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August 24, 2012 Ken and Brandi

Ken and Brandi had a beautiful day for their wedding last weekend at the Estates of Sunnybrook. They were both so relaxed, and ready to celebrate!! It was a fun day with lots of laughs and fun with this crazy gang!

IMG 3937 Ken and Brandi

IMG 3943 Ken and Brandi


The moment a parent sees their daughter as a bride is so powerful. Here’s Brandi and her mom’s reactions. They’re so tight – it’s beautiful.

IMG 3946 Ken and Brandi

IMG 8567 Ken and Brandi

IMG 8568 Ken and Brandi

Always love the moment as the groom waits for his bride – the anticipation builds!

IMG 3121 Ken and Brandi

IMG 8725 Ken and Brandi

IMG 8726 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4049 1 Ken and Brandi

IMG 8756 Ken and Brandi

The groom’s parents are always laughing!

IMG 8866 Ken and Brandi

The mother and sister of the bride – three beautiful ladies!

IMG 4144 Ken and Brandi

Love this photo with Grandma!

IMG 4190 Ken and Brandi

The beautiful couple. Such a great venue!

IMG 3425 Ken and Brandi

IMG 3404 2 Ken and Brandi

IMG 3280 Ken and Brandi

IMG 3377 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4336 1 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4322 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4315 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4349 Ken and Brandi

The crazy wedding party!

IMG 3330 Ken and Brandi

IMG 3343 Ken and Brandi

Boys will be boys!

Untitled 1 9 Ken and Brandi

Some cute ideas at the reception…

Guests signed the muskoka chairs – what a great keepsake!

IMG 9158 Ken and Brandi

IMG 9159 Ken and Brandi

As guests were told which table they were at they were handed a small bag of flavoured popcorn. The flavour matched the big bowl of popcorn on their table – instead of a table number. And so yummy!

IMG 3456 Ken and Brandi

Had to play with some popcorn for the ring shots then!

IMG 4381 Ken and Brandi

Let the party begin!

IMG 4441 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4478 Ken and Brandi

IMG 4465 1 Ken and Brandi

IMG 9389 Ken and Brandi

Celebrating life and love,


August 20, 2012 Desmond’s Arrival

As I mentioned when I posted Kris and Sarah’s maternity photos, last week I had the honour of documenting the birth of their son.

Now, I have never photographed a birth and the only two births I’ve witnessed – I’ve been the one giving birth. I didn’t know what to expect. And it was a home birth – again, something I had never experienced. But I love photographing life moments and new experiences. I was honoured when tehy asked me.

Not knowing when the baby would decide to come I was worried that perhaps the arrival would happen and then I’d be scrambling for child care (as it’s summer holidays and my girls are home) or that I’d be out at a wedding or something and unable to go to the birth. It couldn’t have worked out better on my end! My kids were at a sleepover when I got the text – and Mark and I had a chance to have a nice dinner the two of us and enjoy a movie together before I headed over.

If you don’t know Kris and Sarah – you’re really missing out. They are two of the most genuine, loving people. When Sarah would have a contraction, Kris was right there to hold her tight. As the contractions started to finish Sarah would often grab Kris and kiss his face saying “I love you so much!” Not the screaming, crazy woman you stereotypically hear of (although that’d be fun to document too – ha ha). And when the contraction was done, Sarah would turn to us – her mom, her doula Teri, the two midwives and myself, and ask if we needed any refreshments or coffee or…. seriously? You’re having a baby! Let us wait on you!

IMG 3543 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3553 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3586 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3564 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3624 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3621 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3616 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3591 Desmonds Arrival

I loved this moment below. SOmeone said to Sarah something along the lines of “you’re baby is coming tonight”. And she started to bawl. “I get to meet my baby! I get to hold them! I can’t wait to meet my baby….” Beautiful.

