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One thing I love about being a Smiling Eyes photographer, is we also donate time to Ronald McDonald House and Sick Kids hospital in Toronto. This last week I had the honour of going and documenting three families in Toronto.

First was a beautiful little girl who has just recently had a bone marrow transplant. SHe is 10 months old and has this beautiful slow smile that melts your heart! Her big sister is only 15months older than her – this family has their hands full! But lots of cuddles and love helps!

a 003 zpsea26b8ba Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 001 zps51e25f71 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 002 zpsb73f2781 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 004 zps7c1ab1d0 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes


a 006 zps26ccd978 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 007 zpsd381be70 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 008 zps69202b67 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 009 zpsc6d6980f Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 010 zpsb3903e19 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 013 zps17c9c124 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 015 zps185b4c5f Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 011 zps890bc58d Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 016 zps5f6a3b95 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 017 zps30763e48 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

a 018 zps9b40b8db Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

Next up was a stunning 18 year old girl who was celebrating her 3 week anniversary of her new lung that day! It is so amazing what can be done now with transplants! Her mom and her are so close – really beautiful to watch them together!

girl 002 zps2fd5f61f Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 005 zps2b4af975 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 012 zpsfe5f969d Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 017 zpsf79bd6d8 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 018 zpse94f53d3 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 020 zpsb7f80b9f Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 025 zps7543c114 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 026 zpsede55510 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 031 zps4d64ee4b Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 034 zps73c36b38 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 039 zps829690c5 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

girl 042 zps49c2abd7 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

Next up was two three month old twins – they’re fraternal brotehrs but man! they look alike! One has a heart condition and is weaker – but still able to smile and coo and charm us all!

twins 001 zps10f1c222 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 008 zpsdaff5827 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 014 zps69248a99 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 015 zps69980da8 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 016 zpsdc23d49d Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 004 zps194bc5b2 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 003 zpsf1b4a72c Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 005 zps8da42eb4 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 006 zps98abd5f7 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 010 zps91b99703 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 009 zps903c5cb8 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 012 zpsc94f68ee Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 013 zpse9e316a2 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 017 zps899a6810 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

twins 002 zpsbe29a052 Ronald McDonald Houses Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


October 29, 2013 Brad and Staci

Brad and Staci had a beautiful day for their Vineyard wedding at Legends Winery. The sun was shining and it was such a fun celebration!

