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July 30, 2013 John and Bridget

I was really looking forward to John and Bridget’s wedding. I knew right from the first time I met them that I really enjoyed them – they are so laid back and fun! I knew they were a couple I’d love to document – and I was right! John is so goofy he has Bridget and everyone else laughing all the time. And Bridget is so sweet and fun. My second shooter, Katie, and I felt more like guests than photographers as everyone was so welcoming. I loved their day – here’s a glimpse into it!

JBwed blog001 zps4e549d85 John and Bridget

JBwed blog002 zps776af629 John and Bridget

JBwed blog003 zpsc99379d0 John and Bridget

JBwed blog004 zps4fb40b08 John and Bridget

JBwed blog005 zps8f1207cc John and Bridget

JBwed blog006 zps4c586b40 John and Bridget

JBwed blog007 zpsbe76385a John and Bridget

JBwed blog008 zps0b5ed130 John and Bridget

JBwed blog009 zps71825e11 John and Bridget

JBwed blog010 zps64d7bac1 John and Bridget

JBwed blog011 zps173f9c9e John and Bridget

JBwed blog012 zps718ac322 John and Bridget

JBwed blog013 zpse688feba John and Bridget

JBwed blog014 zpsa5bf2e0a John and Bridget

JBwed blog015 zpsa099b92e John and Bridget

JBwed blog016 zpsf88ef46c John and Bridget

JBwed blog017 zps58aa1603 John and Bridget

JBwed blog018 zps34543e0b John and Bridget

JBwed blog019 zpse3b05cbe John and Bridget

JBwed blog020 zpsa358221c John and Bridget

JBwed blog021 zps488b6897 John and Bridget

JBwed blog022 zpsddab9f29 John and Bridget

JBwed blog023 zps1043b63a John and Bridget

JBwed blog024 zps0b54518c John and Bridget

JBwed blog025 zps049b0a1b John and Bridget

JBwed blog026 zps60b77c77 John and Bridget

JBwed blog027 zps4e9b40c7 John and Bridget

JBwed blog028 zps94c86be6 John and Bridget

JBwed blog029 zps6b41cc47 John and Bridget

JBwed blog030 zps72e9c8c5 John and Bridget

JBwed blog031 zpsb60eca21 John and Bridget

JBwed blog032 zpsa7337085 John and Bridget

JBwed blog034 zpse7a1520f John and Bridget

JBwed blog035 zps733cf29b John and Bridget

JBwed blog036 zps3790e60b John and Bridget

JBwed blog037 zps1f53e023 John and Bridget

JBwed blog038 zps931ea2f3 John and Bridget

JBwed blog039 zps633e14f4 John and Bridget

JBwed blog041 zps1563c447 John and Bridget

JBwed blog042 zps233df490 John and Bridget

JBwed blog043 zpsbdd888ef John and Bridget

JBwed blog044 zps7b909302 John and Bridget

JBwed blog045 zpse13d3477 John and Bridget

IMG 0548 zps87f98474 John and Bridget

JBwed blog047 zps0bff6611 John and Bridget

JBwed blog048 zps3c34718e John and Bridget

JBwed blog049 zps3403dc70 John and Bridget

JBwed blog050 zps6d42f7f2 John and Bridget

JBwed blog051 zps106586a7 John and Bridget

JBwed blog052 zps9574261a John and Bridget

JBwed blog053 zps0db3168a John and Bridget

JBwed blog054 zps7f3dcf24 John and Bridget

JBwed blog055 zpsd3498b7f John and Bridget

Celebrating life and love,


July 22, 2013 Ken and Christine

I have known Christine for almost 25 years – her younger sister, Monica, and I have been close friends since grade nine. I haven’t seen Christine in years – and was thrilled to get an email saying she was getting married and coming home to do so! I was even more thrilled when I saw her – happier and more beautiful than I have ever seen her. Ken – you obviously make CHristine happy and you two seem just perfect for each other! Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration!

