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February 20, 2013 Meera Update

So many people have been writing and asking about Miss Meera and how she is doing. Even though my monthly photo visits for 2012 may be officially over, I am still keeping in touch with the fam and along for the journey! Yesterday, I popped in to Sick Kids to see Meera as she had an orthodontic appointment. She looked GREAT – as you will see below.

A few updates… Meera was thrilled to get some new teeth (as you may remember – her MAJOR surgery in November she had to have her top lip, gum and teeth removed). The first problem was she wouldn’t let her parents take out her teeth (like dentures) at night because she really believed her teeth had grown back. And then she wouldn’t let them put them in because she thought only a dentist could do it! Completely unforeseen challenges – life with a three year old!

Meera has started her chemo – she was so fortunate that they are allowed to give one of the chemos at home! I believe this is a first – so cool! Her chemo does not seem to be effecting her as hard as the last time she did chemo a year ago. So far she still has her hair, and she isn’t as sick. We will see how she does over the next few moths – chemo will finish this summer.

Meera is stil herself – laughing and running around and being a three year old! She has had some children ask questions – and sometimes even make not nice comments about her face. Fortunately Meera’s parents are good advocates for her and happy to share about her journey and why she looks the way she does. When anyone – young or old – hears that she had to give up part of her face to fight for her life.. it stirs something inside you. This is not just any three year old you’re looking at – this is a warrior princess fighting for her life.

Meera had her appointment – and then we just visited for a while in Sick KIds.

IMG 9978 1 zps4e36fec6 Meera Update

IMG 9990 zpse447b1bc Meera Update

IMG 9970 zps3e45ffa7 Meera Update

IMG 9943 zpsb7f3d5f7 Meera Update

Meera was killing herself laughing at a My Little Pony video on her mom’s phone. So cute!

IMG 9941 zps508d4a04 Meera Update

IMG 9952 zps2f2d2857 Meera Update

IMG 9956 1 zps02ea5586 Meera Update

Roy, Meera and I had fun colouring Barbies together. I love colouring as much as my kids do!

IMG 9967 zps74194c6d Meera Update

IMG 9969 zpsae538fcf Meera Update

Can’t forget little Miss Ameena!

IMG 9947 zpsecd202f7 Meera Update

I love this photo of Meera! Will leave you with this…

IMG 9984 zps05dcfbfc Meera Update

Celebrating life and love,


February 14, 2013 Happy Valentine’s!

My girls always love creating fun cards for their friends for the different holidays and special occasions. This Valentine’s day they decided to do a paint war to celebrate Valentine’s! They had so much fun! Here’s a look at the fun they had!

IMG 9805 zps07c4d84d Happy Valentines!

IMG 9835 zps1165f4f8 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9832 zps7f3c595b Happy Valentines!

IMG 9780 zps59289462 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9820 zps0579c5c5 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9823 zps78bce355 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9825 zpsd96559db Happy Valentines!

IMG 9816 zpsc0c324d9 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9795 2 zps26087bef Happy Valentines!

IMG 9778 2 zps0caa4a89 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9781 2 zps29ca4148 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9856 zps797d04a2 Happy Valentines!

IMG 9793 zpscfc2e63e Happy Valentines!

IMG 9864 zpsb80e241d Happy Valentines!

Celebrating life and love,


February 10, 2013 Snow Day

Friday we finally got some snow and it was gorgeous! I grew up in the North so I still think that winter means snow. Not always so though! Today I woke up to beautiful hoar frost and blue, blue skies! I grabbed the camera and celebrated the day – such a gift to wake up to!

IMG 9748 zps4ec42392 Snow Day

IMG 9746 zps9f38cb9b Snow Day

IMG 9750 zpse14463f5 Snow Day

IMG 9753 zpsc40dc5f5 Snow Day

IMG 9731 zps20c52cfd Snow Day

IMG 9751 zps03b1bb6d Snow Day


IMG 9740 zps21a2c517 Snow Day

IMG 9737 zpsbf807c35 Snow Day

IMG 9723 zpsdf0c73fb Snow Day

IMG 9742 zps6646bf02 Snow Day

IMG 9717 zpseca09763 Snow Day

Celebrating life and love,