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It is always so much fun to see a family grow through photos. It had been about a year since I had documented this sweet family at their farm – and it was great to go back and see how they had grown and changed. They are such a sweet family – made documenting them fun! The older two kids had so many ideas for poses and locations – I could easily do a blog post on each of them individually! But instead let’s see how cute this entire gang is!

IMG 9439 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9485 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9458 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9482 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9494 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9505 1 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9489 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0043 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9631 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9713 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9709 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9644 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0088 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9930 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9941 1 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9999 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9951 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0030 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0028 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0017 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9889 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9793 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9806 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9775 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9820 1 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 9753 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0080 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0139 1 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0147 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0188 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0156 Kevin and Adrianas Family

IMG 0228 Kevin and Adrianas Family

Celebrating life and love,


September 25, 2012 Meera: September (part 1)

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August and her story in her mom’s words.)

September is childhood cancer awareness month. I am aware and I don’t like it.

You might remember in June I was there as Meera had her last Chemo treatment. In July we celebrated with a “Chemo’s done” party! In August the family enjoyed time as a family – outside the hospital doing regular family outings and relaxing.

Then came September. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Last week Meera’s mom msged me to say she feared the tumour might be back. She just happened to feel something one day (Meera’s tumor was between her nose and top lip). A couple days later Meera had an MRI and our fears were confirmed. Meera’s tumor was back. Words I hoped to never associate with Meera again were being thrown around – chemo, hospital, etc.

Because Meera had the maximum radiation the first time around last year, it is not an option. Roy and Laura were faced with a few options and tough choices. I joined them on Friday as they took Meera in to have a CAT scan to make sure it had not spread to her lungs. Word came back yesterday that her lungs are clear. Hallellujah!

But… tomorrow I head back into Sick Kids to be with them as Meera is having surgery to remove the tumor and also part of her bone. Chemo will be beginning shortly.

It was tough being back at Sick Kids with them this time knowing what lays ahead. As always, I was so impressed with the strength of Roy and Laura. They work so well together – as Laura is staying with Meera getting her ready for the scan, Roy was down talking to a different doctor. And Ameena – who celebrated her first birthday last week – was happily playing as always.

Please keep this family in your prayers. These girls are about the same age difference as mine, and I can only imagine if it was one of mine. I am so thankful for Sick KIds and our amazing medical facilities in Canada. I just wish we didn’t have the need for them.

When I got there, Meera was just going in to get her port/central line accessed. She was scheduled to get it out just days before – but because of Laura finding the tumor, she did not have to go through getting it out and then put back in.

IMG 0376 Meera: September (part 1)

I love this face.

IMG 0366 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0373 Meera: September (part 1)

Meera’s bravery beads for the day!

IMG 0382 Meera: September (part 1)

Then we had some time to play while we waited for her turn.

IMG 0387 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0415 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0402 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0421 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0411 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0427 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0455 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0463 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0456 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0436 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 0381 Meera: September (part 1)

And then the nurse arrived to talk with Laura and get Meera ready.

IMG 0470 Meera: September (part 1)

Poor MEera. She did not want to do this all again.

IMG 0478 Meera: September (part 1)

I think Ameena was ready to defend Meera – I’d be afraid of her. icon smile Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 8571 Meera: September (part 1)

Mommy cuddles can soothe a sad little girl like nothing else. The little arm around Laura’s neck just about made me lose it.

IMG 8575 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 8587 Meera: September (part 1)

IMG 8601 Meera: September (part 1)

Again, please keep Meera in your prayers tomorrow as she heads into surgery at 1pm. We are believing for a MEERAcle.

Celebrating life and love,


September 21, 2012 Decade of Love

September 21, 2002 – in an instant the world was made a better place because one of the most amazing people ever to breath had arrived.

It’s hard to believe how fast a decade can go. In one way I’m sad that Madison is now ten years old – never ever again in her life will she be single digits. (As I typed that a large lump formed in my throat… swallow the tears Krista). But it is such an amazing thing to watch her turn into the beautiful, caring, compassionate young woman she’s becoming. What an incredible honour to be her mom.

Here’s a few photos from the last week….

Here she is today with the horse she cares for through 4H… she was thrilled to be able to spend her birthday with her horse. Even if it meant washing the horse and doing chores. She was in her element and so happy. Love this kid.

IMG 8615 zps317dc0d9 Decade of Love

And one from last weekend I just love. This was after her first day of showing her horse at a fall fair. She was exhausted but so happy.

IMG 9426 zps0a1403ac Decade of Love

Madi’s unique fashion sense.

IMG 9168 zpsa5a00376 Decade of Love

Madi wanted to go on a “real” camping trip for her birthday. Last weekend Mark and her canoed 25km and had a fun camping trip! Great memory for both!

