April 16, 2015 Baby Gray

Almost 7 years ago, I photographed baby Violet. Two years later it was time to document her little brother Desmond’s arrival. And so I was so excited to be asked back last week to document the newest addition – a beautiful little girl, Gray. To say she is well loved is an understatement. I think there are more photos of Gray being kissed by her siblings and parents, than not. She is absolutely adored – and it’s easy to see why with her blonde hair and blue eyes and sweet disposition.

This was also fun for me to document as these are the same ages and genders as me and my siblings – fun to imagine what it was like all those years ago as I was the baby being smothered in kisses! icon smile Baby Gray

Marnie and Andrew are so relaxed and in love with Gray, Violet and Desmond – such a fun afternoon with them documenting their family! Loved that when I got there it was the boys getting the little princess ready…

gray022 zpscmg44uta Baby Gray

gray023 zpstnamnzlm Baby Gray

gray024 zpsrtdtyqlr Baby Gray

gray025 zpsvwkg6uhn Baby Gray

gray026 zpscg2xnvfw Baby Gray

gray027 zpsyvjdclbl Baby Gray

gray028 zpsmirglsbn Baby Gray

gray029 zpsadpmzbr8 Baby Gray

gray030 zpsdnvrweye Baby Gray

gray031 zpsfdwymc24 Baby Gray

gray032 zpsrrvidkpy Baby Gray

gray033 zpsh5ene197 Baby Gray

gray034 zpslb6hqxbs Baby Gray

You know, I could have done an entire album just of Violet and her living doll, Gray. These two are so sweet together.

gray035 zpsnagzukki Baby Gray

Violet read to Desmond and Gray the book “I’m a Big Sister” – and did such a great job reading!

gray036 zpsfrbdse97 Baby Gray

gray037 zpszh4lvhlz Baby Gray

gray039 zps0tx9pfoh Baby Gray

gray040 zpssflsvd21 Baby Gray

gray041 zps5uodfnu6 Baby Gray

Then it was time for some mommy and daddy cuddles! I love how these two adore their kids. Marnie is sentimental like me, and at one point just as she sat there admiring her little Gray she started to cry. Out of love. So sweet.

gray042 zps3x8jaqtp Baby Gray

gray043 zpsbcenveqi Baby Gray

gray044 zpsa3yxiyjw Baby Gray

gray045 zpsvx3njtby Baby Gray

gray046 zpsxattbzib Baby Gray

gray038 zpsewwfsv7k Baby Gray

gray047 zpsjwxn71zl Baby Gray

gray048 zpsxdcvsapf Baby Gray

gray055 zpsawsntfty Baby Gray

gray056 zpsbllialpg Baby Gray

gray057 zpsvymuijub Baby Gray

gray058 zpsaucdrppl Baby Gray

gray059 zpsz8gkshpe Baby Gray

gray049 zpsfq0tpz97 Baby Gray

gray050 zpsbfwqwbs2 Baby Gray

gray051 zpshdch6dpm Baby Gray

gray053 zpsehzvvfu9 Baby Gray

gray054 zpsagw0o9fa Baby Gray

gray052 zpsiglfkjax Baby Gray

Celebrating life and love,


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