August 17, 2014 Smiling Eyes: Oma

Amber contacted me recently about doing her Oma’s Smiling Eyes session. Amber adores her Oma and it’s clear they have a special bond. Oma has battled cancer twice (colon, and then a few years later her liver and lungs) and then just recently they found out the cancer has grown. Oma has said “no more chemo” as her body did not handle it well and it reduced her quality of life. But what she has been able to do is live to enjoy her family, meet her new great grandchild and build memories. For her Smiling Eyes session, we met at their family home they built and have lived in for over 50 years. All but the newborn have lived in this home at some point as Oma opened her arms – and literally her doors – to welcome her family in when needed. It was great to return the favour to her now and offer her this gift. Her husband of 55 years, her daughters and their families all gathered to celebrate Oma.

IMG 5588 zpsca0048d4 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5583 zps18cedb83 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5595 zpsc93b2866 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5517 2 zpsd2aec55b Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5603 zps4aa7225a Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5615 zpsc0fa1d72 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5639 zpsd642d9c0 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5654 zps1781bf96 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5659 zps4304cb98 Smiling Eyes: Oma

IMG 5690 zpsf6d5fb36 Smiling Eyes: Oma

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  1. Amber says:

    Wow, these pictures turned out beautifully. Thank you do much Krista. These will be treasured forever!

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