August 20, 2012 Desmond’s Arrival

As I mentioned when I posted Kris and Sarah’s maternity photos, last week I had the honour of documenting the birth of their son.

Now, I have never photographed a birth and the only two births I’ve witnessed – I’ve been the one giving birth. I didn’t know what to expect. And it was a home birth – again, something I had never experienced. But I love photographing life moments and new experiences. I was honoured when tehy asked me.

Not knowing when the baby would decide to come I was worried that perhaps the arrival would happen and then I’d be scrambling for child care (as it’s summer holidays and my girls are home) or that I’d be out at a wedding or something and unable to go to the birth. It couldn’t have worked out better on my end! My kids were at a sleepover when I got the text – and Mark and I had a chance to have a nice dinner the two of us and enjoy a movie together before I headed over.

If you don’t know Kris and Sarah – you’re really missing out. They are two of the most genuine, loving people. When Sarah would have a contraction, Kris was right there to hold her tight. As the contractions started to finish Sarah would often grab Kris and kiss his face saying “I love you so much!” Not the screaming, crazy woman you stereotypically hear of (although that’d be fun to document too – ha ha). And when the contraction was done, Sarah would turn to us – her mom, her doula Teri, the two midwives and myself, and ask if we needed any refreshments or coffee or…. seriously? You’re having a baby! Let us wait on you!

IMG 3543 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3553 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3586 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3564 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3624 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3621 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3616 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3591 Desmonds Arrival

I loved this moment below. SOmeone said to Sarah something along the lines of “you’re baby is coming tonight”. And she started to bawl. “I get to meet my baby! I get to hold them! I can’t wait to meet my baby….” Beautiful.

IMG 3597 Desmonds Arrival

Sarah went up to the tub to help her body relax. (I should mention their 17month old daughter slept through the entire birth!) I stayed back to give her privacy – but suddenly we heard “it’s coming” and me and her mom ran upstairs! ABout two minutes later this beautiful baby boy arrived on the scene.

IMG 3641 1 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3668 Desmonds Arrival

As soon as Sarah saw the baby, her reaction moved us all to tears. Between kissing Kris and the baby she was crying “I love you so much! Desmond William you’re here! I love you! I love you!”

IMG 3689 1 Desmonds Arrival

And Kris was in his glory just beaming at his son.

IMG 3696 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3722 Desmonds Arrival

What a perfect boy – weighing in at 7lb 12oz and so gorgeous!

IMG 3800 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3802 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3817 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3731 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3848 Desmonds Arrival

One of the best jobs is given to the dad – calling family to share the news!

IMG 3849 2 Desmonds Arrival

Sarah’s mom is smitten too I think!

IMG 3742 1 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3826 Desmonds Arrival

This is going to be one adored little boy!

IMG 3763 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3758 1 Desmonds Arrival


IMG 3916 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3920 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3885 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3896 Desmonds Arrival

Desmond – you are loved!

IMG 3869 3 Desmonds Arrival

Celebrating LIFE and love,


5 Responses to “Desmond’s Arrival”

  1. Laura says:

    I totally just bawled like a baby reading your commentary and seeing these beautiful photos! You are amazing!

  2. Aunt Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing your delivery. How lucky you are to have this moment and memories forever. It looks like you did a great job. I was so happy to get a e-mail while on our trip to TN to share with your cousins, James and Amanda and Jason. Thank you once again.\\Love Aunt Carol

  3. Nicole says:

    Thanks for doing this Krista, I love all the commentary, as we were not there, and this makes it feel like we were right there with you all. Such a beautiful story told by such beautiful photography. Man my Nephew is cute!!

  4. Grandma Ron says:

    How wonderful to have that experience – just being there! Life is so precious and babies are the icing on the cake! Great pictures Krista!

  5. Lynn Stone says:

    Beautiful photos of little Desmond’s Birth. Thank you for sharing.
    Sarah did an amazing job. Kris is truly blessed to have her in his life.

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