Ken and Christine chose the beautiful Sarcoa restaurant at the Hamilton waterfront for their wedding. An amazing location for a small wedding!!

KCwed blog001 zpsbfca6a82 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog002 zpsc74f6f3c Ken and Christine

KCwed blog003 zps9913697a Ken and Christine

KCwed blog004 zps98596470 Ken and Christine

Ken’s beautiful daughters stood up for the happy couple, and Christine’s good friend performed the ceremony. Loved the intimate feel of the day!

KCwed blog006 zpsa32f6112 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog005 zpse31313be Ken and Christine

KCwed blog007 zps68cfe43a Ken and Christine

KCwed blog008 zpsee1dde6f Ken and Christine

KCwed blog009 zps0b2054d8 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog010 zps29ae6f02 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog011 zps20af4e75 Ken and Christine

I loved the candle lighting ceremony where everyone who attended lit a candle for the couple.

KCwed blog012 zpsc808fd0d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog013 zpsf91000de Ken and Christine

KCwed blog014 zps6cd7eb93 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog015 zps75ee8e47 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog016 zpsc4cd8d34 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog017 zpsc05def3f Ken and Christine

KCwed blog018 zps5f2a21a4 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog019 zps32a66171 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog020 zps1463d1a1 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog021 zpsb4cab38d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog022 zpsf472bb56 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog023 zps762403d4 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog024 zps6c1d0687 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog025 zps0c1540f4 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog026 zpse5bb4d75 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog027 zps3611450d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog028 zpsa82e6ecd Ken and Christine


KCwed blog029 zps203202ce Ken and Christine

KCwed blog031 zps406de56e Ken and Christine

KCwed blog032 zpse3eae758 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog034 zpsd66b4e19 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog035 zps7220888f Ken and Christine

KCwed blog036 zps4fc1a4c0 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog037 zps5bdacfde Ken and Christine

KCwed blog039 zps910d8a47 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog040 zps3ff807b3 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog041 zps8f567e98 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog042 zpsaa8a112d Ken and Christine

KCwed blog044 zpsfa20c5dc Ken and Christine

KCwed blog045 zps0378242b Ken and Christine

KCwed blog046 zpsbff3b201 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog047 zpsa0213010 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog048 zps33f47038 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog049 zpsd6c01a18 Ken and Christine

KCwed blog050 zps6709cdce Ken and Christine

KCwed blog051 zps8f1d87a8 Ken and Christine

Celebrating life and love,


July 20, 2013 Eden

Today my Eden turns 9. This is a magical year… her last one ever in the single digit numbers. My baby girl is growing up.

I adore Eden… she is easy to love. She walks into a room, and you instantly want to snuggle with her. She has a way of loving people large and sneaking into their hearts until before they even realize it they’re fully smitten with this imp. Her name means delightful and she is just that. We had a great chat recently about finding her place to give back – and I reminded her that she is a delight and brings joy to people. That is an important role in this crazy, messed up world!

Another thing I love about this little one is she simply is Eden. She does not try to fit in and do what others do. She knows herself, and doesn’t waiver. She wears what she likes, listens to the music she likes (Forever Young by Rod Stewart and “Rains down in Africa” are what she usually lists as her favourite songs), and (sometimes to my frustration) acts how she likes (she loves to burp – usually the alphabet and at the most inappropriate time). I can remember a girls club she went to last year, the kids were all told to bring their favourite outfit for a fashion show they were doing as part of a lesson. Eden brought pajamas that were hand me downs – way too big and a big rip in  the leg. I tried to talk her into a “trendy” or “cute” outfit  - but she loves these PJ’s and how they feel and that was that. That’s Eden. She knows what she likes. At her birthday party this year I showed her a few ideas for her birthday cake I could attempt to make, and she replied with  “Mom, I don’t mean to offend… but you know what I’ve always wanted and dreamt about? A cake with roses on it from Zehr’s.”  She didn’t want any words on her cake. She just wanted roses. The lady at Zehr’s kept saying “not even happy birthday on it?” Nope. Just roses.

