November 21, 2014 Cafazzo Family

We have known the Cafazzo family for a few years – and every time we see them it seems they’re either pregnant or have a newborn. icon smile Cafazzo Family They are now up to six amazing kids – five boys and one girl!

Their fourth youngest – Danny – had a brain tumour a couple years ago. And recently it has come back. We did this photo session before his chemo started. Here is Jo-Anne’s (mom) update on his health:

“The latest MRI shows that the tumour is growing back. Our next course of action will be chemo starting in dec/jan. Folks have been asking why chemo. Has the tumour become cancerous? Isn’t chemo only for cancer? the answer to both is no. The tumour is still benign… and chemo is the next line of defense. The reason being, a brain tumour has to be handled with extreme care. Elsewhere in the body, surgerical resections (removals) involve taking a cusp of tissue around the tumour to be certain to get any roots/residual tumour. However, that can’t be done in the brain, and in particular for Danny because of the location of the tumour. It would be catastrophic. And here is where “benign” doesn’t always mean better. It’s incredibly complicated to deal with. He has had 2 surgeries already, which have not been able to completely get rid of this thing. The chemo is going to attack the cell reproduction of the tumour and kick its butt from growing any more. The type of tumour is slow growing (compared with cancer, which is fast), and so the journey will be slow as well. Danny will be at Mac every week for 50-60 weeks. We’re in for a long haul. But we know that God is with us. Every step of the way.”

IMG 9409 zpse6abce94 Cafazzo Family

IMG 9529 zps232d90c5 Cafazzo Family

IMG 1393 zpsc299a409 Cafazzo Family

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  1. Jo Cafazzo says:

    Krista, I’m in tears! What a beautiful gift you have given us by capturing this moment in time for our family :D You are such a blessing!!

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