July 17, 2014 Baby Violet

It was so great to meet Violet’s family last week – mom and dad, Melissa and Andrew – are so smitten with her already. Violet was only 9 days old when we met and could not be better behaved – a real little lady. She showed me around their beautiful home and pointed out all of her parent’s handiwork creations like her quilt her mom made and the rocking chair dad painted. She loves them already too and I think she’s quite glad they’ve been given the task of being her parents.

The chalkboard sign remains from when Violet first came home….

Violet001 zps8ceba228 Baby Violet

So cuddly!

Violet002 zps8c27b90d Baby Violet

Violet003 zps0caba1c0 Baby Violet

Violet006 zps5bf287e5 Baby Violet

Violet007 zpscdaa5500 Baby Violet

Violet008 zpsf3755df0 Baby Violet

Violet009 zps23607e5d Baby Violet

Violet010 zpsc4dad929 Baby Violet

Violet011 zpsb751a4cf Baby Violet

Violet012 zpsa3200b6a Baby Violet

Violet013 zps242291f1 Baby Violet

Violet014 zps7dacdbf8 Baby Violet

Violet015 zps3abe2252 Baby Violet

Violet016 zps180205c3 Baby Violet

Violet017 zps7f9247f9 Baby Violet

Violet019 zpsbc815a15 Baby Violet

Violet020 zps49d33d29 Baby Violet

Violet021 zps6ce711ba Baby Violet

Violet022 zps6cc16222 Baby Violet

Violet023 zps0aac3e92 Baby Violet

Violet024 zps9327f599 Baby Violet

Violet025 zpsb4e848a5 Baby Violet

Violet026 zpsf6538f47 Baby Violet

Violet027 zpsa8a8e42f Baby Violet

Violet028 zpsea74f452 Baby Violet

Violet029 zpsd78faf95 Baby Violet

Violet030 zps59c3c5b4 Baby Violet

Violet031 zpsd9ec5e28 Baby Violet

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Connie Chen says:

    Congratulations! Violet is beyond cute and the pictures are great. Love the one of her in the built in shelves!

    Oh, and her parents look pretty great considering they probably haven’t slept in days.


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