The other thing that really stands out about my little Edie is her genuine love and concern for people. She cares so deeply for people and loves them with her whole entire being. I can’t really put this into words – but watching her love people is a beautiful thing.

And now she’s nine. As much as it makes me sad to see my girls grow up – I’m excited to watch them become their own individuals and each stage of life is so exciting. I love this girl and wish her the happiest of birthdays!!

IMG 4300 Eden

Love mom  xoxoxox

July 11, 2013 Nathan and Kim

It is always hard to predict weather – especially this summer! It called for thunderstorms all day when I was suppose to meet for Nathan and Kim – we had to make our final decision by 5pm. It was all clear and we went for it. At 5pm on the nose thunder boomed and rain started. Oh no. But by the time we were to meet – the storm had passed and all that remained was this glorious fog – which I love! Gives such a romantic feel to images! Nathan and Kim were great to photograph – Kim with her ready laugh and Nathan with his easy going demeanor. A great evening!

IMG 0918 zpsed2c8dca Nathan and Kim

IMG 0981 zps17413171 Nathan and Kim

IMG 0973 zps1a3bb472 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1059 zpse0f68f4f Nathan and Kim

IMG 1039 zps562622f9 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1052 zpsd421ff32 Nathan and Kim

Nathan is such a gentleman helping Kim cross the sand in her heels.

IMG 1068 zps2e1fe0ec Nathan and Kim

IMG 1080 zps9d225d31 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1105 zps0f2ec7d0 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1121 zpsaadc6396 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1127 zps29e03e99 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1154 zps7d09fd8c Nathan and Kim

IMG 1315 zps24f3caea Nathan and Kim

IMG 1189 zpsaab0e41c Nathan and Kim

IMG 1206 zpsd0e6e04d Nathan and Kim

IMG 1210 zps1cd7cf41 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1181 zpsf40f4b94 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1255 zpse899a57d Nathan and Kim

IMG 1256 zpsdda46b6e Nathan and Kim

IMG 1265 zpsb76e6474 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1245 zps06039f77 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1243 zpsdead1b00 Nathan and Kim


IMG 1284 zps22844e97 Nathan and Kim

IMG 1217 zps91fc286d Nathan and Kim

IMG 1214 zpsfb2ac52a Nathan and Kim

Celebrating life and love,


July 8, 2013 Jon and Michelle

Jon and Michelle and I met on a beautiful summer evening exploring down a country laneway. They are such a fun couple – our time together was full of laughs and I can’t wait for their September wedding!

IMG 9914 zps0a558362 Jon and Michelle

IMG 9935 zpsd4f8a1e2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 9955 zpsad8b67bb Jon and Michelle

IMG 9960 zpsae8801a2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0111 zps076ee7a3 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0124 zps3cb00a14 Jon and Michelle

IMG 9989 zps780f183a Jon and Michelle

IMG 0104 zps46355bfb Jon and Michelle

IMG 0011 zps055e0871 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0019 zpsc2900bb6 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0068 zps885d849c Jon and Michelle

IMG 0092 zpsb5faede8 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0213 zps0be5a2b4 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0233 zps4ec260fe Jon and Michelle


IMG 0170 zpsf4166bc2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0250 zps8dd8a07f Jon and Michelle

IMG 0286 zps8040b610 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0267 zps6b738db1 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0322 zps25938a98 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0350 zps5f6e41c2 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0356 zpsa88b71d5 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0414 zpsa9405075 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0368 zps0bc3c1f0 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0433 zpsd622bd7d Jon and Michelle

IMG 0452 zpsbb85c11e Jon and Michelle

I loved the pink in Michelle’s ring!

