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June 26, 2014 Shaun and Allison

I was really looking forward to Shaun and Allison’s wedding – having photographed Allison in two previous weddings (and having these brides in her wedding party) – it felt more like a reunion! Always so fun to catch up with past clients!

Shaun and Allison had a beautiful day at the Waterfront Centre in Hamilton! Couldn’t ask for better weather – even a perfect sunset we had to slip out and enjoy! A great celebration!

ASwed 001 zps414e89c7 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 002 zpse42a685a Shaun and Allison

ASwed 003 zps6920aed8 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 004 zps40c78e69 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 005 zps275a6fe9 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 006 zps00351cf1 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 007 zpse4b255af Shaun and Allison

ASwed 008 zpsefe1e6e7 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 009 zps51132c67 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 010 zps240ab9ca Shaun and Allison

ASwed 011 zpsbed49f8c Shaun and Allison

ASwed 012 zps047b3a37 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 013 zpsfa0bc5f8 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 014 zps0cd5faf3 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 017 zps7213e336 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 018 zps3503581c Shaun and Allison

ASwed 019 zpsf501ee74 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 020 zps78de5867 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 021 zpsd17b4855 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 022 zpsd7f02cdb Shaun and Allison

ASwed 023 zps53395f87 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 024 zpsd534baa2 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 025 zps2e44ff6d Shaun and Allison

ASwed 026 zpse278f410 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 027 zps3f592091 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 028 zpsd568fbbd Shaun and Allison

ASwed 033 zps025c5f3d Shaun and Allison

ASwed 034 zps8af9e61b Shaun and Allison

ASwed 035 zps221ba7f8 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 036 zpsa1843ed4 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 037 zpsc78a2388 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 039 zpsb60eae06 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 040 zps244303ea Shaun and Allison

ASwed 041 zps4f9975a1 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 042 zpsc21c0195 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 043 zps23ce73a2 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 044 zps9aee76ff Shaun and Allison

ASwed 045 zps7bc0497c Shaun and Allison

ASwed 047 zps4f964260 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 050 zpsb2716179 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 051 zpsc89fc988 Shaun and Allison

ASwed 052 zpsa7833de7 Shaun and Allison

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Jen has been a dear friend of mine for a long time. We have travelled together to Iceland, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. I’ve lost her in the Nevada desert (and had a park ranger close down the park until we found her), and I’ve helped piggyback her out of an Icelandic park when she broke her ankle and had so many memories in between. So it is exciting now to be documenting her wedding and engagement! I loved this engagement session because everything had such meaning in it.

I had suggested a couple of beautiful nature locations to them – but they came back with downtown Hamilton. “This is us” they replied.

The bike – not just a pretty prop, but part of their engagement story. And not just part of their engagement story – part an analogy of their relationship and how they make it run smoothly.

Pete and Jen are about intentional living – and this shows in every choice they made. Even Jen’s choice of outfits – a dress that was a second hand find because they choose to live simply to have more to invest in others. Her colourful necklace and then her green bracelet is from my fair trade organization empowering women in Africa ( And those pink converse. They are her traveling shoes. They have traveled the world with Jen and are part of her story. Pete suggested she clean them up at least – to which she answered “these have dirt from Iceland and the Nevada desert and New Orleans and Ireland and….”

I also had her share her story in her own words….

“Peter and I both love Hamilton. We love the gritty beauty of its alley ways. We love the serenity of the harbour front trails and Cootes Paradise. We love biking up (and down!) the ‘mountain’. Hamilton is home and where we first met. We love the people of Hamilton. The dancing guy. The friendly, approachable people who you meet downtown. The quirky folk who band together to try to make things better and the artists who share their hearts every month on James St N. (at the art crawl). We fit right in. We join right in. Often we walk the streets of our city with full hearts as we wander and explore seeing what changes have happened. It’s fitting that the most perfect engagement surprise ever to be orchestrated (I may be biased) happened right at the park where we spent so many afternoons.

It was a “goodbye to winter” bike ride organized by a group of friends on April 1. Even though it was a bit brisk outside still, all of us were all revelling in the freedom of being on our bikes again on Canon St. after such a harsh winter. We made our way down to Bayfront Park and had a little rest at the gazebo. It turns out it was more than just a great ride with perfect weather and a bunch of great company! While the sun set over the Hamilton harbour, Pete pulled a guitar from nowhere and began to sing a surprise serenade of “bicycle built for two.” I was a bit confused. What’s going on? Is this a joke? Is this a music video shoot? As I turned around, I saw that his dad was there playing Viola, and my folks were there too! He had arranged the whole thing! As he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him, he presented an enormous box – with a huge bicycle bell in it. He asked, I answered – YES! Then, my dad wheeled out a two-seater bicycle that Pete and I had seen at an antique shop months before – all fixed up for us to ride! The bicycle bells rang out in celebration and with the cry of “we’re getting married!” in the air we travelled off down the path. It was so, so beautiful. In reality though, it was a bit bumpy. It took a while to figure out the stops and starts and for us to sync up. As in many things, communication is key. But we figured it out. Together. Now we are setting off on our journey and are so happy! We can’t wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family!!

AND! as if that wasn’t enough ~ Pete knows how important photography and capturing moments is to me…so he asked our friend Kaz from Verity Creative to film the whole thing! He stepped into a whirlwind and created a poem that captures the beauty of the day.” LINK

PeteJen 001 zpsee07385c Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 002 zps371ab07c Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 003 zps6cbc7251 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 004 zps380e55ec Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 005 zps991ac9d3 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 006 zps2e19fd52 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 007 zpsb8553581 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 008 zpsd6de4e34 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 009 zps0a35cea5 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 010 zps86d5ee40 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 012 zpsee5635dc Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 014 zps47999bdc Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 015 zps9fb2e3c5 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 016 zpsd3157a97 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 017 zpscb090cc3 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 019 zps881bf045 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 018 zps03791a24 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 020 zpsb2a76578 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 021 zps9fc6e39e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 022 zpsb2d9f2c4 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 023 zpsc2e82536 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 024 zps03e8e089 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 025 zpsa4d68736 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 026 zpsf9e804eb Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 027 zpsb9238d7e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 028 zps6412ce9b Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 029 zps55b2f65e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 030 zpsc25f1c1a Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 031 zpsbadf1110 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 032 zps9979106b Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 033 zps803aab1e Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 034 zps18f74645 Pete and Jens Engagement

PeteJen 035 zpsb389bbe0 Pete and Jens Engagement

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June 16, 2014 My Girls

EVery once in awhile, I have to take my camera and point it at my own girls. They are growing so fast and moving from little girls to young women before my eyes. I wish I could freeze time – but since I can’t, I had to capture a few frames of them at this moment instead. They make me laugh, inspire me, encourage me and drive me crazy. I love these two so much!

girls 001 zpsaa6f3733 My Girls

girls 002 zpsbf2898c0 My Girls

girls 003 zps890ebe45 My Girls

girls 004 zpsf564266c My Girls

girls 005 zps11bc3957 My Girls

girls 007 zpsac2e7915 My Girls

girls 009 zps7d8439d3 My Girls

girls 010 zps8876019a My Girls

girls 011 zps9ff1a069 My Girls

girls 012 zps0c93f22a My Girls

Madi has learned guitar this year and she wanted to bring it along. Love hearing her play and write her songs.

girls 014 zps39f1d63d My Girls

girls 015 zpse73d15a4 My Girls

girls 016 zps74eba3ea My Girls

Celebrating life and love,