IMG 3597 Desmonds Arrival

Sarah went up to the tub to help her body relax. (I should mention their 17month old daughter slept through the entire birth!) I stayed back to give her privacy – but suddenly we heard “it’s coming” and me and her mom ran upstairs! ABout two minutes later this beautiful baby boy arrived on the scene.

IMG 3641 1 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3668 Desmonds Arrival

As soon as Sarah saw the baby, her reaction moved us all to tears. Between kissing Kris and the baby she was crying “I love you so much! Desmond William you’re here! I love you! I love you!”

IMG 3689 1 Desmonds Arrival

And Kris was in his glory just beaming at his son.

IMG 3696 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3722 Desmonds Arrival

What a perfect boy – weighing in at 7lb 12oz and so gorgeous!

IMG 3800 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3802 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3817 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3731 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3848 Desmonds Arrival

One of the best jobs is given to the dad – calling family to share the news!

IMG 3849 2 Desmonds Arrival

Sarah’s mom is smitten too I think!

IMG 3742 1 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3826 Desmonds Arrival

This is going to be one adored little boy!

IMG 3763 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3758 1 Desmonds Arrival


IMG 3916 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3920 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3885 Desmonds Arrival

IMG 3896 Desmonds Arrival

Desmond – you are loved!

IMG 3869 3 Desmonds Arrival

Celebrating LIFE and love,


August 20, 2012 Baby Kai

Almost 4 years ago I met this great couple – Kat and Janice. They are quite possibly the sweetest couple with Janice’s easy laugh and Kat’s way of taking care of everyone… and doting on Janice! I photographed their engagement session and wedding. And when Janice’s friends from Malaysia came for her wedding – we did a friends photo session the day before the wedding as well! (love this idea!) Janice is also a wedding planner and Janice organized a styled shoot I photographed last year. And then this Spring we met for their maternity session – and now I was so excited to meet baby Kai this past week!

Kat and Janice are such natural parents. Laughing and at ease. And Kai – wow. What a sweetheart. With his Justin Bieber hair and big eyes – he’s gorgeous! Hard to believe he’s only 5 weeks old with all that hair. Probably why Janice wanted to make sure to show how tiny he is when we documented him.

IMG 3144 Baby Kai

IMG 3201 Baby Kai

IMG 3216 2 Baby Kai

IMG 3243 Baby Kai

IMG 3173 Baby Kai

Love his facial expressions!

IMG 3191 Baby Kai

We went outside – and Kai loved it!When we laid him in the grass he just grabbed fistfuls of grass and held on for dear life!

IMG 3311 Baby Kai

IMG 3325 1 Baby Kai

IMG 3340 Baby Kai

IMG 3270 Baby Kai

IMG 3305 1 Baby Kai

IMG 3267 Baby Kai

IMG 3328 Baby Kai

IMG 3289 Baby Kai

I loved Kai’s room and not just because they chose to decorate in edison photography colours (grey and yellow).

IMG 3383 Baby Kai

IMG 3363 Baby Kai

Love the mobile Janice made!

IMG 3350 1 Baby Kai

IMG 3357 Baby Kai

IMG 3516 Baby Kai

IMG 3436 Baby Kai

IMG 3431 1 Baby Kai

Passed out on the sweet blanket Janice made for him. Loved this fun reversible, colourful blankie!

IMG 3461 Baby Kai

IMG 3494 Baby Kai

Untitled 1 8 Baby Kai

IMG 3507 1 Baby Kai

Celebrating life and love,


August 17, 2012 Baby Brianna

I love seeing new families… it is such an exciting time to see two people go from husband and wife to mom and dad. Although it was almost a decade ago, I can still remember how becoming parents involved all the mix of emotions! It’s always a treat to visit first time parents and see the whole miracle of life through fresh eyes.

I hadn’t met Travis and Lindsay before visiting them in their Toronto condo, but it was obvious they are completely smitten with little Miss Brianna. And I’d say the feeling is mutual.

