January 19, 2014 The Street Gang

When I started to chat with Nicole to organize this photo session – I immediately fell in love with it.

A group of 5 childhood friends who all grew up on the same street. Two sets of sisters lived next door to each other then just one house divided them between the four and their other good friend. And all three sets of parents still live in these same homes! Originally Nicole had asked if I’d come to a park – but I asked where they had spent time as kids. She said they would always meet on the “green box” on their street – well, that’s where we need to meet then I said! I also asked if they could all bring old photos to share – waiting until they were all together to show them. It was so fun watching them laugh and cringe at the old photos of themselves! One of the girls brought a book of photos and writings and drawings she had made for each of them many years ago – but had never given them! Such a fun treasure! A great afternoon in the neighbourhood of where this friendship first formed!

deb001 zps632a3bef The Street Gang

deb002 zps4a0802f9 The Street Gang

deb005 zpsfef5ba23 The Street Gang

deb003 zpsec1e1e40 The Street Gang

deb007 zpsf07d3e0c The Street Gang

deb009 zps708eaefb The Street Gang

deb012 zpsa574803e The Street Gang

deb011 zps54b0aafc The Street Gang

deb008 zpsa0f2df63 The Street Gang

deb006 zpsf47cff44 The Street Gang

deb014 zpse8ad3081 The Street Gang

Then we went outside to the green box where they always met!

deb017 zpse4974254 The Street Gang

deb016 zps484d71a1 The Street Gang

deb015 zpsb801ad78 The Street Gang

deb021 zpsfdd9e649 The Street Gang

deb020 zpsea0867a9 The Street Gang

deb019 zpsab1df0ec The Street Gang

deb018 zps8104dedd The Street Gang

deb023 zps42da60f8 The Street Gang

deb022 zps18fe5fec The Street Gang

deb024 zps190988d1 The Street Gang

deb026 zps6315ed85 The Street Gang

The big tree they would meet at for picnics!

deb027 zpsef52dc11 The Street Gang

deb028 zps010b0a0a The Street Gang

Such a fun time watching these five interact! Thanks ladies!

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Nicole says:

    These are beautiful and so sentimental! Thank you so much for these photos! :) They will be in our homes for years and years.

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