bs 001 zps9af6924e Brad and Staci

BSwed bride017 zpsdeabb9b0 Brad and Staci

BSwed bride014 zpse89995f4 Brad and Staci

bs 006 zpseef42180 Brad and Staci

bs 008 zpscd4c9148 Brad and Staci

bs 007 zps61ecd900 Brad and Staci

bs 009 zpsfc177d66 Brad and Staci

bs 010 zpsfd90574c Brad and Staci

bs 011 zps55df8605 Brad and Staci

bs 012 zps765d8b3c Brad and Staci

bs 013 zps0dbbe28d Brad and Staci

bs 015 zps2bd3a37d Brad and Staci

bs 016 zps67756044 Brad and Staci

bs 017 zps48f00f2c Brad and Staci

bs 019 zps068963f1 Brad and Staci

bs 020 zpsd169f35c Brad and Staci

bs 021 zpsdf02ec6e Brad and Staci


bs 023 zpsf1c4691a Brad and Staci

bs 025 zps0a5994fa Brad and Staci

bs 027 zps39a56c04 Brad and Staci

bs 028 zps49535211 Brad and Staci

bs 029 zpsca240337 Brad and Staci

bs 030 zpsb8f25623 Brad and Staci

bs 031 zps48504b69 Brad and Staci

bs 032 zps153105a5 Brad and Staci

bs 034 zps0dc6138b Brad and Staci

bs 033 zpsb00674ac Brad and Staci

bs 035 zps1558aa0a Brad and Staci

bs 036 zps4be9a7a1 Brad and Staci

bs 038 zps1cc2563b Brad and Staci

bs 039 zpsc8ff06d4 Brad and Staci

bs 041 zpsd865ca1a Brad and Staci

bs 042 zps6591983b Brad and Staci

bs 043 zpse754a6f3 Brad and Staci

bs 044 zps65604162 Brad and Staci

bs 045 zps8d89f8cf Brad and Staci

bs 046 zps634e6f22 Brad and Staci

bs 048 zps72af6e50 Brad and Staci


bs 050 zps6dcdfdde Brad and Staci

bs 051 zps29aba827 Brad and Staci

bs 052 zps72880748 Brad and Staci

bs 053 zps85eafaf8 Brad and Staci

bs 054 zps6219f592 Brad and Staci

bs 056 zps08b88bb1 Brad and Staci

bs 059 zpsa40c39c2 Brad and Staci

Celebrating life and love,


October 28, 2013 Chris and Lexie

Six years ago I met Chris and Lexie. I instantly liked them. They are so great together – and so fun! I met them on their 6th year anniversary of dating… and now it’s almost 12years! And 5 years married – craziness! HEre’s the LINK to their engagement photos – because Lexie is sentimental…. she wore the exact same sweater!

This last year has been so exciting for Chris and Lexie as they fulfilled a dream of theirs… to become parents! It was a dream that seemed illusive for years… but I was thrilled when they shared with me their plans to adopt. If you meet this couple – you know that they were made to be parents. JJ came into their life right from the very beginning – and there is no doubt that this is where she is suppose to be! This little family is so full of love – it’s infectious. I loved documenting their family – because I love this couple, because I love documenting families and because I think adoption is one of the most insanely beautiful things in the world.

jj 001 zps07c03c1f Chris and Lexie

jj 002 zpsca38d8b0 Chris and Lexie

jj 003 zps30d93198 Chris and Lexie

jj 004 zpsbb694c73 Chris and Lexie

jj 005 zpsde2397f6 Chris and Lexie

jj 006 zps96d672e2 Chris and Lexie

jj 007 zps5fc4348b Chris and Lexie

jj 008 zps33e8ff0f Chris and Lexie

jj 009 zps6cbbe229 Chris and Lexie

jj 010 zpsaaa2116a Chris and Lexie

jj 012 zpse2462afb Chris and Lexie

jj 011 zpsfa519668 Chris and Lexie

jj 013 zps81d61493 Chris and Lexie

jj 014 zpsf5a214ee Chris and Lexie

jj 015 zps4f9e5249 Chris and Lexie

jj 016 zpsc311f3d9 Chris and Lexie

jj 018 zps5819cbda Chris and Lexie

jj 019 zps15da3097 Chris and Lexie

jj 020 zpsf637faaf Chris and Lexie

jj 021 zpsbe6c75be Chris and Lexie

jj 022 zps831515fb Chris and Lexie

jj 023 zpsfa8a1118 Chris and Lexie

jj 023 zpsfa8a1118 Chris and Lexie

And I always think it’s important to get some of mom and dad together too!

jj 026 zpse79565e0 Chris and Lexie

jj 025 zps41791644 Chris and Lexie

jj 027 zps8b296d75 Chris and Lexie

jj 028 zpsdd7a97ef Chris and Lexie

jj 029 zpsc3a5d855 Chris and Lexie

jj 031 zpsa9e60128 Chris and Lexie

jj 030 zps68f56789 Chris and Lexie

jj 032 zpsefca7852 Chris and Lexie

And we ended with one of Lexie’s favourite things… owls!

jj 033 zpsd2151e31 Chris and Lexie

jj 034 zps31c8cccf Chris and Lexie

Celebrating life and love,


October 28, 2013 Desi’s Smiling Eyes

When I walk in to a child’s portrait session I usually put down the camera and let them get use to me before we begin. Desi was sitting down on the couch quietly, but before long this adorable 5 year old was telling me stories and drawing pictures of his favourite Marvel characters and making funny faces… and being a kid. He had me laughing and loving his little face in minutes!

When you’re with him it’s easy to forget that he has T-Cell ALL (Leukemia). And that’s how it should be… Desi is a little boy and his cancer doesn’t define him. Love that!