IMG 2793 Baby Brianna

IMG 2790 Baby Brianna

IMG 2773 Baby Brianna

IMG 2806 Baby Brianna

IMG 2923 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2811 Baby Brianna

IMG 2934 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2875 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2829 Baby Brianna

IMG 2818 Baby Brianna

IMG 2899 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2904 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2893 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2914 2 Baby Brianna

IMG 2979 Baby Brianna

IMG 2998 Baby Brianna

IMG 2963 Baby Brianna

IMG 3051 1 Baby Brianna

IMG 3055 Baby Brianna

IMG 3077 Baby Brianna

IMG 3108 Baby Brianna

IMG 3090 Baby Brianna

IMG 3091 Baby Brianna

IMG 3094 Baby Brianna

Celebrating life and love,


August 16, 2012 Ken and Brandi

Ken and Brandi are getting married this weekend – and I can’t wait to photograph their day at the beautiful Estates of Sunnybrook. But first, I wanted to share their recent engagement session. It was fun to discover Ken is from Caledonia – right near me – and so we met at his parent’s property and just walked around their neighbourhood for their photo session. I love documenting places that have significance to people – and this is where Ken grew up and has lots of memories! And it’s a beautiful spot…. as you can see!

IMG 0955 Ken and Brandi

IMG 0943 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1039 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1037 Ken and Brandi

IMG 0934 Ken and Brandi

IMG 0985 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1013 Ken and Brandi

IMG 0973 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1097 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1074 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1066 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1059 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1085 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1082 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1128 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1116 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1156 2 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1178 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1194 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1210 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1214 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1231 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1222 1 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1239 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1265 Ken and Brandi

IMG 1282 Ken and Brandi

Celebrating life and love,


I am just home from photographing Kris and Sarah’s beautiful home birth of their new son… so what better time to share their maternity photos! We got these done just in time – 3 days before baby arrived!!! Kris and Sarah decided to come out to my place for their session and we had some gorgeous evening light to play in! And little Bella was such a sweetheart! She’s going to be the sweetest big sister!

You can see Isabella’s maternity photos from last year HERE, her newborn photos HERE and their Christmas family photos HERE.

IMG 2366 1 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2402 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2363 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2416 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2424 2 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2504 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2493 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2521 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2563 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2640 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2572 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2717 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2730 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2737 Kris and Sarahs growing family

IMG 2733 Kris and Sarahs growing family

Check back because it’s definitely baby week here. Two newborn sessions and Kris and Sarah’s home birth still to come!

Celebrating life and love.


August 14, 2012 Meera: July

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May, June and her story in her mom’s words.)

July 28.

What a special day. It was the day of Meera’s “Chemo’s done” party. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, it was that this tiny warrior princess had finished her aggressive chemo treatments. Her hair is starting to grow back in. Her appetite is returning. She’s running and playing with friends instead of dancing with IV poles.

As soon as I heard of the party – I knew I had to go and celebrate too! When I got there I found Meera with a new friend. Cinderella. icon smile Meera: July

There have been a few online auctions to help Meera’s family with the costs they’ve had to face due to this journey thru cancer… at one online auction someone had donated a princess who comes to your party. The recipient of this prize, turned around and donated it back to Meera. So generous – and the perfect gift for this princess.

meeral002 Meera: July

meeral001 Meera: July

meeral003 Meera: July

meeral004 Meera: July

meeral005 Meera: July

Meera’s family did such a great job with the party – so much for the kids to do. Everyone had so much fun!

meeral006 Meera: July

meeral008 Meera: July

meeral009 Meera: July

meeral010 Meera: July

meeral007 Meera: July

meeral011 Meera: July

meeral012 Meera: July

meeral013 Meera: July

It was really fun for me to meet in person so many people who I have “met” online who are such a part of Meera’s life. Always nice to meet face to face!

meeral014 Meera: July

meeral015 Meera: July

meeral020 Meera: July

IMG 0348 Meera: July

IMG 0226 Meera: July

meeral021 Meera: July

IMG 0274 Meera: July

I had posted this image on my Facebook page (link) earlier as it’s such a special image for me. I met these two girls back in December at the Ronald McDonald House. Meera was in the midst of her chemo treatments, and Rebekah was waiting for a new heart. These two – a teenager from the east coast and a toddler from the GTA – would normally have nothing in common. But they both knew what it meant to fight for their lives. Literally. I’m so happy that now Meera has finished her chemo, and Rebekah has received her new heart and after almost a year she is heading back home. I love this two girls strength. I may just print this for my desk for when I need inspiration.

