July 3, 2012 Meera: June

With being gone to Uganda, I didn’t get the chance to share Meera’s June session yet. (Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May and her story in her mom’s words.)

June’s session was a really exciting visit – as it was Meera’s last chemo treatment! Yay! When I got to Sick Kids I found Meera with an old friend you may remember from my March post.

meeraJUNE002 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE003 1 Meera: June

Rose the clown definitely makes the journey more enjoyable for Meera. Meera went willingly to her chemo – if Rose was there. And it was so great to have Rose accompany us and keep Meera smiling and happy through it all!

meeraJUNE001 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE005 Meera: June

meeraJUNE006 Meera: June

meeraJUNE007 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE008 Meera: June

meeraJUNE009 1 Meera: June

Meera and I had some fun too putting stickers all over ourselves!

meeraJUNE018 Meera: June

meeraJUNE017 Meera: June

And let’s not forget her little sister Ameena. Always happily chilling out.

meeraJUNE016 Meera: June

meeraJUNE014 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE015 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE013 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE012 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE011 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE010 1 Meera: June

And getting Meera to eat is always a challenge – and so everyone was surprised when it turned out she loves Chinese food! Mom and dad were happy to give up their lunch if it meant she’d eat!

meeraJUNE019 Meera: June

meeraJUNE020 Meera: June

And then it was finally time…. last chemo here we come! Meera had a certificate and a gift from the hospital on completing her last chemo.

meeraJUNE027 Meera: June

meeraJUNE028 Meera: June

meeraJUNE029 Meera: June

One of the drugs she was on that day made her really giddy and hyper – it was quite amusing!

meeraJUNE030 Meera: June

meeraJUNE031 Meera: June

meeraJUNE026 Meera: June

meeraJUNE025 Meera: June

meeraJUNE023 Meera: June

meeraJUNE022 Meera: June

Chemo is finished!!! July 28 there is a big party to celebrate – can’t wait!

Celebrating life and love,


2 Responses to “Meera: June”

  1. Lisa says:

    So happy it is all over. Hope her party was a blast! Such a wonderful family. You did a wonderful thing documenting all this for them :)

  2. Monica says:

    My favourite is Meera leaning over the bed to touch Rose the clown’s nose. When the nurse with the full face mask came in later, it made me smile that Meera leaned over to touch her mask in much the same way. I love her curiosity!

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