Untitled 1 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0511 zpsc1b96018 Jon and Michelle

IMG 0529 zpsc7f487ea Jon and Michelle

Celebrating life and love,


July 6, 2013 Before and After

It has been so fun to get to know this great family over the last few years. Five years ago in 2008, Greg and Kim were in a wedding party I photographed. In 2009, I photographed them as they waited for their first baby. Later that year I photographed baby Fox and then as a one year old.

I met up with Greg, Kim and Fox again recently to celebrate the anticipation of baby number two! Kim looked so good at full term – I kept commenting over and over how healthy and amazing she looks. Turns out she should… she is a nutritionist that specializes in maternal health! (Check out her website HERE). Fox now is no longer a baby, but a young boy full of personality and spunk!

Niblett2013 000 zps943b62a1 Before and After

Niblett2013 001 zps00883bc0 Before and After

Niblett2013 002 zps1acef59d Before and After

Niblett2013 003 zps9ca9e0e6 Before and After

Niblett2013 004 zps51f7deec Before and After

Niblett2013 005 zps1eec9c89 Before and After

Niblett2013 011 zpsea93b216 Before and After

Niblett2013 010 zpsc838bb17 Before and After

Niblett2013 014 zpse7cc5e85 Before and After

Niblett2013 013 zps5e368c0a Before and After

Niblett2013 015 zpsfb0eacd0 Before and After

Niblett2013 006 zpsd9d0fc3b Before and After

Niblett2013 012 zps71a1abe7 Before and After

Niblett2013 008 zps24e57a68 Before and After

Niblett2013 007 zps698f181d Before and After

Niblett2013 016 zpsb0869a61 Before and After

Niblett2013 017 zps21ed9917 Before and After

Niblett2013 018 zps6a6f95f0 Before and After

Niblett2013 019 zpse5034c56 Before and After

Niblett2013 020 zpsb3d5dde9 Before and After

So… those photos above were taken on June 22. A few days later on June 28, baby Rowan arrived! Five days after he arrived, I got to go meet him and connect with the family again.

It’s always amazing how big the sibling seems once a new baby sibling arrives.

Niblett2013 021 zps26ac9ae1 Before and After

Niblett2013 024 zpsd622a898 Before and After

And always an adjustment for the furry siblings too!

Niblett2013 022 zps1b24e339 Before and After

And here he is! I love how he’s looking at Kim as if to say “so, you’re my mom?”

Niblett2013 023 zps92236d32 Before and After

Niblett2013 031 zpse43d650f Before and After

It’s pretty tiring being a baby.

Niblett2013 026 zps624f49ed Before and After


Niblett2013 030 zps3fbf97a8 Before and After

Niblett2013 032 zps1fd243a1 Before and After

Niblett2013 033 zps6fc5ccf2 Before and After

Niblett2013 034 zpsc970d4e2 Before and After

Niblett2013 027 zps6ff0a3a6 Before and After

I love these two pictures – they were taken one second apart (literally! I looked at the time on the image files)… love how it looks like ROwan is shocked by the kiss.

Niblett2013 028 zps141be647 Before and After

Niblett2013 029 zps91a135a1 Before and After

Niblett2013 035 zps65b6ac6d Before and After

Rowan started crying and getting fussy. It was so sweet, Fox quietly went over and looked at him with concern. Fox grabbed Rowan’s hand with his finger. And suddenly Rowan was quiet by the touch and presence of his big brother Fox.

Niblett2013 036 zps9b3c199c Before and After

Niblett2013 037 zpsb7c95232 Before and After

Niblett2013 039 zpsfa19be28 Before and After

Niblett2013 038 zps30dc8a4f Before and After

Niblett2013 040 zps0ac1aeaf Before and After

I think these two will get along just fine. icon smile Before and After

Niblett2013 043 zps7ddb9046 Before and After

Niblett2013 044 zpscb40beb8 Before and After

Untitled 1 zps59d23c74 Before and After

Celebrating life and love,


July 5, 2013 James and Kezia

James and Kezia had such a fun wedding – the day was filled with laughing and crazy antics. I love how their families and friends are all so fun-loving and free spirits! James and Kezia also both put so much thought into every detail – it made for a beautiful wedding in every aspect!

