September 5, 2012 Meera: August

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and her story in her mom’s words.)

When I think of butterflies, I think of new life! So the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory was such a fitting place for me to meet up with Meera’s family as they vacationed in Niagara. Having completed her chemo – it was time to start their new life! The past year has taken this family through so much… time to move on and to celebrate life!

I first want to remind you of Meera just a few short months ago in the midst of chemo….

IMG 0508 Meera: August

And now, her hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back, she’s eating, running outside and enjoying life outside the hospital walls!

IMG 7098 Meera: August

We met at the Butterfly Conservatory – I’m shocked how many photos I took of butterflies! Each one was so beautiful and unique… my camera was begging to snap them! Laura dressed the girls in bright colours as she had read that was good to get the butterflies to interact with you. And the girls looked so cute!


Untitled 1 10 Meera: August

IMG 6815 1 Meera: August

IMG 6896 Meera: August

IMG 6930 Meera: August

IMG 6901 Meera: August

IMG 6832 Meera: August

IMG 7038 Meera: August

Love how they landed right by Laura’s tattoos for both girls names!

IMG 7060 Meera: August

IMG 7041 Meera: August

IMG 6999 Meera: August

IMG 7017 Meera: August

IMG 7012 Meera: August

IMG 6899 Meera: August

IMG 6907 Meera: August

SO good to see them out and happy as a family and enjoying life!

IMG 6914 Meera: August

IMG 7049 Meera: August

Then it was time to go outside and play!

I wonder what I did here to get this look.

IMG 7132 Meera: August

Laura had stayed inside to buy something – what a welcome when she returned! Love these moments when everyone around disappears and mom and daughter only have eyes for each other!

IMG 7147 Meera: August

Laura bought Meera the cutest gift – big butterfly wings she could wear!

IMG 7157 Meera: August

IMG 7363 Meera: August

IMG 7347 Meera: August

IMG 7206 Meera: August

IMG 7190 Meera: August

IMG 7214 Meera: August

IMG 7230 2 Meera: August

IMG 7236 Meera: August

IMG 7257 Meera: August

IMG 7312 Meera: August

IMG 7309 Meera: August

IMG 7285 Meera: August

Okay – let’s all pause and look at Roy and Laura’s faces – have you ever seen more adoring looks? These girls are loved!

IMG 7294 1 Meera: August

And it was time to say good bye to the butterfly for another month…..

IMG 7413 Meera: August

Celebrating life and love,


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