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June 27, 2013 Glen and Caryn

Like most days this summer – it called for rain. And when I looked at the hourly forecast – it showed rain and thunderstorms for every. single. hour. Not looking goof for Glen and Caryn’s wedding. But I was pleasantly surprised when the rain held off until the very last photo was taken outside and we headed to the reception. A perfect day for a great couple!

Glen and Caryn got married in Ingersoll near Glen’s family farm. It was a day of celebrating, laughter, love… and more laughs. Enjoy the memories!

GCbride 023 zpsed7829d2 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 042 zpsb01264f1 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 033 zps7e4cf036 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 030 zps6df4b157 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 065 zpsbab68d4a Glen and Caryn

GCbride 051 zps93815f99 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 074 zps92a31a19 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 086 zps431991ed Glen and Caryn

GCbride 091 zps33cbe999 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 103 zpsfc41d862 Glen and Caryn

The ring bearers – prepare to see a lot of pics of them as they were SO cute!

GCbride 120 zpsf3de7009 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 122 zps9c2c84bf Glen and Caryn

GCbride 115 zpsfc662fd3 Glen and Caryn

GCbride 128 zpsa5491dca Glen and Caryn

GCgroom 009 zps2f699d4a Glen and Caryn

GCgroom 016 zps78796ada Glen and Caryn

GCbride 138 zpsc28e6938 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 006 zps77c22e85 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 008 zps9fed3d1c Glen and Caryn

GCcere 027 zps6f2ea7f9 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 028 zpsdfc8d4ed Glen and Caryn

GCcere 031 zps24858d01 Glen and Caryn


GCcere 035 zps2240c8dc Glen and Caryn

GCcere 058 zps678dbc6f Glen and Caryn

GCcere 089 zpsed2d3189 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 092 zps64437f21 Glen and Caryn

GCcere 093 zps5435a8d7 Glen and Caryn

GCport 030 zps5e580bca Glen and Caryn

GCport 029 zpsb510d98d Glen and Caryn

GCport 040 zps0977b601 Glen and Caryn

GCport 060 zps75f8f15f Glen and Caryn

GCport 144 zps60c58bb7 Glen and Caryn

GCport 157 zps54a6f1f3 Glen and Caryn

GCport 158 zpsc16caa7c Glen and Caryn

GCport 162 zps063809d8 Glen and Caryn

GCport 172 zpsbee732d4 Glen and Caryn

GCport 179 zpsa565aabb Glen and Caryn

GCport 193 zps17977945 Glen and Caryn

GCport 195 zps23f33e69 Glen and Caryn

GCport 205 zpsb72eb649 Glen and Caryn

GCrec 030 zps6e59dd02 Glen and Caryn

GCrec 031 zps6f3339ec Glen and Caryn

Celebrating life and love,


June 26, 2013 Graham and Jennifer

Graham and Jen were so nervous about their engagement photos… but as you can see they had no reason to be nervous! We had a great evening (after so many rained out sessions this Spring!) and some magical light as we wandered around Caledonia finding beauty from the trails along the river… to the back of a funeral home. icon smile Graham and Jennifer

Looking forward to their wedding this summer!

GJengage 009 zps2c46f7d9 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 044 zps0fcfff59 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 048 zps9efb3108 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 018 zpse1087f29 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 027 zps3751a212 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 057 zpsd5a19c9e Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 059 zps29171af8 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 073 zps273ca9a2 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 066 zpsc8e46f8a Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 093 zpsc2cd5e83 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 087 zps94fbf54f Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 095 zps6d9590df Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 096 zpsb22f7ee9 Graham and Jennifer

GJengage 097 zps0077c2bb Graham and Jennifer

Celebrating life and love,


June 6, 2013 Greg and Jiney

A couple weeks ago, I headed down to the New York City area to photograph the wedding of Greg and Jiney. They got married outside of the city at a great venue – Feast at Round Hill. The beautiful home and grounds were the perfect location – rain or shine. And it rained right up until Jiney was to walk down the aisle – and then the sun came through smiling down on these two. A gorgeous day!

GJwed 001 zpsf13ccb35 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 002 zpsb9e6b61b Greg and Jiney

GJwed 003 zpsf80cb861 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 004 zps8c8ae04d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 005 zps0eda8f02 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 007 zps84cdf844 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 008 zps4b1ba3d4 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 009 zps6961c0f7 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 010 zps7d72486f Greg and Jiney

Some of the girls had never worn a sari before – it took many “aunties” to get them dressed. As one bridesmaid sad “it’s like they’re constructing a dress on me from scratch!”

GJwed 011 zpse8852bc6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 012 zps2f2e7cd6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 013 zpsd53f273f Greg and Jiney

GJwed 014 zps109f1cff Greg and Jiney

GJwed 015 zps05365cd4 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 016 zps89a889a6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 018 zps628773dc Greg and Jiney

GJwed 019 zpsbedf513a Greg and Jiney

GJwed 020 zps5af052ca Greg and Jiney

GJwed 021 zps4ddfd5c8 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 022 zps0795adae Greg and Jiney

GJwed 023 zps2609ec8d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 024 zps1b35a487 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 025 zpsc3977492 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 026 zps46e9427e Greg and Jiney

GJwed 027 zpsa8b2e6a1 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 028 zps3458cd46 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 029 zps7259049c Greg and Jiney

GJwed 030 zpsf0d45c1c Greg and Jiney

GJwed 031 zpsdaf2ab9c Greg and Jiney

GJwed 032 zpsbccb6f7d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 037 zps08b2b5e6 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 038 zps28b0df29 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 033 zps36184b0b Greg and Jiney

GJwed 034 zps86d4d462 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 035 zps5aee429d Greg and Jiney

GJwed 040 zps2c856e55 Greg and Jiney

GJwed 045 zps2b09d403 Greg and Jiney

And it’s always fun to catch up with previous clients.. I had photographed Dave and Vivian’s wedding a few years ago in New York and it was so great to finally meet their daughter now too!

IMG 8190 zps76069585 Greg and Jiney

A great day – congratulations again, Greg and Jiney!

GJwed 036 zps250eecec Greg and Jiney

Celebrating life and love,