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March 28, 2015 Karen’s Headshots

I met Karen last Fall when we were both speaking at a conference. We clicked right away as we had both spent time in Kibera slums, Kenya and had a heart for social justice issues and travel. Karen is one of the 100 finalists for the MarsOne Mission. You can read one of Karen’s interviews about going to Mars HERE. Karen is a lot of fun – and wanted some fun photos as well as more serious ones for her headshots. I brought my girls along as they love Space and science – and they enjoyed interviewing Karen about space, and about her years as a journalist – some of her fun expressions are from interacting with the girls while I snapped away. A fun morning!

IMG 5178 zpsx49q38ys Karens Headshots

IMG 7868 zpsnz88guzl Karens Headshots

IMG 7495 zpsitxrbmrd Karens Headshots

IMG 5155 zpsiquixwkr Karens Headshots

IMG 5139 zpspwkfs9py Karens Headshots

IMG 7426 zpsivw9ktdq Karens Headshots

IMG 7563 zpsbd1ea7kh Karens Headshots

IMG 7555 zpsrli5al4g Karens Headshots

karen103 zpst458ebza Karens Headshots

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March 19, 2015 Baby Avery

I’ve known Deb & Oliver for a number of years – and loved documenting their rain filled engagement session and amazing outdoor wedding celebration (complete with swing dance lessons!) over the years. So when I got the call that they were now parents and wanted to document their new son Avery – I was so excited! I knew these two would be naturals as parents – as well as a lot of fun! It was fun to catch up with them and their dog Theo in their home and document this new family addition. When I photograph a newborn – I want it to be natural. I typically did not put my babies in big hats and baskets as a new mom – so this isn’t how I want to remember those days. I did though spend hours rocking them, singing to them, admiring their little fingers and counting their toes. Spending days just in awe of this miracle in my care. These are the moments I love to capture – as these are the moments I want to remember as a mom, and want to share with parents as a photographer.

IMG 5106 zpsdpdxfn2i Baby Avery

IMG 6921 zpsaofvgudj Baby Avery

IMG 6911 zpsqmxmxd93 Baby Avery

IMG 6939 zpsm5kknqay Baby Avery

IMG 6945 zpsynhy4t6q Baby Avery

IMG 6958 zpsvchenpdu Baby Avery

IMG 6952 zpsxvvoyzod Baby Avery

IMG 7258 zpster8vrzc Baby Avery

IMG 7289 zpsyqwh804i Baby Avery

IMG 7305 zpsrgjys5cc Baby Avery

IMG 7312 zpsgqfnmnue Baby Avery

IMG 6986 zpslw4bb9qv Baby Avery

IMG 7096 zpsmuzz8xmd Baby Avery

IMG 7112 zpsziq5bn85 Baby Avery

IMG 7059 zps4jnwo2aq Baby Avery

IMG 7118 zpsmqgaivrg Baby Avery

IMG 7120 zpsccgvbcue Baby Avery

IMG 7139 zpsjkcu8y2i Baby Avery

IMG 7147 zpsd6wylswm Baby Avery

IMG 7172 zpshhvxzmpf Baby Avery

IMG 7225 zpsyfrrakss Baby Avery

IMG 7229 zpsacbzcnko Baby Avery

IMG 7235 zpszmzke1eo Baby Avery

IMG 7240 zpstlnchdxr Baby Avery

IMG 7368 zpsgkxcuare Baby Avery

IMG 7375 zps2hedjuy3 Baby Avery

IMG 7396 zpsfq1vp8px Baby Avery

IMG 7399 zpsk8mylgur Baby Avery

IMG 5113 2 zpseuskkkm0 Baby Avery

IMG 5127 2 zpshat74rqn Baby Avery

IMG 5134 2 zps58o5g7on Baby Avery

IMG 7319 zpsqgkiphrn Baby Avery

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