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3582 10151582235626558 795692536 n 300x300 Caydances Smiling Eyes  As you may know, I am a member of Smiling Eyes – a group of photographers that donate photo sessions to people journeying through cancer. Over the years, this has fast become one of my favourite things to photograph. It is always a good reminder how precious life is – and the ones we love. 


This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet little Caydance and her family. Today is a special day in their family’s life… Caydance is having her last chemo today! Hooray! What a day to celebrate! You will also be seeing a lot more of Caydance if you are in the Hamilton area as she is the new face of McMaster Children’s hospitals ads. Exciting! Caydance’s family decided they couldn’t control their circumstances – her sickness, treatment, etc. are all out of their hands – so doing something like fundraising was one way to keep their minds focused and concentrate on something they can control. Their family has raised around $80,000 so far for Mac – wow!! So amazing!


But let’s meet this little one….




This is Caydance – and her big sister Raya and little sister Quinn. All three are just adorable!


cay001 zpscdefbeb1 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay002 zpsc5195bb7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

And here’s the whole gang! Such a great family!

cay003 zps412c16c9 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay004 zps53e871ad Caydances Smiling Eyes

Families sometimes need to stop… and pinky promise to behave for a photo shoot. icon smile Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay005 zpsdcf0619a Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay006 zpsd0751214 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay007 zps682fcedd Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay008 zps986f794d Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay009 zps13e71b02 Caydances Smiling Eyes

Bravery beads are about the best things ever… every time a child has something done – a needle, surgery, hospital admission, etc. – they are given a bead. This is a visual of the child’s story – unique to just them. It also costs the hospital about $10,000 a year – and Caydance’s family is now fundraising for this great program! Here are the girls inspecting the beads….

cay011 zps0e9bf4b7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

I love that Caydance put her sister’s names into her beads. They too are part of this journey!

cay013 zpsa6dd248b Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay012 zps24d5c06d Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay014 zpsd6e8610c Caydances Smiling Eyes

And here’s her wish trip she’s waiting on! Soon Caydance!!

cay015 zps0aa5654c Caydances Smiling Eyes

Such a beautiful family!

cay016 zps34d3cbcb Caydances Smiling Eyes

The photo on the right is so sweet… tehy do this cheer where they all put their hands in and yell their family’s last name. Just like you would in a sporting game. So fun!

cay017 zps8bbce657 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay019 zpsf24a9cd7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay018 zps335b2ca7 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay020 zpsd29e8e91 Caydances Smiling Eyes

A little Abbey Road happening….

cay024 zps0fb682eb Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay025 zpsa7edf71b Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay026 zps68dc09f2 Caydances Smiling Eyes

cay027 zps06efdd41 Caydances Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love… and the end of chemo!


April 23, 2013 James & Kezia

When James and Kezia started to chat with me about ideas for their engagement session I got excited – couldn’t wait to document this session! James sent me photos that were their inspiration for their engagement session… not photos of other engagement sessions though – photos from the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling, from my trip to Africa and more. They wanted neon lights in the city at night. I’m always up for a challenge – and so we met downtown Toronto this past weekend and went on a hunt for funky lights in and around the city. I was also excited because after photographing James’ sister’s Jen’s wedding last year, I knew these two were great to photograph!

JKengage 001 zps74074566 James & Kezia

JKengage 002 zps4ce689aa James & Kezia

JKengage 003 zps46552ee2 James & Kezia

JKengage 006 zpse78e3320 James & Kezia

JKengage 007 zps66d5a9c2 James & Kezia

JKengage 009 zpsde68fe8a James & Kezia

JKengage 011 zpsb4d2a008 James & Kezia

JKengage 010 zps1ba257f4 James & Kezia

JKengage 011a zpsdfa740e6 James & Kezia


JKengage 014 zpsf7861170 James & Kezia

JKengage 016 zps0bbe5525 James & Kezia

JKengage 012 zpsf844fead James & Kezia

JKengage 017 zps994fc4e3 James & Kezia

JKengage 018 zps72a16035 James & Kezia

JKengage 019 zpse6753262 James & Kezia

JKengage 022 zpsb312926f James & Kezia

JKengage 023 zps3a63b8b3 James & Kezia

JKengage 024 zpsc8f6f6b6 James & Kezia

JKengage 025 zpsd9bcd826 James & Kezia

JKengage 028 zpsb4e2db84 James & Kezia

JKengage 026 zpsa73a8e10 James & Kezia

JKengage 031 zps91dc343b James & Kezia

JKengage 032 zps91ad815a James & Kezia

JKengage 033 zps3e66b3a8 James & Kezia

JKengage 035 zps3706e010 James & Kezia

JKengage 036 zps2c5d65fb James & Kezia

JKengage 037 zpseed212ec James & Kezia

JKengage 038 zps7e206560 James & Kezia

JKengage 039 zpsf0ce9e34 James & Kezia

JKengage 041 zpsc357ed80 James & Kezia

JKengage 040 zps4fe8bf24 James & Kezia

Celebrating life and love,


April 12, 2013 Shawn and Lucille

One of my favourite things to photograph is Smiling Eyes sessions. Smiling Eyes sessions are free gifts of photography to families and individuals journeying through cancer. I have met such fantastic people over the last several years volunteering through Smiling Eyes. Last weekend was another instance of some amazing people and examples of strength. Lucille married her long time love, Shawn surrounded by their children and loved ones. Lucille was a stunning bride – you would never know by looking at her she is battling cancer. Again. It really is beautiful to watch the love and support of family and friends. Lucille is one loved lady!

IMG 4252 zps61da7c09 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4634 zps9759539e Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4519 zps0f92f140 Shawn and Lucille

This cutie caught my eye!

IMG 4272 zps4ee66a7d Shawn and Lucille

Ceremony time!

IMG 4291 zps5ee0bf39 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4298 zpsb9f877d4 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4302 zpsbac31b5a Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4306 zps96d8fe9f Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4327 zpsde913269 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4358 zps978180ed Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4380 zps3b4637e0 Shawn and Lucille

After the ceremony was over Lucille said “I want to hug everyone!” So sweet.

IMG 4385 zps088bee6a Shawn and Lucille

Lucille said she wanted this particular restaurant for the wedding because of this large amethyst – so beautiful!

IMG 4607 zps2702127b Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4450 zps8d70b83f Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4427 zps5a012ffc Shawn and Lucille

fun group shot – IMG 4594 zps747ca444 Shawn and Lucille

IMG 4578 zps2978f724 Shawn and Lucille