi Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR011 zpsqv5h3vt4 Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR012 zpswzjs4izq Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR013 zps1krgrsr2 Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR015 zpsvilg3nsm Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR016 zpsowozrw9t Blake and Rachels Engagement

BR017 zpsjwoaxwzv Blake and Rachels Engagement

Celebrating life and love,


May 11, 2015 Orchard Friends

Every year, our kids and their “soul sisters and brother” get together to play in the orchard and do photos. This year as they get older, we found we didn’t take as many photos – but man! do those kids love hanging out together! So much fun!

orchard001 zpswhmu56dh Orchard Friends

orchard002 zpskym07rby Orchard Friends

orchard003 zps2ftowyoo Orchard Friends

orchard004 zpsgeaklmuk Orchard Friends

orchard005 zpsntx3h4xq Orchard Friends

This year – Madi and Aliah were happy to “perform”, and much of our time was spent asking “Where’s Eden? Where’s Caden?” and so on. So you will see more photos of some kids than others! ha ha.

orchard006 zps0trsjuye Orchard Friends

orchard007 zpsbazx2srb Orchard Friends

orchard008 zps5vgxqamg Orchard Friends

orchard009 zps2vavmpfi Orchard Friends

orchard012 zpsdezt5oys Orchard Friends

orchard010 zps00pffl7a Orchard Friends

orchard011 zpsvmrircww Orchard Friends

orchard013 zpshjcvxvhc Orchard Friends

orchard014 zpsrmox7jnt Orchard Friends

orchard015 zpshlorjlb7 Orchard Friends

And where it all started from – my high school friends who are my “soul sisters”. This year was extra special too as it was the first year that coordinated with our husband’s schedules and we were able to do family photos too!

orchard016 zps7vml7kdy Orchard Friends

orchard018 zpscdfne14m Orchard Friends


orchard019 zpsjsmdrf21 Orchard Friends



IMG 7221 zpsqifrp1ve Orchard Friends

orchard020 zpsqsu47byb Orchard Friends

orchard021 zpsk5wfhlqq Orchard Friends

orchard022 zpsubsfjdbw Orchard Friends

And what better way to end then with a picnic of treats? Cotton candy – yes please!

orchard023 zpsxox2tfs5 Orchard Friends

orchard024 zpsjp2pg98f Orchard Friends

orchard025 zpsok4a37jw Orchard Friends

orchard026 zpsy5puf1wr Orchard Friends

orchard027 zpsb9rd8pwb Orchard Friends

orchard028 zpsm4bjrz1i Orchard Friends

And I’ll end with this fairy sighting…. icon wink Orchard Friends

orchard029 zpsgvzqfrpy Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,