December 16, 2014 Penelope

Almost 5 years ago, I had photographed Bryan and Andrea’s wedding in Hamilton just a week after he returned home from Afghanistan! And then a week later, I went to Ottawa to photograph a cocktail party reception for their friends at the Army Mess Hall which was stunning. I hadn’t seen them since… then on Facebook Andrea noticed that I Was going to Edmonton. SHe messaged me that they are living there now and had a new addition recently – Penelope! She asked if I could come and document their family in their new home – was thrilled to. Always fun to reconnect with past clients!

pen 001 zps4dacc395 Penelope

pen 002 zps1eeeb221 Penelope

pen 003 zps483b9fa7 Penelope

Penelope was so excited to have Bryan come home from the army base that morning – a daddy’s girl already! I asked Bryan if he could keep his army attire on until we had a few photos – love the contrast against Penelope’s perfect skin!

pen 004 zpsec270382 Penelope

pen 005 zpsda490219 Penelope

pen 006 zps228b4f04 Penelope

pen 007 zps575a0a69 Penelope

Penelope had recently discovered her belly button and toes – so exciting.

pen 008 zpsbb7b1d42 Penelope

pen 009 zps4f58a513 Penelope

pen 010 zpsc668fa66 Penelope

pen 011 zps117c3707 Penelope

pen 012 zps9351b61c Penelope

pen 013 zpse1142ef1 Penelope

pen 014 zpseb3d6a8c Penelope

pen 015 zps32050b9e Penelope

pen 016 zpse1290f2c Penelope

pen 017 zpsd098f04e Penelope

pen 018 zpsbc74a560 Penelope

pen 019 zps423d7650 Penelope

pen 021 zpsa84a937c Penelope

pen 022 zps7bc9439d Penelope

pen 023 zpsa2c0a2b9 Penelope

pen 024 zpsa0a8f133 Penelope

pen 025 zpscabd0f20 Penelope

pen 026 zps4cc6e873 Penelope

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