IMG 0018 zps51845179 Decade of Love

(I gave her a big kiss good-bye)

IMG 0003 zps52e0f279 Decade of Love

IMG 0031 zps637ab5f4 Decade of Love

Madi got bearded dragons for her birthday. She is sharing them with Eden – they each have one and are so thrilled! (bed head and PJ’s – ha ha)

IMG 0344 zps01b272ec Decade of Love

Happy birthday, Madison! I love being your mom!

Celebrating life and love,


September 12, 2012 Maia’s family

A couple years ago, I was to document Cynthia’s pregnancy – but then Miss Maia decided to come several weeks early and interrupt all plans! That’s okay though – she’s such a doll, and a healthy, happy girl now! It was so good to see her now running around, laughing and playing with her mom and dad. Just adorable!

We met on a day that had called for rain – t urned out to be a perfect evening to enjoy playing at the Hamilton waterfront!

IMG 6617 Maias family

IMG 6210 Maias family

IMG 6220 Maias family

IMG 5833 Maias family

IMG 5899 Maias family

IMG 5769 Maias family

IMG 6230 2 Maias family

IMG 5794 2 Maias family

IMG 6155 Maias family

IMG 6146 Maias family

IMG 6134 Maias family

IMG 6174 Maias family

IMG 6129 Maias family

IMG 6062 2 Maias family

IMG 6064 Maias family

IMG 5951 2 Maias family

IMG 5934 2 Maias family

IMG 5931 2 Maias family

IMG 6090 1 Maias family

IMG 6025 Maias family

IMG 6023 Maias family

IMG 6206 Maias family

IMG 6283 Maias family

IMG 6396 Maias family

IMG 6419 Maias family

IMG 6364 Maias family

IMG 6529 Maias family

IMG 6496 Maias family

IMG 6516 Maias family

IMG 6511 Maias family

IMG 6478 Maias family

IMG 6548 Maias family

IMG 6573 Maias family

IMG 6563 Maias family

Celebrating life and love,


September 11, 2012 Adam and Livia

I woke up Saturday to sideways rain, crazy winds and a black sky. This did not look good for Adam and Livia‘s outdoor wedding at Livia’s family’s home. All morning I obsessed over the weather… until it was time to grab some umbrellas and go. As I drove the skies started to clear, black skys turned blue and the sun waved hello.

Things were going to be alright.

Actually – better than alright. The earlier stormy weather made for some dramatic skies and nice breezes. It was a perfect day.

I was fortunate to have Eva with me again as a second shooter. Eva is so great to work with – not only is she a great photographer, but she’s always one step ahead of what I might ask her. And she’s fun too! Love this photo of Adam laughing as he gets ready – he’s fairly shy, so it was great to see him so relaxed before the ceremony! (loved his Tom Ford suit!)

blog002 Adam and Livia

And while she was with the guys, I got to go see Livia and the girls… and how beautiful everything looked at Livia’s family home!

blog001 1 Adam and Livia

Those Valentino shoes are so gorgeous! As is the invitation (and all the stationary!) from Paper & Poste in Toronto.

blog003 Adam and Livia

blog007 Adam and Livia

The bridesmaids dresses were so gorgeous!

blog005 Adam and Livia

This flowergirl dress was so sweet! And so was the little one trying to get at the yummy sweets!

blog006 Adam and Livia

Livia’s Lazaro dress… stunning. Absolutely gorgeous!

blog009 Adam and Livia

blog008 Adam and Livia

blog010 Adam and Livia

blog011 Adam and Livia

And it’s time for the ceremony! The decor in both the ceremony tent and the reception tent were just exquisite! Her decorator was phenomenal!

blog012 Adam and Livia

blog013 Adam and Livia

I just love how happy Livia’s mom looks – and gorgeous in that sweet Valentino dress!

IMG 7058 Adam and Livia

blog014 1 Adam and Livia

blog015 Adam and Livia

blog017 1 Adam and Livia

blog018 Adam and Livia

blog019 Adam and Livia

blog020 Adam and Livia

blog021 Adam and Livia

Livia looks so mischevious here as she signs the registry!

blog022 Adam and Livia


blog023 Adam and Livia

blog024 Adam and Livia

Such a beautiful couple – and home – to photograph!

blog026 Adam and Livia

blog025 Adam and Livia

blog029 Adam and Livia

blog031 Adam and Livia

blog028 Adam and Livia

blog027 Adam and Livia

Love this vineyard in the backyard….

blog032 Adam and Livia

blog033 Adam and Livia

We were snapping photos of the rings on the grapes, and I was hoping one of the bees would land on the ring… with one image left on my memory card it landed and I snapped. yay!

blog034 Adam and Livia

Adam and Livia really wanted time to enjoy the celebration – and so we did just a short portrait time so they could go enjoy their party! I loved this part of the cocktail time when Livia’s Nonno sang in Italian to them. So sweet!

