July 20, 2013 Eden

Today my Eden turns 9. This is a magical year… her last one ever in the single digit numbers. My baby girl is growing up.

I adore Eden… she is easy to love. She walks into a room, and you instantly want to snuggle with her. She has a way of loving people large and sneaking into their hearts until before they even realize it they’re fully smitten with this imp. Her name means delightful and she is just that. We had a great chat recently about finding her place to give back – and I reminded her that she is a delight and brings joy to people. That is an important role in this crazy, messed up world!

Another thing I love about this little one is she simply is Eden. She does not try to fit in and do what others do. She knows herself, and doesn’t waiver. She wears what she likes, listens to the music she likes (Forever Young by Rod Stewart and “Rains down in Africa” are what she usually lists as her favourite songs), and (sometimes to my frustration) acts how she likes (she loves to burp – usually the alphabet and at the most inappropriate time). I can remember a girls club she went to last year, the kids were all told to bring their favourite outfit for a fashion show they were doing as part of a lesson. Eden brought pajamas that were hand me downs – way too big and a big rip in  the leg. I tried to talk her into a “trendy” or “cute” outfit  - but she loves these PJ’s and how they feel and that was that. That’s Eden. She knows what she likes. At her birthday party this year I showed her a few ideas for her birthday cake I could attempt to make, and she replied with  “Mom, I don’t mean to offend… but you know what I’ve always wanted and dreamt about? A cake with roses on it from Zehr’s.”  She didn’t want any words on her cake. She just wanted roses. The lady at Zehr’s kept saying “not even happy birthday on it?” Nope. Just roses.

The other thing that really stands out about my little Edie is her genuine love and concern for people. She cares so deeply for people and loves them with her whole entire being. I can’t really put this into words – but watching her love people is a beautiful thing.

And now she’s nine. As much as it makes me sad to see my girls grow up – I’m excited to watch them become their own individuals and each stage of life is so exciting. I love this girl and wish her the happiest of birthdays!!

IMG 4300 Eden

Love mom  xoxoxox

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