Desi001 zps89b7818c Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi002 zpsb5b5574b Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi003 zpsf374d206 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi004 zps4e1d6bc1 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi005 zps1ee4b1c0 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi006 zps1c90ac91 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi007 zpsbbddb308 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi008 zps5db89afd Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi009 zps0c4e2750 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi010 zpsdb6d126e Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi011 zpsc60a2542 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi012 zps0dc8e57d Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi013 zpsd036c16c Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi014 zpse169b016 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi015 zpsf85ce28a Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi017 zps3b959063 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi018 zps62b038fc Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi019 zps1b08ef07 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi020 zpsa09927d4 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi021 zps3d057174 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi022 zps6bc88cf0 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi024 zps4c560b49 Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi025 zps3ecca03d Desis Smiling Eyes

Desi026 zps3d2b88a9 Desis Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


October 28, 2013 Greg and Lindsay

It’s always fun to finally meet clients who have booked online… Greg and Lindsay took the train to Burlington on a beautiful Fall day and we finally got to meet in person! Tehse two are great and I can’t wait for their wedding next summer!

GL001 zps48ca9f54 Greg and Lindsay

GL002 zps69e54a2f Greg and Lindsay

GL003 zpsa4b6ef9e Greg and Lindsay

We made a new friend…

GL004 zpsc5026488 Greg and Lindsay

GL005 zpse84089ed Greg and Lindsay

GL006 zps7a9d9534 Greg and Lindsay

GL007 zps202d0c2f Greg and Lindsay

GL008 zps1bc2a2b7 Greg and Lindsay

GL009 zpsb332a41b Greg and Lindsay

GL010 zps69d8781e Greg and Lindsay

GL011 zps7bd55fef Greg and Lindsay

GL012 zpsf357eab8 Greg and Lindsay

GL013 zps3a139b38 Greg and Lindsay

GL014 zps1fa43118 Greg and Lindsay

GL015 zpsdd17a92d Greg and Lindsay

GL016 zps5e4f4f00 Greg and Lindsay

GL017 zpsf25cef0e Greg and Lindsay

GL018 zps58996f41 Greg and Lindsay

GL020 zps8b443b13 Greg and Lindsay

GL021 zps30dccd4d Greg and Lindsay

GL022 zps1f4cbcdc Greg and Lindsay

GL023 zps5729a657 Greg and Lindsay

GL024 zpsb00ae77c Greg and Lindsay

GL025 zps75c84676 Greg and Lindsay

GL026 zpsafcfd4ed Greg and Lindsay

Celebrating life and love,


October 22, 2013 Aaron & Becky

Becky’s favourite place is at her cottage up north in Muskoka… and so this was exactly where she wanted to do her engagement session. I went up last weekend – and the rain came too. I arrived Thursday night and it started raining then… and it rained right until I left on Sunday! We met up a couple times when the rain stopped briefly = and once in the pouring rain too! A fun weekend with a great couple!

Saturday morning we met up in between rain…

BECKY017 zps82a8893d Aaron & Becky

BECKY001 zpsc98e559d Aaron & Becky

BECKY002 zpsd6784722 Aaron & Becky

BECKY003 zpsf90ec05d Aaron & Becky

BECKY005 zps5508743c Aaron & Becky

BECKY006 zpseaade058 Aaron & Becky

BECKY007 zps9d4ee4e9 Aaron & Becky

BECKY008 zps208947b8 Aaron & Becky

BECKY009 zps57d5163a Aaron & Becky

BECKY010 zps83c310aa Aaron & Becky

BECKY011 zpsd6c6f45b Aaron & Becky

BECKY012 zpsf0e6775d Aaron & Becky

BECKY013 zps015cb385 Aaron & Becky

We had really hoped for a campfire Saturday night – no go! So instead we played out in the rain!

BECKY014 zpsc408c571 Aaron & Becky

BECKY015 zps1034d8a6 Aaron & Becky

Sunday morning went from fog to rain to sunshine to gloom to rain – I think we had everything!