blog035 Adam and Livia

blog036 Adam and Livia

Eva couldn’t find me at one point during the cocktails, then when she did find me I was photographing the flowergirl and ring bearer. She said she knew if she found the kids, she’d find me. icon smile Adam and Livia What can I say – I adore kids!

blog037 Adam and Livia

Loved the favour they had for their guests – a beautiful cheese board their wedding party handed out to everyone.

blog039 1 Adam and Livia

The reception decor was so beautiful… here’s a taste! Livia did such an amazing job planning this wedding – loved her Tuscan Vineyard theme!

blog046 Adam and Livia

At the head table each cream-coloured chair was a different style – so homey feeling!

blog040 Adam and Livia

blog045 Adam and Livia

blog042 Adam and Livia

blog047 Adam and Livia

Love this cake from Wellington cakes so much! And you could just smell it when you were anywhere near it – mmmmmm….

blog041 Adam and Livia

blog044 Adam and Livia

Adam and Livia came in and did their first dance right away – and then all their guests joined in. Throughout the dinner courses of the reception, the band would get people up and dancing. Such a fun atmosphere!

blog048 Adam and Livia

blog049 Adam and Livia

The New Image band was so good – switching between amazing cover songs and Italian ballads. So fun!

blog050 Adam and Livia

Apparently – not everyone liked the music. icon smile Adam and Livia

blog051 1 Adam and Livia

When I left the party was still going strong! Such a fun day!

blog053 Adam and Livia

blog054 Adam and Livia

Celebrating life and love,


September 6, 2012 Thank You!

Just over a month ago, I posted on here about a necklace made by the women in Uganda. Asking if anyone would be interested in it. I have now shipped them and have a few to deliver locally. ALl 200 of them.

I just want to say “THANK YOU!”. These are being sent out to PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Michigan and California. Wow.

But… I’ve had countless emails, tweets, instagram and facebook messages asking if there are any extras. There are not at this time but… working on getting more. So, if you are interested in being notified directly if we do this again – please email me at: with the subject line “Waiting list”. WOuld make great Christmas gifts!

IMG 7644 Thank You!

A little cutie popped by and couldn’t get enough of the necklaces!

IMG 7645 Thank You!

Some instagrams starting to show up of people in their purchases! And a BIG thank you to Karen who helped me most of the day yesterday packaging up these beauties to ship! ANd to mom who did an emergency envelope shopping trip for me when I discovered the big box I ordered of envelopes…. didn’t fit! And Shannon, Mark, Eden and Madi for helping me package these up too!

Untitled 1 11 Thank You!

Thanks so much!


September 5, 2012 Meera: August

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and her story in her mom’s words.)

When I think of butterflies, I think of new life! So the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory was such a fitting place for me to meet up with Meera’s family as they vacationed in Niagara. Having completed her chemo – it was time to start their new life! The past year has taken this family through so much… time to move on and to celebrate life!

I first want to remind you of Meera just a few short months ago in the midst of chemo….

IMG 0508 Meera: August

And now, her hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back, she’s eating, running outside and enjoying life outside the hospital walls!

IMG 7098 Meera: August

We met at the Butterfly Conservatory – I’m shocked how many photos I took of butterflies! Each one was so beautiful and unique… my camera was begging to snap them! Laura dressed the girls in bright colours as she had read that was good to get the butterflies to interact with you. And the girls looked so cute!


Untitled 1 10 Meera: August

IMG 6815 1 Meera: August

IMG 6896 Meera: August

IMG 6930 Meera: August

IMG 6901 Meera: August

IMG 6832 Meera: August

IMG 7038 Meera: August

Love how they landed right by Laura’s tattoos for both girls names!

IMG 7060 Meera: August

IMG 7041 Meera: August

IMG 6999 Meera: August

IMG 7017 Meera: August

IMG 7012 Meera: August

IMG 6899 Meera: August

IMG 6907 Meera: August

SO good to see them out and happy as a family and enjoying life!

IMG 6914 Meera: August

IMG 7049 Meera: August

Then it was time to go outside and play!

I wonder what I did here to get this look.

IMG 7132 Meera: August

Laura had stayed inside to buy something – what a welcome when she returned! Love these moments when everyone around disappears and mom and daughter only have eyes for each other!

IMG 7147 Meera: August

Laura bought Meera the cutest gift – big butterfly wings she could wear!

IMG 7157 Meera: August

IMG 7363 Meera: August

IMG 7347 Meera: August

IMG 7206 Meera: August

IMG 7190 Meera: August

IMG 7214 Meera: August

IMG 7230 2 Meera: August

IMG 7236 Meera: August

IMG 7257 Meera: August

IMG 7312 Meera: August

IMG 7309 Meera: August

IMG 7285 Meera: August

Okay – let’s all pause and look at Roy and Laura’s faces – have you ever seen more adoring looks? These girls are loved!

