September 15, 2014 Swim for Keira

Saturday afternoon I got an email. The next morning there was to be a 25K swim fundraiser for Keira, and the photographer was no longer available. Any chance I knew someone who could do it? I shuffled some things, and set my alarm for 3am – and just after 4am I was loading on a sailboat with a crew of people to set out on this swim for Keira.

I had photographed Keira’s family six years ago when she was just wee little. Now she’s about 8years old – and has spent the last 9months in isolation as the doctors try to get her well again. You can read some of her story here and donate to help her family also. As a mom, you always think “this could be us” and it makes you so grateful for your child’s health. So of course I would document this event.

For now – here’s some photos of the morning! Some of them are quite dark – and I left them that way to show the actual lighting of the moment. You will notice how the light changes drastically from start to finish – and depending on which side of the boat they were (shooting into the sun or sun at my back). It was some tricky light to start – I use the term “light” loosely as it was more like darkness. On a moving boat. Hard to stay steady and get the shot!

We set out on Lake Erie before the sun – by the time we got to the starting point (about an hour and a half boat ride) the sun was starting to peek out.

swim 001 zps5f18d703 Swim for Keira

The boat and kayaks that would ride along the swimmers arrived – almost show time!

swim 002 zps943c55b9 Swim for Keira

Land off in the distance.

swim 003 zps63433d65 Swim for Keira

Josh Reid was doing this swim as a fundraiser for Keira. Josh is a teacher at Keira’s school and wanted to do something for her family. Beautiful.

He had been one of the pace swimmers for Annaleise Carr when she did her lake crossings, so she generously returned the favour and swam with him on this swim of his. Here they are getting ready to jump in.

swim 004 zps12c6a319 Swim for Keira

(The photo above and the next two have flash – after that it’s back to ambient light… but wanted to make sure we could at least see Josh!)

swim 005 zps4106c03a Swim for Keira

swim 006 zps2144d1db Swim for Keira

Two little bobbing heads and a kayak – about to start off on their adventure!

swim 007 zps632d8066 Swim for Keira

swim 008 zpsa74601fc Swim for Keira

Shooting no the other side of the boat was quite dark – gives you a bit of a feel for how dark the morning was out there!

swim 010 zpsb81919b1 Swim for Keira

A little while later it’s starting to brighten up – still swimming!

swim 011 zpse7624020 Swim for Keira

swim 012 zps442812a1 Swim for Keira

swim 014 zps196509cf Swim for Keira

swim 015 zps0c8379f6 Swim for Keira

swim 017 zps460d347b Swim for Keira

swim 018 zpsb4cea9c7 Swim for Keira

swim 021 zpsfa6648a5 Swim for Keira

See that one little arm out there? All alone? So crazy how small one seems in our great lakes! This was during a kayak/boat change so our sailboat was spotting Josh.

swim 022 zpsf6290f05 Swim for Keira

Sun is starting to warm things up!

swim 025 zps1952a074 Swim for Keira

swim 028 zps61c9f93d Swim for Keira

swim 030 zps5635b380 Swim for Keira

And Annaleise is always, always smiling. Such a sweet little thing – hard to believe all she has accomplished at such a young age!

swim 031 zps60714d27 Swim for Keira

swim 032 zpsb8c07824 Swim for Keira

swim 033 zpsfdb94cfe Swim for Keira

And Josh is still swimming….

swim 034 zps5522c75b Swim for Keira

Josh making sure he’s headed in the right direction.

swim 035 zps20aaac87 Swim for Keira

swim 036 zpscccfcdff Swim for Keira

Not only is Josh still swimming – he’s still smiling! I can only doggy paddle so this whole thing was amazing to me!

swim 037 zps508f184e Swim for Keira

swim 038 zpsc9685cab Swim for Keira

swim 039 zpsc2f8f36b Swim for Keira

swim 041 zps0488b868 Swim for Keira

Josh started at 6:30am. He finished at 2:45pm – long before his expected completion! Before this swim the longest he had ever done was 10K. Amazing job, Josh and team!! Thanks for letting me document this!

Keira – we hope to see you healthy and home SOON!

Celebrating life and love,


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