BECKY023 zpsb61e4f75 Aaron & Becky

BECKY043 zps5419aff0 Aaron & Becky

BECKY016 zpsf760fb22 Aaron & Becky

BECKY018 zpsad5a1e2c Aaron & Becky

BECKY019 zpse3139188 Aaron & Becky

BECKY020 zps3006edf2 Aaron & Becky

BECKY021 zps8290718b Aaron & Becky

BECKY022 zps9a0bad95 Aaron & Becky

BECKY024 zps42a4a30a Aaron & Becky

BECKY025 zps59845267 Aaron & Becky

BECKY026 zps79e53053 Aaron & Becky

BECKY027 zps45547353 Aaron & Becky

BECKY028 zps68aea172 Aaron & Becky

BECKY029 zps1c7dac1e Aaron & Becky

BECKY030 zpsddcb8b50 Aaron & Becky

BECKY032 zps57521272 Aaron & Becky

BECKY031 zps1191b589 Aaron & Becky

BECKY033 zpsb285accf Aaron & Becky

BECKY034 zps0eb86d52 Aaron & Becky

BECKY035 zpsa0e90794 Aaron & Becky

BECKY037 zps61335f05 Aaron & Becky

BECKY038 zpsa4b298d7 Aaron & Becky

BECKY039 zpsfa2b6e18 Aaron & Becky

BECKY040 zps0b26683a Aaron & Becky

BECKY041 zps4c15150b Aaron & Becky

BECKY042 zps2a2c0353 Aaron & Becky

BECKY044 zpsa483dcda Aaron & Becky

Celebrating life and love,


October 22, 2013 Ron and Sabra

A few weeks ago I met someone for the first time and we were doing the obligatory “get to know you” questions. “Do you have any kids?” “How old are they?” and then she asked me something that broke my heart. She said “Are you still married? Isn’t it strange I have to ask that even?”

With increasing frequency I have watched people around me split up and it’s so sad. I watch couples commit to forever as a wedding photographer, and I want them to keep those vows. So, I have started to ask people who have been married a number of years what they would share with a newlywed couple.

Enter Ron and Sabra.

Ron and Sabra were our neighbours at our last home. I always really liked them and their family. I remember how much it meant to us when we were going through the tough days of my dad’s brain tumour to have them invite us over for dinner (and a dinner it was! Turkey and all the fixings – mmmm).

Their kids purchased a session for them for Mother’s Day… and we were finally able to do our session last week. We met at their home and these two were amazing. They are always cuddling and holding hands and laughing!

I asked Sabra what advice she would give to a newlywed and this is what she said….

“I wish I had some very significant words of wisdom but truly I think it is really quite simple. It is not just about love, you really have to like each other! There is no person on earth I would rather be with we are friends and friends accept each other for who they are! They don`t criticize each others faults but celebrate each others strengths! In difficult times we turn to each other not away from each other.
“We TALK!! Things are never as bad as you make them out to be in your head if you talk them out! We laugh!!!!!!! We laugh at ourselves, at each other and together! Someone once told us if you are going to laugh about it in 10 years you may as well laugh at it now!!
“We touch and we touch often, we hold hands, we hug, we sit side by side so we are touching…
“We start and end EVERY day with a kiss and not a day goes by without saying I LOVE YOU, three of the happiest words in the world and we use them often!!”