IMG 4325 2 zpsd52ae5a6 James and Kezia

IMG 3987 zps80f2569c James and Kezia

IMG 3999 zpsa1b7614e James and Kezia

Love this painting that James did – he’s so talented!

IMG 3998 zpse94037e6 James and Kezia

IMG 4006 zpsf6e8c600 James and Kezia

IMG 4012 2 zpsa89b5682 James and Kezia

IMG 4023 2 zpsf89c702d James and Kezia

IMG 4036 zps4413d4b1 James and Kezia

IMG 4069 2 zpse0cb22b8 James and Kezia

IMG 4278 zps73ab3396 James and Kezia

IMG 4046 2 zpsfe06af9c James and Kezia

IMG 4049 2 zps638df2d4 James and Kezia

IMG 4085 2 zpsf21b7512 James and Kezia

IMG 4030 zpsf5d20d7c James and Kezia

IMG 4051 2 zps267f81c6 James and Kezia

IMG 4057 2 zps1114e4a5 James and Kezia

Our entertainment as we wait for the ceremony to start

IMG 4041 zps90c3db60 James and Kezia

IMG 4392 zps47497878 James and Kezia

IMG 4115 zpsa7a783bc James and Kezia

IMG 4188 zpsbb19f186 James and Kezia

IMG 4433 zps61d97cb2 James and Kezia

IMG 4472 zps4145a8ce James and Kezia

IMG 4224 zps0be65dab James and Kezia

IMG 4510 zps234bbfa0 James and Kezia

IMG 4551 zps33c8d231 James and Kezia

IMG 4685 zps4febb993 James and Kezia

IMG 4677 zpsdcbc9023 James and Kezia

IMG 4382 2 zps8f236e68 James and Kezia

IMG 4916 zps10c09e32 James and Kezia

IMG 4657 2 zpsa0575bd8 James and Kezia

IMG 4968 zpsfc1be6bf James and Kezia

IMG 4872 zpsd8d1d372 James and Kezia

IMG 5018 zps74a2d4e5 James and Kezia

IMG 4882 zps07d5f640 James and Kezia

IMG 4692 zps7659b24d James and Kezia

IMG 4706 2 zps27aa25cc James and Kezia

IMG 4079 zps9196ea95 James and Kezia

IMG 4275 2 zps0f1db071 James and Kezia

IMG 4351 zpsbfe805de James and Kezia

IMG 4350 zps7931145c James and Kezia

IMG 4331 2 zpsfe7f5035 James and Kezia

IMG 4859 3 zps5f0fc0b2 James and Kezia

IMG 4846 zpsa7d09e5b James and Kezia

IMG 4318 2 zpsb8c0eefd James and Kezia

IMG 4856 3 zps6b622ea4 James and Kezia

IMG 4950 zpsad659d33 James and Kezia

IMG 4421 2 zps7602f55c James and Kezia

The dance was hilarious – it was as if everyone tried to out-dance the other with hilarious moves. So fun!

IMG 5254 zps4b992bdc James and Kezia

IMG 4474 2 zps213b39a1 James and Kezia

IMG 4683 3 zps74078eb7 James and Kezia

IMG 4591 3 zpsef7af33b James and Kezia

IMG 4690 3 zpsaa756826 James and Kezia

IMG 4486 2 zps067bc7b9 James and Kezia

IMG 4824 3 zpsac569534 James and Kezia

IMG 4835 3 zps75e02a35 James and Kezia

IMG 4557 3 zps1c67ca9f James and Kezia

IMG 4515 3 zps415fd50c James and Kezia

IMG 5069 zps541dd96a James and Kezia

IMG 4661 3 zps0bf8c7d7 James and Kezia

Celebrating life and love,