September 11, 2012 Adam and Livia

I woke up Saturday to sideways rain, crazy winds and a black sky. This did not look good for Adam and Livia‘s outdoor wedding at Livia’s family’s home. All morning I obsessed over the weather… until it was time to grab some umbrellas and go. As I drove the skies started to clear, black skys turned blue and the sun waved hello.

Things were going to be alright.

Actually – better than alright. The earlier stormy weather made for some dramatic skies and nice breezes. It was a perfect day.

I was fortunate to have Eva with me again as a second shooter. Eva is so great to work with – not only is she a great photographer, but she’s always one step ahead of what I might ask her. And she’s fun too! Love this photo of Adam laughing as he gets ready – he’s fairly shy, so it was great to see him so relaxed before the ceremony! (loved his Tom Ford suit!)

blog002 Adam and Livia

And while she was with the guys, I got to go see Livia and the girls… and how beautiful everything looked at Livia’s family home!

blog001 1 Adam and Livia

Those Valentino shoes are so gorgeous! As is the invitation (and all the stationary!) from Paper & Poste in Toronto.

blog003 Adam and Livia

blog007 Adam and Livia

The bridesmaids dresses were so gorgeous!

blog005 Adam and Livia

This flowergirl dress was so sweet! And so was the little one trying to get at the yummy sweets!

blog006 Adam and Livia

Livia’s Lazaro dress… stunning. Absolutely gorgeous!

blog009 Adam and Livia

blog008 Adam and Livia

blog010 Adam and Livia

blog011 Adam and Livia

And it’s time for the ceremony! The decor in both the ceremony tent and the reception tent were just exquisite! Her decorator was phenomenal!

blog012 Adam and Livia

blog013 Adam and Livia

I just love how happy Livia’s mom looks – and gorgeous in that sweet Valentino dress!

IMG 7058 Adam and Livia

blog014 1 Adam and Livia

blog015 Adam and Livia

blog017 1 Adam and Livia

blog018 Adam and Livia

blog019 Adam and Livia

blog020 Adam and Livia

blog021 Adam and Livia

Livia looks so mischevious here as she signs the registry!

blog022 Adam and Livia


blog023 Adam and Livia

blog024 Adam and Livia

Such a beautiful couple – and home – to photograph!

blog026 Adam and Livia

blog025 Adam and Livia

blog029 Adam and Livia

blog031 Adam and Livia

blog028 Adam and Livia

blog027 Adam and Livia

Love this vineyard in the backyard….

blog032 Adam and Livia

blog033 Adam and Livia

We were snapping photos of the rings on the grapes, and I was hoping one of the bees would land on the ring… with one image left on my memory card it landed and I snapped. yay!

blog034 Adam and Livia

Adam and Livia really wanted time to enjoy the celebration – and so we did just a short portrait time so they could go enjoy their party! I loved this part of the cocktail time when Livia’s Nonno sang in Italian to them. So sweet!

blog035 Adam and Livia

blog036 Adam and Livia

Eva couldn’t find me at one point during the cocktails, then when she did find me I was photographing the flowergirl and ring bearer. She said she knew if she found the kids, she’d find me. icon smile Adam and Livia What can I say – I adore kids!

blog037 Adam and Livia

Loved the favour they had for their guests – a beautiful cheese board their wedding party handed out to everyone.

blog039 1 Adam and Livia

The reception decor was so beautiful… here’s a taste! Livia did such an amazing job planning this wedding – loved her Tuscan Vineyard theme!

blog046 Adam and Livia

At the head table each cream-coloured chair was a different style – so homey feeling!

blog040 Adam and Livia

blog045 Adam and Livia

blog042 Adam and Livia

blog047 Adam and Livia

Love this cake from Wellington cakes so much! And you could just smell it when you were anywhere near it – mmmmmm….

blog041 Adam and Livia

blog044 Adam and Livia

Adam and Livia came in and did their first dance right away – and then all their guests joined in. Throughout the dinner courses of the reception, the band would get people up and dancing. Such a fun atmosphere!

blog048 Adam and Livia

blog049 Adam and Livia

The New Image band was so good – switching between amazing cover songs and Italian ballads. So fun!

blog050 Adam and Livia

Apparently – not everyone liked the music. icon smile Adam and Livia

blog051 1 Adam and Livia

When I left the party was still going strong! Such a fun day!

blog053 Adam and Livia

blog054 Adam and Livia

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Karla says:

    Incredible day, incredible photos! Wow!

  2. Joe Wells says:

    Congratulations Livia and Adam! Wonderful pics! All my Best to the both of you!

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