sabra001 zps4be9b9da Ron and Sabra

sabra002 zps8b946949 Ron and Sabra

sabra003 zpsbf54f02b Ron and Sabra

sabra004 zpsaeedf549 Ron and Sabra

sabra005 zpsa7c33222 Ron and Sabra

sabra006 zps6fc23837 Ron and Sabra

sabra007 zps51b3b04d Ron and Sabra

sabra008 zpsa4bc5cc1 Ron and Sabra

sabra009 zps94cec452 Ron and Sabra

sabra010 zpsa057ad9e Ron and Sabra

sabra011 zps8c1f49a9 Ron and Sabra

sabra012 zps7dda1c4d Ron and Sabra

sabra014 zps0aabad3e Ron and Sabra

sabra015 zpsf677462f Ron and Sabra

sabra016 zps970ea861 Ron and Sabra

Celebrate life and love,


October 18, 2013 Martin Family

Another one of my close friends on the blog tonight – what a treat to photograph some of my favourite people lately! Kerri-Anne and I have become good friends although we could not be more different on the outside – she helps keep my scatter-brained ways on track and I keep her laughing. It was fun to photograph Kerri-Anne’s extended family this time – I had met her sister before (and love her too – she’s so much fun!) but hadn’t met her parents yet. Always fun to see the whole family together!

martin001 zps20d30653 Martin Family

martin002 zps1b5352c3 Martin Family

martin003 zps152c04f1 Martin Family

martin004 zpsc9e19942 Martin Family


martin007 zps09b15d27 Martin Family


martin009 zps9c26e083 Martin Family

martin010 zpsec42bc22 Martin Family

martin011 zps59cca502 Martin Family

martin012 zpse5df2418 Martin Family

martin013 zps019fd7ef Martin Family

martin014 zps7b4d8492 Martin Family

martin015 zps8fe0ef22 Martin Family

martin016 zps429d2f04 Martin Family

martin017 zps06f85fa7 Martin Family

martin018 zps7083f866 Martin Family

martin019 zpsd1fcaafb Martin Family

martin020 zpsb47467a9 Martin Family

This picture cracks me up… some things never change. icon smile Martin Family

martin021 zps6feee236 Martin Family

martin022 zps1f1787ae Martin Family

martin006 zpsc927f64b Martin Family

Because the kids know me so well – there was lots of goofing off as well. Love that! I’ll end with a couple goofy pictures!

martin023 zps01d6a9ab Martin Family

martin024 zpsa1984a3b Martin Family

Celebrating life and love,


October 18, 2013 Bucek Family

I have known this family for a long time – Carolynn is one of my closest friends. I was happy when they asked for photos again this year and agreed to drive out to have their session. Even though we don’t live close – it makes the time we do have together extra special! Love these guys!

bucek001 zpseef2a5f7 Bucek Family

bucek004 zps49a5a0c2 Bucek Family

bucek003 zps5cfa3ddc Bucek Family

bucek005 zps44259e69 Bucek Family

bucek006 zps47e55b36 Bucek Family

bucek010 zpsd408ae4a Bucek Family

bucek009 zps2eb5d022 Bucek Family

bucek007 zps78437d96 Bucek Family

bucek008 zpsdb21e622 Bucek Family

bucek012 zpsd0fd4131 Bucek Family

bucek013 zps1c07d8cf Bucek Family

bucek014 zps98714205 Bucek Family

bucek015 zps51cd4be3 Bucek Family

Celebrating life and love,


October 16, 2013 Abigail

Last time I saw Abigail she was a little baby – she’s grown into such a gorgeous toddler now! Almost two and so beautiful with that fiery red hair and big blue eyes. So fun to see her personality coming through and to see Kirk and Lyndsay as parents.

abigail022 zpsa572ef50 Abigail

abigail023 zps9575b9d1 Abigail

abigail025 zps4bb92000 Abigail

abigail026 zpsca834d8e Abigail

abigail027 zpsf5b5029f Abigail

abigail028 zpsd3e05301 Abigail

abigail029 zpsf721d23e Abigail

abigail030 zpsaa0aeb09 Abigail

abigail031 zps360f6fd6 Abigail

abigail032 zps3c197bc0 Abigail

abigail033 zpse1160e80 Abigail

abigail034 zps0bdb5ae1 Abigail

abigail035 zps931f6f1d Abigail

abigail036 zpsc9f4ec3b Abigail

abigail037 zpsc4d06dfb Abigail

abigail038 zpsc393ed27 Abigail

abigail039 zps225b43c9 Abigail

abigail040 zps8fc41f06 Abigail

abigail041 zps0f1caebf Abigail

Celebrating life and love,


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