December 9, 2013 Stone Family

I love this family. They are the real deal. They are always laughing and smiling and joking and… they are a complete joy to be around. They are so generous with their time and talents – everyone who knows them LOVES them. Such an honour to be their friends.

It snowed this morning and I sent Sarah a quick text as we’ve been chatting about doing family photos. “It snowed…..” and thats all it took. A couple hours later we had the quickest photo session of all time as it was COLD. I think it was literally 5minutes outside. But it was fun – and the kids as always were adorable. Can’t wait to meet baby # 3 soon! It’s been fun to document Sarah’s two pregnancies, newborns, family and even Desmond’s birth!

IMG 9669 zps7eba65ed Stone Family

Stones2013 012 zpsfc539e0d Stone Family

IMG 9699 zps07a8798a Stone Family

Stones2013 041 zps8071ca52 Stone Family

Stones2013 040 zpscbe099c6 Stone Family

IMG 9764 zps94251043 Stone Family

Stones2013 030 zps09695749 Stone Family

Stones2013 019 zps35ec56c1 Stone Family

Stones2013 014 zps8a2c671a Stone Family

And inside to warm up!

IMG 9848 zps27e631ec Stone Family

Stones2013 051 zpsf3ac4793 Stone Family

IMG 9889 zps5a6ad210 Stone Family

Stones2013 053 zpsb25adc4c Stone Family

Celebrating life and love,


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