January 29, 2013 Unlikely Friends

Today, I had the fun of watching a most unlikely friendship form.

My dog – Olivia Queen of Dogs (that’s her full name) – is not usually allowed in the house when the bearded dragons, James and Luna, are out and about. But today we decided to try her out. We’ve had her around other pets we’ve had (goat, guinea pigs, cat, etc.) and after a time of figuring out if she can eat the pet or not – she settles on being a protective mama to them. Same was true this time. (however I’ll never leave her alone with any – just in case!)

Watch the progression as the friendship forms – this is all in chronological order.

Yum! You got me a snack!

IMG 3059 Unlikely Friends

Having a heart to heart…

IMG 3060 Unlikely Friends

And dogs sniff each other’s butts to say hello – why wouldn’t you smell a dragon’s butt?

IMG 3062 Unlikely Friends

Studying it….

IMG 3061 1 Unlikely Friends

More heart to heart discussion….

IMG 3063 Unlikely Friends

Ignoring each other.

IMG 3074 Unlikely Friends


IMG 3076 Unlikely Friends

Deciding to be friends.

IMG 3081 Unlikely Friends


IMG 3085 Unlikely Friends

Oh Olivia. I just love her.

Here she is with some of her past buddies.

0003 IMG 7293 Unlikely Friends

IMG 4819 Unlikely Friends

7922 156845627628 927021 n Unlikely Friends

Couldn’t find pics of her with our cat or turtle we use to have. What a dog! If a dog and a dragon can be friends… seems like people should be able to get along too!

Celebrating life and love.


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  1. Tonia says:

    Oh my goodness that is an absolutely ADORABLE post!! I love your dog – and all your pets past and present LOL!! xoxo

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