October 16, 2013 Meera Update

I have had so many emails and questions about Meera and how she is doing. I am blown away by the support and love shown to her and her family. Thank you!

Just before Meera’s last chemo treatment of this round, they noticed a small lump in her mouth above a tooth (her mouth area is where the cancer has been). They had her come in for surgery immediately and removed the lump. I joined the family on the day of her surgery. And then came the waiting. They had expected the prognosis to take about a week – but yesterday they received the news early. It wasn’t cancerous! Hurray!!!

IMG 5606 zpsda11df79 Meera Update

IMG 5608 zps71432d89 Meera Update

Love Sick Kids and all the things they do to make these tough journeys easier… like iPad’s for the kids while waiting for the meds to kick in before surgery!

IMG 5612 zpse3511617 Meera Update

IMG 5626 zps3b7d5ad3 Meera Update

And out of surgery and recovering with mom, dad and new baby sister Kembree. It was sweet – Meera’s other little sister Ameena wasn’t there (a bit much for a toddler!) and Meera said “I want both sisters.” She is such a good big sister.

IMG 5688 zpsd88832a0 Meera Update

IMG 5694 2 zpsb22277fb Meera Update

IMG 5640 zps9d1a45dd Meera Update

IMG 5678 zps63fa2c95 Meera Update

IMG 5683 zps61adb7b4 Meera Update

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IMG 5642 zps26eb04a7 Meera Update

Don’t know if you can see Laura’s tattoo – it says “Hair grows back, Kids don’t”. icon smile Meera Update

IMG 5648 zps8aeed052 Meera Update

IMG 5700 zpsfa2463f1 Meera Update

IMG 5703 zps2b85028e Meera Update

IMG 5706 zps34291069 Meera Update

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. sharon rose says:

    Krista,you have me in tears again.Thank you for the wonderful pics.

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