IMG 7294 1 Meera: August

And it was time to say good bye to the butterfly for another month…..

IMG 7413 Meera: August

Celebrating life and love,


September 4, 2012 First Day of School

First day of school is always such a mix of emotions. The kids are so excited to see their friends – but nervous for all the unknowns of a new school year ahead. I look forward to being able to get things done again – but the house seems too quiet and lonely without them.

As we stood waiting for the bus this morning, Madi said “I just wish we could stay kids forever.” Couldn’t agree more, darling.

But still they go. As much as my heart misses them – I send them off. Not so much to learn math and science and spelling… but to learn the more important lessons of life. How to be kind and include people. How to face adversity – maybe it’s being picked on, or flunking a test – and come out with their heads held high. To learn to speak publicly – even when painfully shy. To learn how to be loving, thoughtful girls.

We can hear our bus before it comes over the hill – and as we heard it’s engine this morning, both my girls gave me a huge hug and yelled “I love you so much, mom!” And I got a big lump in my throat and I felt like taking them inside and not sending them. But I took a big breath, squeezed them back, uttered some words of love… and watched my heart board the bus for another year of adventures.

IMG 7526 First Day of School

IMG 7573 First Day of School

Madi is turning 10 in a couple weeks and is in grade 5! She is such a sweetie – so thoughtful and compassionate.

(Both girls got their new backpacks made by my friend Bobbie-Jo. They got to pick out the fabrics, design it with her and have fun picking out where they wanted pockets and all the details. Love them!)

IMG 7535 First Day of School

IMG 7571 First Day of School

Eden turned 8 this summer and is in grade 3! She is full of life, spunk and is the first to give a hug or a compliment. She scraped her nose on the bottom of the pool yesterday – think it adds to her look perfectly!

IMG 7552 First Day of School

IMG 7546 First Day of School

Fall is here!

IMG 7592 First Day of School

They can be the best of friends…. sometimes!

IMG 7602 First Day of School

IMG 7581 First Day of School

IMG 7597 First Day of School

Eden was so worried the bus wouldn’t come!

IMG 7596 First Day of School

But… peeking over the hill… what’s this?

IMG 7608 First Day of School

IMG 7617 First Day of School

And now Olivia will spend the day looking for the girls.

IMG 7621 First Day of School

Hope everyone has a great first day back to school!

Celebrating life and love,


September 2, 2012 Andrew and Jacqui

When Andrew and Jacqui met with me a few months ago, they said what drew them to me was my black and white images – and said they would even like an entire album in black and whites! SO this post is a little different as I’m going to post everything in black and white. I love black and whites as it removes all distractions – and just leaves the emotions of the image to draw you in.

Andrew and Jacqui’s wedding was so relaxed… they got together at home together, no formal speeches, just 40 people in attendance… it was beautiful! They also did such an amazing job of including Jacqui’s 5 year old son Baeden. He thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations too!

WIthout further ado… here’s a look….

IMG 4957 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5024 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5028 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5010 1 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 4991 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 8940 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5051 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5072 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5081 Andrew  and Jacqui

The painting behind Jacqui was done by her talented father-in-law!

IMG 5345 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5133 Andrew  and Jacqui

And I loved how even Baeden got a ring!

IMG 8912 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 8917 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

Since they had already seen each other, we were able to do some photos together before the ceremony.

IMG 5199 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5289 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9115 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5224 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5267 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9095 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5230 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9155 1 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5255 Andrew  and Jacqui

And I love Jacqui’s big laugh – which you’ll see lots of in the photos!

 S9A0750 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9017 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9020 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

Then it was time to give Baeden a break before the festivities began!

IMG 5319 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 5328 Andrew  and Jacqui

A little spit wash and we’re good to go!

IMG 5383 Andrew  and Jacqui

The ceremony and reception were at the Vineland Estates – such a gorgeous winery and place for a wedding in Niagara!

IMG 5420 2 Andrew  and Jacqui

 S9A0887 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9342 Andrew  and Jacqui

Andrew giving Baeden his ring – so sweet.

IMG 9391 Andrew  and Jacqui

 S9A0992 Andrew  and Jacqui

 S9A0995 Andrew  and Jacqui

We then played around the grounds while the guests were on a wine tasting tour.

IMG 9587 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9566 Andrew  and Jacqui

 S9A1077 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9601 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9609 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9837 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9800 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9810 Andrew  and Jacqui

 S9A0804 Andrew  and Jacqui

IMG 9301 Andrew  and Jacqui

During their reception the incredibly talented Adam Cooke sang – he was so good!! People just got up and danced as they felt inclined.

IMG 5672 Andrew  and Jacqui

The image on the left I photographed in the morning in Baeden’s room….

IMG 4975 Andrew  and Jacqui

Such a beautiful day of celebrations!

Celebrating life and love,