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March 28, 2013 Update

A lot has happened since I last posted… and I’ve forgotten to update you here!

This past weekend we moved. Yes, it was a sad choice – but a wise one. We loved our country home – but found all of our time, money and resources were going into it. We want more out of life than a house. We have bought a home still in the area – but in town, and much simpler. We don’t get that house for a month so we are renting a house this month. Always an adventure!

But the big news we wanted to share is really exciting!

We have been working on this forever… but finally went public with what our family is working on this weekend. Want to see what it is? You can watch it HERE

Yes! We are adopting!! So excited! It will likely be a year or more still… but we eagerly anticipate that day! You can follow our journey on our adoption blog HERE.

And what some people don’t know is that to adopt is about $35,000. Crazy. Insane. But we truly feel it is crazier for a child to not know a loving family.

553032 10152677113790258 533826687 n 267x300 UpdateI absolutely LOVE our photography community and I was blown away by the support. A bunch of photographers have stepped up and donated a day of mini sessions with funds going to support our adoption. WOW!

Here is the deal….

20-30minute session with a minimum of 10 images on disc for $100-150 (depending on photographer). Amazing deal… and in time for Mother’s Day!!

If you are interested here are the photographers involved.. a few more have signed up but still have to send us their details…. so stay tuned. Please contact the one closest to you if interested!







Happening April 27

Hamilton – Sandra from Contagious Design  + Photography (

Grimsby - Elma & Amy (Photography by Elma and Asher Images)  (

Toronto  - Sara Wilde Photography (

Happening April 28

Waterloo area – Chris from Click Photographynow fully booked!

JarvisKatie Dawson Photographynow fully booked!

HamiltonKathy DeMerchant Photography - now fully booked!

Hamilton – Kelly at Visual Venues (

Nanticoke – Tracy at Father’s Eye Photography  (

Nanticoke – Beth at Sweet Media (

Nanticoke – Angie at Angie DeVries Photography (

Happening May 5

Caledonia area – me! I still have a couple spots open. ( - fully booked!

Caledonia area - Kristie at Kristie Fesuk Photography (

Happening May 18

Port Dalhousie – Estelle at Studio Vie (


If you are in the Toronto or Niagara area and are interested, please drop me a line as I’m just waiting for details from these photographers. If you would like to contribute to our adoption you can do so through our adoption agency Mission of Tears. Thanks!

Thank you again SO much!!!

Celebrating life and love,


March 2, 2013 Greg and Jiney

A few years ago I had the honour of documenting Dave and Vivian‘s wedding in New York, and now it’s time for one of Vivian’s bridesmaids to get married and I was so happy to be invited back to document her day! It was great to meet Greg and Jiney in lower Manhattan last week for their engagement session. Despite pouring rain ALL day, we managed to have some fun indoors! Looking forward to their Spring wedding!

IMG 0043 zpscd6163ac Greg and Jiney

IMG 0057 1 zps42e61e1c Greg and Jiney

IMG 0062 zps76122665 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0088 zps9ad317be Greg and Jiney

IMG 0100 zps2a68ee41 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0103 zps56b9d07b Greg and Jiney

IMG 0072 zps899f5d47 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0108 zps8f5f10d8 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0133 zps7f263748 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0143 zpsefa85b6f Greg and Jiney

IMG 0191 zpsc8d87aec Greg and Jiney

IMG 0168 1 zpse253b7f9 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0201 zps7f610b82 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0228 zps4b2a4c1f Greg and Jiney

IMG 0231 zpsa0e7d246 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0246 zpsfeae505a Greg and Jiney

IMG 0257 zps6e932ac4 Greg and Jiney

I love Jiney’s laugh!

IMG 0267 zps5a238cce Greg and Jiney

IMG 0219 zpsbb02eaa7 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0305 zps31d37d30 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0312 zps25f93482 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0329 zps89d9edec Greg and Jiney

IMG 0345 zps9a704324 Greg and Jiney

IMG 0417 zps5d4a5102 Greg and Jiney

Celebrating life and love,