August 14, 2012 Meera: July

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June and her story in her mom’s words.)

July 28.

What a special day. It was the day of Meera’s “Chemo’s done” party. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, it was that this tiny warrior princess had finished her aggressive chemo treatments. Her hair is starting to grow back in. Her appetite is returning. She’s running and playing with friends instead of dancing with IV poles.

As soon as I heard of the party – I knew I had to go and celebrate too! When I got there I found Meera with a new friend. Cinderella. icon smile Meera: July

There have been a few online auctions to help Meera’s family with the costs they’ve had to face due to this journey thru cancer… at one online auction someone had donated a princess who comes to your party. The recipient of this prize, turned around and donated it back to Meera. So generous – and the perfect gift for this princess.

meeral002 Meera: July

meeral001 Meera: July

meeral003 Meera: July

meeral004 Meera: July

meeral005 Meera: July

Meera’s family did such a great job with the party – so much for the kids to do. Everyone had so much fun!

meeral006 Meera: July

meeral008 Meera: July

meeral009 Meera: July

meeral010 Meera: July

meeral007 Meera: July

meeral011 Meera: July

meeral012 Meera: July

meeral013 Meera: July

It was really fun for me to meet in person so many people who I have “met” online who are such a part of Meera’s life. Always nice to meet face to face!

meeral014 Meera: July

meeral015 Meera: July

meeral020 Meera: July

IMG 0348 Meera: July

IMG 0226 Meera: July

meeral021 Meera: July

IMG 0274 Meera: July

I had posted this image on my Facebook page (link) earlier as it’s such a special image for me. I met these two girls back in December at the Ronald McDonald House. Meera was in the midst of her chemo treatments, and Rebekah was waiting for a new heart. These two – a teenager from the east coast and a toddler from the GTA – would normally have nothing in common. But they both knew what it meant to fight for their lives. Literally. I’m so happy that now Meera has finished her chemo, and Rebekah has received her new heart and after almost a year she is heading back home. I love this two girls strength. I may just print this for my desk for when I need inspiration.

IMG 0206 2 Meera: July

And a few more of the girls together.

meeral019 Meera: July

meeral018 Meera: July

meeral017 Meera: July

meeral016 Meera: July

And of course – what is a party without CAKE?!

IMG 0419 Meera: July

meeral022 Meera: July

meeral023 Meera: July

IMG 0488 Meera: July

And I’ll sign off with these two images – one of Meera’s Grandpa’s new tattoo, and one of her Grandma’s vehicle. “I believe in MEERAcles!”

IMG 0131 Meera: July

Celebrating life and love,


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