IMG 0206 2 Meera: July

And a few more of the girls together.

meeral019 Meera: July

meeral018 Meera: July

meeral017 Meera: July

meeral016 Meera: July

And of course – what is a party without CAKE?!

IMG 0419 Meera: July

meeral022 Meera: July

meeral023 Meera: July

IMG 0488 Meera: July

And I’ll sign off with these two images – one of Meera’s Grandpa’s new tattoo, and one of her Grandma’s vehicle. “I believe in MEERAcles!”

IMG 0131 Meera: July

Celebrating life and love,


August 12, 2012 Lemonade Stand

My good friend Jocelyn (and extremely talented cake artist at Sugarbelle Cakes!) listened to her daughter persistently ask to do a lemonade stand. Like all us moms do, Jocelyn smiled and nodded. Finally after Ava asked and asked… Jocelyn questioned what she wanted to do with the money. “I want to donate it to charity, mom!” Out of the mouths of babes.

So, Ava and her friend Alyssa began their plans. They made bracelets, cookies, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, magnets and of course lemonade. They worked and worked on preparing for today.

And the result?

$835 raised for research for women’s cancer.

Two 9 year old girls. One lemonade stand.

Makes me dream about the difference I can make,my girls, my family, my network of friends… if this is what two small girls in a very small town can do… what can I do?

Thank you Ava and Alyssa for the inspiration! We’re all so proud of you both!

IMG 2215 Lemonade Stand

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” Helen Keller

IMG 2219 Lemonade Stand

“We have it in our power to change the world over.”Thomas Paine

IMG 2229 1 Lemonade Stand

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” Eleanor Roosevelt

IMG 2230 Lemonade Stand

Celebrating life and love,


August 9, 2012 Necklace Update

So excited to say we have sold over 100 necklaces! Wow! I just am so in love with the idea of women supporting women. To read more about these gorgeous necklaces and how you can purchase one to help make a difference in a women’s life in Uganda – read HERE

IMG 0911 Necklace Update

Celebrating life and love,


August 8, 2012 Luke & Katelyn

One thing I love about the photography community is the supportive network. I have made great friends with many photographers in the region and know that if I’m ever stuck or in need of some help, I can count on them. One thing we all love to do is second shoot occasionally – it is a great chance to see how someone else flows their day, documents their couples and an opportunity to grow as a photographer. So, when my friend Tyler (Tyler James Photography) asked me to come as a second shooter on his wedding of Luke and Katelyn – I was glad it worked out with my schedule! And – as an added bonus it was close to my home, and turned out to be the daughter of one of the teacher’s at my daughter’s school!

Here is a look at some of the images I captured… Tyler has posted his teasers on Facebook here and more are coming to his blog!

As a main photographer, I’m usually with the girls – so it was fun to get to document the guys this time!

IMG 9801 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9796 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9797 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9871 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9813 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9878 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9895 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9911 copy Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9933 copy Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9927 copy Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9948 copy Luke & Katelyn

IMG 0128 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 0266 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 0139 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9991 Luke & Katelyn

And then I got to snap a few photos of the girls while Ty documented the guys. Great group of friends!

IMG 0201 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 0204 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 0244 Luke & Katelyn

IMG 9977 Luke & Katelyn

Untitled 1 7 Luke & Katelyn

Congratulations – it was an honour to meet you both!

Celebrating life and love,


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